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					                                               TIA FAX
                             May 19, 2008 • Volume 11, Number 5

2008 TIA HALL OF FAME NOMINATIONS                                              placing your reservation to receive the discounted rate of $180 plus
                                                                               tax, single/double.
TIA will be accepting nominations for the 2008 Hall of Fame
May 1 through July 1, 2008. The Hall of Fame is open to individuals            A tentative schedule is listed below. Please visit www.tireindustry.org
in the tire industry, including manufacturers, inventors, publishers,          for information on TIA’s special events and ticket information.
equipment suppliers, tire association executives, tire dealers, tire and
rubber recyclers, and retreaders. The “Historical Contributors”                MONDAY, NOVEMBER 3
category recognizes those individuals who have been out of the                 11:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.                      Annual Membership Meeting
industry for at least 20 years or more. At this point in time, they may                                                           (open to all members)
be retired, deceased, or may have begun their career in the tire               6:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.                                Welcome Reception
industry and then moved on to a different industry. Inductees are                                             (open to all members and show attendees)
chosen based on the following criteria: their contributions to new             TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4
ideas, practices, and/or innovations that promote the health and well-         6:45 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.                     TIA Breakfast with the President
being of the tire industry; their exemplary and distinguished service in                                      (open to all members and show attendees)
the tire industry; and respect of their peers. Contributions in civic,         9:00 a.m. – 5: 00 p.m.            Tires, Wheels & Equipment/SEMA Show
cultural, educational, or charitable endeavors will be considered, but         2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.                             “Tires at Two” Seminars
are not a primary consideration as attributes for selection. A                 WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 5
nomination form is available on the TIA website www.tireindustry.org,          9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Tires, Wheels & Equipment/SEMA Show
or you can contact the TIA office at 800-876-8372, ext. 109.                   2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.                “Tires at Two” Seminars
                                                                               THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 6
                                                                               9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.             Tires, Wheels & Equipment/SEMA Show
TIRES, WHEELS & EQUIPMENT (TWE)                                                2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.                            “Tires at Two” Seminars
AT THE SEMA SHOW                                                               FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 7
November 4-7, 2008                                                             9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.             Tires, Wheels & Equipment/SEMA Show
Las Vegas Convention Center • Las Vegas, Nevada
                  Register Today for the Tires, Wheels &                       ADDITIONAL TIA CONFERENCES TO REMEMBER
                  Equipment/SEMA Show. You may register online
                  at www.tireindustry.org and follow the links to              TIA’S COMMERCIAL TIRE, RETREAD &
                  SEMA’s website to register for the trade show, or go         RECYCLING CONFERENCE (CTRRC)
                  directly to www.semashow.com. For qualified                  February 10-12, 2009
                  buyers before October 24, the registration fee is $15        Rosen Centre Hotel • Orlando, Florida
                  online and $25 via fax or mail, with the exception of                               Mark your calendars! For the third year, TIA
                  non-exhibiting manufacturers, which is $200 per               COMMERCIAL TIRE,
                                                                                                      is co-locating the Commercial Tire, Retread &
                  person. After October 24, registration will be $60                                  Recycling Conference two-day educational
                                                                                        RETREAD &
                  (US) on-site or via online registration. Advance fees                               program with the American Trucking
are payable by credit card or check only. All registrations are subject                 RECYCLING     Associations’ (ATA) Technology & Maintenance
to review and approval by Show Management.                                                            Council (TMC) Annual Meeting and Trade
                                                                                      CONFERENCE      Show. This is North America’s largest
TIA’s host hotel, Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, is accepting
online reservations. To reserve a room online, visit their website at                                 gathering of fleet maintenance professionals
https://reg.itsmeetings.com/its/0811AAWLAS/start.asp?group=TIA or              and this combination of organizations provides an opportunity for you
by calling 800-967-8852 – be sure to mention you are with TIA when                                        continued on next page

                                                         TIA FAX is a service for members of the Tire Industry Association. This fax was sent to you because you
                                                         are a member, customer, client or other stakeholder of TIA. If you believe you have received this fax in
                                                         error, or no longer wish to receive our faxes, e-mail vcunningham@tireindustry.org with Remove From Fax
                                                         List in the subject line, or call 800-876-8372, ext. 120. TIA FAX is distributed the 3rd Monday of each
                                                         month. Send suggestions and news releases to vcunningham@tireindustry.org, or fax to 301-430-7283.
                                                         Contact TIA at: 1532 Pointer Ridge Place, Suite G, Bowie, Maryland 20716-1883
                                                         Phone: 800-876-8372 or 301-430-7280 • Website: www.tireindustry.org
TIA FAX May 19, 2008
to meet and interact with buyers in the trucking industry, as well as       when comparing the U.S. to Australia and Canada. If your store handles
with professionals from the commercial tire, retreading, and tire and       $100K a month in credit card charges, a one-half percent reduction in
rubber recycling industries.                                                the interchange rate would save you $6000 a year per location. The
                                                                            banks in this country now make anywhere from two to three times as
TIA’S OFF-THE-ROAD (OTR) CONFERENCE                                         much money as oil companies based on cents earned per dollar of
February 19-21, 2009                                                        sales. The testimony of attorneys representing Visa, MasterCard and
Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort & Spa • San Antonio, Texas                the banks was disingenuous at best. Although the U.S. Public Interest
                                                                            Research Group (USPIRG), perhaps the strongest consumer advocacy
                        Registration is currently open for TIA’s Off-the-   group in the country, testified in favor of the bill, the aforementioned
                        Road (OTR) Conference. The OTR Conference           attorneys claimed serious consumer harm if this bill were to pass.
      1955-2009         provides you an opportunity to network with         Although this was the first hearing on the actual bill, it is the second
                        hundreds of top executives and buyers in the        hearing on the subject and Chairman Conyers (D-MI) expressed a
                        OTR market. Please make your plans early…           strong interest in holding more hearings. As it was stated by an owner
                        the 2008 OTR Conference hotel was a sell-out!       of a chain of stores during testimony, “a little sunshine can be the best
                        Visit www.tireindustry.org for registration and     disinfectant.” Stay tuned on this one.
                        conference information.
                                                                            Our hats are off to Stan Morin, Dick Cole, Barry Steinberg and many
TRAINING                                                                    other Massachusetts tire dealers who rallied for a state Right to Repair
                                                                            bill in Boston on May 13th. By most counts, there were close to 100
Tire Safety Starts Here hats now available! These high-quality, black       folks from the repair industry roaming the halls of the state capitol in
twill hats come with the Certified Tire Service Patch embroidered on        a great showing of grassroots concern. The group made a positive
the front, and the Tire Safety Starts Here slogan on the back. These are    impression on the legislators and now the real lobbying begins. If
available to TIA Member Locations who employ at least one Certified         you’re a Massachusetts dealer, please contact your legislator and let
ATS or CTS Technician or Instructor. For eligibility and pricing, please    them know how important Right to Repair is to your shop. Otherwise,
call Christine Bell, Director of Training, at 800-876-8372, ext. 106, or    your TPMS problems are only going to get worse. If you need
email cbell@tireindustry.org.                                               assistance with contacting your legislators, please call Paul Fiore at
                                                                            800-876-8372, ext. 102.
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On Thursday, May 15, TIA attended the Antitrust & Competition Policy
Task Force of the House Judiciary Committee hearing on H.R. 5546,
the Credit Card Fair Fee Act. The testimony given posed an interesting
dilemma for the assembled committee members with a surprising
number in attendance. The bill has drawn 32 bipartisan co-sponsors
and we believe it is an interesting indicator of Republicans who are
comfortable backing small business in a battle against big business.
The dilemma refers to the Republican philosophy of smaller
government and as little interference as possible in business
transaction. We salute every Republican representative who signed on
as a co-sponsor for the ability to appreciate the struggle and show
some flexibility. The numbers at stake are huge, even for our smaller
members. The interchange rate (the percentage set by the Visa/MC
association of banks as a basis) can vary by as much as one percent

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