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					                          Documenting Sources Using APA Style

                                WHAT IS PLAGIARISM?

                                   How to Avoid Plagiarism

                                          APA Style
                                 SPECIFIC FORMAT REQUIRED:
title page info centered, header w/ page #, 1 inch margins, double space, Times New Roman
       12 point font, tab indent paragraphs, center subheadings w/o underline,bold,italics

           In-text Citation                                      References page

        parentheses in body of paper                       list of sources at end of paper

(author, year, p. #)           (author, year)                 publication information

Quote                          Paraphrase                        Types of Sources

author’s exact words           author’s ideas                        periodical
                               restated in your words                magazine
                                                          book       newspaper      webpage
block quote                   *more than 3                            journal
*40 words/3 lines             consecutive words          1 author                 no page #s
                              counts as a quote         2 authors                 no author
                                                        3 or more authors          no date

              tag words:                                              *hard copy
         author’s name used to                                        *electronic copy
            introduce quote
                                                   Documenting Sources Using APA Style

                                                                 In-text citation
                 Quote                                                                                             Paraphrase
           give p. # of source                                                                                do not give page number

       book                periodical                                                                      book              periodical
                                                                                                                                        NO p. #
book -- (author’s last name, year of publication, p. #)                                   book -- (author’s last name, year of publication)

periodical – (last name of author of article, year of publication, p. #)                  periodical – (last name of author of article, year)

     >> for two authors, use & sign, for three to six authors, use comma after each name and then & sign before last author’s name

               webpage                                                                                              webpage

count paragraphs; give para. # of source                                                  no need to count paragraphs, do not give para. #

(author of article, copyright year or last update year, para. #)                          (author of article, copyright year or last update year)

               >> If no webpage author shown, use abbreviated article title in quotation marks “ “ in place of author’s name

                                                           >> If no date shown, use n.d.

                                                               References page

*center word References, *header w/ page number, *double space, *left margin justified, *tab indent subsequent lines of each entry,
*alphabetize by first letter of each entry, *author’s last name, first initial only, *list full title if no author, *do not number entries, *capitalize
first letter of first word only for books and article titles, *capitalize first letter of each word for journals, *italicize book titles, *italicize
periodical titles, *no quotation marks or italics for article titles, *put publication date after name of author(s) or title, *use n.d. in
parentheses if no date *include words Retrieved from database name database on retrieval date for periodicals obtained from a database,
*include complete URL for webpages, *include Retrieved on retrieval date for webpages, *use & sign with two or more authors, *do not
use p. for page numbers, unless a newspaper, *for periodical, italicize volume number, do not use Vol.; use / sign, not Issue

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