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					Unstable blood pressure, elderly

my grandfather a few days ago, 71 was rushed to hospital blood pressure
suddenly increased 160 Low 110

linked to a slight decrease of water pressure after treatment at 100 or so

home prescribed blood pressure tablets after eating and reducing blood
pressure to high pressure of 90 low 70

Is there any professionals who can explain to why this?

PS: my grandfather had low blood sugar history!

the World Health Organization (WHO) diagnosis of hypertension, age over 60
years, persistent or unusual blood pressure more than 3 times a day systolic
blood pressure ≥ 140 mm Hg (18.7 kPa) and (or) diastolic blood pressure ≥ 90
mm Hg (12.0 kPa) are referred to as the elderly hypertension. Hypertensive
elderly people as a special type of hypertension in recent years, its research
and research and control of attention. Epidemiological investigations suggest
that elderly patients with hypertension, the chronic diabetes, aortic
calcification, myocardial infarction, stroke, intermittent claudication
incidence and mortality of thought and effort to control disease and overall
mortality higher than those of elderly people with normal blood pressure
people. And systolic blood pressure increased with age, the occurrence of
stroke, coronary heart disease, heart failure than diastolic blood pressure
greater risk. In addition, the elderly with hypertension in clinical
presentation, treatment and prognosis has some special characteristics. Most
older persons with hypertension attributable to light, were a rare type of
malignant or aggressive. Hypertension were more likely than younger elderly
combined with other chronic diseases, especially chronic diabetes.

clinical aspects of hypertension in the elderly has the following
characteristics: 1, blood pressure fluctuation. Because the elderly have
different degrees of organ degeneration, the body less sensitive to various
types of blood pressure regulation mechanism, resulting in large fluctuations
in blood pressure, the elderly, especially systolic blood pressure.
Fluctuation of blood pressure, not only in the more than a long, within 24
hours of volatility than younger patients. Second, orthostatic hypotension.
Hugh bit hypotension occurs also with the elderly baroreceptor dysfunction on
the regulation of blood pressure. Third, the complications are many and
serious. Vascular dysfunction in elderly patients with hypertension compared
with, cardiac output decreased, based on coronary heart disease, major risk
factors for stroke. In addition, abnormal renal function in elderly people
with hypertension occurred in the earlier and more severe clinical strange
performance. Fourth, false high blood pressure. Indirect measurement of blood
pressure manometry old bag hid the brachial artery stiffness, and sometimes
there are readings too high, resulting in \

the elderly in the drug treatment of hypertension, special attention should be
the side effects of antihypertensive drugs. Environment for the elderly
metabolism and balance function was within the physiological degradation, it
can affect drug distribution, metabolism and excretion. The choice of
antihypertensive drugs should be used as step-down effect is good, side
effects of drugs and smaller doses before, according to the patient’s
condition to determine whether the change in dose. Often used in current
clinical ZJ is the Western compound preparation, which in wild chrysanthemum,
pearl powder, bud of the main components such as Medicines, adding a small
number of Western medicine clonidine hydrochloride and Hydrochlorothiazide,
played to improve the efficacy synergies, but also reduce the side effects of
western medicine. Has taken a small amount of blood pressure stable, long-term
use without significant side effects than benefits, it is the ideal choice for
elderly patients with hypertension.

cause of hypertension is not yet clear as to the body above the normal range
of arterial blood pressure cycle as the main clinical manifestation is an
independent disease.

incidence of the main reasons and barriers on the higher nervous activity.

the early symptoms of hypertension, dizziness, headache, palpitation, insomnia,
nervous irritability, fatigue and so on. Later be gradually involving the
heart, brain, kidney organs, severe heart disease may be complicated by
hypertension, renal failure, cerebrovascular disease such eventuality.

of work and life of high blood pressure, hypertension and coronary heart
disease, cerebrovascular disease the most important risk factors. Myocardial
infarction patients, 50% of patients with hypertension, 76% of stroke patients
have history of hypertension. Is the risk of hypertension is sudden death or
disability. Learn to live nursed back to health in patients with hypertension
and early treatment to control the disease progresses.

hypertension have both primary and secondary. High incidence of hypertension
in middle-aged people, the majority of the mental; secondary hypertension is a
symptom of other diseases, such as kidney, brain, vascular and endocrine
diseases can cause high blood pressure. Long as the duration of hypertension,
coronary artery disease prone, it is closely related to hypertension and
coronary heart disease. In terms of food choices have common requirements.

side of the body feel numb or that barriers to physical activity, very sincere
panic, shortness of breath, chest tightness, not even when lying down, blood
pressure measurement in time, because it may have a hypertensive crisis.

Hypertension is remarkable in today’s world epidemic, and the more
industrialized countries the prevalence is higher. Prevalence rate of
hypertension in China by the liberation of 6% to 10%. Closely related to
hypertension and lifestyle. So what are the risk factors in life, which people
tend to suffer from hypertension?

1. Fat prone to high blood pressure

human obesity is mainly due to an increase in subcutaneous fat that the body
weight gain, blood capacity also increased, so that the burden of increased
cardiac and vascular resistance increased and therefore prone to high blood

2. Likes to eat people tend to have high blood pressure salt

salt contains sodium, eat more salty, the more sodium intake of sodium to the
water body to contain live, so that increase the capacity of the blood,
causing high blood pressure.

3. Drinkers and more people are prone to high blood pressure

drink liquor every day over twenty-two, over time cause damage to arteries in
the body of alcohol to arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, if Smoking will
also increase the blood pressure increase.

4. The spirit of long-term nature of acute stress and people tend to have high
blood pressure

very exciting long-term to the poor, such as nervousness, agitation, anxiety,
excessive noise, etc., plus the body physiological regulation of imbalance,
the cerebral cortex of higher nervous dysfunction, empty prone to high blood
pressure. Thin blood volume, although not fat big, but because of other
factors can also cause high blood pressure. Thin Man must not neglect their
own blood pressure.

5. Hypertension genetic factors accounted for about 30%. Family history of
hypertension who have bad habits and poor is very stimulating, and often prone
to high blood pressure. But if the develop good habits, such as eating less
salt, no smoking, no alcohol, no fat, the same can not be hypertension.

increase with age, blood vessel elasticity is poor, increase the resistance of
small arteries, thus blood pressure along with it. Persistent high blood
pressure cause changes in arterial wall damage and atherosclerosis has
increased, the two are mutually reinforcing, so the elderly prone to high
blood pressure.

importance of drug therapy in patients with hypertension, the patient
medication guide to follow the doctor, remember that their frequent use of
drugs not to abuse drugs, in order to avoid any eventuality, the sooner the
better treatment time, should start with borderline hypertension treatment.
Hypertensive patients taking notes:

medication every day, even though his condition improved, the amount should
maintain service. Do antihypertensive drugs before going to bed clothing, to
prevent the sleep blood pressure, cerebral blood volume reduction, slow down,
easy to form thrombosis. Blood pressure medication during the caution, or
contraindication ephedrine, cough Dingchuan pills, tablets and other drugs
Chuanbei fine. Inhibit the decomposition of body fat contains ginseng things,
people who have high blood pressure should be used with caution.

nursed back to health is very important in patients with hypertension, drug
treatment at the same time, guidance in life, environmental, spiritual and
other aspects of treatment.

diet, low salt (5 grams daily), low in animal fat. Hypertension, coronary
heart disease among the obese, because excess body fat, cardiac extraction
will increase the burden on the heart. Therefore, obesity hypertension,
coronary heart disease, since the first diet, mainly vegetarian, in order to
achieve weight control. Lost weight, blood pressure will be reduced. Choose
low-calorie foods, eat more low fat foods, try to eat vegetable oil. Because
vegetable oils containing unsaturated fatty acids, plasma cholesterol will
drop, can reduce high blood pressure, coronary heart attack. Animal fat, liver
and the brain, heart, kidney, butter, marrow, roe, cream and other food,
including high cholesterol, should eat or not eat.
adequate exercise and capabilities, and choose light exercise, the hours are
long, \

law of life, to ensure adequate sleep (7-8 hours), work and rest. Not rash,
emotional, joy in there.

thin, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease patients, to fish, lean meat,
beans and soy foods, in order to increase the body’s protein. Soy products
contain Valley steroids, can inhibit the intestinal absorption of cholesterol,
vitamin C can reduce plasma cholesterol. Therefore, hypertension, coronary
heart disease patients to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin
C (sour fruit). Meanwhile, hypertension, coronary heart disease to control the
amount of salt. Because sodium can cause the body of small arterial switch and
tendons, blood pressure. And the sodium salt will absorb moisture, so that the
accumulation of excessive body water, increased burden on the heart. Therefore,
to eat less salt (salted) vegetables, salt, eggs and other hot food.

hypertension, coronary heart disease must Ji Jiu, quit smoking, drink tea, to
avoid worse.

hypertensive patients should pay attention to the needs of life to answer

avoid dry stool, stool hypertension forced solution, prone to stroke, angina
pectoris. Eat more celery, leeks, cabbage, spinach and other vegetables and
more fiber to keep the stool.

Do not use hot water or cold water bath to reduce blood pressure and sudden
changes in order to warm bath affordable.

intercourse moderate, young adults should try to control or reduce patients,
elderly patients should be avoided to prevent the occurrence of any

Health Guide

one. Regulating Emotions: Keep a relaxed   and happy mood, to avoid excessive
tension. After 1 hour of work is best to   interest the Soviet Union 5 to 10
minutes, can exercise, walking and other   adjust their nerves. Yu Nu mood, make
a diversion through the process easy and   pleasant way to loose their emotions.
Very sensitive to emotional outbursts of   anger to prevent stroke.
II. Diet: should be as common control diet, eat less fat, sweets, salt. Light-
based diet, eat more fruits and vegetables. Avoid overeating. Daily salt
intake of no more than 5 grams of salt to make water retention, increased
blood volume, increase the burden on the heart. Obesity should be controlled
food intake and calories to reduce weight. To maintain a good sleep before
going to bed with warm water immersion foot, to avoid reading novels, watching
TV intense terror shadow play. To keep urine clear. Sexual people in a highly
excited state, neurovascular tension, or even can cause stroke, should be
restrained lust, caution sexual intercourse.

III. Less alcohol cessation: nicotine (nicotine) can be contracted tiny blood
vessels, so that heart rate, blood pressure; a few drinks can make micro-cycle
expansion, increasing the elasticity, there are certain advantages. Promote
smoking cessation less alcohol. But a lot of drinking and drinking alcohol is
definitely harmful to no help for.

IV. Laoyijiege: If in the highly intense work, to master their own emotional
regulation, attention to work and rest, the Soviet Union for more information,
to avoid the very harmful to the chronic stimulation (eg noise) impact.
Conceiving the spirit of Soviet interest, the Soviet Union on the strength of
physical interest. Heavy physical labor force, vigorous exercise is not
affordable. Weight, distance run, plate transport heavy objects should be
prohibited. But the power of light physical labor is, long-term bed rest is
not good.

five. Adhere to the exercise: should stick to play ball, skills, daily morning
and evening, can improve the blood cycle, reducing peripheral resistance,
leaving blood pressure.

VI. Adhere to the medication: on the middle and late hypertension, adhere to
medication treatment is very important. Such as a drug resistance and
ineffective, other drugs should be replaced. Not prescribed, arbitrary
withdrawal will lead to sharp rise in blood pressure and dangerous. Normal
blood pressure should be kept.

full version see here: http://www.zgxl.net/sljk/ybjb/xunhuan/gxy.htm

patients likely to show a normal blood pressure, low blood sugar instability,
because the interaction between blood pressure and blood sugar sometimes and
impact, should be based on changes in blood pressure (frequently measured
blood pressure) to adjust the amount of antihypertensive drugs to prevent the
unexpected happening.