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					Treatment of verruca plana prescriptions

People do have good intentions?

not the best answer

flat wart is more common occurrence for young people, a good site for the face
and back of the hand, of beauty.

flat wart is caused by human papillomavirus. Most are sudden, usually a grain
of rice or a slightly larger needle to the flat papules, round or irregular in
shape, slightly above the skin surface, but also formed a significant rise
dome. surface is smooth, the realm of clear, touch the hard, is light brown or
light gray, yellow or normal skin color. the majority of scattered or dense
clusters exist, and some convergence strip along the scratch was diffuse or
derivative. usually no symptoms, a slightly itchy. occur in the face, forehead
and back of the hand, may also occur in the wrist and knee. most of the
symmetry, the number of variable. sometimes, and common warts exist. can heal,
can relapse, the prognosis does not leave scars.

flat warts are mainly transmitted through direct, but can also be pollutants,
such as needles, brushes, towels and other indirect transmission. In addition,
trauma is also an important factor in causing infection, usually flat warts
can often be seen arranged along the scratch cords Yan Man, this is an
infection caused by trauma comparable example, in addition, people with low
immunity easily transmitted than normal to flat warts.

plain near flat wart treatment among the simplest method is to use traditional
Chinese medicine wart rubbed surface Brucea Ren; or take 30 grams of Coix,

flat warts on the existence of a small amount of dispersion in addition coated
with a javanica Ren, but also added 100 grams of distilled water with 5%
antimony potassium tartrate liquid dispensing plane warts to blister when the
affected area to contain, and then spread the boric acid talc, make it dry
scab, scab off Jiyu. such as a larger number, but also in batches. send more
patients to the warts, but also with 30 grams of Radix, Jianshui Washing hair
at the skin warts, 2 to 3 times, using the intramuscular injection Banlangen 2
times a day, each 2 ml, injected into a two-week course of treatment, the role
of a flat wart treatment.
other therapies include: viral Ling, 0.2 grams per oral, 3 times a day for one
month; chloroquine, 3 times a day, the first service 0.125 g, second and third
serving 0.25 grams. use this method for 1 week, from two weeks, every time
0.25 grams, 2 times a day, and the third, served around 0.25 grams a day, 4
weeks as a course; can also use vitamin B12, 100 mg per day 1 intramuscular
injection. a course for 30 days.

addition, maintain a healthy mental state, the treatment of plane warts is
also very important. Even if the suffering of the flat wart, but also look
comfortable, with an effective combination therapy in Western medicine, is
bound to make Flat Wart get cured.

first with the laser burn, and then with thymosin and interferon, thymosin
intramuscular interferon injected directly into the laser lesions had crushed!
thymosin a needle every day, interferon is also a day a needle! two drugs
every day, alternating with two weeks completely cured and no longer
recurrence !!!

easiest way is to pick the loss with a needle and then disinfect it. I was, a
little children are not leaving any traces.