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RECORD                                                                                                 In this issue
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  The Adventist Development and Relief Agency is working closely with the Medan Adventist Hospital
    to assist tsunami victims at this field clinic in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. The clinic sees 600-800
                                              people each day.

 ADRA thanks tsunami donors         Wahroonga, New South Wales

   he Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) has thanked church members for their
T  generous response to the devastation caused by the Asian tsunami on December 26. “The
response is unprecedented,” says chief executive officer of ADRA-Australia, David Jack. “But to
continue to help, we still need continued donations.
  “As a donor office, ADRA–Australia has a primary responsibility to provide financial resources
to places impacted by disasters such as the tsunami,” Mr Jack explains. “In addition,
ADRA–Australia has sent some of its staff to the affected areas. During this time hundreds of
individuals and families have expressed their support for the role of ADRA by generously
donating almost $A1.3 million to the victims of the tsunami.
  “Our relatively small ADRA team has worked beyond its capacity during the past month to
ensure that donations are properly handled and receipted, our staff overseas are supported and
that information is provided to our churches and donors during this time.”
  Mr Jack is grateful to all who have contributed to ADRA–Australia’s response to this disaster.
“My personal thanks goes to those who have volunteered time to help with the ADRA call centre,
mail-outs and other important tasks,” he says. “Thanks also to my staff, most of whom returned
                                                                                                       staffer shares
early from holidays and have worked extremely hard under difficult circumstances, and to those
who have sacrificed and donated funds through ADRA–Australia to support the thousands of
people who have no home or livelihood as a result of the tsunami.”
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                                                                          E D I T O R I A L

                                     Your community covered
          tanding at the rear of a congregation               Noticeboard pages—from front cover to                          cause and playing a part in carrying His
    S     of a Seventh-day Adventist church
    recently, midway through the worship
                                                              back cover—most of which is the
                                                              contribution of “stringers”—readers in
                                                                                                                             message to the world especially so. Amid
                                                                                                                             so much change, the tradition of RECORD
    service, it was obvious people had missed                 local churches.                                                engenders a sense of safety.
    their RECORD over the Christmas break.                       Informing is best understood “in                            ● RECORD gives unity. That the church in
    Many had their head down, reading, with                   relation to the importance to RECORD                           Australia, New Zealand and the South
    one ear to the pulpit, engrossed in the first             readers of facilitating connections within                     Pacific is diverse in its ethnic, cultural and
    of their church family’s newsletter for                   the [Adventist] community,” Pastor                             theological make-up goes without saying.
    2005.                                                     Manners continues—connections found                            However, we need to be reminded of that
        Providing reading material for wor-                   in content relating to people they know                        occasionally, as it implies the church’s
    shippers disinterested in what’s                          personally or who feature regularly in                         need for tolerance among its members.
    happening in their worship services week                  some way.                                                      Through its Letters page especially,
    by week isn’t part of RECORD’s role, but it                  It’s for that reason—the X-factor—that                      RECORD is an effective medium for a fair
    is sometimes the fact of the matter                       people surreptitiously read their RECORD                       expression of divergent views in a
    nevertheless! That wouldn’t be because                    rather than listen to the sermon—they’re                       considered, non-threatening and non-
    we editors of RECORD do such a fantastic                  interested in their church community.                          adversarial way.
    job, I’m sure. Rather, it’s the X-factor at                  According to Pastor Manners’s research,                        But between RECORD’s covers each
    work.                                                     the vast majority of readers feel that                         week, we may find more than community
        According to policy of the South Pacific              RECORD links them with other people,                           building.       There’s      education—the
    Division, the role of RECORD, “the official               events and places in the broader church,                       presentation of new ideas and the
    paper of the Seventh-day Adventist                        and that it helps them to feel part of that                    reinforcement of old, the airing of relevant
    Church in the South Pacific Division,” is                 large family, which is the church                              issues; and nurturing—the expression of
    “to nurture, to educate and inform church                 community.                                                     felt needs, especially those of the
    members.”                                                    And how does this happen? Here’s my                         hurting—and a voice for the marginalised
        According to its former editor, Pastor                observations, to which you might add a                         on its periphery. These are some ways
    Bruce Manners, who last year completed                    few more:                                                      these roles are fulfilled.
    his doctoral study on the role of                         ● RECORD gives continuity. For many it is                         Next week you have the opportunity to
    publications in the Adventist Church, it is               the only constant inside a rapidly                             contribute directly to your community
    also used to line cockies’ cages. (Oh, well               changing church. It’s been part of their                       newspaper, RECORD.
    . . . and every word was so-oo precious . . .)            church experience since their baptism.                            How? Next week, February 12, is the
        According to Pastor Manners’s thesis,*                From cover to cover, from week to week                         annual RECORD Offering, a day on which
    based on surveys and interviews, “there is                over more than a century, it’s always there.                   you can demonstrate your appreciation
    a stronger recognition of the magazine’s                  ● RECORD gives connection. For some, it is                     (or otherwise) for it through giving
    role in keeping people informed. . . . The                their strongest link to the church,                            generously. Thank
    evidence is that respondents [to surveys]                 something specially appreciated by                             you for your
    believe RECORD does far better at                         isolated members and expatriates. It is                        support.
    informing than at either nurturing or                     also appreciated by former and non-
    educating church members” (page 223).                     attending members. In another sense,
    This conclusion was reinforced in                         wherever you go around the South Pacific                       Lee Dunstan
    interviews and focus groups, he says. (Its                Division—in employment, on holiday or
                                                                                                                             * Publish or Perish: A
    reincarnation as birdcage liner and fly-                  a sea-change—it’s there.                                       Study of the Role of
    swat don’t get a mention.)                                ● RECORD gives security. There’s something                     Print in the Adventist
        “Informing” in RECORD comes mostly                    appealing about belonging to something                         Community, Monash
    through its Newsfront, Letters and                        bigger than ourselves. Being part of God’s                     University, 2004.

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2                                                                               February 5, 2005
                                                         F L A S H P O I N T

    • Year 10 students bring joy to hospital kids • LifeBoat impacts less fortunate community
    • 181,000 baptisms in East-Central Africa • Paid parking fines shows God’s grace • and more
                                                       —Compiled by Scott Wegener—

● The Three Angels Chorale                                                                                      ● The Ulverstone, Tas,
presented a celebration of the
life and ministry of Jesus at the
                                    More appealing ways for ADRA                                                junior early teens (JETS)
                                                                                                                have been in outreach action
Taree, NSW, church, on                   he traditional door-                                                   recently. During a “Who
December 16. Comprised of
21 young people from the
                                    T    knocking method of
                                    raising money for the ADRA
                                                                                                                dares wins” evening, $A186
                                                                                                                dollars was raised for the JETS
USA, Canada, South Korea,           Appeal is not necessarily the                                               children to buy suitable gifts
                                    only or most effective method                                               for Operation Christmas
                                    that churches can use.                                                      Child. Dares on the night
                                       After receiving council per-                                             incorporated things such as
                                    mission, five Ascot Vale, Vic, church members put on their red ADRA         Weet-Bix, live worms and
                                    shirts and went tin rattling at two busy Melbourne intersections.           crabs, tissues and baked
                                    Some $A2000 was raised in two Sunday afternoons.                            beans. At another time, as a
                                       “We’ve done it this way for four or five years now,” says Ascot Vale     random act of kindness, the
Malaysia, New Zealand, Co-          minister Ainsley Wagner. “It’s a magic way to collect. You just have to     JETS filled a bottle with
lombia, Japan and Australia,        stand and rattle your tin. If people give, they give. If they don’t, they   lollies, kind and encouraging
the chorale presented items in      don’t. If only we had more personnel, we could raise a lot more.”           thoughts, a photo of
English, Japanese and Zulu                                                   The Guyra, NSW, church held        themselves, information on
to more than 100 listeners, of                                            a large garage sale and found         Ulverstone and a return
which 46 were from the                                                    their total collected for the         envelope. After being sealed
community. “To have 46 non-                                               appeal doubled to $A1885. The         with wax and sent to Sydney,
Adventists attend our church                                              young and old of the church           it was tossed into Sydney
at once, in a country town, is                                            pitched in to help with the sale      Harbour. The JETS are
quite a number,” says com-                                                held on the church’s corner           praying it will considerably
munication secretary Dawn           property. ADRA was present on the day with an information display           brighten the day of whoever
Jerrard. “It’s the most we’ve       and gave out show bags to browsers.—Scott Wegener/Northpoint                finds it.—Tasda News
had attend any program.”
Advertised on radio, in newspapers and           do it again.” As part of the school’s desire to
shop windows, church members also gave           reach out into the local community, more          ● LifeBoat is a community service
out special invites to friends. The Three        service projects like this are planned for        organisation that began among local
Angels Chorale members devote their              SAC throughout 2005.—Jean-Pierre                  members of the
holidays to sharing their Christian              Martinez                                          Charlestown,
experience through music—this season                                                               NSW, church
visiting Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand,                                                            and has now
Australia and New Zealand.                       ● Up to 1500 people attended Boolaroo             spread to the
                                                 church’s first Christmas carols program, “A       wider Hunter
                                                 child is born,” at Warners Bay, NSW. Some         area. A 15-
● At the end of their school year, a group       $A3000 was spent on the event, which              seater bus tows
of enthusiastic Year 10 students from            included a children’s story that was a hit        a mobile kitchen fully equipped for street
                         Sydney Adventist        with the kids and a complete narration of         ministry and every Friday night sets up to
                         College (SAC)           Jesus’ birth and death that was interspersed      serve many disadvantaged people. With no
                         spent a day at          with Christmas hymns. “The passion of             funds to begin with, their $A20,000 budget
                         Sydney’s West-          love” books                                       was met and paid for through grants and
                         mead Children’s         were given                                        supportive church members. The Premier’s
                         Hospital. They          out to the                                        Department and Police have now invited
                         provided       the      public.                                           LifeBoat to begin a similar service in
children with fun activities including           Someone                                           Toronto, and the Department of Housing
singing, games, face painting, and balloon       commented,                                        are in negotiations with LifeBoat for them
sculpting. The students loved the                “It was nice to finally go to a carols without    to manage a block of flats in the area.—
experience and say they would “definitely        all the rigmarole.”—Sarah-Jane Williams           Northpoint

                                                                February 5, 2005                                                                  3
                                                        F L A S H P O I N T

    ● Pastor Peter Roennfeldt shares a few       community concert or sporting event and
    suggestions on how individuals and teams
    from your church can participate to help
                                                 involve community personalities to
                                                 perform to raise funds for an aid
                                                                                                       Off the record
    after large-scale tragedies such as the      organisation; donate your time, money,        ● Fourteen-year-old Aaron Williams
    recent earthquake/tsunami: Join existing     goods or services for use for ADRA or         from Kellyville, NSW, church was
    community and church fundraising events,     another aid agency; plan to sponsor a child   recently recognised for his achieve-
    concerts     and    services;    organise    or children individually or as a church;      ments in discus throwing by Baulkham
    opportunities for people to pray, reflect,   take food to and do practical things for      Hills State MP Wayne
    remember and grieve; open your cafe          families in your community who you            Merton at Parliament
    church, homes or meeting places as a place   know have suffered in this tragedy; involve   House, Sydney. He
    for reflection; plan a remembrance           your children in fundraising events that      competed in the Trans-
    worship service and invite people from       they can relate to in a meaningful way.       Tasman            discus
    your community to read scriptures, share                                                   throwing in Auckland,
    stories of local people affected, provide                                                  NZ, against 45 others.
    music in honor of those lost and share       ● The East-Central Africa Division            “Some looked like giants, but I came
    times for silence and respect; organise a    (ECAD), formed in November 2002, had a        third!” Aaron says. While in NZ, he also
                                                 record 181,110 baptisms in 12 months.         competed in the field relays that consist
                                                 In addition, almost 1000 churches bene-       of discus, shot-put and long jump,

    $A10,000 for Port                            fited from Roofs for Africa, a program
                                                 designed to assist with the construction of
                                                 church buildings. More than two million
                                                                                               where his team came first. Aaron also
                                                                                               has talents in as a musician, playing in
                                                                                               three bands on instruments such as
    Lincoln fires                                members worship in nearly 8500 Adventist
                                                 churches in ECAD.—East-Central Africa
                                                                                               saxophone, tenor horn and electric
                                                                                               guitar.—Robyn Crabtree
         he Adventist Development and Relief     Newsline/AR
    T    Agency (ADRA)–Australia has made
    $A10,000 available for victims of the Port                                                 ●   Though Boris Ambrus was
    Lincoln fires in South Australia.            ● Anyone with unpaid parking tickets          graduating from his studies in aviation
      As with previous disasters within          was given the opportunity to present them     and communications with a private
    Australia, ADRA officers will work with      to a cross-denominational group of            pilot’s licence, the December 5
    the South Australian Family and              pastors, organised by Mission Media, and      graduation ceremony at Avondale
    Community Services to locate and assist      have their fines paid in full—just by         College, NSW, was overshadowed by his
    those who fall between the cracks of         asking. As a modern-day parable demon-        baptism the previous afternoon. Boris’s
    insurance and other forms of                 strating God’s grace, on December 18,         mentor, Pastor Len Barnard, fulfilled
    government assistance.                       Boise, Idaho, USA, area pastors outside       Boris’s dream of being baptised at his
      Gary Christian, ADRA–Australia’s           Boise City Hall paid for more than            favourite place—in the surf at North
    national program director, believes that     $US7500 worth of local parking fines.         Cathos. Boris is on his
    the fires have come at a difficult time,     “There are so few examples of what grace      way to fulfil another
    when many services are understaffed          actually looks like in our culture,” says     dream—to serve God
    early in the new year, making ADRA’s         Michael Boerner, Mission Media execu-         as a mission pilot.—
    support even more needed. “There are         tive director. “This demonstrable parable     Ian Howie
    always people with special circumstances     so clearly explains the most important
    who will miss out on various forms of        message the church has to offer—God’s
    government support, but whose needs          undeserved love and grace can be ours by      ● Tauranga        North, NZ, church
    are nevertheless very genuine,” he says,     simply asking.” Many, bringing in their       members showed their appreciation for
    “and these are the people we will seek to    tickets, were teary-eyed college students     their Pathfinder leader by secretly
    identify and then assist.                    who faced the prospect of not graduating      spending the day grading, cleaning,
      “While ADRA has a strong focus on          for failure to pay their parking fines. The   planting, repairing, wood chopping and
    the tsunami disaster overseas, we still      largest number of tickets owed was 84, by     painting around her property. Toni
    need to look after people who have           a university student, totalling $US555. The   Hicks, a solo mum, had invested so
    suffered from these fires in our own         money, raised from local businesses, was      much time into running Pathfinders
    backyard,” says Mr Christian.                given on a first-come-first-served basis      that her garden and yard had gotten out
      Those wishing to assist victims of the     until the $US10,000 budget was spent.—        of hand. When Toni returned from
    Port Lincoln fires can donate to ADRA’s                    being enticed away from home for the
    Port Lincoln Fires Fund via telephone on                                                   day, she was astonished to see such a
    1800 242 372 (in Australia) or via their     Days and offerings                            transformation and all the friends who
    web site at <>.               February 12—RECORD Offering                   had come to help.—G Judge

4                                                             February 5, 2005
                                                           N E W S F R O N T

ADRA leader reflects on the Asian tsunami
Wahroonga, New South Wales
                                                   church network in the affected countries            How has ADRA
    dventist Development and Relief                provides additional resources and                raised funds for this
A   Agency (ADRA)–Australia’s chief
executive officer, David Jack, took time to
                                                   opportunities for service and response to
                                                   the affected families and individuals. There
                                                                                                    relief effort and how
                                                                                                    will those funds be
answer RECORD’s questions about ADRA’s             are ADRA country offices in all affected         managed?
ongoing response to the December 26                countries providing immediate infra-                ADRA–Australia has
Asian tsunami.                                     structure and personnel.                         generous and loyal
                                                                                                    donors who have given
   What has been ADRA’s initial focus?                How well did ADRA’s disaster                  to tsunami relief, along
   The ADRA network has focused on the             response plan work in this instance?             with hundreds of new        ADRA–Australia CEO,
provision of water and sanitation in affected         The ADRA network’s disaster response          donors, many of whom              David Jack.
areas, along with medical support, clothing        plan enabled a quick response and the            are Adventist Church
and food. ADRA workers on the ground               mobilisation of a network of ADRA donor          members. It has been encouraging to
have also focused on connecting with               and implementing offices.                        acknowledge significant donations and
isolated communities—in some instances                ADRA–Australia is a donor office, so our      support provided by people who are not
the first aid agency to provide support.           main focus is on fundraising and allocation      members of the church.
   As news of the disaster reached Australia,      to appropriate projects. A donor office             In partnership with ADRA, Adventist
ADRA–Australia was overwhelmed by                  maintains a relationship with the partner        churches all over Australia are running
phone calls from donors and church                 ADRA office in which the project is located,     fundraising projects. Sydney Adventist
members requesting information and                 providing monitoring and evaluation to           Hospital and Sanitarium are matching staff
wanting to donate. Without the luxury of a         each project. However, ADRA–Australia            donations.
call centre and the public relations teams of      has provided staff and resources to the             Funds are being allocated to proposals
the larger agencies, ADRA–Australia staff          affected country offices to assist these         submitted by ADRA offices in the affected
have worked long hours to provide                  implementing offices to perform their roles      countries. These proposals are needs-based
information to churches and the media, as          more effectively.                                and focus on the provision of basic support,
well as process more than 2600 donations.             ADRA–Australia’s resources have been          but take the long-term view and seek to
   In addition, ADRA–Australia sent its            stretched and we acknowledge that we are         position people to be able to resume their
own staff across to Asia to assist in the relief   not adequately prepared for a disaster of        livelihoods and begin to be responsible for
effort. Whether it be providing direct relief      this magnitude. The learning and resources       their own needs. An example of this is to
or conducting needs assessments and                created on the run during this response          assist fishermen who have lost their equip-
writing proposals, ADRA–Australia staff            provide a valuable base for our future           ment, therefore their income, to obtain
and volunteers continue to make a                  development and preparation.                     boats and motors and get back to work.
significant contribution to the immediate
relief efforts.                                      Why have we heard so little in the                How does this response demonstrate
                                                   media about ADRA’s involvement in the            the importance of the work of ADRA to
   With so many other aid agencies, why            tsunami relief effort?                           the Adventist Church?
is it important that ADRA be involved in             ADRA’s primary investment has been in             ADRA is sometimes spoken of as the
the tsunami relief and rebuilding effort?          the response to affected communities and in      welfare or community-service arm of the
   One of ADRA–Australia’s core values is          the provision of information to donors and       church. In the sense that ADRA is the
compassion. Our staff commitment to this           church members. While we would have              extension of the church into the
value gives no alternative but to be totally       welcomed a greater media profile, this was       community, ADRA is the arm of the church
involved. Responding to disasters such as          provided to the select few agencies that         that reaches out to people in need, offering
the tsunami is what ADRA is all about,             ultimately raised over 95 per cent of all        support, understanding and practical help.
particularly in the rehabilitation phase. The      donations given to tsunami appeals. There           Jesus placed serving the community at
devastation is so extensive that it will           are dozens of agencies—including ADRA—           the heart of the gospel and what it means to
require the full participation of all aid          that do excellent work, but don’t invest large   be a Christian. He invested time bringing
agencies and governments, working                  amounts of money on media profiling.             healing to people—emotional, mental,
together to adequately meet all the needs.           We have been disappointed that we              spiritual, social as well as physical healing.
                                                   couldn’t achieve more media attention for        ADRA is committed to those principles and
  What does ADRA bring to the affected             ADRA and request the understanding and           is proud to represent God and His church
regions that is unique?                            support of our churches during this              in both the Australian and international
  Links with the Adventist hospital and            challenging time.                                communities.—Nathan Brown

                                                                 February 5, 2005                                                                    5
                                                           N E W S F R O N T

    ADRA–NZ receives record donations
    Auckland, New Zealand                                                                                restock medical supplies and provide
          hile the scale of the Asian                                                                    equipment to make them more
    W     tsunami          disaster
    overwhelming, that is the same word
                                         is                                                              effective in meeting the huge
                                                                                                         demands for ongoing treatment of
    director      of     the     Adventist                                                               the victims.
    Development and Relief Agency                                                                           Mr Fletcher visited some of the
    (ADRA)–New          Zealand,      Alan                                                               worst-hit areas of Indonesia in early
    Fletcher, uses to describe the                                                                       January. His visit included helping
    response of donors in New Zealand.                                                                   with the distribution of medical
    “ADRA has seen generosity as never                                                                   supplies to survivors and meeting
    before,” he says. “Even the smaller                                                                  with      Indonesian    government
    donations have added up to make this                                                                 officials. “We met the Indonesian
    the largest appeal ADRA–New                                                                          deputy director of education to
    Zealand has ever run.”                                                                               discuss ADRA’s role in rebuilding
      At the time of printing, ADRA–New                                                                  more than 50 schools and repairing
    Zealand has received more than             ADRA–New Zealand’s Robert Patton (right) worked with      the other 150 damaged buildings in
    $NZ130,000 from donors and another            militrary relief flights in Meulaboh, Indonesia.                                  ,”
                                                                                                        partnership with UNICEF reports
    $NZ50,000 from the New Zealand                                                                      Mr Fletcher. “The response from
    government. “The initial government your generosity,” he says “Every dollar these high-level government officials was
    match represents only the first round of given is committed to the rebuilding of very encouraging.
    funding from NZAID,” Mr Fletcher those                  communities,         and      already    “ADRA’s response to the needs of the
    explains. “More funds will be released in $NZ100,000 has been sent to assist the tsunami-affected communities is held in
    February for assisting with the volunteer medical teams with their work in high regard,” he says. “The staff and
    rehabilitation and rebuilding phase.         the Banda Aceh and Meulaboh areas [in volunteers working for ADRA are having a
      “Whether you have given a large Indonesia].”                                                 hand in helping to make a difference in the
    donation or small, be assured that the         According to Mr Fletcher, these funds lives of the tsunami victims.”—Nathan
    victims of this disaster will be blessed by will also be used to assist local hospitals Brown/ADRA–New Zealand

     ADRA tsunami facts and figures*
     ● The Red Cross estimates that at least 165,000 people died in the
       disaster, with more than 525,000 injured, 1.6 million displaced
       and more than 1 million homeless. These figures are expected to
     ● In Sri Lanka, ADRA has distributed enough medical supplies to
       treat 50,000 people for a three-month period.
     ● Fifteen tonnes of rice and 800 cartons of noodles have been
       delivered to the Aceh Utarah district in Indonesia. ADRA has
       helped 5949 people by delivering supplies to nine coastal villages.
     ● Since December 30, ADRA–India has been providing food to 7250
       refugees in refugee camps in Tamil Nadu.                            This train in Sri Lanka—the Princess of Ruhuna—was carrying
     ● Worldwide, ADRA has collected more than $A16.7 million. In 1500 passengers when the tsunami struck. There were no survivors.
       addition, ADRA has been allocated $A4 million from various
     ● In the three weeks following the tsunami, ADRA–New Zealand collected more than $NZ130,000.
     ● In the three weeks following the tsunami, ADRA–Australia collected more than $A1.3 million from 2600 donors.
     ● Almost 50 volunteers volunteered 140 hours, answering phones and taking donations at the ADRA–Australia office.
     ● If every church member in Australia were to donate only $20, ADRA–Australia would almost double the amount of money already
     *At time of printing.

6                                                               February 5, 2005
                                                         N E W S F R O N T

ADRA staffer shares her experiences
Wahroonga, New South Wales

     s part of their immediate response to
A    the     December      26      tsunami,
ADRA–Australia sent staff members in a
variety of roles to affected areas in
southern Asia. Among these was Monica
Spedding, a project manager of ADRA–
Australia’s International Program, who
spent time in Indonesia, Thailand, Sri
Lanka and India from January 4 to 16.
   “The sheer scope of the destruction is
mind boggling,” she reflects. “I took a
camera crew around Asia to film the
affected areas and to capture the work
ADRA is doing.”
   Ms Spedding says that one of the
problems they saw there was that aid wasn’t
always getting through to those who
needed it. “We were passing people who
                                                 ADRA–Australia’s Monica Spedding surveys a portion of the Sri Lankan coastline devastated by
had been affected by the disaster, but                                          the Indian Ocean tsunami.
because they weren’t highlighted on the
news, they were simply seeing the trucks go    repaired.                                        which was his entire livelihood, but it’s all
past,” she reports. “We spoke to people in        “Up to 80 per cent of some Indonesian         gone. We also spoke to people who’d lost
some areas on the way, and they said they      villages have been destroyed,” Ms Spedding       35 members of their family. Others don’t
hadn’t received anything.                      reports. “If you’re looking at long-term         know how they survived, but they’re
   “Although many of the main roads had        development, you’re looking at a minimum         looking for their aunts, uncles, families. In
been cleared and were usable by the time       of 10 years. People have lost their              the Asian cultures, family is really
the team arrived, other roads that had been    livelihoods. We spoke to a man who grew          important, and so many have lost theirs.”
destroyed by the tsunami have not been         cinnamon and had over 500 seedlings,                From Ms Spedding’s first-hand
                                                                                                experience, she suggests children have
ADRA staff reflect on the Asian tsunami aftermath                                               been most affected by this disaster. “In one
                                                                                                village in which our team stopped, a 17-
                                                                                                year-old boy came over to us and told us his
  “Providing disaster relief is never easy, and this particular disaster has been very          story. He had noticed water coming into his
confronting. Working in some of the worst-hit areas of Thailand really stretched me             family home, and managed to climb a tree.
physically and emotionally. But ADRA is on the ground in all affected countries, so             However, he saw his brother, mother and
fortunately we have been able to get emergency relief to the people straight away.”             sister swept away by the waves.”
—Warren Scale, international program director, ADRA–Australia                                      According to Ms Spedding, this sort of
                                                                                                thing has happened all over the tsunami-
  “In addition to initial care packages for the victims, we equipped and facilitated            affected areas and one of the biggest needs
medical teams from our local mission hospital in Phuket. When I think of how much               will be psychological help for those
my heart aches for people I don’t even know, I can’t imagine how God copes with the             traumatised by the disaster. “But while the
loss of so many of His sons and daughters, whom He knows as His very own. He surely             heartache is quite evident, there is also a lot
must be coming soon.”—Greg Young, country director, ADRA–Thailand                               of hope because people are looking to the
                                                                                                future and wanting to get on with life,” says
  “The magnitude of this disaster is astounding; not only in terms of countries affected,       Ms Spedding.
but also the period of time it will take some places to recover. It’s going to take a lot to       “Travelling to Thailand, Sri Lanka, India
help get these people back to a somewhat normal life. And our partner offices are               and Indonesia in the space of a week showed
swamped with trying to meet these longer-term needs. Together with staff from                   how well our network has pulled together
Germany and Nepal, we helped the ADRA–India team write proposals for long-term                  on this. We also saw how well ADRA is
reconstruction projects, so they can access donated funds and get on with rebuilding            partnering with other aid agencies and other
communities.”—Grant Hillier, international program, ADRA–Australia                              Adventist institutions.”—Adele Nash

                                                              February 5, 2005                                                                    7
                                                             N E W S F R O N T

    ADRA commits to rebuilding after tsunami
    Wahroonga, New South Wales

    A    s the enormity of the Asian tsunami
         crisis comes to light, so too does the
                                                    helping to address long-term needs.
                                                       In many developing countries, the
                                                    primary role of many women is to care for
                                                                                                    How you can help
    overwhelming need for long-term                 their families and homes, while their             t will take years of rehabilitation and
    rehabilitation. Not only have people lost
    their homes, food and clothing, but also the
                                                    husbands are the primary income earners.
                                                    Women who lost husbands in the tsunami
                                                                                                    I development for people to regain
                                                                                                    their lives following the Asian tsunami
    resources to produce an income. Those           crisis are now classed as having ‘increased     disaster. So it is important to remember
    affected by this disaster need sustained        vulnerability’ because they are now             that while many have given, your
    support over the coming months and years.       providing for their family with no regular      continued generosity is needed in
       Since receiving emergency relief, more       income, no livelihood opportunities and in      coming months and years.
    survivors are now requesting supplies to        most cases limited skills and education.           Donation of clothes, food or other in-
    rebuild their livelihood. “Some people are      This project will help widowed women            kind gifts are not required. Financial
    now less desperate for food and clothing        access income-generation programs to            support is the best way needs can be
    and more in need of resources to get back       gain a livelihood and provide security for      met by staff in the field without delay.
    to work to provide for their families,” said    their family. It will also provide support         ADRA–Australia guarantees that 90
    Monica Spedding, International Program          and counselling, health education and           per cent of donations received go
    Staff for the Adventist Development and         vocational skills. This project will work in    directly to the affected countries. The
    Relief Agency (ADRA)–Australia, who             conjunction with projects funded by             remaining 10 per cent is used locally for
    travelled through the devastated regions.       ADRA–Germany and ADRA–Netherlands               coordination, support and monitoring
    “For example, some people simply asked          in the same regions.                            of projects.
    for boats because fishing provides their           The Sanitarium Health Food Company              Some churches and individuals are
    income.”                                        has played a big part in funding this           considering fundraising. ADRA–Aus-
       Community development and recon-             project. On behalf of Sanitarium,               tralia is able to assist with some
    struction is the main focus of ADRA’s work      Australian cricketer Brett Lee presented a      resources (such as posters and money
    around the world. Through partnerships          $A100,000 cheque to David Jack, chief           tins) for your efforts. This information
    between ADRA offices, with government           executive officer of ADRA–Australia in          can be found by contacting your local
    agencies or other community groups,             Brisbane, Qld, on January 20. ADRA–             conference ADRA director.
    ADRA’s primary focus is on long-term            Australia’s allocation of $A250,000 to this        Finally, your prayers are needed. Not
    projects that help communities help             project has been raised by donations            only for the thousands of affected
    themselves.                                     already received. However, as the relief        people, but also for those in the field
       The Tsunami Relief and Restoration           effort moves more fully into reconstruction     and for those who are coordinating the
    Initiative for Women, in the Tamil Nadu         and rehabilitation projects, ADRA is still in   rehabilitation.
    State and Pondicherry Union Territory of        need of continued donations.—Candice
    India, is one way ADRA–Australia is             Jaques                                          To donate to ADRA:

                                                                                                    In Australia
                                                                                                      Call 1800 242 372 or visit the web site

                                                                                                    In New Zealand
                                                                                                       Call 0800 4999 111 or visit the web
                                                                                                    site <>.

                                                                                                      (Alternatively you can use your tithe
                                                                                                    envelope and label “ADRA Tsunami

                                                                                                        ADRA thanks
                                                                                                        you for your
                         ADRA staff talk with villagers in Phuket, Thailand.

8                                                                  February 5, 2005
                                                      N E W S F R O N T

Adult Bible Study Guide launches web site
Silver Spring, Maryland, USA
                                                                      access people have to the quarterly, the better it is.”
   he 25 million people worldwide who use the weekly Adult Bible        Larie Gray, editorial assistant for the department, says the new
T  Study Guide lessons have a new, online ally: a web site that
provides each weekly lesson, teacher’s notes and other aids.
                                                                      web site is also designed to make a systematic program of Bible
                                                                      studies available to people outside the church who want to study
   Although the lessons                                                                                   the Scriptures.
have been available online                                                                                   “There are people who say
for many years via                                                                                        they don’t know how to study
<> a private web                                                                                 the Bible,” Gray says. “We want
site that operates with                                                                                   to let [non-church members]
permission to use the                                                                                     know the lessons are there. I
copyrighted materials, the                                                                                know that reading the lessons
new web site is the first                                                                                 helped me understand the
official site for the study                                                                               Bible, and it still does.”
guides—which celebrated                                                                                      Ms Gray says the site
its 150th anniversary last                                                                                contains links to additional
year.                                                                                                     resources for students and
   “We want to make the                                                                                   teachers, with more planned.
quarterly more accessible,                                                                                The added study notes and
and reach as many people                                                                                  other items are a response to
as we can,” says Pastor                                                                                   calls and emails received
Clifford Goldstein, who is                                                                                requesting such aids, she adds.
completing his fifth year                                                                                 You can find the new web site at
as editor of the global                                                                                   <>.—
publication. “The more                                                                                    Mark Kellner/ANN

Center for Women Clergy at Andrews University opened
Berrien Springs, Michigan, USA
                                               ministry,” Dr Brooks says. Other female          Ms Brooks, who describes the seminary
    ddressing the need to provide for a        seminary students have been involved with     as the “most amazing experience of my
A   growing enrolment of women in
seminary classes, the Center for Women
                                               the centre’s development as well.
                                                   Dr Mutch says the centre helps women
                                                                                             life,” says the female seminary students
                                                                                             she’s talked to have felt a compelling call to
Clergy has opened at Andrews University        taking seminary classes prepare for minis-    ministry. They come from all over the
in Berrien Springs, Michigan, USA.             try through mentoring and networking.         globe, including Africa, Korea, Mexico,
   “Obtaining professional degrees is              There are 95 female students in the       North America and Europe, and range in
equally important to women as to men, so       seminary, up 20 students from two years       age from 20 to 60.
attending seminary is a logical next step      ago. Ms Brooks explains that, in com-            “The centre will serve more than women
following college,” says Dr Patricia Mutch,    parison to the 500-plus enrolled in the       seminary students,” says Dr Mutch. “The
vice-president for academic administration     seminary, it may not seem like much, but      number of undergraduate women who are
at the university. “Many of these women        it’s “huge for female enrolment.” “[We want   religion and theology students is increasing
are also professionals from other fields who   to connect] women through internships         at Andrews, as well as [at] other Adventist
have felt the call to ministry and changed     and professional ministry. We want pastors    schools. The centre hopes to include these
careers to enter professional ministry.”       to mentor them. We see the need to be an      undergraduate students in its networking.”
   Seminary student Dilys Brooks has been      advocate, a listening ear,” she says.            After graduation from the seminary, Dr
involved with the establishment of the             The centre is working on providing a      Mutch explains, women go on to be
centre for three years. She took over after    system where “any woman, anywhere,            involved in a variety of ministries,
another seminary student laid the ground-      who feels a call to ministry should know      including pastoring in churches, youth
work. Ms Brooks talked with Dr Mutch,          there’s someone she can call.” This also      ministry and chaplaincy. “Women who are
and began developing a vision and              means that after graduation, women have       spouses of seminary students also take
“creating networking and support for           someone in ministry they can connect          courses to prepare them for team
women [who are] answering the call to          with, “someone who can mentor.”               ministry.”—Wendi Rogers/ANN

                                                            February 5, 2005                                                                  9
                                                                         F E A T U R E

                     A matter of perspective                                by Barry Oliver

     This article is adapted from the graduation addresses   a couple of sentences in the first paragraph     what happened. That will never be
     given at the 2004 graduation ceremonies at Avondale     of a seminal work on education written by        forgotten. But he told me that the people
     College and Pacific Adventist University.
                                                             one of the co-founders of the Seventh-day        are moving on. Forgiveness has replaced
            uch of life is a matter of perspective.          Adventist Church, Ellen White. She wrote,        fear. Reconciliation has replaced revenge.
     M      In the overall scheme of things some
     things are important. One of the things that
                                                             “[True education] has to do with the whole
                                                             being, and with the whole period of
                                                                                                              Hope for the future has replaced the
                                                                                                              horrors of the past.
     should be really important for those who                existence possible to [human beings]. It is         I asked Pastor Ruglinyange, “Where were
     have been students at church institutions               the harmonious development of the                you when this was all happening.?” He told
     such as Avondale College and Pacific                    physical, the mental, and the spiritual          me that one Sabbath he was away
     Adventist University (PAU) is the special               powers.”1                                        preaching at a church some distance from
     character of these educational institutions.               This is a simple but profound statement       his home. His wife and three children were
     It should not be taken for granted that the             that has set the agenda and the framework        worshipping in a church close to their
     quality of education received, nor the                  for the holistic educational philosophy that     home when a band of killers came to the
     quality of the friendships forged at these              is a feature of the worldwide network of         church. On that day he lost his wife, his
     institutions are necessarily the norm.                  Seventh-day        Adventist     educational     three children and their spouses and seven
        A careful study of the mission statements            institutions.                                    grandchildren.
     of both Avondale and PAU reveals that                                                                       Later, the killers were captured. The
     these institutions—like almost every other              Values and their transmission                    police came and took him down to the
     university in the South Pacific—are                        Of course, it is one thing to articulate an   police station where they offered him a gun
     strongly committed to building their                    aspiration to all these lofty ideals in a        to shoot the killers. But he could not do it.
     academic and professional credibility, and              statement of mission. It is another thing        With tears streaming down his face he
     they have a record of remarkable                        entirely to actually pick up the aspiration      indicated that he could not exact revenge in
     achievement. This is how it should be. Our              from the paper and give it life. These are       the spirit in which they had murdered his
     senior training institutions have a                     some of the dangers along the way:               family. Indeed he eventually came to the
     responsibility to continue to foster                                                                     place where he was able to forgive those
     academic excellence in a context of                        1. The danger that the mission and            people.
     professional preparation for service in the             values will not be taken seriously by the           How do you extend mercy to someone
     church and the community.                               faculty or the students.                         who did not extend mercy to your children
        But these institutions are not only                     Some of our values are tough and even         when they begged for mercy but shot them
     characterised by a strong commitment to                 contentious. Let me give an example:             in the head? How do you forgive a
     academic values. Their mission statements               Within 90 days in 1994—just more than 10         neighbour who takes a machete and hacks
     reveal a commitment to a far more                       years ago—800,000 to 1 million people            your children to death? There are no simple
     comprehensive set of values, including                  were killed in the genocide that occurred in     answers. “Barry,” he said, “if I could not
     service, love, spirituality, respect for others,        Rwanda. Ethnic Hutus who comprise 84             forgive, this thing would eat away at me
     a sense of self-worth, and a commitment to              per cent of the population went on a killing     until it destroyed me. Forgiveness is not
     faith, integrity and justice.                           rampage against the minority ethnic Tutsis.      only about living with them but about
        These values are experienced in the                  As many as 100,000 Seventh-day                   living with myself as well.”
     context of the development of the whole                 Adventists, including 100 pastors, lost their       Justice and mercy are twin sisters. The
     person. This comprehensive philosophy of                lives. Church membership dropped from            people of Rwanda are continuing to wrestle
     education will not necessarily be found                 280,000 to 180,000 in 90 days.                   with the meaning of mercy, grace and
     elsewhere, although, of course, some                       Recently I was talking to the head of the     forgiveness.
     institutions do aspire to some of these                 Seventh-day Adventist Church in Rwanda,             This is a dramatic illustration. This is
     things. But Avondale and PAU want all                   Pastor Amon Ruglinyange. I asked him             tough. It is not easy to forgive. But when
     these things for their graduates. This is the           how the country and the church is                Jesus gave a prayer to His disciples—a
     Adventist perspective on higher education.              recovering from the atrocities. He said a        model prayer that we know as the Lord’s
     It is unique. It is Christian. It is risky.             new day is dawning in that country. Of           Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13)—He articulated
        This perspective essentially comes from              course, there is still the vivid memory of       in that prayer of the ages just three requests:

10                                                                         February 5, 2005
                                                              F E A T U R E

“Give us each day our daily bread”—the            it from me and save yourself a lot of             and lost, as did the human race. Of course,
value of life; “Lead us not into                  heartache and headaches.”                         Christian faith affirms that ultimately He
temptation”—the value of right action; and           But it simply does not work that way. The      will win, as will we.
“Forgive us our debts as we forgive our           decision about what is most important                Unless we have the possibility of choosing
debtors”—the value of forgiveness. Notice         must ultimately be the decision of each           wrong, we cannot have the capacity for
that the call for forgiveness, in contrast with   individual. All of us should go through a         choosing right. To be created in the image of
the other two requests, specifically calls us     process that encourages us of choosing            God is to have and hold this gracious gift of
to do our part even as God does His part.         values for ourselves rather than having           God—the freedom to choose
   In the spirit of Jesus, one of the best        them imposed on us without any                       Some years ago, Dr Roger Dudley wrote
values that institutions such as Avondale         opportunity for critical reflection and           a book discussing the transmission of
and PAU wish to model is a willingness to         evaluation of those values. Short-cutting         religious values to teenagers. Its sentiments
forgive. Our educational institutions             this process, even though we may mouth            specifically apply to that demographic, but
choose forgiveness as a high value, along         certain values and go through the motions         its principles have a much wider
with justice and integrity and respect and        of some value behaviour, will not result in       application. Dudley asserted that “we must
fairness and self-worth and honesty                                                                        not only permit but encourage
and more.                                                                                                  teenagers to question our value
                                                                                                           statements. This is not easy to do. . .
   2. The danger that the values will                                                                      . But we must press adolescents to
be seen as impossible rules by                                                                             raise the questions, identify the
some.                                                                                                      issues, and think through to the
   In any social system, values and                                                                        solutions, or they will reach
morals always end up being                                                                                 adulthood with a set of ‘values’ that
expressed as laws and rules. And                                                                           can easily collapse and disappear in a
some people only see the rules.                                                                            crisis because they have never been
   In articulating their values,                                                                           personally committed to them.”2
Avondale and PAU are taking a huge                                                                            Does this mean our heritage is
risk. Strongly held values can be                                                                          worthless? Must we all begin from
nothing more than obnoxious                                                                                scratch without the winnowed
restrictions to freedom for some. In this         strong commitment to the value.                   wisdom of the ages? Absolutely not.
environment and any other where rules                The daunting thing about all this is that         The battle is not between the individual
exist, the focus can be more on the rules         in reality, values cannot simply be               and tradition. The battle is to build on
than on the values. Values can be forgotten       transmitted by a jug-to-mug method. For           tradition in a productive way. The
and lost. Some will see rules as too              all the aspirations of Avondale and PAU,          authoritarian traditionalist asks, “What
restrictive. Others will see them as too          they cannot create values in anyone. What         does the tradition require of me?” The
lenient. The moment you espouse a value—          they can do is to promote an understanding        person exercising their freedom to choose
any value—in a social setting you take a risk.    of the process of value formation, provide        asks, “What does our tradition have to
                                                  an environment that facilitates value             teach me about life in my context with its
   3. The danger that the values will not be      formation, and assist students to acquire         special problems and challenges?”
passed on.                                        the skills and tools that will make it               Much of life is a matter of perspective.
   When it comes to passing on values there       possible for them to develop their own            Some things are important; some things are
is a universal human tendency to believe          value systems. Seen in this light, values and     not so important. One of the really
that others should be just like us. We all are    ethical behaviour have much more to do            important things we should value and
tempted to think that the ultimate in the         with freedom and choice than with                 protect is the special character of our
development of other people is for them to        obedience and conformity.                         tertiary educational institutions and ensure
become as nearly like us as possible.                Again, this is risky. Isn’t it possible—even   that they are facilitating the passing on of
   Mention the transmission of values and         probable—that          in      providing     an   the values and principles of the kingdom of
those of us who are a bit older                   environment where people become                   God. r
automatically begin to think of ways we can       “thinkers and not merely reflectors of other
get other people to believe what we believe       men’s thoughts” that they may choose a            1. Education, page 13.
and to accept the same standards of               value system different from ours? Indeed it       2. Roger L Dudley, Passing on the Torch: How to
                                                                                                    Convey Religious Values to Young People, Review
behaviour we have found valuable.                 is. But may I remind you that God himself         and Herald Publishing Association, 1986, page 66.
   We want to say something like, ”Look,          took that same risk.
I’ve lived a long while. Look at all this grey       He placed a tree in the garden. Genesis
hair. I’ve sorted it all out. I’ve found the      calls that tree the tree of the knowledge of
essential wisdom. You don’t have to               good and evil. God valued freedom to              Barry Oliver is general secretary of the South Pacific
blunder along with trial and error. Just take     choose so highly that He took the risk—           Division.

                                                                 February 5, 2005                                                                            11
                                                              F E A T U R E

       Where were You?
                                                   I was there when the wave struck shore,    You will find Me.
                                                   just as I was there long before!           Celebrate this.
                                                   I cried out with mothers as their babies
                                                      were taken,                             When the terror of death has passed,
                  by Brad Watson
                                                   as thousands died,                         when the ocean of tears subside,
                                                   and many who survived sat stunned,         I will provide strength and hope.
           here were You, God,
     W     when the earth moved and buckled?
     Were You there in the depths,
                                                   I shed tears and ached,
                                                   for many did not know Me.
                                                                                              In all history I have done so,
                                                                                              urging man to go on.
                                                                                              Even though many who survived
     on the ocean floor where man cannot go?
                                                   I was there when the ocean receded.        will not give Me thanks,
     Did You feel the sea recoil
                                                   I felt like twisted wreckage               Life will go on until I come again.
     and heave outwards with shock?
                                                   when My children washed ashore.            Celebrate this.
                                                   For I knew each one in their mother’s
     Where were You, God,
                                                      womb,                                   Remember this:
     when the wave surged forward,
                                                   and life itself comes from Me.             As I mourn for them,
     invisible and silent and just a bump,
                                                   How I ached as mothers waited,             I will grieve for you one day!
     but racing toward land at enormous speed?
                                                   watching the tide for little ones          Although I did not ordain it,
     Did You hover above the face of the waters,
                                                   who will not return in life or death.      you too will be swept away
     as You say You once did
                                                   My grief is deeper than the ocean that     when the tide of life turns.
     and hear the laughter on distant beaches?
                                                      birthed this wave.                      The enemy makes it so.
     You could have stopped it!
                                                                                              My Son died so you could survive
     Are You not Lord?
                                                   You saw the photos. It was on the news.    the temporary life you live.
                                                   In refugees’ faces you may have seen Me.
     Where were You, God,
                                                   I was there as life faded.                 Yes, I was there
     when the wave struck shore?
                                                   Amid panic and confusion,                  when the tsunami came ashore,
     Did You cry out with mothers,
                                                   some of My children returned to Me.        just as I have been a thousand times before.
     as babies were swept from their arms?
                                                   Celebrate this.                            I am God.
     Did You shudder as thousands drowned,
                                                                                              Your pain magnified a million times
     gasping, choking, confused and alone?
                                                   In the days that have passed               is my grief daily.
     Were You confused?
                                                   I have touched millions of hearts.         Remember then when your time comes,
     Why did You do nothing?
                                                   Some have given generously,                that I am God.
                                                   others have sensed their own mortality.
     Where were You, God,
                                                   Many have volunteered time                 I was there.
     as survivors searched in vain?
                                                   and will find themselves affected          I am God. r
     Did you taste the tears of loss and relief?
     What did you see in the wrecked remains,
                                                   In the outpouring of wealth,
     famous resorts and shanties of the poor?
                                                   the concern of all who have helped,        Brad Watson lectures in international development at
     Did you keep score of children washed
                                                   in the lives that will be rebuilt,         Avondale College, Cooranbong, New South Wales.
     returning with the tide to beaches they
       once played on?

     I saw the photos. It was on the news.
                                                                                   Just for children
     I couldn’t see You there, God.                                                                          I love those who
     Where were You?                                                                                      love me, and those
                          ***                                                                                    who seek me
     I was there                                                                                                      find me.
     when the earth moved and buckled!
                                                                                                                  Proverbs 8:7
     I made the tectonic plates
     that shook your world,
     and I felt the ocean heave with shock.
     I was there when the wave burst forward.
     Though it moved quickly,
     My presence hovered above
                                                                                                                                                     Peta Taylor

     as it has since I created all of earth.
     I watched as the sea reached out
     to take the lives of My children.

12                                                              February 5, 2005
                                                               L E T T E R S

         A twinkle in her toes                     understand why the media centre is              lation in the search to satisfy their need for
            De-anne Tasker, Qld
                                                   finding it hard to raise the necessary funds.   love and acceptance shows a need in the
                                                   Please, can anyone give an explanation?         church for heart-searching self-examin-
   I have just picked up the January 15                                                            ation. It doesn’t justify condemning people
RECORD. I loved Bruce Manners’ feature,                                                            for seeking other means to find what the
“Let’s dance!” I believe we should come to                    Christian protest                    church failed to give them.
God in such a manner. It tells us in the                         Ian Rankin, NZ                       It is God’s intention that Christians be a
Bible that we’re to come to God with praise                                                        powerful influence in their community,
and adoration. In Bible times they                    A Christian group in New Zealand             but not by imposing their will as a voting
probably danced for the Lord, as they were         recently made headlines with statements         bloc. The power of a Christian life is in
so filled with His spirit, love and gratitude.     and demonstrations against a bill giving        belief and commitment to objective, abso-
If we came to God in a dull way, we                civil union rights to same sex and hetero-      lute standards of morality and the pro-
probably wouldn’t feel much or get much            sexual de facto couples. This group saw         clamation of the opportunity for men and
out of it. Sometimes we feel like dancing          themselves as crusaders in defence of the       women to be restored to the image of God.
around the room and shouting from a                Christian faith.                                   A Christian, by his or her steadfast
mountain top when God answers our                     Under the regimes of Hitler, Stalin and      integrity and Christlikeness of life, is a
prayers. We just don’t grumble a thanks;           Mao, followers became enforcers of their        protest to the emptiness and futility of
we give praise.                                    leader’s beliefs. God must weep when He         seeking fellowship and love in political
   I will admit that when I hear a song for        sees this kind of spirit manifested in          action.
the first time and like it, it is the music that   groups calling themselves Christian and

       A Christian, by his or her . . . Christlikeness of                                                         Guidelines in hand
       life, is a protest to the emptiness and futility of                                                           John Wallace, NZ
       seeking fellowship and love in political action.                                               I’m concerned at the suggestion by a
catches me first, then the lyrics. The lyrics      claiming to be doing His will in seeking to     General Conference vice-president
get stuck in my head. The lyrics are what          impose their beliefs and practices.             that the church hasn’t had a music
make the song what it is. Why not shout               As Christians we defend the right of         statement since the 1970s (Newsfront,
and maybe dance around the room when               each person to hold and practice their own      December 4). On the contrary, we have,
God does something good in your life. It           beliefs, subject always to our commitment       since 1973, had in our possession a fine
can’t hurt; all you are doing is expressing        to defend the rights of the defenceless.        and succinct document titled The SDA
your praise and adoration for God in your             The civil union legislation arose from       Philosophy of Music. What we haven’t had
own special way.                                   the universal felt need for fellowship, love    is much notice taken of it until recently.
                                                   and acceptance. The Christian church is         Note: Views in Letters do not necessarily represent those of the
                                                                                                   editors or the denomination. Letters should be less than 250
                                                   designed by God to be the true answer to
             Please explain!                       this need and to extend an open invitation
                                                                                                   words, and writers must include their name, address and phone
                                                                                                   number. All letters are edited to meet space and literary
                                                                                                   requirements, but the author’s original meaning will not be
               E Arthur, email                     for all to join and share their fellowship.     changed. Not all letters received are published. See masthead
                                                      The fact that people turn to civil legis-    (page 2) for contact details.
  Can anyone give an explanation as to
why Adventist Media is finding it difficult
to raise the $30,000 per month from our                                             Just a coincidence
church members throughout Australia
and New Zealand to put the Hope
Channel on satellite?
  Is it that I am biased in regards the high
quality and high standard of uplifting
programs being given 24 hours a day,
seven days a week? What a blessing this
could be in Adventist homes, to all age
groups including children, and this can be
installed for less than most homes are
regularly spending on electronic devices.
  Do we not realise that others could be in
God’s kingdom as a result of stumbling
across the Hope Channel? Because of the
wonderful potential of Hope TV I cannot

                                                                 February 5, 2005                                                                                     13
                                                                           N O T I C E B O A R D

     Weddings                                     ford Grammar chapel, Perth.
                                                            Roy Gilbert, Anthony Robinson
                                                                                                  Creed, Alexander George Percy, born
                                                                                                  20.3.1922 at St George, Qld; died 6.11.04
                                                                                                  in Peninsula Nursing Home, Kippa-Ring.
                                                                                                                                                 Harris, David Warren Leslie, born
                                                                                                                                                 16.3.1982 in Melbourne, Vic; died
                                                                                                                                                 18.12.04 in Melbourne. On 16.5.98 he was
     Cox—Konson. Graeme Saville Cox,              Pratt—Benard. Gregory Walter Pratt,             He was predeceased by his first wife, Beris.   baptised at Brighton. He is survived by his
     son of Desmond and Edna Cox (Marton,         son of Walter and the late Greta Pratt          He is survived by his wife, Margaret           father and stepmother, Donald and Noemi
     NZ), and Rachel Eleanor Konson, daugh-       (Mildura, Vic), and Chantelle Louise            (Kippa-Ring); his sons, Peter (Labrador)       (Cranbourne West); and his sister, Eleanor
     ter of Charles and Emily Carlsson            Benard, daughter of Ross and Linley             and Malcolm; his daughter, Debbie (both        Harris (Doveton). He will be sadly missed
     (Gweru, Zimbabwe), were married on           Benard (Murwillumbah, NSW), were                of Warwick); his stepchildren, Graham,         by family and friends who loved him.
     19.12.04 at Bowral, NSW.                     married on 6.1.05 at Avica Wedding              John, Phillip, Malcolm, Robert, Douglas,                                 Edwin Totenhofer
                                Cyril Brown       Chapel, Merrimac, Qld.                          Barbara and Brian; his 35 grandchildren;                      Randy Suson, Mebzar Quinto
                                                                             Craig Vanas          and 18 great-grandchildren. Alex was a
     Dennis—Hebbard. Jordan Dennis, son                                                           World War II veteran. “Forever in our          Hitchings, Martin Leonard, born
     of Darrell and Melva Dennis (Dubbo,          Rosenberg—Lister. Derek John Rosen-             hearts.”                 Humberto Rivera       25.10.1947 at Wistorshire, England, com-
     NSW), and Rhian Hebbard, daughter of         berg, son of Lyndon Rosenberg (Mel-                            Lance O’Neill, Henry Miller     ing to Australia when one-year-old; died
     Vince and Rhelmae Hebbard (Marburg,          bourne, Vic) and Lynelle Watson (Middle-                                                       19.12.04 at Innisfail, Qld. He is survived
     Qld), were married on 19.12.04 at All        ton, SA), and Deborah Loweena Lister,           Edwards, Bruce Anthony, born 29.3.1935         by his wife, Gail; his daughter, Evelyn; and
     Saints church, Woodville, NSW.               daughter of Elwyn and Melody Lister (Mil-       at Casino, NSW; died 20.12.04 at Lismore.      his sons, Leonard and Duncan. Marty had
                              Casey Wolverton     dura, Vic), were married on 9.1.05 in the       On 17.12.55 he married Fay Jones. He is        a prolonged sickness that eventually
                                                  Dareton Adventist church, NSW.                  survived by his wife; his children, Mark,      claimed his life. His family look forward to
     Draper—Kingdon. Geoffrey David                                             Clive Nash        Denise and Leah; and five grandchildren.       the blessed hope of Christ’s return when all
     Draper, son of Allan and Lesley Draper                                                       When Fay’s mother died suddenly, he and        is made new again.
     (Parkes, NSW), and Letitia Rochelle          Sawyer—Bennett. Kelvin John Sawyer,             Fay took Fay’s youngest brother, Grant, as                                    Dana Howard
     Kingdon, daughter of Pastor Eric and         son of Nancy and the late Colin Sawyer          one of the family. In 1962 Bruce and Fay
     Joy Kingdon (Warburton, Vic), were           (Port Macquarie, NSW), and Susan Lynne          became Seventh-day Adventist Christians,       Mason, Barry, born 15.12.1936 at New-
     married on 12.12.04 in the Warburton         Bennett, daughter of Eric and Avril Ben-        which gave a new direction for living.         castle, NSW; died 30.7.04 in Taree Base
     Adventist church.          Eric Kingdon      nett (Watford, England), were married on        Bruce was very active in his                   Hospital. On 25.10.61 he married Angela.
                                                  5.12.04 by Pastor Patrick Boyle, in the         community and helped consistently with         He is survived by his wife (Wootton); his
     Giles—Golenia. Christopher John              Stanborough Park Adventist church.              church projects. It is true that “every good   children, Kelvin (Glenorie), Scott (Vien-
     Giles, son of Peter Giles (Whyalla Stuart,                              Bob Donaldson        tree brings forth good fruit.”     Ray Eaton   na), Bruce (Mandalong, NSW) and Helga
     SA) and Jennifer Bentley (Singleton,                                                                                                        Lean (Kellyville).          Keith Jackson
     NSW), and Tracey Golenia, daughter of        Sibarani—Grant.          Jason    Trevor        Fairall, Frederick Robert Arthur, born
     Daniel and Christine Golenia (Singleton),    Sibarani, son of Bowman and Devina              11.11.1935 at Victoria Park, WA; died          Mills, Joan Nerolie, born 27.11.1927 in
     were married on 16.1.05 at All Saints        Sibarani (Sydney, NSW), and Keshena             14.12.04 in Box Hill Hospital, Vic. On         Sydney, NSW; died 16.12.04 in Esther
     church, Woodville.            Clive Nash     Grant, daughter of Gary and Linda Grant         10.1.56 he married Wilma Bailey. He is         Somerville Nursing Home, Norman-
                                                  (Bonny Hills), were married on 27.12.04         survived by his wife (Kilsyth); his children   hurst. Her 48 years of Christian service at
     Green—Baird. Simon Green, son of             in the Port Macquarie Adventist church.         and their spouses, Dean and Philippa           Sydney Adventist Hospital commenced
     Graham and Pauline Green (Hall, ACT),                                   Alan Saunders        (Orange, NSW), Glenn and Shelly (Mon-          in 1946 and concluded with her retire-
     and Jodie Baird, daughter of Graham and                                                      trose, Vic), Leta Robinson (Ballarat); his     ment in 1993. As front-desk receptionist
     Caroline Baird (Rochedale, Qld), were        Simon—Lucas. Jamie Simon, younger               sister, Elaine Chadwick (Maddington,           for 27 of those years, her kindly manner
     married on 19.12.04 at Avica Wedding         son of Pastor Ross and Bronnie Simon            WA); and his six grandchildren. Arthur         demonstrated Christian love and com-
     Chapel, Merrimac, Gold Coast.                (Adelaide, SA), and Clarissa Lucas, elder       was a lifetime worker for the Sanitarium       passion to patients and visitors alike.
                                   Sid Griffith   daughter of Brendon Lucas (Hobart, Tas)         Health Food Company. A behind-the-             Joan maintained a strong faith in her Sav-
                                                  and Wilma Falcke (Adelaide, SA), were           scenes man, he was loved dearly by his         iour and His promise of reunion. Her
     Harris—Jensen. Adam Harris, son of           married on 17.12.04 in Hobart, Tas.             family and all who knew him. He is espe-       commitment is reflected in the gracious
     David and Vicki Harris (Brisbane, Qld),                                    Ross Simon        cially remembered as the one who made          gifts of her entire estate to her church.
     and Heidi Jensen, daughter of Garth and                                                      all the soldiers’ uniforms for the Road to                                    Tom Ludowici
     Ruth Jensen (Ohakune, NZ), were mar-         Strahan—Truscott. Stephen Roland                Bethlehem Christmas pageant.
     ried on 19.12.04 in St John’s Anglican       Strahan, son of Martin and Jeanne Stra-                                      Tony Campbell     Monter, Stefania (nee Michalska), born
     church, Ohakune.                             han (Bundaberg, Qld), and Anika Ruth                               Trevor Rowe, Walton Pitt    29.12.1913 in Poland; died 17.12.04 at
                     Pat Olds, Peter Roennfeldt   Truscott, daughter of Paul and Linda                                                           Coorinda Lodge, Warragul, Vic. She was
                                                  Truscott (Wynnum), were married on              Flegerbein, Oliver Henry, born                 predeceased by her three husbands; and
     Heise—Kingston. Leighton Charles             9.1.05 at the Albert Street Uniting church,     26.10.1920 at Maryborough, Qld; died           also her infant daughter. She is survived
     Heise, son of Pastor Lyell and Gaylene       Brisbane.                    Trafford Fischer   peacefully in his sleep 28.9.04 at Dalby. On   by her sons and daughters-in-law,
     Heise (Cooranbong, NSW), and Alexan-                                                         2.6.45 he married Elsie. He is survived by     Wladek and Jane Hamulczyk (Warrag-
     dria Lynne Kingston, daughter of Pastor                                                      his wife (Dalby); his six children, Elaine     ul), and Henry and Dana Zawishak
     Andrew and Janet Kingston (Erina),
     were married in the Avondale College
     church, Cooranbong.       Graeme Loftus
                                                  Obituaries                                      Hallam (Luscombe), James (Moree,
                                                                                                  NSW), Graham (Highfields, Qld), Glenise
                                                                                                  Jacobson (Strathpine). Emilie Johnson
                                                                                                                                                 (Dandenong); her sisters, Lodzia, Kazia
                                                                                                                                                 and Alina, and their families; her broth-
                                                                                                                                                 ers, George and Tadeusz, and their fam-
                                                  Bussau, Elsa Norma (nee Zeunert),               (Deception        Bay)      and      Daniel    ilies; her four grandchildren; and one
     Kanny—O’Loughlin. Craig Anthony              born 14.1.1913 at Seppeltsfield, SA;            (Chinchilla); his 16 grandchildren; and 18     great-grandchild. Stefania had a very
     Kanny, son of Roger and Raylene Kanny        died 2.9.04 at Cooranbong, NSW. On              great-granchildren. Ollie was employed as      difficult life and is now resting peaceful-
     (Manjimup, WA), and Tammy Louise             17.9.47 she married Afton, who prede-           an electrical linesman for most of his         ly. until the resurrection day.
     O’Loughlin, daughter of James and Jean       ceased her in 1984. She is survived by          working career. He accepted Christ as his                                        Bill Doble
     O’Loughlin (Perth), were married on          her children, Faye Bussau (Sydney),             Saviour shortly before he died. Sadly
     19.12.04 in the Carmel Adventist church      Shirley Clark (Cooranbong), Jim and             missed by his wife, family and friends.        Robb, Robert (Bob) McRae, born
                                  Lynn Weber      Peter (both of Mildura, Vic).                            Billy van Heerden, Frank Williams     20.5.1913 at Gol Gol, NSW; died
                                                                              Keith Jackson                                                      28.12.04 in Box Hill Hospital, Vic. On
     Martin—Fischer. Gary Edmund Mar-                             Ron Baird, Rein Muhlberg        Franzke, Beryl (nee Brill), born 6.4.1930      29.3.37 he married Sylvia Potter. He was
     tin, son of Edmund and Edna Martin                                                           at Brighton, Vic; died 8.8.04 at home in       predeceased by one grandchild, Shane
     (Nerang, Qld), and Yvonne Marijke Fisch-     Chapman, Joan Elaine, born 12.8.1919            Melbourne. On 3.10.54 she married              Robb. He is survived by his wife (Coro-
     er, daughter of Hendrick and Wilhelmina      at Prahran, Vic; died 1.12.04 in Lourdes        Ralph. She is survived by her husband;         nella Retirement Village, Nunawading);
     Van Venetian, were married on 9.1.05 at      Nursing Home, Toowoomba, Qld. She is            her children, Kerrie Monty, Amanda Lid-        his children, Ian (Port Macquarie, NSW),
     Melody Park, Nerang, Qld.                    survived by her daughter, Ruth Stumer;          dle, Timothy and Mark (all of Melbourne);      Jenny Eales (Montrose, Vic), Dennis
                               Trafford Fischer   her granddaughter, Lauren; and her great-       and her seven grandchildren. Beryl was a       Robb (Upper Ferntree Gully); their
                                                  grandsons, Callum and Kiran. Joan was           loving wife, mother, grandmother and           spouses; his nine grandchildren; and 13
     Milner—Robinson. Lynden Milner,              devoted to her family and a much-loved          friend. She was a kind, caring person,         great-grandchildren. Bob was a practical,
     son of Ray and Rita Milner (Bundaberg,       member of the Toowoomba Westridge               always living for others. She loved life and   caring Christian, a loving husband, and
     Qld), and Elizabeth Robinson, daughter       church. She loved her Lord and eagerly          loved to talk about Jesus. Her faith and       an outstanding example to his children,
     of Anthony and Patricia Robinson (Perth,     looked forward to the resurrection day.         love for Jesus was an inspiration to all who   grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
     WA), were married on 12.12.04 at Guild-                                    Allen Sonter      knew her.                   Barry Cheswick                     Ken Mead, Barry Cheswick

14                                                                                    February 5, 2005
                                                                      N O T I C E B O A R D

                   artner Helping
              Our P               Avo
           me                        nd
        eco                            a


           G REAT                                   P ERSONAL
           R ATES                                    S ERVICE

      ACF Investments LTD
                 25 YEARS OF S ERVICE
               $40 M I LLION I N DEPOS ITS
                      Contact Greg or Fay
    Ph (02) 9989 8355 Fax (02) 9989 8340
               PO Box 502, Wahroonga NSW 2076

Rosendahl, Pastor Edward Christian,            great-grandchildren.                           Christian television available now            Taree (NSW) church’s 70th
born 8.9.1916 in Auckland, NZ; died                           Desmond Ford, Keith Miller      24/7. Satellite kits only $A325 (+freight)    anniversary—April 16, 2005. All
17.12.04 in Charles Harrison Memorial                                                         and your purchase price includes a dona-      past members are invited. Starting time:
Home, Cooranbong, NSW. He was prede-                                                          tion to Adventist Media to expand satellite   9.15 am. Memorabilia and photos wel-
ceased by his wife, Thelma (nee Johan-
son), in 1997. He is survived by his sons,
John, Glenn and Clifford; his daughter,
                                               Advertisements                                 broadcasting. Six Christian channels avail-
                                                                                              able now, free to air—no further charges
                                                                                              (Australia & NZ only). Phone Rural Elec-
                                                                                                                                            come. Phone John (02) 6556 9177 or
                                                                                                                                            email <>.

Vivienne Byrne; his sisters, Mavis Need-       Note: Neither the editor, Signs Pub-           tronics on (02) 6361 3636; email              Safe television for institutions. Add
ham and Milbree Dowling; his 16 grand-         lishing Company, nor the Seventh-day           <>.                    two Adventist satellite TV channels to
children;     and     six     great-grand-     Adventist Church is responsible for the                                                      an existing TV distribution system. Ideal
children. Eddie was a faithful pastor          quality of goods or services advertised.       Wanted—Structural/Civil Engineers,            for—retirement villages, hostels, nurs-
evangelist, serving in both Australia and      Publication does not indicate endorse-         Structural Draftspersons, Mechanical          ing homes, hospitals, prisons or schools.
New Zealand. He may well be best               ment of a product or service. Adver-           Engineers and Mechanical Draftspersons,       Contact Don at Better Living Solutions
remembered for his years of ministry to        tisements approved by the editor will          offering full-time employment. Refer ad in    (03) 5349 2548; 0417 855 795; or
Aboriginal communities in NSW, result-         be inserted at the following rates: first      December 4 issue for more information.        <>.
ing in the establishing of Mirriwinni Gar-     30 words or less, $A44; each addition-         To find out more phone 0417 535 546 or
dens Academy. It was fitting that a dele-      al word, $A2.20. For your advertise-           apply in writing to the Manager, PO Box       Employment solutions. We are special-
gation from the Academy participated in        ment to appear, payment must be                1549, Wodonga, Vic 3689.                      ists in assisting businesses manage their
the memorial service.          Clive Barritt   enclosed. Classified advertisements in                                                       entry-level staffing requirements. Phone
          Wynstan Dowling, George Quinlin      RECORD are available to Seventh-day            Data projectors, screens, sound               Globalone Group Training (02) 4393 6643
                                               Adventist members, churches and                equipment, TVs, DVD players,                  or visit <>.
Starr, Pastor Phillip Henry George, born       institutions only. See masthead (page          VCRs, PA systems. Rural Electronics
18.4.1909 at Nambour, Qld; died                2) for contact details.                        Orange is run by an Adventist couple—Australian Union
14.12.04 in Mater Private Hospital, Cleve-                                                    committed to helping SDAs to get a bet-       Conference web site. Do you have a min-
land, Qld. Phil, with a farming back-          Wanted—literature to establish com-            ter deal for their churches, schools,         istry idea to share? Or are you needing
ground, entered the literature ministry in     munity libraries in remote areas of Vanu-      homes etc. Avondale College, Wahroon-         assistance? Check out the new Ideas
1949, and from 1951 held leadership            atu. Bible Story and other religious           ga and many NSW churches helped               Exchange forum.
positions in South Queensland, Greater         books, non-fiction at middle grade lev-        already. DVD players on special for
Sydney and North New Zealand Confer-           els, how-to books for subsistence living,      $A99 (Australia and NZ only). For
ences, and in Trans-Australian Union
Conference. In 1974 he, with his first
wife, Barbara, retired to the Gold Coast
                                               simple biographies, material about ani-
                                               mals, people and customs around the
                                               world, health, other. Please contact Judy
                                                                                              more information phone Trish (02)
                                                                                              6361 3636; email <ruralele@big
where he took an active role in church life    <>.                                                                    There is a great difference
as elder, pastor, supporter and nurturer. In                                                  Endless Praise—one of Australia’s
1987 they moved to the Adventist Retire-       Funeral directors—K & E Swan-                  longest running music ministry is now
                                                                                                                                            between worry and
ment Village, Victoria Point, Qld. In 1998     borough. Compassionate and profession-         taking auditions for their 2005 team.         concern. A worried person
Barbara predeceased him. Phil is survived      al care at an affordable cost from those who   Drummers, lead guitarist, bass players        sees a problem, and a
by his second wife, Catherine; his chil-       understand. Obligation-free advice on all      and vocal singers between the ages of 18
dren, Anne Elliott, Desmond, and Janice        your funeral requirements, including pre-      and 25. Contact Sandra on (02) 8783           concerned person solves a
Baker; his three grandchildren; and four       planning. Phone (07) 3800 9655 24 hours.       7000 or email <>.            problem.—Anon

                                                                                  February 5, 2005                                                                                      15

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