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Review of the latest PS3 Fix guide


									Review of the latest PS3 Fix guide

If you are an avid video game player and currently own a Playstation 3 gaming console you have no
doubt heard about in various magazines and technical websites or even had the misfortune to
experience the red, yellow, or green light of death and the problems of getting a PS3 fix when being
out of warranty and having to pay for expensive repairs each time this error keeps reoccurring.

Having some sort of knowledge in this unfortunate situation can help any Playstation 3 console
owner greatly, and is sure to save anyone sometimes hundreds of dollars in repair costs. Especially
when this same internal hardware problem keeps occuring over and over again.

To the rescue comes a video and tutorial course called the PS3 Manual created by Peter Williams a
certified Playstation repair technician, which aims to provide a PS3 fix at home method.

The PS3 Manual includes videos and a step by step guide to stripping down your Playstation 3
console, so you yourself with equipment found in any home can set about the task of a complete
PS3 fix.

The PS3 manual contains clear and concise videos included in the PS3 fix guide, which are very
professional in their presentation, with some good narration and easy to follow visual instructions
that anyone can follow.

The videos showed the entire process of stripping down a Playstation 3 right from taking off
peripherals such as the Blu-Ray Drive and faceplate right through to removing and replacing the
heat sink on the processor inside your PS3.

The videos then went onto show the various ways of correctly fixing the entire range of errors that
can happen with the Playstation 3 such as the various PS3 errors beginning with 8001, 8002, 8071
and all the various red, yellow and green light of death problems that occur.

Also included in the PS3 fix guide is an ebook which has several chapters each describing every
part of the video course, giving highly detailed instructions to performing each task and equipment
needed to successfully fix your Playstation 3 with relative ease.

Nothing is left out of the ebook and every possible method is given real professional and detailed
instructions which is genuinely a valuable reference resource for anyone to learn the complete setup
of the various hardware components used inside a standard Playstation 3 Console.

Anyone taking time to fully read through everything contained in the PS3 Fix guide, which will
take about two hours of watching the tutorial videos and reading through the PS3 Manual guide,
should be confident enough to set about finding the correct tools and be fully capable of stripping
down a Playstation 3 performing the necessary PS3 Fix and then rebuilding the Playstation 3 to a
fully working condition.

If you are a Playstation 3 owner that suffers from recurring hardware problems and are sick and
tired of paying for ridiculously over priced console repairs, then arming yourself with the
knowledge to perform a full PS3 fix will in the long run save you lots of money by just purchasing
this PS3 Manual.

For more information on how to fix your Playstation 3, read our PS3 Fix guide blog page.

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