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Employment Opportunities for employee.

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									   Top Ten $100,000 Employment Opportunities

If you are searching for Employment Opportunities that will give you $100,000 a month,
then you are on the right track. Yes getting $100,000 paying jobs are not much difficult
these days. Look through our list of top ten $100,000 job opportunities and apply for any
one of them right away.

   1. Surgeons

      Surgery is no mean feat. It just does not require knowledge and skilled
      handiwork. These days it requires much more- it demands stolid knowledge in
      operating robots and other state-of-the-art machineries. After all it is not possible
      to perform the complex operation of the present times without assistance from
      the mechanized world of technological tools- the robots! So do not judge your
      surgeons when I say they earn a mammoth $200,000 on an average.

   2. Anesthesiologists

      Physicians who had the brainwave to specialize in anesthesiology are now
      earning a whopping amount of income. After all going under the knife itself is a
      dreary procedure and you obviously would want it to be as pain free as possible.
      So whenever you are scheduled for some surgery, you inevitably try to get the
      best anesthetist in the city- whatever price they might quote. No wonder their
      annual income touches a neat $195,000 on an average.

   3. Orthodontist

      Though the work of a dentist and an orthodontist sound pretty similar, they are
      not; just as their salary scale is not! While both are concerned with alignment of
      teeth and jaws, there is a vast disparity between the amounts of money the two
      earn. Orthodontist has a much more specialized and consequently a fancier job
      profile as well as a more lucrative pay package. No wonder they earn around
      $193,000 on an average.

   4. Obstetrician and Gynecologists

      These doctors, who specialize in administering healthcare services and treating
      pregnant women, earn a massive amount. Their average annual income
      surprisingly is $192,000.
   5. Physicians

      These set of people who have an amazing depth of knowledge about medicines
      earn a lump sum amount. They tend to be impressive academics and on an
      average their annual income hits the $165,000 mark.

   6. CEOs

      Chief Executive Officers are entrusted with the duty of practically running a whole
      company. They are required to have excellent analytical skills and an admirable
      stock of knowledge about all the different aspect of their company. Their annual
      income on an average is $160,000.

   7. Dentists

      Apart from occupying a place of great respect and prestige, the dentists earn
      around $155,000 annually.

   8. Psychiatrists

      With increases in incidents of mental instability resulting from stress, the society
      has suddenly started to experience a lack of good and efficient psychiatrists in
      the market. No wonder the remaining few are drawing in $154,000 per annum.

   9. Pediatricians

      Children are a constant feature in any society and so are Pediatricians who are
      doctors who specialize in child health. Thus they earn between $150,000-
      153,300 annually.

   10. Engineering Managers

      These are the set of people who have given us the best designed architectural
      beauties of the present day life and for that they are rewarded well. No wonder,
      they earn around $120,000 in a year.

Next time anyone tells you that there is hardly any $100,000 job opening then prove
them wrong. Inform them about all the $100,000 work offers that we have just
mentioned to you!

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