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									Stomach to eat crab how to do

-_-# I always going to be the stomach to eat crabs, please tell how
knowledgeable are radical.

or what can be conditioning. There is something you can stomach it? what not
to eat? please you for the

you may belong to cool their fitness after the crab is cold in nature do not
eat eat temperature of

warm food can Warming .

in the fruit, the chestnut kidney qi, strengthening the bones, benefit the
spleen and stomach, stop diarrhea; litchi pulp spleen

stomach, raising the blood, treatment of anemia caused by deficiency, diarrhea;
walnut meat Warming kidney, lungs and Zhichuan; pine Ziyin lungs, laxative,
chills and sensitivity; Yin Lee coconut pulp water, for deficiency diabetes;
longan flesh uneasiness of mind, the treatment swelling caused by blood
deficiency, diarrhea; jujube spleen and stomach, Qi Sheng Jin, Yun-lung, five
internal organs.

food in meat, lamb spleen Qiangshen, tonic benefits of labor ; Yanggan
governance weak spleen and stomach caused by vomiting, weight loss; beef Qi
and blood, the rule of anemia, loss, work like astragalus; Bugan bovine liver,
blood, eyesight; bovine blood qi to fill in; chicken Warming stomach, blood
kidney; Intestinal governance frequent urination, nocturnal emission, enuresis;
dog Warming yang, nourishing the spleen and stomach; Goubian kidney treatment
of impotence, frequent urination backache; dry duck strong lassitude, warming
yang; praised rat meat rule Consumption body weak, hair loss,

Gu Zheng, hot flashes, malnutrition product expansion; cat meat pass through
the sensitive, tonic and blood, Phlegm cough, can cure M. scrofulaceum,
thrombocytopenic purpura; venison completed five internal organs , treatment
and Consumption, Tongluo Qufeng; deer kidney yang, benefit the knee warm house;
paws supplement qi and blood, benefit the spleen and stomach, expelling wind
and cold, continued bones; liver Bugan eyesight, BNI; sea cucumber dryness,
kidney, blood, work like ginseng tonic effect; spent carp governance
indigestion, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, uterine prolapse, spleen
swelling, less post-partum milk; carp warm in air, warm stomach, Ze skin;
sturgeon Tonglin fish blood, Qi tonic; eel yang Yipi, Bugan nourishing.
In addition, there are many foods with a warming effect, such as radish and
warm sweet, digestion qi; glutinous rice qi and yang, warming the spleen and
stomach; goat Bushenyijing, nourishing the heart stomach; caramel lungs cough,
qi relieve pain; sorghum Wenzhong Li gas, Shibuya stomach; pupa and stomach,
to rheumatism, treatment in children rickets disease; oil wet intestine, can
be de-worming, treatment intestinal obstruction; human placenta nourishing qi,
rule five workers and injured seven.

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