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									                       Town of

Recreation & Community Guide     2010

         & WINTER
    What you should know...
    Program Registration:
    Please register at the front desk of the Recreation
    Centre. Please register for programs one week prior
    to the start date to avoid program cancellations.

    Program Cancellations:
    Programs may be cancelled due to lack of enroll-
    ment. Registration fees will be refunded if programs
                                                                                a look ahead
    are cancelled due to lack of participation.

                                                            Wellness on the move...
    Wellness & Recreation                                   The Wellness and Recreation Department is excited
                                                            to announce the move of Wellness Office staff out of
    Our department services include...                      the provincial building and into the Grande Cache
                                                            Recreation Centre effective July 12, 2010.
    • Facility Bookings/Rentals
    • Program Registration                                  This move is the final step in the amalgamation of two
    • Parks & Facility Maintenance                          former Town departments: Family and Community
    • Community Events & Programs                           Support Services (FCSS) and Recreation, Culture, and
    • Community Support Services                            Heritage. Going forward, all Wellness and Recreation
    • Adult Learning & Literacy                             Department programs and services (i.e. adult learning,
    • Aquatics                                              literacy, community supports, recreation, special events,
                                                            aquatics, parks and facilities operations) will be accessed
    Located in the Grande Cache Recreation Centre.          through the Department’s Offices located in the
    10450 Hoppe Avenue, Grande Cache, Alberta               Recreation Centre. “By consolidating our staff and
                                                            reception services we are able to more effectively and
    Phone: (780) 827-2446                                   efficiently provide service to the community,” explains
    Fax: (780) 827-3850                                     department manager Lyle Hannan. Although the
    Email:                   Wellness Office will no longer be open for regular office
                                                            hours, the building won’t be closed entirely. The
    Website: for upcoming events         building will still be used to hold workshops, classes,
    and details.                                            meetings and other scheduled activities offered by the
                                                            Wellness and Recreation Department.
    Contact the Department of Wellness & Recreation at
    (780) 827-2446 for more details. Please check on the    For more information:
    website at or on facebook for        Lyle Hannan, Manager of Wellness and Recreation
    current up-to-date revisions or latest information on   Town of Grande Cache
    community events.                                       (780) 827-2446

                                                                                                                                     Welcome to the Town of Grande Cache Community Guide. This is the Town’s
                                                                                                                                     second edition of the Community Guide, which is published twice a year:
                                                                                                                                     Spring/Summer (April-August) and Fall/Winter (September-March). This
                                                                                                                                     publication provides comprehensive information about community
                                                                                                                                     recreation, facilities, parks, arts, culture, sport, social services/programs, and
                                                                                                                                     more. As such, the guide is an invaluable resource for all people in the

                                                                                                                                     In order to provide comprehensive information for the community, we ask that
                                                                                                                                     community groups contact the Wellness and Recreation Department to share
                                                                                                                                     your programs and events in this resource guide. Thank you to all of the
                                                                                                                                     organizations and groups that enhance our community through the delivery of
                                                                                                                                     programs and services. Your ongoing contributions to the community are
                                                                                                                                     greatly appreciated by all.

                                                                                                                                     Louise Krewusik

     table of contents
                                                                                  page 2          wellness on the move
                                                                                  page 3          message from the mayor
                                                                                  page 5          recreation facilities
                                                                                  page 6          facilities schedule
                                                                                  page 7          community directory
                                                                                  page 9          community programs
                                                                                 page 12          fitness programs
*Publication photo credits: D. Ottaway (cover, page2) M. Abraham (page 22)

                                                                                 page 14          children & youth programs
                                                                                 page 16          my child can do that!
                                                                                 page 18          rec centre update
                                                                                 page 21          dance
                                                                                 page 22          go take a hike!
                                                                                 page 24          waste not, want not
                                                                                 page 25          dance
                                                                                 page 26          swimming programs
                                                                                 page 30          creative campus
                                                                                 page 33          small business seminars
J. Barber (page 29, 35

                                                                                 page 34          kidsport
                                                                                 page 35          tourism centre
                                                                                 page 35          events
                                                                             *The Grande Cache Community and Recreation Guide is produced by the Town of
                                                                             Grande Cache. The Community Guide is available at the Town Offices, Recreation
                                                                             Centre, Tourism Centre as well as electronic format on the Town of Grande Cache
                                                                             website ( No part of this guide may be reproduced without
                                                                             consent from The Town of Grande Cache marketing department. For further
                                                                             information contact: or 780.827.3362 x 28 J.Barber

    UPCOMING RECREATION & COMMUNITY GUIDE                                    HOw TO ADVERTISE:
    ADVERTISING                                                              To have your upcoming programs and or events included in
                                                                             the Community Guide, please complete the advertising
    The Town of Grande Cache Department of Wellness &                        contract and submit your ad material by following by the
    Recreation produces a Rec / Community Guide twice a year.                deadlines:
    A spring/summer and fall/winter guide to promote
    non-profit community events, activities and services which               If you missed putting your programs or events in the Fall/
    have a recreation, leisure, educational, sport or cultural               Winter Guide, please submit your information by the
    theme.                                                                   following dates for the next guides:
                                                                             SPRING/SUMMER 2011 Recreation & Community Guide
                                                                             Deadline is: January 21st. 2011
    Distributed to every household in the Town of Grande Cache
    and available on-line. Copies are also sent to local businesses,         FALL 2011 & WINTER 2012 Recreation & Community
    community organizations and recreational facilities                      Guide Deadline is: June 17th. 2011
                                                                             Please submit to:
                                                                             Phone: (780) 827-2446

      GRANDE CACHE MUNICIPAl                                     GRANDE CACHE OTTERS SwIM ClUb
                                                                 We are a competitive swim club. Costs & swim times vary depending
      Hours:                                                     upon the child’s ability. Age ranges from 4-18 years of age. We take
      Monday-Thursday: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm                        part in several out of town swim meets and host a meet in the
      Friday: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm                                 season which runs from September until Spring Break. For more
      Saturday & Sunday: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm                      information, please contact Eva at 780-827-5412.
      Location: 10601 Shand Ave.
      Phone: 780-827-2081
      Please call for more information on
                                                                 EDGE lADIES HOCKEY TEAM
      programs and services.
                                                                 For more information on ladies hockey, please contact:
                                                                 Renee Fehr at 780-827-4615 or email:

        “The first stroke of eleven produced a magical effect.

                 The tram cars glided into stillness, motors ceased to cough and fume, and stopped
        dead, and the mighty-limbed dray horses hunched back upon their loads and stopped also,
        seeming to do it of their own volition.

                 Someone took off his hat, and with a nervous hesitancy the rest of the men bowed
        their heads also. Here and there an old soldier could be detected slipping unconsciously into the
        posture of ‘attention’. An elderly woman, not far away, wiped her eyes, and the man beside her
        looked white and stern. Everyone stood very still ... The hush deepened. It had spread over the
        whole city and become so pronounced as to impress one with a sense of audibility. It was a
        silence which was almost pain ... And the spirit of memory brooded over it all.”

                From the Manchester Guardian, 12th November 1919 In reference to 11th November
        1919, The First Two Minute Silence in London

        The lapel Poppies that are worn in Canada today were first made, beginning
        in 1922, by disabled veterans under the sponsorship of the Department of
        Soldiers Civil Re-establishment. (The Royal Canadian Legion)

        Remembrance Day ~ November 11th, 2010

                                         Grande Cache Recreation Centre
                                    2010 FACILITY RENTAL & SALES INFORMATION
  ARENA (with ice)                       MERCHANDISE SALES/RENTALS                        MEETING & BANQUET ROOM

  Adult Rate         $125.00/hour        Goggles           $8.00, $13.00, or $17.00       ROOMS
  Adult Non-prime    $69.00/hour         Goggle Straps     $1.00 ea.                         Adult Rate              $15.00/hour
  Youth Rate         $57.50/hour         Caps              $3.00 or $9.00                    Youth Rate              $7.50/hour
  Youth Non-prime    $34.50/hour         Nose plugs        $3.00 ea.                         Max Day Rate            $90.00/day
                                         Swimmers          $2.00 ea.
                                         Skate Rentals     $1.00 pair                     CURLING LOUNGE
                                         Helmet Rental     $1.00 ea.                          Adult Rate             $25.00/hour
                                         Water shoes       $9.00 each pair                    Youth Rate             $12.50/hour
                                                                                              Max Day Rate           $150.00/day
                                         Locker Rentals
  Adult Rate         $88.00/hour          Monthly          $8.50/locker                   RINK (no ice)
  Youth Rate         $44.00/hour          3 Month Rate     $21.25/locker                      Adult Rate             $36.00/hour
  Inflatable Toys    $25.00/hour          6 Month Rate     $38.25/locker                      Youth Rate             $18.00/hour
                                          Annual Rate      $63.75/locker                      Max Day Rate           $216.00/day

To book facilities or inquiries contact: Grande Cache Recreation Centre Telephone (780) 827-2446 Fax: (780) 827-3850
                                       2010 MEMBERSHIP & ADMISSION RATES

  ADMISSION                              DAY PASS         10X PASS         ONE           THREE            SIX           ONE YEAR
                                                                        MONTH PASS     MONTH PASS      MONTH PASS         PASS

  CHILD (0-4 YEARS)                        FREE            FREE             FREE           FREE            FREE           FREE

  YOUTH (5-17 YEARS)                       $3.00           $24.00           $27.00        $67.50         $121.50         $202.50

  ADULT (18-64 YEARS)                      $4.25           $34.00           $38.25        $95.63         $172.13         $286.88

  SENIOR (65+ YEARS)                       $3.00           $24.00           $27.00        $67.50         $121.50         $202.50

  FAMILY (1 ADULT)                         $7.25           $58.00           $65.25        $163.13        $293.63         $489.38

  FAMILY (2 ADULTS)                        $9.00           $72.00           $81.00        $202.50        $364.50         $607.50

*Family is defined as the applicable number of adults and their dependant children residing in the same household.
FREE childcare is available for facility users, Monday - Thursday from 5:30pm

       Lockers & Showers                  Fitness Centre
       Climbing Wall                      Curling Rink
       Arena                              Activity Room
       Meeting Room                       Sauna/Steam Room
       Swimming Pool                      Concession
       Fitness Centre                     Curling Lounge
                                          Lessons & Programs

      ACTIVITY              MONDAY           TUESDAY       WEDNESDAY       THURSDAY           FRIDAY         SATURDAY        SUNDAY
      PUBLIC SWIM          6:30 - 8 PM                     6:30 - 8 PM     6:30 - 8 PM     1:30 - 3:30 PM     2 - 5 PM        2 - 5 PM

                                                                                             6 - 8 PM

      LANE SWIM              7 - 9 AM       6:30 - 9 AM     7 - 9 AM       6:30 - 9 AM       7 - 9 AM         7 - 9 AM        7 - 9 AM

                           11:45 - 1 PM     11:45 - 1 PM   11:45 - 1 PM   11:45 - 1 PM     11:45 - 1 PM       5 - 6 PM        5 - 6 PM

                                             8 - 9 PM                       8 - 9 PM         8 - 9 PM

      PARENT - TOT SWIM                                                                    9 - 10:30 AM       1 - 2 PM        1 - 2 PM

      AQUA FITNESS         8 - 8:45 PM      9 - 9:45 AM                    9 - 9:45 AM

      ACTIVITY              MONDAY           TUESDAY       WEDNESDAY       THURSDAY           FRIDAY         SATURDAY        SUNDAY
      FITNESS CENTRE        6 - 10 PM        6 - 10 PM      6 - 10 PM       6 - 10 PM        6 - 10 PM      9 AM - 9 PM     9 AM - 9 PM

      ACTIVE AGERS                                          9 - 10 AM                        9 - 10 AM

      AQUA FITNESS         8 - 8:45 PM      9 - 9:45 AM                    9 - 9:45 AM

      TOTAL BODY           7 - 7:45 PM                     7 - 7:45 PM

      ACTIVITY              MONDAY           TUESDAY       WEDNESDAY       THURSDAY           FRIDAY         SATURDAY        SUNDAY
      PUBLIC SKATING        9 - 10 AM                       9 - 10 AM     1:15 - 2:15 PM                    1:30 - 2:30 PM 4:45 - 5:45 PM

                            12 - 1 PM                       12 - 1 PM       12 - 1 PM

      YOUTH SHINNY                                                                         12:15 -1:15 PM

      ADULT SHINNY        10:15 -11:15 PM     12 -1 PM      10 -11 PM       12 - 1 PM


AbORIGINAl GROUPS AND                        Counseling & Education)              West Yellowhead Community Futures
SERVICES                                     780-539-6692                         780-865-1224

Native Counseling Service of                 GC Child Care Society                Women’s Shelter (Transition House)
Alberta & Support                            Sue Morton                           Tanya Moulun
780-827-3800                                 780-827-5100                         780-827-3776
Aboriginal Hot Lunch Program                 Early Intervention & Family Relief
                                             Donna Kennedy                        HEAlTH CARE
Aboriginal Liaison Support                   780-827-2828
780-827-3502                                                                      AHS (Alberta Health Services)
                                             Meals on Wheels (by referral)        (Addictions)
ADC (Aseniwuche Development Corp.)           780-827-2446                         Kandis Woodward, Jim Savory
780-827-9670                                                                      780-827-3430
                                             EMERGENCY & PROTECTIVE     
AWN (Aseniwuche Winewak Nation of            SERVICES                   
780-827-5510                                 Ambulance                            AHS (Mental Health Services)
                                             911                                  780-827-4998
Metis Nation of Alberta Assoc.                                                    A.I.S.H. 780-827-3335
Local Council 1994                           Child Abuse Hotline
Alvin Findlay                                1-800-387-5437                       AHS (Public Health Centre)
780-827-2002                                                                      780-827-3504
                                             Crime Stoppers
COMMUNITY SUPPORT                            1-800-222-8477                       Baby Best Start & Healthy Families
SERVICES                                                                          780-827-3504
                                             Fire Department
Community Support Programs                   911                                  Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
 (Family and Community Support                                                    780-827-8627
Services, Adult Learning, Meals on Wheels)   Poison Center
Duane Didow                                  1-800-332-1414                       Behavior Outreach Services
email:                                                 Brenda Williamson
780-827-2296                                 Probation Office                     780-532-5248
C.F.S.A. (Child and Family Services Au-                                           COPE (Community Outreach
thority, Region 8)                           RCMP (Emergency) 911                 Program Enhancement)
Margaret Lachance                            RCMP (Admin)                         780-827-5099
780-827-2245 1-800-638-0715                  780-827-3344                         email:
                                             RCMP (non emergency)
Comfort Zone (Transition House)              827-2222                             Chiropractor
Tanya Moulun                                                                      Dr. Bert Opitz
780-827-3776                                 Victim Services                      780-827-3111
                                             Donna Spencer
Food Bank                                    780-827-3344                         Dental Clinic
Gail Moulun, Millie Evenson                                                       780-827-3602
780-827-3880, 780-827-5037                   Search & Rescue
                                             827-3344                             Family Support for Children with
Jobstart                                                                          Disabilities
780-827-5553                                 Suicide Prevention Resource Centre   Loretta Wycotte
                                             Dzengo Mzengeza                      780-538-5496
Human Resources Development Canada           780-539-6680
780-827-3335                                            Health Complex (HOSPITAL)
PACE (Providing Assistance                                                        780-827-3701
    Home Care                                   Grande Cache Labyrinth                   Sheldon Coates Elementary School
    780-827-7213                                780-827-5099                             Principal: Margaret Price 780-827-4343

    Medical Centre (Acorn Plaza)                Grande Cache Canadian Associated         Sonrise Christian School
    780-827-2540                                Schools of Karate - Murray               Principal: John Webster 780-827-3502
                                                780-827-1112 or Shauna 827-2089
    PDD (Persons with Development                                                        Summitview Middle School
    Disabilities) 780-538-6232                  Hockey (Adult) (Caribou Hockey League)   Principal: Scott Woodward 780-827-3820
                                                Bill McCormick 780-827-4197
    Vision Centre (Northern)                                                             Susa Creek School
    780-827-2777                                Junior Rangers                           780-827-3366
                                                Denise 780-827-3686
    Whispering Pines Lodge                                                               The Learning Centre
    Doris Mills 780-827-5600                    Kidsport                                 Linda Rowbotham 780-827-5228
    MUNICIPAl (TOwN) SERVICES                                                            SOCIAl, CUlTURAl AND SERVICE
                                                Minor Ball                               ORGANIZATIONS
    Library                                     President: Pam Brown 780-827-3484
    Laurel Kelsch                                                                        Arts & Culture Committe
    780-827-2081            Minor Hockey                             780-827-4848
                                                Dave McAmmond 780-827-1231
    Public Works (Garbage, Street                                                        Beta M U Sorority
    Cleaning, Water & Sewer)                    Minor Soccer                             Elaine Calder 780-827-2748
    780-827-3610                                Kelly O’Brien 780-827-6659
                                                                                         Big Horn Golden Age Club
    Wellness & Recreation Department            Positive Youth Development               780-827-3113
    (Pool, Arena, Community Programs,           780-827-3502
    Events, Parks & Playgrounds, Literacy,                                               Bridge Club
    CALC)                                       Recreation Centre (Department of         Joan Beland 780-827-3896
    780-827-2446                                Wellness & Recreation) 780-827-2446
    Email:                                                    Chamber of Commerce
                                                Rocky Mountain(Adult) Slow Pitch         Richard Thompson 780-827-1217
    Tourism Centre                              League 780-827-2446
    780-827-3300                                                                         Creative Campus
    email:               Rocky Rodders 780-827-6977               780-827-1464

    Mayor, Town Council and Town Offices        Saddle Club                              Eagle’s Nest Community Hall & Assoc.
    780-827-3362             Jo Sharlow 780-827-2401                  780-827-5155

    RECREATION & SPORTS                         Swim Club (Otters)                       Knights of Columbus
                                                President: Eva Clark 780-827-5412        780-827-2422
    780-827-6402                                SCHOOlS                                  Historical Society
    Curling Club                                Grande Yellowhead
    Dr. Bert Opitz 780-827-2126                 Public School Division $35               Marriage Commissioner
                                                1-800-723-2564                           780-827-3255
    Create & Connect: Mom’s crafts while kids
    play 780-827-6977                           Community Adult Learning Council &       Palette Pals Society
                                                Family Literacy 780-827-2446             780-827-2648
    Dart League
    Legion Hall                                 Family School Liaison                    Rotary Club - Grande Cache
    780-827-2362                                Amanda MacDougall                        780-827-4970
    Akasaka Figure Skating Club                                                          Royal Canadian Legion #278
    Tracey Peddy 780-827-4212                   Grande Cache Community High School       780-827-2362
                                                Principal: John Webster
    Edge Ladies Hockey Team                     780-827-3502                             XI Alpha Upsilon Sorority
    780-827-4615                                                                         Keri Milrons 780-827-5449
                                                Grande Prairie Regional College
    Fish & Game Association                     (GC Campus) Kim Hamon                    Water Colours Society
    780-827-3729                                780-827-4340                             780-827-3255

    Grande Cache Golf & Country Club            Pre-School Creative Kids                 OTHER
    Brian Chave 780-827-5151                    Amber Henning 780-827-2201
                                                                                         Taxi 780-827-4287
    Grizzly Motocross Park Assocation
                                              WELLNESS &
                    Community Programs
PROGRAM REFERRAlS                                               COMMMUNITY DIRECTORY
All Ages                                                        Service Organizations
Consultation with clients to identify services, programs and    The department maintains a contact list for the benefit of
supports available to assist with optimizing quality of life.   residents. Groups are asked to update contact information and
When:       By appointment                                      services offered. Please email
Where:      Recreation Centre
Contact:    Duane Didow                                         GRIEF AND lOSS SUPPORT
Cost:       FREE                                                All Ages
                                                                Provides support and coping strategies for clients affected
FAMIlY RElIEF PROGRAM                                           by the loss of loved one, relationship, or other distressing
For ages 0-17.                                                  circumstances.
Funded through a partnership with Child and Family              When:       By appointment
Services, this program provides non-over night family           Where:      Recreation Centre
relief to families/guardians who are experiencing stress in     Contact:    Duane Didow
their lives and to divert possible crisis situations. Contact   Cost:       FREE
us to see if you qualify.
When:         By appointment: Mon-Thurs                         NEwCOMERS PACKAGES
Starts:       Evenings October 4th.                             All New Residents
Where:        Wellness Building & Recreation Centre             Newcomer packages are available to new residents and
Hours:        Mon/Wed: 10am - 12pm & 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm          provide information on local services, businesses, and
              Tues/Thurs: 1 pm - 3 pm & 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm       organizations.
Contact:      Donna Kennedy                                     When:       Recreation Centre Office Hours
Cost:         FREE                                              Where:      Reception at Recreation Centre
                                                                Cost:       FREE
For Caregivers:                                                 TAXI TICKET PROGRAM
Various options are offered to develop and enhance              Taxi tickets are provided to seniors or residents who have a
parenting skills and methods, including one on one training     physical or mental disability.
sessions.                                                       When:        Recreation Centre Office Hours
When:       By appointment                                      Where:       Pick up at Reception at Recreation Centre
Where:      Varies                                              Contact:     Front Desk
Contact:    Recreation Centre                                   Cost:        FREE
Cost:       FREE
                                                                NEED HElP wITH GOVERNMENT FORMS?
bUDGET TRAINING                                                 All Ages
Ages 15+                                                        Staff provide clients with assistance in filling out various
This program provides basic budgeting skills and tips to help   government forms such as CPP, Disability, Old Age Security
manage your finances.                                           and AISH.
When:      By appointment                                       When:       Mon-Fri, 9:00-4:30pm or by appointment
Where:     Recreation Centre                                    Where:      Recreation Centre
Contact:   Duane Didow                                          Contact:    Denise Caines
Cost:      FREE                                                 Cost:       FREE
                                           PROGRAM REGISTRATION 780-827-2446                                                    9
     MEAlS ON wHEElS                                                  SElF ESTEEM
     Meals on Wheels is a service provided for individuals at         You have the right to feel good about yourself! In past ses-
     home who are unable to prepare their own meals; ie. those        sions we have discussed anger control and
     experiencing long or short term illness, early hospital          assertiveness, each giving you more control in
     discharge patients, people with disabilities. Meals are pre-     handling day-to-day events. In turn, our self esteem is
     pared by the Grande Cache Hospital.                              boosted. Now let’s bring it all together, discuss and practice
     Contact: Department of Wellness & Recreation at the              strategies to maintain self-esteem and reduce stress.
     Recreation Centre at 780-827-2446 for more information.          When:         December 7, 2010
                                                                      Time:         3pm-9pm
     HEAlTHY COMMUNICATION                                            Where:        Wellness Building
     When:       Monday, November 22, 2010                            Instructor: Trevor Haas, Alberta Health Services
     Time:       6:30pm-8:30pm                                                      Please pre-register at the Recreation Centre
     Where:      Wellness Building                                    Cost:         $10.00
     Instructor: Trevor Haas, Alberta Health Services
                 Please pre-register at the Recreation Centre         DEAlING wITH STRESS
     Cost:       $10.00                                               When:       Monday, December 6, 2010
                                                                      Time:       6:30pm-8:30pm
     ANGER CONTROl TRAINING                                                       Minimum particpants: 5
     Anger is something we all have. It is healthy and                            Maximum particpants: 20
     necessary but not when it begins to control our lives.           Where:      Wellness Building
     In this class, we will explore beliefs and how they              Instructor: Trevor Haas, Alberta Health Services
     influence our thoughts, feelings and ultimaely, our                          Please pre-register at the Recreation Centre
     actions. Once our eyes are open to these aspects, then we can    Cost:       $10.00
     see that anger is a choice and we can choose other options.
     Please register at the Recreation Centre.                        FOOD SAFE CERTIFICATE
     When:         October 26, 2010                                   Food Safe instructs managers and food handlers in food
     Time:         3pm-9pm                                            service sanitation and food borne illness prevention.
     Where:        Wellness Building                                  Succesful particpants will be issued certificates by Alberta
     Cost:         $10.00                                             Health.
                                                                      When:       October 14 & 15
     ASSERTIVENESS TRAINING:                                          Time:       Thursday & Friday 9am-4:30pm
     Have you ever asked yourself, “How can I be more confident?      Location: Whispering Pines
     or “How can I improve my self-esteem?” Maybe you would           Instructor: Kosso Ng
     like a better understanding of who you are. Assertiveness is a   Contact:    Register with Alberta Health Services at
     means of communication that answers many of these                            780-513-7509
     questions. In this session you will learn to communicate your    Cost:       $150.00
     feelings, thoughts and beliefs in an open, honest manner
     without violating the rights of others.                          NON RESTRICTED FIRE ARMS SAFETY COURSE
     When:         November 23, 2010                                  When:        October 30th. Bring Lunch
     Time:         3pm-9pm                                            Time:        8:30am
     Where:        Wellness Building                                  Driver’s License or Birth Certificate required. Ages 12+
     Cost:         $10.00                                             Cost:        $150.00 Pre-register at the Recreation Centre

10                                             PROGRAM REGISTRATION 780-827-2446
COMMUNITY KITCHEN                                              Beginner & Intermediate: Through diverse teaching
Ages 12+                                                       methods, learn basic grammer, vocabulary and phrases.
Come and learn to cook for you and your family. Work           Contact:   Denise Caines
within a budget, shopping tips, share tips and have fun.
                                                               INTRO TO COMPUTERS
When:      TBA
                                                               New to computers? Start here with this introductory course
Contact:   Denise Caines
                                                               that covers the basics of computers, the Internet, and how
Cost:      $8.00
                                                               to use Windows. Windows is the foundation course that you
lITERACY TUTORING                                              will need to progress into any other software programs.
When:    By appointment                                        When:        TBA
Where:   Wellness Building                                     Contact:     Denise Caines
Contact: Denise Caines
                                                               MICROSOFT wORD COURSE
MENTAl HEAlTH FIRST AID FOR ADUlTS wHO                         Need to type professional letters or documents? Find out
INTERACT wITH YOUTH                                            how with this introductory Word course that covers: Word
The Mental Health First Aid training course was developed to   basics, formatting text, formatting paragraphs, formatting
help people provide initial support to someone who may be      page layout, printing and adding design elements.
developing mental health problems.                             When:        TBA
When:       October 21 & 22, 2010 8:30am-5:00pm                Contact:     Denise Caines
Cost:       $70.00
                                                               MICROSOFT EXCEl COURSE
Where:      Wellness Building
                                                               Learn how to use Excel to design spreadsheets and formulas
Instructor: Trevor Haas, Alberta Health Services
                                                               that produce professional worksheets and charts. Learn
            Please pre-register at the Recreation Centre by
                                                               formulas and common functions, formatting worksheets,
            October 15.
                                                               printing and working with charts.
GUIDE TO STEP PARENTING                                        When:       TBA
Building successful blended families and discipline.           Contact:    Denise Caines
When:       Thursday, October 21, 2010
Time:       6:30pm-8:30 pm                                     INTRO TO MS EXCEl - lEVEl 1 (6 HRS)
Where:      Wellness Building                                  When:       January 31, 2011
Instructor: Trevor Haas, Alberta Health Services               Time:       9:30am - 4:30pm
            Please pre-register at the Recreation Centre by    Cost:       $150.00
            October 15.                                        Where:      Wellness Building
Cost:       $10.00                                             Class:      Minimum: 6 -10
                                                               Instructor: Jake Scheffer (Please register at the Rec Centre)
English as an Additional Language: Beginner & Intermediate.
                                                               MS EXCEl ADVANCED - lEVEl 2 (6 HRS)
For people with beginner or intermediate English skills, but
                                                               When:       February 31, 2011
need to improve in all areas for better communication. Gram-
                                                               Time:       9:30am - 4:30pm
mar, vocabulary, reading and speaking are key areas covered.
                                                               Cost:       $150.00
When:        TBA
                                                               Where:      Wellness Building
Contact:     Denise Caines for more information
                                                               Class:      Minimum: 6 -10
FRENCH AS AN ADDITIONAl lANGUAGE                               Instructor: Jake Scheffer (Please register at the Rec Centre)


                                          PROGRAM REGISTRATION 780-827-2446                                                    11
     FITNESS PROGRAMS:                         DROP-IN EVENING CHIlDCARE
                                               Ages 0+
                                                                                          POwER PEDAl
                                                                                          Ages 15+
                                               Want to come enjoy recreation centre       A high intensity workout on the spin
                                               programs and activities? Have kids?        bikes. Drop-in participants are only
                                               Free childcare is offered to children of   permitted if bikes are available 5
     Ages 15+
                                               all ages. Starts September 1!              minutes after class starts.
     Come enjoy some casual fun and
                                               When: Mon-Thurs, 5:30-8:30pm               Session #1: Sept 13-Oct 20 $33
     exercise. All skill levels are welcome.
                                               Where: Recreation Centre – Preschool       Session #2: Nov 1-Dec 8 $36
     When: Wednesdays
                                               Room                                       Session #3: Jan 10-Feb 16 $36
     (Sept 22-Mar 23), 6:30-8:00pm
                                               Cost: FREE – first come, first served      Session #4: Feb 23-Mar 31 $36
     Where: High School
                                               until capacity                             When: Mon & Wed, 5:30-6:30pm
     Contact: Jacquie Hill
                                               Note: No childcare on Stat holidays        Cost: $33-$36 dependant on session or
     Cost: FREE
     CO-ED DROP-IN VOllEYbAll                  ACTIVE AGERS                               Where: Recreation Centre Lobby
     Ages 15+                                  Ages 15+                                   Instructor: Dale Tuck
     Come enjoy some casual fun and            A full body workout designed for older     Session #5: Sept 14-Oct 21 $36
     exercise. All skill levels are welcome.   adults. Exercises focus on strength,       Session #6: Nov 2-Dec 9 $33
     When: Mondays                             balance, flexibility and some cardio.      Session #7: Jan 11-Feb 17 $36
     (Sept 20-Dec. 13)                         Starts: September 15                       Session #8: Feb 22-Mar 30 $33
     Time: 6:30-8:00pm                         When: Wed & Fri 9:00-10:00am               When: Tues & Thurs, 6:30-7:30pm
     Where: High School                        Where: Recreation Centre Lobby             Cost: $36/session or $5/class
                                               Instructor: Jacquie Hill                   Where: Recreation Centre Lobby
     CO-ED VOllEYbAll lEAGUE                   Cost: FREE to members or Drop-in           Instructor: Dale Tuck
     Ages 15+                                  Fees apply
     Come enjoy some casual fun and                                                       wATER RUNNING
     exercise. All skill levels are welcome.                                              Ages 15+
     When: Mondays                                                                        A low impact workout in the water that
     (Jan. 17-Feb. 28), 6:30-8:00pm                                                       is great for cross training and overall
     Where: High School                                                                   fitness.
     Contact: Jacquie Hill                                                                    Session #1: Sept 15-Oct 20
     Cost: $25.00/team                                                                         Session #2: Nov 3-Dec 8
     FITNESS ORIENTATIONS                                                                      Session #3: Jan 5-Feb 9
     Ages 13+                                                                                 Session #4: Feb 23-Mar 30
     Work one on one with our certified                                                     When: Wednesdays, 8:00-9:00pm
     fitness staff to become familiar and                                                 Cost: $18/session or $5/class
     comfortable with various equipment                                                   Where: Recreation Centre Pool
     and exercises in the fitness centre.                                                 Instructor: Dale Tuck
     When: By appointment (approx. 30
     minutes)                                                                             AQUA FIT
     Where: Recreation Centre – Fitness                                                   Ages 15+
     Centre                                                                               A gentle and low impact workout in the
     Instructor: Jacquie Hill                                                             water that is great for fitness.
     Cost: FREE                                                                           When: Tues & Thurs, 9:00-9:45am
                                                                                          Mon: 8:00-8:45pm
     GREEN GYM ORIENTATION                                                                Where: Recreation Centre Pool
     Ages 13+                                                                                 Instructor: Shandis Leblanc
     Learn how to properly and                                                                  Cost: FREE to members or
     safely use the outdoor fitness                                                              drop-in fees apply
     equipment located at the park
      at the Recreation Centre.
     When: By appointment                                                                     TAI CHI
     (approx. 30 minutes)                                                                 Ages 15+
     Where: Green Gym @ Central Park                                                      Mind and body moving meditation.
     Instructor: Jacquie Hill                                                             When: TBA
     Cost: FREE
TOTAl bODY CONDITIONING                         FITNESS CONSUlTATIONS                                FITNESS – PERSONAl TRAINING
Ages 15+                                        Ages 13+                                             Ages 13+
A variety of exercises and equipment            Work one on one with our certified                   Work one on one with our certified
will be used to work the whole body.            fitness staff to assess your fitness,                fitness staff to meet your personalized
All fitness levels are welcome.                 body composition, and develop a                      fitness goals.
When: Mon & Wed, 7:00-7:45pm                    personalized fitness program.                        When: By appointment (60 minutes)
Where: Recreation Centre Lobby                  When: By appointment (approx. 90                     Where: Recreation Centre
Instructor: Jeremiah D’Lugos                    minutes)                                             Instructor: Jacquie Hill
Cost: FREE to members or Drop-in                Where: Recreation Centre                             Cost: $25/session
Fees apply                                      Instructor: Jacquie Hill
                                                Cost: $30/session

   2010 Updated physical activity GUidelines

   This past spring the Canadian Society for Exercise and                 Guidelines for everyone
   Physiology (CSEP) and ParticipaACTION released updated                  • Some physical activity is better than none, and more is
   information on how much and what type of physical activity is             better
   required for healthy, active living. Here is a summary of their most    • In general, the more time spent being active, and the more
   current guidelines:                                                       intense the activity the better
                                                                           • Only those who are used to being active should engage in
   children (5-17yrs)                                                        vigorous activity
     • 60 minutes per day of moderate physical activity, including:        • Physical activity can be broken into shorter bouts at least
     • 3 days per week vigorous physical activities (running,                10 minutes long
       hockey, skating, swimming)                                         International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Public Health, 05/11/10
     • 3 days per week of muscle and bone strengthening         
       activities (skipping, jumping, playing in the park)
                                                                          community Fitness challenge 2010
   adults (18-65yrs)
                                                                          To help get you moving towards achieving the above guide-
    • 150 minutes per week of moderate intensity physical
                                                                          lines set out by CSEP and ParticipACTION the Community Fitness
      activity or 90 minutes of vigorous activity
                                                                          Challenge is starting this fall. It is free to participate and upon
    • Mostly aerobic (jogging, brisk walking, swimming, biking,
                                                                          completing the challenge you will be entered into a prize draw.
      dancing), including:
    • 2-4 days per week of muscle and bone strengthening                  Who:   ANYONE
      activities (weight lifting, curling, skipping)                      What:  The challenge is to do 36 workouts (minimum 30
    • 4-7 days per week of flexibility training (martial arts,                   minutes) in 3 months
      stretching, yoga)                                                   When: Sign up between September 1 – 30th; you have 3
                                                                                 months from your start date to complete your workouts
   Older adults (65yrs+)                                                  Where: Grande Cache Recreation Centre
     • 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity or 90          Why: To promote regular physical activity, improve health,
       minutes of vigorous activity                                              have fun, socialize, decrease stress
     • Mostly aerobic (aqua fit, walking, biking), including:             How:   Sign up at the front desk
     • 2 days per week of strengthening activities (weight lifting,
                                                                          For more information contact Jacquie Hill at the Grande Cache
       gardening, curling)
                                                                          Recreation Centre
     • 4-7 days per week of flexibility and balance training
       (stretching, yoga, Tai Chi, balance training)


                                                                                        CHildrEN &

     CREATIVE KIDS - PRESCHOOl                                          GET READY TO SQUARE DANCE
     Ages 3-5                                                           Ages: 6-12
     Develop a love of learning in your preschooler! Through songs,     Introduces 10 beginning square dance calls & perform for
     finger plays, creative games and activities, we help develop       various community events in November.
     fundamental skills your child will use throughout their early      When:       November 5, 12, 19 & 24
     school years. Miss Amber & Miss Julie look forward to meeting      Where:      Recreation Centre Lobby
     you and your child.                                                Time:       12:30-1:30 pm (And bring your lunch from school)
     Where:       Recreation Centre Playschool Room                     Contact:    Krista Morrow
     Dates:       September 27 - end of May                             Cost:       $3.00
     Times:       Monday & Wednesday: 4 year old classes
                                                                        CONNECT THE TOTS
                  Tuesday & Thursday: 3 year old classes
                                                                        Ages 0-5
     Registration packages available at the Recreation Centre front
                                                                        Parent and tot program with parental involvement. You and
     desk available starting August 30 at 9:00am.
                                                                        your child will be participating in a variety of activities, games,
     Contact:     Miss Amber at 780-827-2201
                                                                        crafts, stories and songs.
     Instructors: Amber Hennig & Julie Dezan
                                                                        Where:         Recreation Centre Lobby
     Cost:        $27/month per student
                                                                        Dates:         Oct. 22- Dec. 10, 2010
     TYKE SPORTS                                                        Times:         Friday’s 10:30-11:15 am
     A fun, active, social, skill building program for parents & tots   Cost:          Free
     ages 5 & under. Please pre-register at the Recreation Centre.      Note:          Please bring your child a snack.
     When:        Tuesday’s 1:15 pm - 2:00 pm
                                                                        HOME AlONE COURSE
     Starts:      October 19-December 7, 2010
                                                                        Ages: 9-11
     Start:       Tuesday’s, October 19 – December 7
                                                                        An interactive safety training program for youth 9 and up. This
     Time:        1:15 pm – 2:00 pm
                                                                        program prepares our youth for all the important steps of
     Instructor: Jenna Nolan
                                                                        Home Alone Safely. Being home alone can be an
     Location: Royal Canadian Legion #278
                                                                        uncomfortable and unsafe situation without some basic skills.
     Cost:        $24.00/family           Max: 20 tots
                                                                        Those safety and comfort skills are covered in this course
     wII DROP-IN                                                        through interactive games and role playing. Let’s work to keep
     Ages 5+                                                            our children safe and confident. Home Alone is recommneded
     Come enjoy some FREE video games after school.                     prior to taking Babysitter training. Please bring a bagged lunch.
     When:      Thursday’s 3:45-4:45pm                                  When:         Saturday, November 6
     Starts:    September 16                                            Time:         9:00 am-3:00 pm
     Where:     Recreation Centre Lobby                                 Where:        Wellness Building
     Contact:   Jacquie Hill                                            Contact:      Karla Dudok
     Cost:      FREE                                                    Cost:         $20.00 (includes materials & snacks)
14                                               PROGRAM REGISTRATION 780-827-2446
bAbYSITTER REGISTRY                                                Session 3:   Wednesday, Oct. 6 - “Peer Pressure”
Ages 11+                                                           Session 4:   Wednesday, Oct. 29 - “Accepting Responsibility
Babysitting is a great way to earn some extra money. Babysitters                & Consequences”
can register with the Recreation Centre, and caregivers can get    STARS OF GRANDE CACHE YOUTH DRAMA ClUb
matched up with possible babysitters in the community.             Ages:     11-17
When:         Recreation Centre Office Hours                       Times:    4:00 pm -5:30 pm, Tues & Thursday’s
Where:        Recreation Centre                                    Dates:    Sept 14-Dec 9 and Jan 11-Mar 24
Contact:      Front Desk                                           Where:    Recreation Centre
Cost:         FREE                                                 Cost:     FREE
GIRlS SPA OVERNIGHTER                                              Contact:  Karla Dudok
Ages:     11-17                                                    DANCE wORKSHOPS
When:     Oct. 15-16                                               Ages:         3-14
Time:     7:30 pm (Friday) - 12:30 PM (Saturday)                   Date:         October 2nd & 3rd
Where:    Golf Club                                                Workshop on Creative Movement; Primary Ballet, Tap, Jazz;
Contact:  Karla Dudok                                              Junior Jazz, Ballet, Tap; Hip Hop, Modern, Intermediate Jazz,
Cost:     $12.00/person                                            Ballet, Tap & Intermediate Lyrical.
bAbYSITTER COURSE                                                  Location: G.C. Community High school gym
Ages 11+ Babysitting is a great way to earn some extra money.      Please pre-register at the Recreation Centre by September 27. Min-
Get certified in this 2 day course.                                imum Registration number for each class is three and maximum
Session #1: Fri & Sat. Sept. 24 & 25                               number is 12. For times, please visit the Recreation Centre.
Session #2: Fri & Sat. Jan. 7 & 8                                  HAllOwEEKEND
Time:         1:00-6:00 pm                                         When:   Oct 29-31
Where:        Recreation Centre Preschool Room                     Where:  TBA
Contact:      Natasha Brown
Cost:         $20/person                                           VAlENTINE’S DAY YOUTH DANCE
                                                                   Ages:    11-17
bOYS NIGHT OUT                                                     When:    February 14
Ages:       Boys Ages 11-17                                        Time:    7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Information TBA                                                    Where:   Golf Club
Contact:    Karla Dudok                                            Contact: Karla Dudok
POwERADE                                                           Cost:    $8.00 at the door.
(Pretty Outstanding Women Evolving Rapidly and Doubting            SATURDAY MIXED YOUTH ACTIVITIES
Everything)                                                        When:    September 18 - December 18
Ages:       For girls Ages 13-17                                   When:    January 8 - May 28
When:       Wednesday’s Sept 22 - Oct 13 (4 Sessions)              Ages:     9-12 = 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month
Time:       Wednesday’s 6pm-8pm                                    Ages:    13-17 = 1st & 3rd Saturday of the month
Where:      Recreation Centre                                      Contact: Karla Dudok
Contact:    Karla Dudok                                            Cost:    Dependent on activity
Cost:       Free
                                                                   STOOD UP DAY
Session 1: Wednesday, Sept. 22 Loving Yourself - “Self -
                                                                   When:    Nov 26 & Feb TBA
            Esteem & Body Image”
Session 2: Wednesday, Sept. 29 “Healthy Relationships &            YOUTH SKI TRIP
            Dating”                                                When:    January 22 – Watch for upcoming information!

            CAN DO
     What could possibly rival a baby’s first smile or the many       Some artists believe children’s art is more truthful and
     other delightful milestones of childhood wonders? What           creative than the admired work of classic artists.
     harkens us back to our imaginative and highly creative
     beginnings? It is the child’s first deliberate markings on a     Interestingly, children’s art has inspired modern art. Artists
     page and the mountains of spontaneous and intriguing             like Juan Miro and Paul Klee were drawn to children’s art
     drawings to follow. Some may say these are just scribbles but    and they actively collected, documented and borrowed con-
     there is method and great artistic worth to this seeming         cepts and ideas from them. Miro collected and archived his
     madness. Each crayon or paintbrush to the paper by a child is    daughter Dolores’s childhood drawings. When Paul Klee
     a remarkable and enlightening view of unhindered creativity      found his own childhood drawings he believed them to be his
     and notably, a moment of great envy for many artists.            most significant work. He catalogued this work, intrigued to
                                                                      uncover the mysteries of his own creative beginnings. In his
     Captivated by children’s art because of its innocence and        last years he embarked on a spiritual journey of rediscovering
     freshness, many artists have marvelled to witness these little   childhood and this became his most productive period. Henri
     masters at work. This front-row seat is a sneak peak at the      Matisse wrote in 1954 that the artist “has to look at life as he
     beginnings of human creativity, where the child’s gay            did when he was a child and if he loses that faculty, he cannot
     abandon and often-furious momentum demonstrates free             express himself in an original, that is, a personal way”. Miro
     and unhindered art-making. Dreaded fear of the blank page        recognized in his own work the gradual return to his early
     is hardly an issue here. Rarely pondering their next step,       beginnings: “The older I get and the more I master the
     children zealously draw their lines and choose their colours     medium, the more I return to my earliest experiences. I think
     while developing fabulous compositions. Reminded of their        that at the end of my life I will recover all the force of my
     own artistic beginnings, artists relish these privileged         childhood”.
     glimpses into a child’s world. Picasso admitted he was
     mesmerized whenever he saw children draw and that he             This great fascination with children’s art can be traced back
     learned from them – how to see the everyday in a new way –       to the Romantic period where childhood innocence was
     and these inspired findings made their way into his work.        considered genius. Here, it was believed, lay the direct link to

artistic inspiration where the ability to see beyond mere           “childhood approaches” and opens the way for other answers
appearances to the truth of things was a gateway to the             to pop up when creating art.
mysteries of life. By the beginning of the 20th century there
were already many studies devoted to children’s creative            One great way to feed children’s creativity is by providing
process along with many mounted exhibitions of their work.          them with a large, cleared working space and a variety of
                                                                    materials – changing them and surprising them every so
This growing interest in children’s art opened the way for          often. Even devoting the kitchen table as an exclusive art
many artists to explore a freer and more expressive way to          space once in a while will have a child eager to start. The
make art. Hard-earned technical skills were abandoned in            other pre-requisite is to back away slowly and give them great
favour of spontaneity and wonder. Artists understood that to        independence, freedom and control over their work. This
tap more deeply into their creativity would require a letting       lets children know they are trusted to create in their own way
go of preconceived notions – not an easy task and one that          and of course lays the path for more fascinating art- making.
can never be fully realized as we cannot erase all that we learn.
Perhaps the greatest fascination with children’s art is that in     How might we encourage our children? Let them lead the
the final hour, this innocence and purity of creation is            discussion, if there is one. It works wonders. A child’s
unattainable and can only be revisited through the nurturing        drawing may not be about anything they or we can put a
of our children’s art.                                              finger on. Finding the things you really like about the work,
                                                                    like a particular set of colours or the way they used texture is
Nurturing creativity is a great gift we can give to our children.   one way to support them. Respecting their ideas is key.
Some art educators believe that with each well-intentioned          Honouring a child’s work honours them. Displaying their
correction on how something should be drawn, a little of that       work on the fridge door is a great start but how about
natural creativity in young children is erased. Stay inside the     framing a few pieces and exhibiting them on walls in the
lines? Monet might beg to differ. The sun is yellow? Van            house, amongst other artwork or other cherished pieces?
Gogh might take exception. Creativity comes from trusting
one’s own intuition. Children have a wonderful ability to           Perhaps the next time we overhear someone say, “my
know where they are going with their art. It would seem the         child could do that” we can take to heart that’s it’s a great
more we correct and point out “mistakes” the less clear this        compliment to both artist and child.
road becomes for them. There are, in fact, many answers to
how art can be created. Some drawing lessons for adults
focus on exactly this. Using blindfolded techniques or
drawing with their other hand brings back some of these

     The Grande Cache Chamber
     of Commerce supports
     “A Bully Free Workplace”
     Stand Up to Bullying
     For furthur info contact:
     Chamber: James Miles
     (780) 827-4044

     With fall underway and winter looming the Grande Cache            that brings their total contribution to $2 million. In
     Recreation Centre is putting up the finishing touches that        addition, the MD presented Mayor and Council with a
     will see the facility completely ‘walled in’ over the next few    cheque for the total contribution, rather that spreading it out
     weeks. By getting the walls up before winter is critical and      over two years. This announcement is a clear indication of
     will allow the interior work at the Centre to take place over     the support that the MD has for Grande Cache and a
     the winter as the project marches towards its March deadline      testament to the strong partnership we enjoy with our MD.
     for significant completion.
                                                                       Residents were also invited to take part in a unique
     There have been some considerable changes over the past           construction open house that allowed the community into
     few months. The first being some changes in the stimulus          the building to see firsthand the construction and the
     funding. The federal government has agreed to consider            progress that has been made so far. As one enters the
     just the aquatic portion of the project for the purpose of the    building it is exciting to see the aquatic centre taking shape,
     grant. This will allow the project to focus on one particular     standing in the new fitness centre overlooking the pools and
     part of the larger project in order the meet the grant deadline   the areas that the new daycare and youth centres will be
     of March 31 2011. The other part of the project will then be      located.
     allowed to continue past the deadline without penalty or loss
     of funding. This is great news for the project.                   This is an exciting time for the community as we have now
                                                                       crossed the half way point and march to the finish line. This
     Another significant development occurred this month               new facility will raise the quality of life for all residents
     when Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced that the             significantly and will play a significant role in our growth
     federal government would be fair and reasonable with the          and development as a community. All residents are
     March deadline. The grant requires significant completion         encouraged to participate in the project and to find out what
     by the deadline, however, there is a sense of relief that the     role you can play please contract Mr. Lyle Hannan directly at
     government is willing to be flexible in this area. There are      780-827-2446. Please join us on our journey as we move
     currently 1814 stimulus projects across the country that will     into our future.
     not be in a position to meet the deadline.

     The third and most exciting development with the project is
     the recent announcement of an additional $1 million
     dollar donation from the Municipal District of Greenview

                                     The Grande Cache Recreation expansion continues
                                     toward a mid 2011 completion. The final cost for the
                                     construction of Phase I of the project came is
                                     approximately $20 million. Phase I of the project
                                     includes the following developments:
                                     • Aquatics Centre (incl. wave pool, waterslide, lazy river,
                                       hot tub, and change facilities)
                                     • Children`s Play Area
                                     • Program/Activity Room
                                     • Concession Space
                                     • Control/Reception Area
                                     • Space to accommodate future developments

                                     Other components of the project that will be completed
                                     in phases as funding permits include the following:

                                     • Multi-Purpose Community Hall
                                     • Community Kitchen
                                     • Fitness Centre
                                     • Program/Activity Room
                                     • Day Care
                                     The foundation has been poured. The steel work is well
                                     underway. Fundraising is underway. We are finally
                                     going to enjoy a long waited “state of the art” health,
                                     fitness and recreation facility in this community.

Book a Birthday Party
at the Recreation Centre!

the following areas are available:
grotto - leader & Climbing games
included in facility rate
Arena ice
(Facility rates oulined apply).

Call the recreation Centre at
780-827-2446 to book your event!

        TIPS for

     1. Install a programmable thermostat. A must. You can                roof. Insulate your water heater with a water heater blanket.
     receive the equivalent of 1-3 months free cooling & heating          Wrap your hot water pipes anywhere you can reach them.
     by installing a programmable thermostat. The key to making
     this work is running the program. Do not put the thermostat          4. No-Cost Energy Savers. Keep drapes or shutters closed
     on hold – change the temperature by using temporary                  during the hottest part of the day. If you have furniture
     overrides.                                                           blocking vents, move the furniture or use deflectors to get
                                                                          your air in the right place. Close doors and block vents of
     2. Change the filter in your furnace. Dirty filters put a huge       unused rooms.
     load on your furnace, resulting in longer furnace run times
     & higher utility bills. If you are using 1” throwaways, change       5. Ceiling Fans, Duct booster fans and Dampers. Using a
     them every 30 days. If you are using an air cleaner, change the      ceiling fan can allow you to turn the thermostat up or down
     media once a year.                                                   because of increased air circulation, not a reduction of air
                                                                          temperature. Booster fans & dampers will also allow you to
     3. Insulate, insulate, insulate. If you live in a drafty home, you   adjust your thermostat by directing air from a room where it
     could save 20% on your energy bill by adding $25 weather             is not needed to one where it is. If you have a long vent run
     stripping around windows & doors. Properly insulating your           on your dryer, a dryer booster fan will significantly cut dryer
     attic helps to keep heat from escaping through the ceiling &         time.

          Join the Rotary Club of Grande Cache
          Meets every Wednesday at the Golf Course
          12:00 Noon
          Guests are welcome
          “Service Above Self…”
          Contact Donna for further information
          (780) 827-4970 or

                                          Dance Workshop Series
DANCE wORKSHOP SERIES                                                 Saturday, Oct. 16th
Date: October 2nd & 3rd                                               10:15-11:00 am Ages 3 & 4   Ballet/Creative
Location: G.C. Community High school gym                              11:00-11:45 am Ages 5-7     Ballet/ Jazz
Please pre-register at the Recreation Centre by September 27th.       11:45-12:45 pm Ages 8-10    Jazz
Minimum registration number for each class is 3 & maximum             1:00-2:00 pm Ages 11-14     Modern/Lyrical/Ballet
number is 12.                                                         2:00-3:00 pm Ages 11+       Jazz/Hip Hop
Instructor: Amie Nash
                                                                      DANCE wORKSHOP 4
DANCE wORKSHOP 2                                                      November 8th to 12th
Oct. 12th, 13th & 14th                                                Watch for upcoming information
Watch for upcoming information.
Friday October 15th & 16th
Location: Recreation Centre Lobby
Please pre-register at the Recreation Centre by Oct. 12th.
Costs: As below which is for both days of the workshops.

Friday, Oct. 15th
2:30-3:15 pm Ages 3 & 4 Ballet/Creative $25.00 for both
3:15-4:00 pm Ages 5-7 Ballet/Jazz $25.00 for both days
4:00-5:00 pm Ages 8-10 Jazz $30.00 for both days
5:15-6:15 pm Ages 11-14 Modern/Lyrical/Ballet $30.00 for
                        both days
6:15-7:15 pm Ages 11+ Jazz/Hip Hop $30.00 for both days

 SAT. & SUN. TIMES        CLASS                    AGE        COST *both days
 9:00 am – 10:00 am       Creative Movement        3-5        $30.00
 10:00 am – 11:00 am      Primary Jazz             5-7        $70.00
                                                                  *all primary
 11:00 am – 11:30 am      Primary Ballet           5-7
 11:30 am - 12:00 pm      Primary Tap              5-7
 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm       Junior Jazz              8-10       $70.00
                                                                  *all junior
 1:00 pm – 1:30 pm        Junior Ballet            8-10
 1:30 pm - 2:00 pm        Junior Tap               8-10
 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm        Hip Hop                  10 & up    $30.00
 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm        Modern                   10 & up    $30.00
 4:00 pm - 4:45 pm        Intermediate Jazz        11-14      $100.00
                                                                  *all intermediate
 4:45 pm - 5:30 pm        Intermediate Ballet      11-14
 5:30 pm – 6:15 pm        Intermediate Tap         11-14
 6:15 pm – 7:00 pm        Intermediate Lyrical     11-14

                                                                    go take a HIkE...
     bIRDS EYE VIEw INTERPRETIVE PARK:                                   SUlPHUR GATES:
     Allow one half to one hour.                                         DISTANCE: 0.2 km. / 0.13 mi.
     Every visitor should begin their Grande Cache experience            Allow an hour to relax and enjoy the sights.
     with a stop at the Grande Cache Tourism & Interpretive              If you have time for just one short walk, or want the best scen-
     Centre. The friendly staff here will answer your questions,         ery possible for the minimum effort, this is the place you
     orient you to the area, and provide you with helpful                should go! The well-developed trailhead is located at the
     information such as the Grande Cache Hiking Guide.                  southeast corner of the Sulphur Gates Staging Area. To get to
                                                                         the staging area, drive 5.8 km. north on Hwy 40 then 6.8 km.
     The Birds Eye View Park - while barely even really a stroll         south on the signed access road. Just a few minutes walk on a
     - encircles the Tourism & Interpretive Centre parking area.         wide, newly renovated trail brings you to the sheer 75 meter
     Featuring a full-size replica of an original fur cache, as well     cliffs overlooking the confluence of the Smoky and Sulphur
     as several historic cabins and fire lookouts which have been        Rivers. (Caution: Although there are guardrails, keep children
     brought in from their original locations, this is a logical place   and dogs closely in check here.) Continuing on to the
     to stretch your legs and begin your hands-on discovery of           uppermost vantage platform brings the most impressive
     Grande Cache.                                                       views. Spend some time here. Have a picnic. Go exploring.

     SUlPHUR RIM TRAIl:                                                  MUSKEG FAllS:
     DISTANCE: 7.5 km. /4.7 mi. circuit.                                 DISTANCE: 1.2 km. / 0.8 mi. one way.
     ElEVATION lOSS: 30 m. / 100 ft.                                     ELEVATION LOSS: 50 m. / 150 ft.
     Allow 2 - 3 hours round trip.                                       Allow 1 - 2 hours round trip.
     Also conveniently located within the town’s corporate limits,       The Muskeg Falls trailhead is located 16 km. south of Grande
     the Sulphur Rim Trail is designated a “multi-use” trail, and        Cache on the east side of Hwy 40. It is not signed, but the rest
     was designed for ATV’s as well as for hikers and nordic skiers.     stop pull-out is perfectly situated. Park here.
     As such it is a bit long and tedious for some, but the walking      The trail meanders on easy ground through mixed forest until
     is pleasant and wildlife is abundant. The well-marked               steepening suddenly. Here the trail splits. Left will take you
     trailhead is located 3.2 km. west of Hwy 40 on Hoppe Avenue,        on a very steep descent to the river below the falls. (If you
     just before reaching the Grande Cache Institution. Trail            choose this, don’t venture too close to the cliff faces - they are
     junctions are many, which may cause some confusion, but if          very unstable.)
     you take your time you should find the route is quite well          Much more frequently traveled, the right fork continues down
     marked. Before leaving, pick up a copy of the “Great Grande         (past unstable cliff edges to the left… keep children and dogs
     Cache Trail Network” map from the Tourism Centre. It isn’t          in check here) and eventually emerges immediately above the
     until about the half-way point, and then only for a short           falls. (Note: extreme caution should be exercised here, too, as
     distance, that the trail actually follows the rim of the Sulphur    the rocks are undercut, and can be extremely slippery as well.
     Canyon. However, this short section certainly makes the walk        Play it safe! ...the dangers are not immediately apparent.)

22                                                 HIKING INFORMATION 780-827-3300
                           Waste Not, Want Not:
                SHOPPING BAGS

     You can pretty much find anything online. With google at               The numbers, I hope, will astound you. In Canada alone, we
     your fingertips there is an answer for everything. There is an         use over 9 billion plastic shopping bags per year – that’s
     even well-spun press release from a plastic manufacturers’             17,000 bags a minute! Consider, then, your average use of
     association urging consumers and retailers to continue using           each of these bags: the average plastic bag is really only used
     plastic bags for their shopping needs — for the good of the            for a grand total of, say, thirty minutes (give or take a traffic
     environment, naturally! This “study” uses heaps and heaps of           jam) to cart merchandise from the store to your home – or
     statistics and examples to show that plastic bags are good for         perhaps, to the driveway in front of your home, as the thin
     the environment. It takes a lot of time to point out the myriad        plastic bag bottoms out and empties your home
     secondary lives these little wonders have in an attempt to             improvement store purchases into the driveway. Yet these
     drive home the notion that consumers would be lost without             essentially single use plastic bags take up to 1,000 years to
     them.                                                                  break down. Is this so-called convenience really worth the
                                                                            environmental costs, particularly when there are readily
     The press release points the reader to a companion website,            available, practical alternatives? This site is chock-full of hot tips on
     how to re-use those plastic shopping bags. It should perhaps           The environmental costs of lightweight plastic shopping bags
     preface critique with the admonition that, any so-called               are many. 12 million barrels of oil are consumed in the
     consumer information site that refers to pet excrement as              production of plastic bags yearly. The drifting bags are
     “dodo” has lost all illusion of intelligible logic. Yes, there are a   carried on the breeze, filling roadside ditches or clinging to
     lot of uses for little plastic bags. So too, there are a lot of uses   tree branches and bushes. Along the way, they accumulate in
     for batteries, once they’ve lived their little lives; or for blown     storm drains where they hamper flood control, and in and
     glass fuses, if one spends enough time and effort thinking             along our bodies of water where they kill wildlife. Believe it
     about such things. But are they really necessary?                      or not, there are more than 40,000 pieces of plastic floating in
                                                                            each square kilometre of the world’s oceans – and plastic
     Sturdy and easy to use, plastic bags have come to dominate             bags are often among the top 10 items of debris most often
     our shopping culture and checkout lines since their debut in           found in coastal cleanups. But it’s where the bags are least
     1977. To be fair, plastic bags were once touted as the                 visible – on the ocean floors and buried in landfills - that
     tree-saving alternative to paper bags since they were                  plastic bags are most lethal.
     reusable, stronger and lighter than their paper counterparts.
     Further, they are far less costly to produce than paper bags           Over a billion seabirds and mammals die each year from
     and require less energy to recycle and take up less landfill           ingesting plastic: in Newfoundland alone, 100,000 marine
     space. But in these few short decades, the ubiquitous plastic          mammals are killed each year. Sadly, the environmental
     bag has shown itself to be really the wolf in lamb’s clothing          impact does not end with the death of one animal. To add
     — or, at least, our overuse of them has proven to be so.               insult to proverbial injury, a bird or mammal is killed by

either ingesting or being suffocated by plastic and                                             Regardless of our collective penchant for the convenience of
subsequently decomposes, but the plastic bag does not, and is                                   plastic, the bigger issue of over-consumption is being
again released into the environment to wreak havoc on                                           ignored. We are being led to believe that it’s okay to
another animal’s innards. Landfills, meanwhile, are full of                                     contribute to waste. In short, it is not. Remember those 1,000
plastic bags. Conservative estimates reckon there are a                                         years it takes one plastic bag to finally disappear from the
trillion (not million, not billion) plastic bags on Earth. And                                  planet? That astounding length of time represents the next 40
while the bags may eventually decompose – in 1,000 years or                                     or so generations of your family’s responsibility to clean up. Is
so, the lead and petrochemicals they are made from leach                                        this the legacy you want to leave for future generations?
steadily into the soil and water – and therefore, our food
supply.                                                                                         What are our options? Plastic bags can take hundreds – if not
                                                                                                thousands – of years to break down in the landfill; paper bags
Yes, plastic can be recycled and reused. You can wash plastic                                   cause a lot of damage in their manufacture and can also take
forks and plates and use them again (Remember how often                                         a long time to break down; the list of evils and lesser evils
any of us has done that after a barbecue or children’s party?                                   goes on and on. The best option seems to be some sort of
Yes. Well.) Most municipalities have recycling programmes                                       reusable bag – something that, despite its ecologically
that support the recycling of most plastics but studies show                                    damaging beginnings in manufacture reduces the amount of
that less than 3% of the world’s ever-increasing supply of                                      overall waste on the planet. And as luck would have it, many
plastic bags is being recycled. The alternative, then, is to                                    shopping centres are going out of their way to provide good,
remember the trickiest of those environmental Rs, reducing.                                     sturdy, reusable alternatives. A typical shopping bag of this
                                                                                                sort can carry many times as much weight as an equivalently-
In spite of all the increasingly fashionable environmental                                      sized single-use plastic shopping bag and can last for years.
awareness, we still conveniently forget that the everyday                                       This represents a net savings, in terms of wildlife and landfill
items we use and toss in the garbage have to 1) be made from                                    deposits.
something, whether it is a renewable resource or not – never
mind if it is even fair trade or the working conditions of the                                  If you haven’t had the opportunity to pick up a Grande Cache
employees who made the product for our use; and 2) that                                         reuseable shopping bag – now is a great time. Not only are
these products must go somewhere when we’re finished with                                       these bags a great marketing tool for the community, but they
them. Despite what the plastics manufacturers might have us                                     offer a great solution to our landfil site and the environment
believe, most of these products don’t really make our lives                                     – one bag at a time!
any easier or any better. They simply take up space in delivery
vehicles, at store checkouts, and in our landfills, leaching
toxins and killing innocent animals along the way.

   Palette Pals Art Club
   Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Club is
   open to all members daily and Tuesday & Thursday evenings
   7:00pm - 9:00pm.

   September MEMEBERSHIP DRIVE; plans for fall
   Christmas Show; big Art Project for the Town & much more!

   For ages15-105!
                                                                     PHOTO BY: CHEYENNE EWALD

   We have 3 award winners of the Alberta Wide Arts Show as
   members of our’ll be rubbing elbows with Cheyenne
   Ewald, Verna Riordon & Kari Provencher!

   If you would like more information, please contact Marilynne at
   780-827-2648 and leave a message.

        FOR LIFE
     lifesavinG swim for life swimminG lessons
     FALL SESSION:   October 5-December 7, 2010 When: Tuesday & Thursdays
     WINTER SESSION: April 12-June 14, 2011     Where: Recreation Centre Pool                                REC-X-TREME
                                  MORNING LESSONS
                                                       $33.00/person (10 class program)
                                                                                                              GAME NIGHT
                                                                                                          Giant board Game theme
     10:00 - 10:30 AM             PARENT-TOT 1,2 & 3              PRESCHOOL 1                            niGht for youth usinG the
     10:30 - 11:00 AM             PRESCHOOL 1                     PRESCHOOL 3 & 4                            Pool, ice & Grotto!
     TIME                         EVENING LESSONS                                                              dress PrePared:
     5:30 - 6:00 PM               PARENT-TOT 1 & 2                PRESCHOOL 2 & 3                       brinG your bathinG suits and
     6:00 - 6:30 PM                                               PRESCHOOL 4 & 5                                  towel
                                  PARENT-TOT 3 & PRESCHOOL 1
     6:30 - 7:00 PM               SWIMMER 1 & 2                   SWIMMER 3 & 4                                 aGes: 11-17
     7:00 - 7:30 PM               SWIMMER 5 & 6                   ROOKIE / RANGER / STAR                  when: saturday, nov. 20
     7:30 - 8:00 PM               ADULT SWIMMER 1, 2 & 3                                                    time: 7:00 - 10:00 Pm

     DATE                         JUNIOR LIFEGUARD                                                         reGister in teams of 4!
     SEPT 24 - DEC 17             FRIDAYS 3 - 5 PM                 FOR AGES 8-15
                                                                                                        reGister by nov. 15th at the
                                  COST: $52 SIGN UP FEE + $10 BOOK                                          recreation centre
     (NOTE: NO CLASSES                                                                                       cost: $4.00/ team
     OCT 22, NOV 12, DEC 3
                                                                                                                 win PriZes!!
     DATE                         NLS COURSE
                                                                                                            1st PriZe: 4 Passes to
     OCT 4 - 10                   *OCT 4 -7 3:45-6:00 PM       FOR AGES 16+                                      Galaxyland
                                  OCT 8-10 12:00 - 6:00 PM
                                  COST $250.00 MUST BE 16+                                              2nd PriZe: 4 tickets to movie
                                  MUST HAVE STANDARD FIRST AID                                                 & larGe snack
                                  AND BRONZE CROSS                                                           combo to noelle’s
                                                                                                          3rd PriZe: 4 money sticks
           OCTOBER 27TH                      DECEMBER 20TH               DECEMBER 24TH
       Halloween                                                        Christmas Eve                               contact:
     Wacky Wednesday                     iceburg swim                       Swim                          karla dudok or stePhanie fast
      6:30 - 8:00 pm • Prizes & Games           6:30 - 8:00 pm        1:00 - 4:00 pm • Prizes & Games

      Grande Cache Canadian Associated Schools of Karate-Do
      The Karate club of Grande Cache is offering classes for children and adults.
      We have five certified black belt instructors, including a female black belt instructor.
      We are a non-profit club with low monthly fees!
      Family rates are available.
      Adult Karate Classes
      Co-Ed adult Classes: Mondays 7:00pm– 8:45pm
      Thursdays 7:00pm - 8:45pm
      Kids Karate Classes - Kids (6-12 years)
      Mondays 6:15pm-7:00pm
      Thursdays 6:15pm - 7:00pm
      Come join us for classes if your are interested in physical fitness,
      personal enjoyment of the art or self defence.
      To register or for more information call Murray at 827-1112
      or Shauna at 827-2089
      All classes are held in the Summitview School Gym

             SWIM FOR                 Life
Built on the Principles of Success,            Swim for Life® is accessible, flexible,        WATER SMART® EDUCATION
Fun and Healthy Active Living Swim             success-oriented and fun. Instructors          As an integral part of the Swim for Life®
for Life®, is a comprehensive swim             ensure swimmers get lots of in-water           program, Water Smart® education
instruction program that focuses on            practice in every lesson.                      provides information and experiences
the acquisition and development of                                                            that helps participants make safe choices
fundamental swim strokes and skills for        Swim for Life® flows seamlessly intothe        when in, on and around water and ice.
learners of all ages and abilities. Learning   Canadian Swim Patrol program and then          Water Smart® Education is available to
Swim to Survive® skills and achieving the      into the Society’s lifesaving and vocational   all and focuses on learning and does not
Lifesaving Society’s Swim to Survive®          training awards, providing a complete,         include evaluation; participation is all
Standard are key foundations of the Swim       coherent, single-source program of             that is required. The Society provides
for Life® Program.                             integrated swimming and lifesaving             instructors with a variety of tools to make
                                               instruction.                                   this drowning prevention education last a

Parent &tot                                                           PARENT & TOT 2
The Parent & Tot Program structures in water interaction              Water play - get set, get wet! Instructor lead sessions
between parent and child to stress the importance of play in          helpparents with 12-24 month old children safely explore
developing water-positive attitudes and skills. Activities and        water together. Parents are taught how to support their child
progressions are based on child development, so parents               while floating and kicking. They can celebrate together when
register in the level appropriate for their child’s age.              children can get their face wet and blow bubbles for the first
Lifesaving Society Water Smart® tips complement skills learn-         time.
ing. Recommended for children aged 4 months to 3 years old.
                                                                      PARENT & TOT 3
PARENT & TOT 1                                                        Just watch them grow! At 2-3 years these almost independent
Splish, splash, laugh - water can be so much fun! Babies just         toddlers are really ready to explore: Getting in, getting out, go-
love to play in water. Parents with 4-12 month old babies will        ing under, and floating, under the watchful eye of their par-
explore the water together under the watchful eyes of their in-       ents and instructor.
structor. They’ll learn how to safely enter and exit the water
together. Parents will learn how to safely support their child
while they discover water!

The Preschool Program gives children a head start on learning         swims on their front and back (2-3 m). They’ll be able to pick
to swim. Preschool Programs develop an appreciation and               up objects from the waist deep water and use their lifejackets to
healthy respect for the water before these kids get in too deep. In   jump and roll into the deep end.
our preschool progressions we work to ensure 3 to 5 year olds         PRESCHOOL 4
become comfortable in the water and have fun developing a             These capable preschoolers will strengthen their flutter kicks
foundation of water skills. We incorporate Lifesaving Society         and try swimming front crawl. They’ll start to learn how to
Water Smart® education in all Preschool levels.                       support themselves in deep water and in the end they’ll do solo
PRESCHOOL 1                                                           jumps and side rolls into deep water. Their lifejacket will
These preschoolers learn to get in and out of the water safely.       support them while they learn to tread water and swim to
They’ll learn to move safely in shallow water and use a lifejacket    safety (5-10 m) in the deep end.
to be comfortable with their floats and glides.
                                                                      PRESCHOOL 5
PRESCHOOL 2                                                           These skilled and independent youngsters will master short
These youngsters will explore the water learning to submerge          swims doing front crawl (5-10 m) and back crawl (3-5 m). They
and exhale underwater. Buoyant aids are used to help them             are ready to take on a forward roll into deep water with their life-
discover rollovers, glides and flutter kicks.                         jacket on and to tread water without the extra support. Here they
PRESCHOOL 3                                                           will get their first chance to try whip kick and fitness training.
These preschoolers will master their floats, glides and short

     swimmer                                                              underwater. They’ll work on their front crawl, back crawl and
     The Swimmer program makes sure children learn how to                 whip kick over short distances and add some interval fitness
     swim before they get in too deep. Progressions accommodate           training to their practice. By the end they’ll be able to meet the
     5 to 12 year olds including beginners and swimmers who want          Swim to Survive standard: Roll into deep water, tread water (1
     to build on the basics. Lots of in-water practice develops solid     min.) and swim (50 m).
     swimming strokes and skills. Water Smart® education is part
     of every level. There are 6 Swimmer levels that flow seamlessly      SWIMMER 4
     into the Canadian Swim Patrol program to make a 9 level              These swimmers will swim further with their front crawl and
     comprehensive program.                                               back crawl. They’ll get introduced to breaststroke arms drills,
                                                                          underwater swims and front crawl sprints. Interval training
     SWIMMER 1
                                                                          will add to their fitness level.
     These beginning swimmers will work on safe entries, exits and
     moving through the water. When ready they’ll do floats, glides       SWIMMER 5
     and kicking on their front and back without assistance. They’ll      These swimmers will try eggbeater kick, head up front crawl,
     even explore jumping into deep water and treading water with         and shallow dives. And just for fun try ‘tuck’ jumps and
     their lifejackets on.                                                underwater back somersaults. They’ll easily go the distance
                                                                          with a strong front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke.
     SWIMMER 2
     These children will be able to jump or side roll into deep           SWIMMER 6
     water, tread water, and swim (10-15 m) using either front            These swimmers will master eggbeater and scissor kicks, front
     crawl or back crawl. They’ll try ‘vertical’ whip kick and begin      crawl, breaststroke and back crawl. With the interval training
     to work on their endurance level by stepping into the world of       and sprint racing drills they’ll be ready to make the 300 m en-
     fitness interval training.                                           durance workout. And just for fun they’ll try stride jumps and
                                                                          compact jumps. Next step: on to the Canadian Swim Patrol
     SWIMMER 3
     These swimmers will dive and do forward rolls into deep
     water. Watch them learn handstands and front somersaults

     adult swimmer                                                        ADULT 2
     The Adult Swimmer Program is for beginners who may be                These swimmers are really going to develop their confidence.
     just starting out or swimmers who just want help with their          Here they’ll explore underwater skills like handstands, and
     strokes. Within the Adult Swimmer curriculum, participants           front somersaults. On top they’ll try their hand at standing
     set their own goals to develop water confidence and smooth           dives, forward rolls and “tuck” jumps. Interval and sprint
     recognizable strokes. Water Smart® education is part of all          training will help them master their newly developed front
     levels. Instructors should be prepared to adapt these items          crawl and back crawl skills.
     and awards to accommodate the needs of adult learners and
                                                                          ADULT 3
     provide the flexibility for them to select the skills they want to
                                                                          These confident swimmers will master their lifesaving kicks
     learn to achieve their personal swimming goals.
                                                                          and swimming strokes. With the interval training and sprint
     ADULT 1                                                              racing drills they’ll be ready to make the 300 m endurance
     These beginning swimmers will work on safe entries, exits            workout. Shallow dives, stride jumps and compact jumps put
     and moving through the water. When ready they’ll do floats,          some spice into class, along with underwater swims to recover
     glides and kicking on their front and back without assistance.       objects, plus underwater back somersaults.
     They’ll even explore jumping into deep water and treading
     water with their lifejackets on. Fitness drills suitable for their
     skills will increase strength and endurance.

     Fitness swimmer
     The Fitness Swimmer Program is for swimmers of any age               Participants learn to use pace clocks and timers and reach
     who want to improve their overall physical fitness in the            their target zone. They also create workouts and set fitness
     water. Fitness Swimmer provides a structured approach to             goals.
     improve physical fitness based on accepted training principles
     and practices including interval training.

                                                                            take the journey...
The 70 foot Labyrinth and park was created to promote          For more information, please contact C.O.P.E. at
mental wellness and active living. Located in a 360 degree     (780) 827-5099 or email:
panoramic mountain setting, the 1.5 km Labyrinth path          The Grande Cache labyrinth is located at the end of 104
provides an opportunity for mindfulness and walking            Street, Grande Cache.
meditation. An indoor canvas Labyrinth is also available for
community walks and educational presentations.

                                              OPEN: MONDAY - SATURDAY 8:30AM 4:30 PM
                                          LEARN HISTORY.... SEE SPECTACULAR DISPLAYS...
                                                 BROUSE OUR WONDERFUL GIFT SHOP...

                                        Grande Cache Tourism
                                        & Interpretive Centre 780.827.3300

                                                                                          Our Award W                    29
                                                                                            Tour ism Centre
               Yellowhead Regional Arts Festival Society (YRAF)

                                                                                        YELLOWHEAD REGIONAL ARTS
                                                                                                 FESTIVAL SOCIETY
                                                                                                                             Who we are ?
                             This Society was founded in 2005 to administer the                  Creative Campus works with the community to
                  “Nurturing imaginative communities”
                        Yellowhead Rotary Arts Festival, which grew out of                       coordinate, organize and enhance local and regional
                              the already successful Hinton Piano Festival and de-               activities.
                              veloped as a millennium project for the Hinton Rotary
                           Thank you to our Creative Campus partners.
                              club and now involves Jasper and Edson Rotary Clubs                Need help producing an event or organizing an arts or
                              as well. Our festival mission statement:                           cultural workshop?
                                         Teck Coal
         Town of Edson, Town of Grande Cache, Town of Hinton, Municipality of Jasper,
                               “The Yellowhead Rotary Arts Festival provides the
                                    Yellowhead County                                            Contact: Grande Cache Creative Campus Coordinator,
     The Creative Campus
                               opportunity for participants of all ages and abilities to
              Makes connections with arts and culture groups, industry partners, institutions,
                                                                                                 Yvonne Rempel 780.827.1464 or email:grandecache@
                               share their talents and receive adjudication in an
              community organizations, schools, municipal governments and volunteers   
             Looks for ways to partner and to involve as many people as possible
                              encouraging atmosphere.”
              Works with community to coordinate, organize, enhance local and regional
                                                                                                 Thank you to our Creative Campus partners:
                            The event or organizing an makes connections
            Need help producing anCreative Campusarts or cultural workshop? with arts and        Teck Coal • Town of Edson • Town of Grande Cache
                             For further information contact partners, institutions, commu-
                            culture groups, industry the                                         Town of Hinton • Municipality of Jasper • Yellow-
                            nity organizations, Coordinator
                         Grande Cache Creative Campusschools, municipal governments              head County
                Yvonne Rempel 1-780-827-1464 E-mail:
                             and volunteers. Creative Campus looks for ways to
                             partner and to involve as many people as possible.                        “Nurturing Imaginative Communities”

                                      October 5th, 2010 (tuesday) at
                                      the tourism Centre @ 3pm.

                                      Please join us for an information
                                      session to discover what Creative
                                      Campus is all about. Creative
                                      Campus is a two year pilot project
                                      to raise awareness for the arts and
                                      cultural activities in the West
                                      Yellowhead region. For further
                                      information Contact Yvonne at
                                      Creative Campus (780) 827-1464
                                      time: tBA

                                                                                                                       Yellowhead Regional Arts Festival Society (YRAF)

FAMIlY lITERACY (JANUARY 24 – FEbRUARY 04 2011)                     January 25th: Cultural Family Pot luck
                                                                    Location & Time: TBA
January 27th: Family Literacy Day – Family Literacy Day takes                                                “Nurturing imaginative
                                                                    February 1-4: Creative Writing By Ben Gould (Hinton) communities”
place annually on January 27 to encourage families to read and
                                                                                                                                  Thank you to our Creative Campus partners.
learn together all year round. We are encouraging all families to
                                                                    Father / Daughter Afternoon: Saturday March 5th
“unplug for the day” read a book, play a game go to the park.                                                                                    Teck Coal
                                                                                                                 Town of Edson, Town of Grande Cache, Town of Hinton, Municipality of Jasper,

                                                                    In Celebration of International Women’s Day @ the Golf and
                                                                                                             The Creative Campus
                                                                                                                                            Yellowhead County

                                                                                                                      Makes connections with arts and culture groups, industry partners, institutions,

                                                                    Country Club                                
                                                                                                                      community organizations, schools, municipal governments and volunteers
                                                                                                                      Looks for ways to partner and to involve as many people as possible
                                                                                                                      Works with community to coordinate, organize, enhance local and regional

                                                                    Cost: $30 Time: 1 – 4:00 PM
January 28th: Movie at Noelle’s Cinema: In Her Shoes (staring                                                       Need help producing an event or organizing an arts or cultural workshop?

                                                                    Join us for fun activities, snacks, picture opportunities,       For further information contact the

Cameron Dias, about a woman who copes with day to day life                                                                       Grande Cache Creative Campus Coordinator
                                                                                                                        Yvonne Rempel 1-780-827-1464 E-mail:

                                                                    character sketches and more… spend an afternoon with your
who cannot read) Time: TBA
                                                                    dad, grandfather, or uncle.

CREATIVE CAMPUS YOUTH PROGRAMS                                      FIlM wORKSHOP
                                                                    (Grades 7- 12)
Creative Writing Workshop
                                                                    Coming this fall (Hinton) contact Yvonne at Creative Campus
(Grades k – 12)
                                                                    for more details 827-1464
Instructor: Ben Gould (Hinton)
The author of nine books, all having to do with the Rockies
                                                                    bEADING ClASSES – JEwEllERY
in one way or another. These are mostly nonfiction – most
                                                                    (grades 7- 12)
well-known is Handbook of the Canadian Rockies – plus a best-
                                                                    Instructor: Kathy Wanyandie
selling novel, Raven’s End.
                                                                    Date: October & November 2010
Date: February 1- 4, 2011
                                                                    Cost: TBA
Cost: TBA
                                                                    Contact Yvonne at Creative Campus 827-1464 to register
Contact Yvonne at Creative Campus 827-1464 to register an
afternoon with your dad, grandfather, or uncle.

(grades 5-8)
Instructor: Local Restaurateurs & Individuals
Date: TBA – Afterschool or evenings
Cost: TBA based on interest
If you are interested in joining please contact Yvonne at
Creative Campus 827-1464

     CREATIVE CAMPUS YOUTH PROGRAMS                                                STORYTEllING bY RObERT GUEST
                                                                                   Telling stories of local legends and folklore
                                                                                   Location: Public Library Dates: TBA
     (grades 4-8)
                                                                                   Cost: Free
     Location: Summitview School
                                                                                   If you are interested please contact
     Supervisor: Tracey Mitchell
                                                                                   Yvonne at Creative Campus 827-1464
     Times & Dates: TBA – Sept 2010. – May 2011                                                                                          Yellowhead Regional Arts Festival Society (YRAF)

     For further information contact Tracey 827-2946                               ZEN MOSAIC TIlING
                                                                                   Youth Choir Workshop
     JOIN A YOUTH “bOOK ClUb”                                                      Instructor: TBA
     Date: Starting in October 2010                                                Date: October / November
     Location: Public Library Time: TBA                                            Cost: TBA Location: TBA
     If you are interested in joining please contact Yvonne at Cre-
     ative Campus 827-1464                                                         Photography • Coral Speech • Sculpting with Clay Youth
                                                                                                                 “Nurturing imaginative communities”
                                                                                   Drama Workshops • Guitar
                                                                                                                                                    Thank you to our Creative Campus partners.

     CREATIVE CAMPUS IN PARTNERSHIP wITH                                           Time: TBA
     COMMUNITY ADUlT lEARNING wORKSHOP &                                           If you are interested in joining please contact Yvonne at Cre-                   Teck Coal
                                                                                                                                    Town of Edson, Town of Grande Cache, Town of Hinton, Municipality of Jasper,
                                                                                                                                                               Yellowhead County
     COURSES                                                                       ative Campus 827-1464           The Creative Campus
                                                                                                                                       Makes connections with arts and culture groups, industry partners, institutions,
                                                                                                                                        community organizations, schools, municipal governments and volunteers
                                                                                                                                       Looks for ways to partner and to involve as many people as possible
     ClAY & FAbRIC TRAVEllING DISPlAY                                              ZEN MOSAIC TIlING - STEPPING STONES                 Works with community to coordinate, organize, enhance local and regional

     October 4-6                                                                   Instructors: Anna Carnell & Ursula Winklarevent or organizing an arts or cultural workshop?
                                                                                                                   Need help producing an

     For three days clay and fabric artworks from the Yellowhead                                                                                          For further information contact the
                                                                                   PHOTOGRAPHY                                    Grande Cache Creative Campus Coordinator
     region - Edson Jasper Hinton and Grande Cache and area - will                                                       Yvonne Rempel 1-780-827-1464 E-mail:
                                                                                   Instructor: Brian Carnell (Hinton)
     be on display at the Tourism Centre in Grande Cache. This
                                                                                   Workshops: Basic Concepts of Photography Photographing
     event to showcase the artists that can be found in the region and
                                                                                   the Rocky Mountains
     to raise awareness for the Yellowhead Regional Arts Festival.
                                                                                   Cost: $ 75 per person (4 hr workshops)
     This is the largest mixed genre festival in Alberta. These travel-
                                                                                   Dates: October 2010 Contact Yvonne at Creative Campus 827-
     ing exhibitions will move from community to community each
                                                                                   1464 to register or for further Details.
     fall to raise awareness for the annual spring festival.
     JOIN A “bOOK ClUb”                                                            Sculpting with Clay • Guitar workshop • Creative Writing
     Date: Starting in October 2010                                                Workshop • Choir
     Location: Noelle’s Café

                                                          Is your life affected by someone’s addiction?

                                                                                          ’re Not Alone

                                                            Is there someone you care about struggling with addictions and is it affecting
                                                            you? You are not alone. Grande Cache department of Wellness with the support
                                                            of AHS Addiction Services, is here to help. Wednesday evenings at the Wellness
                                                            Office. 6:30 – 7:30pm information and discussion group.
                                                              Town of
                                                             Grande Cache
                                                                  in the canadian rockies

                                                            Stop by and join our group and find out that you really are not alone for further
                                                              Town of
                                                              Grande Cache
                                                            information call Joan at 780.827-2296
                                                                  in the canadian rockies

SEMINARS                                   quick to learn... quick to use...
FALL 2010
If you’re starting or expanding a business and looking for              OUR PRESENTERS:
direction, you can’t afford to miss these great training sessions       All of our presenters are both professionals in their fields and
designed to save you time and money.                                    experienced speakers. Many are successful entrepreneurs
                                                                        themselves and all are eager to share their knowledge.
Value for your money! For your investment of three hours                REGISTRATION:
and $40, you’ll walk away with practical information and                Pre-registration for seminars is required, and payment must
ideas to help you in your business planning.                            be made in advance in order to secure registration.
NEw THIS SEASON:                                                        All sessions are held at the Grande Cache Tourism & Interpretive
• Registration required for ALL sessions! Seating is limited.           Centre. Call 827-3300 for more information.
  Be sure to secure your place.
                                                                        Please visit for detailed description on
• New times and durations for various sessions
• New fee of $40 for select sessions – the rest are FREE

  Date           time                               seminar                                                             COst
  Sept. 7        1:00 pm - 3:00 pm                  Income Tax Basics for Sole Propreitors and Partnerships             Free
  Sept. 8        12:00 pm - 3:30 pm                 Preparing a Business Plan                                           $40.00
  Sept. 9        12:00 pm - 2:00 pm                 Web Design that Works                                               Free
  Sept. 9        6:00 pm - 8:00 pm                  How to Prepare for the Bank                                         Free
  Sept. 14       1:00 pm - 3:00 pm                  How to Buy a Business                                               Free
  Sept. 15       9:00 am - 12:30 pm                 Do-It-Yourself Incorporation                                        $40.00
  Sept. 16       1:00 pm - 3:00 pm                  I have a Brand                                                      Free
  Sept. 16       6:00 pm - 8:00 pm                  Social Media: Part of a Balanced Marketing Breakfast                Free
  Sept. 19       12:00 pm - 3:30 pm                 Promotional Strategies: Create Buzz for your Business               $40.00
  Sept. 21       9:00 am - 11:00 pm                 Income Tax Basics for Incorporated Businesses                       Free
  Sept. 21       1:00 pm - 3:00 pm                  How to Sell Your Family Business                                    Free
  Sept. 22       12:00 pm - 3:30 pm                 Starting Your Business                                              $40.00
  Sept. 28       1:00 pm - 3:00 pm                  Accounting for a Small Business                                     Free
  Oct. 5         1:00 pm - 3:00 pm                  GST Basics                                                          Free
  Oct. 13        1:00 pm - 3:00 pm                  Financing a Small Business                                          Free
  Oct. 18        12:00 pm - 1:00 pm                 Greening Your Business                                              Free
  Oct. 19        9:00 am - 11:00 pm                 Payroll Basics                                                      Free
  Oct. 20        1:00 pm - 3:00 pm                  Online Marketing for Local Businesses                               Free
  Oct. 21        12:00 pm - 3:30 pm                 Do-It-Yourself Incorporation                                        $40.00
  Oct. 27        12:00 pm - 2:00 pm                 I have a Brand?                                                     Free
  Nov. 2         1:00 pm - 3:00 pm                  Income Tax Basics for Incorporated Businesses                       Free
  Nov. 4         6:00 pm - 9:30 pm                  Starting Your Business                                              $40.00
  Nov. 10        1:00 pm - 3:00 pm                  Web Design that Works                                               Free
  Nov. 16        9:00 am - 11:00 pm                 GST Basics                                                          Free
  Nov. 16        1:00 pm - 3:00 pm                  Five Steps to Super Profits                                         Free
  Nov. 17        1:00 pm - 3:00 pm                  How to Prepare for the Bank                                         Free
  Nov. 18        6:00 pm - 9:30 pm                  Promotional Strategies: Create Buzz for your Business               $40.00
  Nov. 25        6:00 pm - 9:30 pm                  Do-It-Yourself Incorporation                                        $40.00
  Dec. 2         12:00 pm - 1:00 pm                 Green Graphic Design                                                Free
  Dec. 9         6:00 pm - 9:30 pm                  Preparing a Business Plan                                           $40.00
  Dec. 16        12:00 pm - 3:30 pm                 Basic Market Research                                               $40.00

                                                              Not all kids have the opportunity to be involved in
                                                              sports. For those who dream of hitting a homerun,
                                                              playing goalie, shooting hoops, taking one for the
                                                              team and making new friends, it’s all possible through
                                                              Kidsport. For a happier, healthier lifestyle for Alberta
                                                              kids, Kidsport makes a difference.

                                KidsPOrt... sO All Kids CAN PlAY!
     We believe that no kid should be left on the sidelines and all     KidSport issues funds directly to the sport organization or
     should be given the opportunity to experience the positive         community association on behalf of the child.
     benefits of organized sports. KidSport™ provides support to        When is the deadline to apply?
     children in order to remove financial barriers that prevent them   It’s best to submit your application to KidSport as soon as you
     from playing organized sport.                                      register your child in the sport program.
     How does KidSport help?                                            Programs that are complete are not eligible for funding and
     KidSport provides grants to children from families facing          KidSport cannot reimburse the family for fees already paid to
     financial barriers so they can participate in registered sport     the sport organization.
     programs.                                                          How to apply to KidSport:
     KidSport supports programs that provide the child with a           1. Contact KidSport Grande Cache or KidSport Alberta to get
     sustained sport experience led by qualified instructors.           an application form. Application forms are also available on our
     Who is eligible to receive a KidSport grant?                       website
     Families that are on a low income, unemployed, on AISH,            2. Find a sport program your child would like to join and
     currently receiving income support through provincial              register him/her.
     government are all considered eligible.                            3. Complete the KidSport Grande Cache application form to
     KidSport considers social and economic barriers facing the         request a grant towards registration fees
     child’s family when determining eligibility.                       and /or assistance with equipment.
                                                                        4. Mail or fax the completed application to KidSport Grande
     Grants are for children under the age of 18 years.                 Cache.
     What does a KidSport grant cover?                                  5. Application is reviewed by KidSport within 14 days. Cheques
                                                                        for approved applications are mailed to the sport club within
     KidSport Grande Cache provides financial support up to
                                                                        two weeks of the review date.
     $500 per child per calendar year (Jan.-Dec.) towards sport
                                                                        KidSport Grande Cache serves children and youth under the
     registration fees.
                                                                        age of 18 living in the Town of Grande Cache or within a 50km
     If the child needs equipment for the sport program, we will        radius. For more information, contact us: KidSport Grande
     make a referral to our partner agency, The Brick Sport Central.    Cache c/o Recreation Department Attn: Duane Didow
     What are the funding arrangements?                                 Box 446 Grande Cache, AB T0E 0Y0 Phone: 780.827.2446

                                                                        The Grande Cache Recreation Centre offers a wide range of
     Parks and recreation opportunities are essential for               recreation and wellness programs. To make Grande Cache a
     strengthening and maintaining a healthy community. The             strong, healthy, vibrant community to live in we encourage
     positive impacts can be seen throughout the entire                 everyone to participate, however, we recognize barriers to
     community. Recreation brings neighbors together,                   participation exist. Common barriers include lack of time,
     promotes regular physical activity, encourages cleaner and         childcare, finances, equipment, and knowledge of programs.
     safer neighborhoods, and creates a livelier community
     atmosphere. Balanced participation in recreation, through          If you have any concerns regarding participating in any of
     play, culture and arts, leisure learning, and sport, helps         our programs there are options. Please contact the
     develop our physical, social, creative, intellectual and           Recreation Centre to find out what options are available to
     spiritual needs.                                                   you and your family. 780-827-2446
                                                             the crowning jewel...
GRANDE CACHE TOURISM & INTERPRETIVE CENTRE                                also offered, so that one can sit in comfort to check for
- Attraction                                                              messages from loved ones. There is an airy art studio
                                                                          adjoining the gallery that is used by the local Palette Pals Art
CENTRE                                                                    Club. On the opposite side there is the Chamber Room that
                                                                          is used by local businesses and organisations for various
Grande Cache Tourism & Interpretive Centre is the crowning
                                                                          meetings, workshops and other relevant functions.
jewel of achievement for tourism in Grande Cache. It is
strategically placed on Highway 40, the busy route to Alaska              The whole area is flooded with light from the many windows
taken by many visitors from all over the world. Closer to                 that allow one to enjoy the spectacular view of the mountains
home, it is a great launching point for gathering information             in the adjacent Willmore Wilderness Park. One can also step
about the area, before one begins a voyage of discovery. In               out onto the balcony, which runs the width of the building,
2009, it was voted as the third most favourite centre to visit in         in order to enjoy the fresh air, sunshine or to view the painted
Alberta, by readers of the R.V. West magazine.                            mountain panels, which help one to have a closer informed
                                                                          look at the scenery.
Without the vision and determination of the grassroots
Tourism Board back in the early 1990’s, this beautiful                    This building with its wonderful acoustics, has hosted a thirty
building with the distinctive ‘red roof’ would not exist. The             six-piece orchestra providing an hour’s concert. It offers
Chamber of Commerce, Grande Cache Historical Society and                  tours and educational films in its movie theatre. It has seen
many dedicated volunteers worked tirelessly to bring the idea             book launches, open houses and cheese and wine functions,
to completion and the Town also stepped in, to play a                     where up to two hundred people have filled its spacious
significant role. The Centre was primarily funded by                      central interior.
provincial government grants, as well as vital financing by
local industry. It is now an ongoing municipal project. No                During the summer, the blue bus of Wild Blue Yonder
mean feat for a little town of 4200 residents, tucked away in             is parked next to the building to provide the office and
an isolated area of the northern Rockies.                                 starting point for white water rafting adventures. A chuck
                                                                          wagon providing fast food is also parked to the side for any
Its humble beginnings can be seen in the ’little brown                    hungry passer-by.
building’ now tucked safely away in the back by the parking
lot. Ralph Klein, the Alberta Premier of the time, officially             The latest addition to this educational centre is the Bird’s Eye
opened the present structure in 1996. Many dignitaries                    View Interpretive Park, which curves around the end of the
attended, as it coincided with the event of celebrating the               parking lot. This is the vision of the Historical Society and has
official completion of the ‘new’ highway from Grande Cache                been five years in the making. Again, its existence is
to Grande Prairie.                                                        owed to many within the community. t consists of a
                                                                          meandering wheel chair friendly trail with interpretive signs
This Centre is open year round and is remarkably versatile in             along the way. There is a picnic pavilion and two gazebos,
what it has to offer both in the way of content and activity.             historical forestry buildings from days gone by and structures
The building consists of two floors. On the main level, there             of Aboriginal heritage, some of which are open for viewing
is a tourism booth, museum section with archives, wildlife                during the summer. The most impressive building on this lot
and industry displays, a gift shop with adjoining washroom                is the grandiose fur cache, which heralds the town’s name and
facilities, an intimate theatre and administrative offices.               greets the traveller as they come up the hill into town. At night
                                                                          this structure is under lit, alongside a lovely sign welcoming
On the mezzanine level, the Esson Gale art gallery runs
                                                                          people into Grande Cache.
around an open plan, so that one can look over the railing for
a different perspective of the floor below. The gallery hosts
both local artists work as well as travelling exhibits. Wi-Fi is
           dAtE:                        EVENt:                          lOCAtiON:
                                        Earth & Fabric tour (Clay &
           October 4th - 6th ~ 3:00pm                                   tourism Centre
                                        Quilting show and sale
           October 7th ~ 11:30 - 1pm    Connectworking

                                                                        Noelle’s Café
                                        Chamber of Commerce Hosting
           October 13th ~ 7:00pm                                        legion
                                        Election Forum
                                        “denim & diamonds” Fun
           October 16th ~ 7:00pm                                        golf Course
           October 18th ~ 10am -8pm     municipal Election              Council Chambers

           October 23rd                 Kevin martin - Curling Clinic

                                        “Halloweekend” in grande
           October 29th to 31st                                         tBA
                                        Cache! Haunted Hayride

           dAtE:                        EVENt:                          lOCAtiON:
           November 6th                 dinner theatre “rodeo riders”   golf Club

           November 13th ~ 11am -       Christmas Farmers market        tBA

           November 17th ~ 7pm          Chamber of Commerce Elections   grande Cache Hotel

           November 26th                stood up day                    tBA

           November (tBA)               Akasaka Figure skating          recreation Centre

           November 29th - december     12th Annual Festival of trees   shoppers Park mall

           dAtE:                        EVENt:                          lOCAtiON:

           december 2nd                 rocky the ram “light up”        rocky the ram Park

           december 15th                Chamber of Commerce             tBA
                                        Christmas dinner
           december 20th                iceburg swim                    recreation Centre

           december 24th                Christmas Eve Pool swim         recreation Centre

           dAtE:                        EVENt:                          lOCAtiON:

           February (tBA)               Arts & Cultural Film Festival   tBA

           February 14th                Valentines Youth dance          tBA

           February 21st                Family day Activities           tBA
                                        rocky rodders Family day
           February 21st                                                grande Cache lake
                                        ice Fishing tournament

           February (tBA)               stood up day                    tBA

           march 19th                   st. Patrick’s day Activities    tBA

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