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2   February 11, 2011                              Down Range - Fort A.P. Hill

Net Zero key to sustaining installations
By Lt. Gen. Rick Lynch                                 A net zero water installation limits the      in-depth training and support and become
Commanding General                                 consumption of fresh water and returns            showcases for the strategies, technologies and
Installation Management Command                    water back to the same watershed, so as           best practices of sustainable resource man-
                                                   not to deplete the groundwater and surface        agement.
    The Army has a bold vision for managing        water resources of that region in quantity or        I encourage every garrison to take on this
natural resources on its installations: they       quality. Similar to the process with energy,      challenge. It will require commitment and a
will become net zero. That is, as we go about      installations aiming for net zero water begin     lot of hard work. Not only do we have to learn
the complex business of living, working            with rigorous conservation efforts. Then they     about energy, water and waste management
and training on installations, our use and         repurpose the water used in showers, sinks,       best practices and technologies, but we also
production of resources                                                washing machines and
will balance out, so that                                              cooling towers, capture                        See NET ZERO, page 4
in the end, we do not                                                  rainwater for on-site use,
over-consume or waste.                                                 and treat wastewater for
The most exciting part                                                 recharging into ground-
of the Army Net Zero                                                   water aquifers. They                Garrison Commander
vision is this: we all                                                 achieve net zero water by               Lt. Col. John W. Haefner
have a part to play in                                                 capturing, repurposing,
achieving it.                                                          and      recharging      an           Garrison Command
    When the concept of                                                amount equal to what                   Sergeant Major
net zero was first applied                                             they consume.                     Command Sgt. Maj. Miguel E. Reyna
to installations, it was in                                                A net zero installation
terms of energy. A task                                                reduces, reuses and re-              Public Affairs Officer
force that grew out of                                                 covers waste streams,                       Jennifer Erickson
a 2008 joint initiative                                                converting them to re-
                                                   source values with zero landfill. In other
                                                                                                          Editor / Photojournalist
of the Departments of Defense and Energy
studied the possibility of net zero energy         words, a net zero waste installation aims to                    David San Miguel
installations, or installations that produce       make disposal an unnecessary step. Garrisons                           2009
                                                   start by reducing the initial amount of waste,                 Department of Defense
as much energy on site as they use over the
                                                                                                                  Thomas Jefferson Award
course of a year. Army Net Zero goes beyond        and then find ways to repurpose waste with
                                                   minimal processing. For example, they might                           2009, 2004
energy, though, to also include water and
                                                                                                                  Department of the Army
waste.                                             crush construction rubble to use on trails.                  Maj. Gen. Keith L. Ware Award
   Army Net Zero’s holistic approach in-           When they cannot reuse waste, they recycle
creases our ability to achieve the larger goal     or compost as much as they can or convert it         U.S. Army Installation Management Command
of sustainable installations. With an eye to all   to energy. They achieve net zero waste when                  Maj. Gen. Keith L. Ware Award
three, energy, water and waste, we are more        they have nothing left to send to the landfill.                          2008
likely to move beyond isolated projects,              During my site visits over the past year,              U.S. Army Installation Management
which carry the risk of succeeding in one area     I have seen how our garrisons have taken                    Command - Northeast Region
                                                   steps — great strides in some cases — to                          Liberty Bell Award
at the expense of another, to an integrated
plan that balances benefits and costs across       manage our resources more efficiently. Look           The Down Range - Fort A.P. Hill newslet-
our operations.                                    at the water projects at Forts Huachuca,           ter is an award-winning bi-monthly publica-
    Installations reach net zero through five      Bliss and Belvoir; the waste management            tion authorized and produced by the PAO
interrelated steps: reduction, repurposing, re-    projects at Forts Bragg and Jackson and            editorial staff in accordance with AR 360-1
                                                                                                      to inform and entertain the installation
cycling and composting, energy recovery, and       Joint Base Lewis-McChord; and the energy
                                                                                                      community on people, policies, operations,
disposal. To achieve net zero energy, garrisons    projects at Forts Drum, Wainwright, Carson         technical developments, trends and ideas of
start with aggressive conservation efforts, to     and Campbell, to name just a few. So I             and about the Department of Defense, the
reduce the amount of energy being used in          know there will be tremendous interest in          Department of the Army and Fort A.P. Hill.
the first place. Then they repurpose energy,       an opportunity that the Assistant Secretary           The views and opinions expressed in this
or find secondary uses for building exhausts,      of the Army for Installations, Energy and          publication are not necessarily the official
boiler stack exhausts and other thermal            Environment is launching this month. The           views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Govern-
                                                                                                      ment, the U.S. Army or this command.
energy streams, and recover heat from the          ASA (IE&E) is asking garrisons to nominate
                                                                                                            Send submissions and correspondence
electricity generation process. Once they          themselves to become Net Zero Energy, Net          to Public Affairs Office, Attn: Editor, Down
have reduced their load through conservation       Zero Water or Net Zero Waste installations,        Range - Fort A.P. Hill, 18436 4th St., Bldg.
and efficiency measures, they can meet their       or all three, by 2020. Five will be selected in    112, Fort A.P. Hill, VA 22427-3114. Tele-
remaining requirements through renewable           each category, with one to become all three.       phone: (804) 633-8120, DSN 578-8120.
or alternative energy projects.                    These installations will receive long-term,
                                               Down Range - Fort A.P. Hill                                         February 11, 2011             3
PX store improvements add to patron's shopping experience
By David San Miguel

    In a concerted effort to im-
prove the quality of life for
Warriors training here, renova-
tions to the Army and Air Force
Exchange Service PX at Wilcox
Camp have been completed.
   The improvement project was
a part of the Installation Design
Guide developed by Parsons,
Inc. in 2006. This guide mapped
highly visible and used areas on
the installation needing beau-
tification which would also
incorporate force protection
requirements, environmental
features and Warrior quality of
life enhancements.
     The improvements included
new landscape features which                                                                                                Photo by David San Miguel
meet minimum force protection       Facility renovations like these “help make the patrons’ PX experience more enjoyable,” says Sylvia
standards; rehabilitation of the    Ramirez, Wilcox Camp PX store manager.
parking lot and driveways of
which excess pavement was re-       bilities requirements; the addi-   an area to sit down, eat and          troops.”
moved and bio-retention areas       tion of two picnic shelters with   relax.”                                  Other changes include wider
added to enhance the visual         fans and lighting, new triple-       “Whether they’re here shop-         aisles and shorter shelves to
aesthetics and incorporate          sided message board and trash      ping or just visiting, it gives our   allow patrons easier access to
storm water management best         receptacles.                       patrons … our troops a place to       stocked items, and consolidating
practices; new concrete walk-         According to Sylvia Ramirez,     have a good experience while          all beverages in one area.
ways and pedestrian crosswalks      the PX store manager, these        they’re here,” she added. “We’re
to meet Americans with Disa-        upgrades “will afford customers    glad to be here to serve our

VA develops plan to increase quality care for Veterans
   WASHINGTON -- The Department of             survivors.”                                      discover and demonstrate new models of
Veterans Affairs is creating a new office to       The new VA Office of Patient Centered        care, analyze the results, and then create
develop personal, patient-centered models      Care and Cultural Transformation began           strategies that allow for their translation
of care for Veterans who receive health care   operations, Jan. 17 and is based in Arlington,   and implementation across the VA. In this
services at VA’s more than 1,000 points of     Va.                                              way, we will provide the future of high-
care across the Nation.                            The office’s director, Dr. Tracy Williams    quality health care to our Veterans.”
  “VA has become one of the Nation’s leaders   Gaudet, comes to VA from Duke University            The VA Office of Patient Centered Care
in quality health care and is increasingly     Medical Center where she served as the           and Cultural Transformation will have four
cited as the standard to emulate,” said VA     executive director of Duke Integrated            regional implementation teams at select
Under Secretary for Health Dr. Robert A.       Medicine since 2001. Dr. Gaudet received         VA medical centers across the country: Bir-
Petzel. “However, we must always continue      her Bachelor of Arts and medical degrees         mingham, Ala; East Orange, N.J.; Dallas;
to find ways to deliver more with our          from Duke University.                            and Los Angeles.
systems to the incredible patients we are         “The VA’s vision and commitment to              Each VA medical center was selected for
honored to serve.”                             cultural transformation comes at a pivotal       excellence already demonstrated in pro-
 “We need to be data-driven, providing         moment for health care in this country,          ducing cultures of patient-centered care
the treatments and therapies with the best     and I am deeply honored to be joining            based on established criteria. These regional
clinical evidence,” he added. “We need to      VA in this important work,” Gaudet said.         teams, comprised of patient-centered
be patient-centered, never losing sight that   “The Office of Patient Centered Care and         care consultants, will be responsible for
we have been given the noble mission to        Cultural Transformation will be a living,        facilitating the culture change for patient-
care for our Nation’s Veterans, families and   learning organization in which we will           centered care at all VA facilities. --ARNEWS
4   February 11, 2011                             Down Range - Fort A.P. Hill

Changing mindset helps reduce negative stress
By Ramon M. Maisonet                              of yourself, “Will this ultimately matter in   in our human nature to put off living. We go
Employee Assistance Program                       five years?” The answer may lead to a more     off on frequent daydreams to the “Garden
Fort Campbell, Ky.                                insightful perspective of the situation.       of Eden” so to speak, of the far off horizon
                                                                                                 - instead of enjoying the tomatoes that are
   This could change your life forever -          2. Protect Yourself from Abuse                 growing in the garden right outside of our
guaranteed or your money back!                        Being emotionally victimized, especially   windows.
   Ready to become everything you already         at work, is no fun. While we may not possess       “How strange it is, our little procession
think you aren’t? Follow these tips and           the power to change a work environment,        of life” wrote Stephen Leacock. “The child
prepare to reap a tremendous harvest.             we can gain freedom from mistreatment          says: ‘When I am a big boy.’ But what is
                                                  with a simple change in perspective and        that? The big boy says: ‘When I grow up.’
1. Incorporate “5 Year Rule”                      attitude.                                          And then, grown up, he says: ‘When I
   One key to controlling our negative stress         In his book “Yes You Can!,” author Sam     get married.’ But to be married, what is that
is to have a realistic expectation of others.     Deep describes a unique method in which        after all? The thought changes to ‘When I’m
   Steven Covey portrays this nicely in his       we are to pity our attackers. Says Deep,       able to retire.” And then, when retirement
concept of “Win-Win,” in which one looks          “Once you are able to feel sorry for them      comes, he looks back over the landscape
at entering into a mindset that constantly        for having such awful lives that they need     traversed; a cold wind seems to sweep over
seeks mutual benefit in all interactions with     to treat you badly, you can free yourself      it; somehow he has missed it all, and it is
others.                                           emotionally from the effects of their          gone. Life, we learn too late, is in the living,
    This as opposed to having the thought         mistreatment.”                                 in the tissue of every day and hour.”
that everyone and everything exists for              Remember that you don’t have to be close
our convenience or purpose. This thinking,        with everyone; just being polite goes a long   4. Expect less of Others
when our expectations are not met, will           way toward getting along and appropriately        A friend of mine recently showed me a
ultimately lead to frustration, anger and         dealing with difficult people.                 beautiful blue topaz set she had gotten from
ultimately stress.                                                                               her husband “just because;” the set included
   Thoughts like these lock us into emotion-      3. Don’t Wait until Midnight Hour              a ring, a necklace and a pair of earrings. “I
alizing rather than rational engagement.             One of the most heartbreaking observa-      had no idea” she said pleasantly surprised,
  When in a situation of disagreement, dis-       tions that I have made in my everyday
satisfaction or even offense, ask this question   conversations with people is the tendency                          See STRESS, page 6

NET ZERO                             continued from 2
have to learn the business prac-     portant — our future.
tices that support them. We have         Energy efficiency and security
to build partnerships with those     is a critical issue for the Army.
in the private sector and in non-        The Army depends on a relia-
government organizations who         ble, safe, cost-effective supply of
will join us in investing in the     energy to accomplish its mission,
net zero vision. However, this is    as well as provide a good quality
a prime opportunity to learn les-    of life for Soldiers, Civilians
sons we will be required to know     and Families on installations
in the future.                       worldwide. To the extent that
    Everyone, every Soldier, Ci-     the supply and distribution of
vilian and Family member, has        energy lay outside the Army’s
a role to play in managing our       control, the ability to accomplish
resources. Maybe it seems like a     our mission is open to risk. The
smaller role — turning out the       same can be said of water, or
lights, adjusting the thermostat,    practically any of our resources.
or separating out recyclables        If the Army is to accomplish its
at home. Maybe it is a more          mission in the future, if we want
direct role, such as running         to be good neighbors to those
an installation waste manage-        outside our gates and to leave a
ment program or writing en-          healthy world for our children
hanced use leases or energy          and grandchildren, then we have
savings performance contracts.       to start operating sustainably to-
Regardless, every effort adds up,    day.
and what it adds up to is im-           It is the right thing to do.
                                                          Down Range - Fort A.P. Hill                                         February 11, 2011         5

U.S. Mint unveils three coins commemorating
Army at war, during peacetime and today
By C. Todd Lopez                                             Abrams said the coins are important for      million surviving Army Veterans across the
Army News Service                                         two reasons.                                    country as sincere public appreciation for
                                                              The first, he said, is that sale of the     their selfless service and personal sacrifices,”
   WASHINGTON -- Three coins com-                         coins will help the AHF build the Army          said Abrams.
memorating the Army are now available                     museum at Fort Belvoir, Va. Second, it will       The three coins are available for purchase
for purchase from the U.S. Mint.                          engage, educate, inspire and honor Soldiers,    on the U.S. Mint’s website -- and range in
    The designs for the three coins were                  Veterans, Families and visitors of all ages.    price from just under $20 for the clad coin
unveiled, Jan. 31 at the Pentagon. The coins                 The three pieces include a $5 dollar gold    to $450 for the gold coin. The coins were
feature artwork that commemorates the                     coin, a silver dollar and a clad half-dollar.   designed by artists at the U.S. Mint, and
Army at war, the Army during peacetime,                     The gold coin feature s five Soldiers, from   will be struck at the mints in Denver, San
and the modern Army of today. A portion                   the colonial times through the modern era.      Francisco, Philadelphia and West Point,
of the proceeds from the sale of the coins                The silver coin features both a male and        N.Y.
goes toward construction of the National                  female bust, in front of a globe, meant to         The number of coins to be produced by
Museum of the U. S. Army.                                 symbolize today’s worldwide deployments.        the mint is limited by the public law that
  What I love about these coins is that they              Finally, the clad coin represents the peace-    allowed them to be created in the first
celebrate Army history with their images                  time contributions of the active Army,          place. The mint will produce 100,000 gold
and honor the 30 million American men                     the Army National Guard and the Army            coins, 500,000 silver coins, and 750,000
and women who have worn the uniform                       Reserve Soldier.                                half-dollar coins.
since 1775, said retired Brig. Gen. Creighton               “Their symbolic value is certain to reso-        Those interested in purchasing coins can
W. Abrams Jr., the executive director of the              nate with our more than one million serving     visit the U.S. mint website at www.usmint.
Army Historical Foundation.                               Soldiers and their Families, and our 11         gov/catalog.

                                                          Guardsman hopes to inspire others
                                                          to lose weight, achieve fitness goals
                                                          By Sgt. Rebekah Malone                             Today, he runs four miles a day, six-days
                                                          Louisiana National Guard                        a week, then boosts his workout with 100
                                                                                                          push-ups a day and lifts weights for at
                                                             PINEVILLE, La. -- Louisiana National         least an hour. This strict program allowed
                                                          Guardsman Spc. Alejandro Zuniga scored          Zuniga to achieve the remarkable feat few
                                                          an incredible 401 points on his most recent     Guardsmen have ever heard of.
                                                          Army Physical Fitness Test -- something            “I almost passed out when I heard,” said
                                                          even he found hard to believe considering       Zuniga. His first sergeant had a similar
                                                          the state he was in less than two years ago.    reaction.
                                                             Zuniga, a member of the 1021st Engi-           “I said, ‘Are you serious?’” said 1st Sgt. Jack
                                                          neering Company, 205th Engineer Batta-          Toney when he heard Zuniga’s score. “A
                                                          lion, overcame tremendous odds recently         perfect score is 100 points in each of three
                                                          when he racked up well over the max num-        categories on the test, for a total combined
                                                          ber of points needed to score an excellent      score of 300. I have never seen a score like
                                                          rating on the APFT.                             this one in 24 years of service.”
                                                              Just 18 months ago, and 100 pounds            Zuniga completed 112 push-ups, 117 sit-
                                                          heavier, Zuniga was battling despair and        ups and ran the two-mile run in 10:07.
                                                          depression.                                        An unofficial extended scale is used once
                                                              One day, he had enough.                     a Soldier passes the total event requirement
                                                              “When I was bigger, I was on the edge       for a perfect score. He was awarded one
                                                          of depression. I felt helpless,” Zuniga said.   additional point for each push-up, sit-up
                                                          “Just one day something someone said            and six seconds off his time for the run.
                                                          struck me. I am so much more confident            Toney saw first-hand Zuniga’s work ethic
                           Photo by Spc. Scott M. Mucci   now.”                                           when they served together on Task Force
Overcoming tremendous odds, Spc. Ale-                       Too large to run, Zuniga started by walk-     Kout Men in Haiti last summer.
jandro Zuniga not only lost 100 pounds                    ing. Within a couple of months, he was able
but now aces the Army’s fitness test.                     to run three miles without walking.                               See INSPIRED, page 8
6    February 11, 2011                           Down Range - Fort A.P. Hill

                                                                                                       STRESS                  continued from 4
                                                                                                       “that he would go this far!” Her smile told
                                                                                                       me that the gift was an unexpected, but
                                                                                                       welcome, addition to her jewelry set. (The
                                                                                                       corresponding contrast to this would be to
                                                                                                       give more of you to others.)

                                                                                                       5. Apply your Heart to Instruction
                                                                                                           As a former non-commissioned officer in
                                                                                                       the U.S. Army, I lived the motto, “Be, Know,
                                                                                                       Do.” The secret to the releasing the power
                                                                                                       of this motto was in the revelation, that is,
                                                                                                       if you change what you know, you will ulti-
                                                                                                       mately change what you do and what you
                                                                                                       can be; therefore, make it a priority to gain
                                                                                                           The proverbs say, “By wisdom a house is
                                                                                                       built, and through understanding it is es-
                                                                                                       tablished; through knowledge its rooms are
                                                                                                       filled with rare and beautiful treasures.”
                                                                                                           Do this and one can be entitled richly
                                                                                                       with a good name, one can walk in the steps
                                                                                                       of being esteemed, whose heart will be glad
                                                                           Photo by David San Miguel
                                                                                                       and whose inner being will rejoice. It really
                     Snack truck open for business                                                     does not get any more magical than that, I
        Marc Massey, lodging manager, Directorate of Family, Morale, Welfare and                       promise.
    Recreation, receives an order of shrimp and fries during his lunch break. The snack                    Death and life are in the power of the
    truck will be available each Monday at various locations on post from 11 a.m. until                tongue, therefore claim this New Year and
    1 p.m. For locations, call the FMWR staff at 633-8201.                                             prepare to conquer; that is unless you have
                                                                                                       already made other plans...

Maintain indoor air quality for health during frigid temps
By Colin O’Conner                                compounds in indoor air. Most chemicals are           vent the buildup of moisture. Wipe up any
Installation Safety Office, Fort Campbell, Ky.   derived from petroleum products. Inhalation           accumulated moisture. Clean up any visible
                                                 of these chemicals can lead to irritation in the      mold growth and locate and eliminate the
     Air pollution is thought of as an outside   lungs, headaches, dizziness, exhaustion and           moisture source.
concern, like smog hanging in the air. How-      decreased productivity.                                   One of the most dangerous indoor air
ever, the air inside homes and offices can be       Limit the amount of chemicals in your              pollutants is carbon monoxide. It is a color-
more polluted than the air outside.              home or office. Store chemicals outside the           less, odorless and tasteless gas that is the
   The elderly, children and people suffering    home or in the garage. Throw away old or              byproduct of incomplete combustion. It is
asthma and respiratory problems are especial-    unneeded chemicals safely.                            highly toxic to humans and animals in high
ly sensitive to indoor pollutants. But even         Avoid using aerosol sprays. Aerosol clean-         quantities, but can cause fatigue, headaches,
healthy adults can suffer health effects many    ers, furniture polish and air fresheners sus-         confusion, nausea and dizziness in lower
years later, after repeated exposure.            pend chemicals in the air that then enter             quantities.
   Modern buildings are constructed airtight,    your lungs.                                               Use fuel burning appliances correctly and
so pollutants and irritants can’t escape and        Look for fragrance-free or naturally-scent-        ensure they are working properly. Do not use
fresh air doesn’t infiltrate. So what can you    ed products. Use mild cleaners that don’t             any gasoline-powered engines indoors, even
do to clean up the air you breathe?              include artificial fragrances. There are plenty       for a short time. Ensure gasoline-powered
   The simplest way to improve indoor air        of effective natural cleaning products and            engine exhaust doesn’t enter the home or
quality is to let in fresh air. Whenever the     fragrances.                                           office. And use a carbon monoxide alarm.
temperatures outside are mild enough, open           Mold is all around us. But given the right           So while your house or office is shut tight
a window or door to allow fresh air in. This     conditions it can thrive indoors and create           to keep warm this winter, consider the air
will allow pollutants and irritants to escape    health hazards for occupants. Indoor relative         quality.
and dilute their concentrations indoors.         humidity should be maintained at 30-50                  Eliminate sources of pollutants, get fresh air
  Cleaners, fragrances and household chem-       percent. Use ventilation fans for bathrooms           in when you can and add some houseplants
icals are common sources of volatile organic     and kitchens. Ventilate crawlspaces to pre-           to clean the air.
                                        Down Range - Fort A.P. Hill                                             February 11, 2011        7
Sergeant Major of the Army to retire

      Academy commandant will assume duties
                                                                         Secretary of the Army John           The Sergeant Major of the
                                                                     McHugh and Army Chief of             Army recommends quality-
                                                                     Staff Gen. George W. Casey,          of-life improvements to Army
                                                                     Jr. have announced that Com-         leadership and often sits on
                                                                     mand Sgt. Maj. Raymond F.            councils that make decisions
                                                                     Chandler, III, will become the       affecting enlisted Soldiers and
                                                                     next Sergeant Major of the           their Families. He also rou-
                                                                     Army March 1.                        tinely testifies before Congress
                                                                         “We have the utmost confi-       on these issues.
                                                                     dence in Command Sgt. Maj.              Preston leaves the position
                                                                     Chandler and look forward to         as the longest serving sergeant
                                                                     having him join our leadership       major of the Army.
                                                                     team,” said McHugh. “He has             “Many of the great CSMs
                                                                     the right qualities and creden-      and SGMs serving around the
                                                                     tials to assume this vitally im-     Army today are a product of
                                                                     portant duty that Sgt. Maj. of       CSM Chandler’s leadership
                                                                     the Army (Kenneth) Preston           and development efforts,”
                                                                     has skillfully and adeptly           Preston said. “He brings a
                                                                     performed for the last seven         broad breadth of experience
                                                                     years.”                              and I have no doubt he will
                                                                          Chandler is currently the       provide the strategic vision and
                                                                     commandant of the U. S. Army         professionalism long associat-
                                                                     Sergeants Major Academy.             ed with this position.”
                                                                         “Command Sgt. Maj. Chan-             A native of Bridgewater,
                                                                     dler is the right Soldier to lead    Mass., Chandler joined the
                                                                     our NCO Corps,” Casey said.          Army in 1981 and has served
                                                                     “He has demonstrated excel-          in every enlisted leadership
                                                                     lence in every position, and         position from tank commander
                                                                     has the depth of experiences         to command sergeant major.
                                                                     required to help us lead our            Prior to his assignment as
                                                                     Army.”                               commandant of the Sergeants
                                                                         Chandler will be sworn into      Major Academy, Chandler
                                                                     the new position March 1.            served as the command sergeant
                                                                        “Being named the 14th Ser-        major for the U. S. Army Armor
                                                                     geant Major of the Army is           School.
                                                                     truly an honor,” Chandler said.         His awards and decorations
                                                                     “I am humbled, yet excited by        include the Legion of Merit, the
                                                                     the opportunity to serve our         Bronze Star, eight Meritorious
                                                                     Soldiers and their Families in       Service Medals, eight Army
                                                                     light of the challenges ahead.”      Commendation Medals, two
                                                                         In June 2009, Chandler be-       Army Achievement Medals,
                                                                     came the first enlisted com-         the Korea Defense Service
                                                                     mandant of the U. S. Army Ser-       Medal, Iraqi Campaign Med-
                                                                     geants Major Academy.                al, the Army Superior Unit
                                                                        In his new position, Chandler     Award, the Meritorious Unit
                                                                     will serve as the Army Chief         Commendation and the Com-
                                                                     of Staff ’s personal adviser on      bat Action Badge.
                                                                     matters affecting the enlisted          He is also a recipient of the
                                                                     force. The role involves extensive   Order of Saint George (Bronze
                                                                     travel and focuses on Soldier        Medallion), the Distinguished
                                                   U.S. Army photo   training, noncommissioned of-        Order of Saint Martin and
Command Sgt. Maj. Raymond F. Chandler, III, will be sworn in         ficer development and the well-      the Honorable Order of Saint
as the Sergeant Major of the Army, March 1, at the Pentagon.         being of Families.                   Barbara.                 -- ARNEWS
8                                                 Down Range - Fort A.P. Hill

    February 11, 2011

Officials plan first ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ repeal briefing
By Cheryl Pellerin                                tagon.                                                 department’s plan for implementing repeal
American Forces Press Service                        The House of Representatives passed                 of the law, which has been in effect since
                                                  legislation in May that called for the presi-          1993 and remains in effect until the process
    WASHINGTON -- The first in a                  dent, defense secretary and Joint Chiefs               is complete.
series of briefings to describe the Defense       chairman to certify the implementation                     Gates said the three-step process in-
Department’s progress in implementing             plan before the repeal takes effect.                   cludes finalizing changes in regulations and
repeal of the so-called “Don’t Ask, Don’t            On Nov. 30, Pentagon officials released             policies and getting a clearer definition on
Tell” law is coming soon, Pentagon Press          the report of a working group that re-                 benefits.
Secretary Geoff Morrell said, Jan. 26.            viewed issues associated with a potential                  The second phase is to prepare training
  The briefing -- by Clifford L. Stanley, un-     repeal. And on Dec. 18, the Senate voted               materials for use by personnel specialists,
dersecretary of defense for personnel and         65-31 for repeal, and President Barack                 chaplains, commanders and other leaders,
readiness, and Marine Corps Gen. James            Obama signed the bill into law Dec. 22.                and those who are in daily contact with
E. Cartwright, vice chairman of the Joint            On Jan. 7, at a Pentagon news conference            servicemembers, he said.
Chiefs of Staff -- likely will take place soon,   with Navy Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of                    The third phase, the secretary explained,
Morrell said.                                     the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Defense Secretary           is the actual training for all servicemem-
  Stanley is leading the effort for the Pen-      Robert M. Gates updated reporters on the               bers.

                                                                          INSPIRED                                   continued from 5
                                                                            Even after an exhausting day of construction work, he still made
                                                                          time for a work out, the first sergeant added.
                                                                            “Zuniga would work, and I mean work, all day on his project site
                                                                          and come back to the base camp and run and do PT on his own,”
                                                                          explained Toney.
                                                                             “It was incredible.
                                                                          I wouldn’t have be-
                                                                          lieved it if I didn’t see
                                                                          it myself,” said Sgt.
                                                                          Patrick       Mahoney
                                                                          who graded Zuniga’s
                                                                          PT test. Mahoney
                                                                          said his main concern
                                                                          was being able to                                 FMWR
                                                                          count fast enough.                      VALENTINE’S
                                                                             Not content with                     5K RUN/WALK
                                                                          just his own success,
                                                                                                                  FEBRUARY 14TH @ 0830
                                                                          Zuniga has started
                                                                          helping           others          THE 5K RUN/WALK STARTS AT THE CAC,
                                                                          achieve their goals                PROCEEDS DOWN THE NATURE TRAIL,
                                                                                                               ALONG FAMILY HOUSING, AROUND
                                                                          as well.                          BEAVERDAM POND AND BACK TO CAC.
                                                                            “I want to be a                  T-SHIRTS FOR THE FIRST 40 TO COMPLETE
                                                                                                                              THE COURSE.
                                                                          trainer for the Na-
                                                                          tional Guard,” he
                                                                                                              The MWR Food Truck will be available for Breakfast
                                                                                                          sandwiches and sport drinks before and after the Run/Walk.
                                                                          said. “I want to be
                                                                          that person to go                               POC is Judy at 633-8201

                                                                          to get help. If I was
                                                                          265 pounds and lost
                                                                          100 pounds, I know
                                                                          everyone else can
Down Range - Fort A.P. Hill   February 11, 2011   9

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