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Fundraiser for Student Chapter
Golf Tournament
Contributed by Tyler Whaley, former Student Chapter President,
California State University, Long Beach

        Name of University
        Contact Person and Information

        Overview of Event
    Amount of Money Expected to be Raised by Event:      $1,500-$5,000
    Amount of Seed Money Needed:                         Reservation fee’s vary, final amount usually due around the
                                                         day of the tournament
    Number of Students Needed to Coordinate Event:       1 captain, at least 5 to follow up phone calls, group of 4 to get
    Number of Students Needed to Run Event (Volunteers): 2 at help/registration table at all times, 2 for drink cart, (it is
                                                         good to show up with a lot of students not only to network but
                                                         to show that they appreciate the money)
    Time Required from Start to Finish:                  6 months+

        Description of Event
    The ASCE Student Chapter Annual Golf Tournament alone could provide the major funding for the entire school year if
    run effectively. Consider adding a raffle and the t-shirt/sweatshirt fundraiser in addition to the tournament itself to
    maximize benefits.

    Don’t rule anyone out until they have personally told you that they are not interested. You never know until you ask. The
    key to a good tournament is to make sure everyone has fun: workers and participants. The event is not about the
    competition, it is about having fun playing golf and raising money for the chapter.

        Step-by-Step Procedure for Event
    1) Locate golf course, it is best to contact as many as possible, do not limit your options. Most courses need
       reservations over 6 months in advance of the tournament
    2) Organize students into those that are good with flyers, phone calls, etc.
    3) Set Date and determine type of tournament scoring system (ie Modified scramble)
    4) Determine your target market (ie local companies or school alumni) and group student chapter to pool a mass
       mailing list
    5) Mail out a “Save the Date” notice as soon as the date is set
    6) Begin soliciting to local businesses for prize donations, the raffle tickets usually bring in around $300-$500.
7)                 .
     It is important to mail out a first notice 3-4 months in advance to allow companies to include the cost into the
     quarter business plan. The first notice should include a discount for signing up early and a deadline to pay by. The
     first mailer needs to be flashy to catch the market.
8) The second mailer should go out about 2 months in advance and needs to reflect that the tournament is filling up
9) Phone calls are the best way to secure players. Follow up calls to every invitation is a necessity. Especially calls to
    those who have already paid, make them feel like they are being taken care of. This will also avoid any last minute
10) A month in advance the specific roles for students should be assigned for the day of the event. Some will be
    comfortable at the registration/help table, others will be good with serving drinks from the cart.
11) Prearrange with the Branch and Section to post tournament results on websites and newsletters to provide
    additional recognition to those who contributed.

     Helpful Hints and Information
Key factors to emphasize:
1) Give as many thank you that you can to the hole sponsors, make sure the companies get what they paid for.
2) Emphasize in the flyer the plans to spend the money, detail the projects such as the steel bridge and concrete canoe
    and show the participants that there money is a key factor to the development of these programs.
3) It would be a good idea to couple this event with the T-shirt/Sweatshirt fundraiser and sell these at the tournament.
    You might also build a little into the cost in order to provide apparel to the players, which in turn might generate
    additional sales if you have a table with order forms handy.
4) The course will allow you to set up any display you would like, and it is encouraged to show off everything possible
    from conferences successes, photo albums of community service, etc.
5) Have a sign-up sheet handy to try and get speakers for meetings to help with your annual report.
6) It is good to show up with as many students as possible, not only to network but to show an appreciation of the

Notes on types of play choices:
1) Modified Scramble –

Notes on possible dollar amounts to set up:
1) Four costs need to be established:
    a) cost for an individual - $125
    b) cost for a group of four - $400
    c) cost for a hole sponsor - $100
    d) cost for firm to sponsor a hole and send four players - $450

Costs will vary based on the course and their base price per player. Try to get a deal that includes lunch and add $25-
$50 to go toward the school. Some courses will throw in a free round of golf to the tournament winner as their donation
to a non-profit organization such as ASCE.
Small companies will often sponsor a hole for $100 or so since they cannot afford to send four golfers to the tournament.
If this is the case, be sure to send them a thank you certificate, a sign on the course by the hole they are sponsoring and
special recognition in any brochure/website results of the tournament.