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					Symptoms of cervical erosion?

Symptoms of cervical erosion?

There are many symptoms of cervical erosion, one by one for you later to
explain the performance of cervical erosion in different levels, what the
major manifestations of cervical erosion. You this second cervical erosion are
the symptoms of cervical erosion, recommended earlier admitted to the adoption
of measures to avoid delay in the time admitted to the best of cervical

clinical symptoms of cervical erosion is to distinguish according to the
severity of the disease, in clinical symptoms of cervical erosion, the main
symptoms of cervical erosion if divided into mild and severe symptoms of
cervical erosion. medical theory, there are symptoms of cervical erosion was
the symptoms of cervical erosion, second and third-degree symptoms of cervical
erosion cervical erosion symptoms

the symptoms of cervical erosion, cervical erosion was a time when the second
and third degrees are different.

one, once the symptoms of cervical erosion: The patient usually no obvious
symptoms, it may only slightly increased vaginal discharge, often easily
ignored, many patients with cervical erosion survey in general or for any
other gynecological disease when treatment was invented.

2, second cervical erosion symptoms: increased vaginal discharge color sticky
yellow substance, or vaginal discharge in the folder with bloodshot eyes, a
small amount of bleeding after sexual intercourse can occur in patients.
leucorrhea persistent inflammatory stimulation of the vulva, can also cause
genital pruritus. In addition, due to cervical lymph node directly connected
with the uterine tissue, inflammation follow profile sheets to the pelvic
lymph circulation cause pelvic connective tissue inflammation, there
lumbosacral pain, abdominal bulge and other symptoms.

3, three times the symptoms of cervical erosion: the above symptoms, but also
at the sticky vaginal discharge bad luck in sperm penetration, easily lead to

these symptoms of cervical erosion, cervical erosion below if admitted to the
main method.
eras admitted to the method of cervical erosion are:

a drug admitted to mild and moderate patients admitted to the preferred drug,
side effects on the physique, no complications, at the present admitted to the
drug in cervical erosion, cervical erosion admitted to Shabolinna efficacy was
very good, recurrence rate is very low, since in the vast market, partners
girl by the trust of the Pan-Bo.

2, physics admitted to moderate and severe patients admitted to an invalid in
the drug environment, you can choose the physical admitted to, but physically
admitted to will cause harm physique, a great side effects, easily lead to
vaginal wall is not sensitive to neural organs, sexual intercourse without
pleasure, and easily lead to infertility, so not a girl without a child using
this therapy. Now some of the hospital is not hard either to promote physical
admitted to no harm, is simply a reckless act is not hard either.

3, severe surgical patients admitted to the drug were invalid admitted to
admitted to and the physical environment, the optional use of cervical
conization surgery or hysterectomy, less than a million does not suffer has
not admitted to recommend application of surgery.