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					The treatment of herpes zoster

Shingles admitted to methods

can use Chinese medicine, rehabilitation blister combination of pure Chinese
medicine, oral plus topical, purging fire to clear the toxins block nerve
repair the virus can be recovered . role and truth: through drug topical,
improve local blood circulation, to promote smooth flow of nerve block, local
administration together with oral Qudu relieve inflammation, internal external,
inside and outside wen, so that blood flow, choroid smooth, repair is clear
damaged nerves, eliminate pain and reduce recovery.

oral methylcobalamin, treated by (penciclovir) cream, a week like the

herpes zoster (also Dan said the fire wrapped around the waist, snakes disk
sore, red snake, wrapped around the waist long, sore spiders, snakes strand
sore, with sores fire, flying snakes, raw snake, the snake wrapped around the
waist, etc.) is caused by a vaccinia virus infection lurking in the recurrence
of the body, usually without the disease, when the immune system of landing
(Jiubingtixu, fatigue, fever, cold, anger, and other incentives to get angry),
the virus can re-growth and reproduction, and move along the nerve fibers of
skin, so that violations of the nerves and violent birth of skin inflammation,
resulting in innervation of the skin area along the present alignment of the
cluster herpes zoster, with neuralgia, herpes zoster caused.

suffering from herpes zoster, 1 to 3 days after the onset of the skin that is
showing green beans folder size, great tension papules, vesicles, along the
nerve distribution, collection arranged in clusters, were banded. this disease,
primarily manifested as general fatigue, loss of appetite, mild fever, and
soon feel part incidence of heartburn, pain or itching dancing. Light can not
hurt, but itching, or saw no obvious erythema and herpes; severe pain
significantly, restless, a few days later by the clarification becomes turbid
and transparent blisters pustules, some may rupture to form erosions. elderly
patients often present severe pain, affecting sleep, if admitted to not timely
or properly, the skin lesions subsided, the pain is still left. into the
sequelae of herpes zoster , leaving the repetitive nerve pain.

main features of postherpetic neuralgia, is a severe intractable pain, herpes
zoster skin lesions to eliminate the pain continued after the resumption,
gently touch can be conceived dramatic excruciating pain, the pain often is
like lightning or spontaneous tear like and needle-like pain, so that patients
often spook attacks, patients are often much more pronounced with continuous
burning pain, clothes on the body to reduce the stimulation, it was not dress,
or the clothes hold up, the whole night sleep well.

therapy: Medic Qiu Qiu recommended ointment in mind “and sequelae of herpes
zoster special medicine “admitted to be Sida stasis, blocking the virus
spread quickly, improve local blood circulation, promote nerve block smooth
topical cream to the affected area on the erosion of nerve herpes virus
removal, oral capsules help the body relieve inflammation out Qudu Qudu
detoxification, Oral posted outside, inside and outside wen, clear repair
damaged nerves, eliminate pain and reduce slowly, so that patients recover
completely, without leaving any sequelae.

If you suffer from herpes, as long as the choice of the drug, or admitted to
be an effective, try Chinese medicine will eliminate blisters. quick, pure
traditional Chinese medicine, without any co-stimulation of the body!

my family is used to cure blisters rehabilitation of

[General admitted to Method]

admitted to genital herpes, the general admitted to, admitted to still not
completely clear the virus, it can not prevent the recurrence of disease onset.
admitted to the main purpose is to relieve symptoms to reduce industrial pain,
shorten the course and to prevent secondary infection.

currently admitted to admitted to the general points, anti-virus and admitted
to admitted to Chinese medicine, which admitted to be necessary. general is in
fact symptomatic admitted to admitted to, and is the result of anti-virus
admitted to admitted to, and more by traditional Chinese medicine syndrome
differentiation admitted to tackling the problem, effectively prevent another

(1) General treatment

① Main is to maintain local clean, dry and blister wall integrity. isotonic
saline can be used every day cleaning, pain and pain medication can be taken
orally, to give spiritual comfort.

② complicated by bacterial infections, could topical antibiotic ointment.

③ with obvious local pain, 5% hydrochloric acid can be positive or oral
analgesics lidocaine ointment.
④ of comfort, that another attack and admitted to the causes and how to deal

⑤ female genital herpes episodes again subject to seizure to exclude cervical
cancer gynecology.

(2) antiviral admitted to

① acyclovir (A Famciclovir tablets) is that is the most effective anti-HSV
drug. a serious condition may intravenously per kg body weight dose of 5mg,
every 8 hours 1, 5 to 7 days. the average patient can be taken orally, Each
200mg, 4 to 5 times each day, a total of 7 to 10 days. severe cases
intravenous, topical acyclovir ointment rub the affected area.

② Ribavirin is a The approximation of the guanine nucleotide, DNA and RNA
have anti-virus effect, every day serving 800mg, a total of 10 days, can
reduce pain and shorten the course.

③ oral immune stimulant levamisole necessarily effect, but not sure effect
has been reported in vitro and found to restrain the nuisance factor on the
role of HSV has the clinical effect is still admitted to the study.

three, 100 million units of dry days of prime concern intramuscular injection,
continuous admitted to 7-10 days. poly (inducing agent) a 20mg intramuscular
injection, the first two weeks. 2-4 weeks as a course.

(1) special effects therapy: herpes Hong spray topical, oral Milin One, 30
days to eliminate the symptoms.