Charity Subscription Agreement with Contingencies by pellcity27


A subscription is an amount of money paid or promised, as to a charity. Gifts to charitable or educational institutions may provide tax advantages to individuals and corporations in the form of itemized deductions in computing taxable income. Gifts qualify as deductible charitable contributions only if made to, or for the use of, certain organizations.

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									                Charity Subscription Agreement with Contingencies

      I, (Name of Subscriber), of (street address, city, state, zip code), (the Subscriber)
hereby subscribe and agree to contribute, and promise to pay on or before (date), the
sum of $_____________ , in consideration of other subscriptions to be used for
(purpose) as a part of the (Charity or Organization).

       This subscription is contingent upon the (Charity or Organization) receiving, from
other sources, subscriptions for $________________ no later than (date).

       Said subscription, when paid, shall be limited strictly to the uses of (describe).

       This subscription is further contingent upon the amount donated
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