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									              Hosting Services — Data Storage
              CDW’s hosted storage solutions offer on-demand storage capacity and                                  • Individual, network-attached drives for the end customers of the SAN
              management services designed to quickly enable new applications or                                     created through logical unit numbers (LUNS) — virtual slices of an array
              manage and accommodate storage growth for existing applications and                                  • Between 200 and 300MBps per second of data transfer with Fibre
              data. These solutions help you meet your data availability objectives while                            Channel, traditional data transfer architecture
              scaling to your business needs.
                                                                                                                   • Proven SAN design by following Cisco’s network architecture model
              Our storage solutions are delivered via a fully redundant Cisco storage
              area network (SAN), an IBM Storage Volume Controller (SVC) and IBM                                   • Failover to a protected path when the working path fails through the
              disk. The diagram below illustrates our storage environment.                                           use of a Subsystem Device Driver (SDD)
              Our SAN offers you the following benefits:                                                           • Optimal performance through the SDD’s ability to balance the I/O load
                                                                                                                     on both A/B redundant paths
              • Complete path redundancy from the host to the storage layer
                                                                                                                   • Physical disk abstraction with an SVC for enhanced management of the
              • Full internal physical redundancy, 2Gbps I/O rate, 2GB battery backed                                SAN with utilities designed to improve resizing and copying LUNs as
                up cache, intelligent communication with hosts to facilitate failover, and                           well as maximize controller and disk performance across our multiple
                load balancing through the use of storage controllers                                                storage controllers
              • Managed transfer of information between the host computer’s bus and                                You can choose between CDW-provisioned, usage-based solutions or a
                the Fibre Channel loop with a host bus adapter                                                     customer-dedicated, CDW-managed solution.
              • Fault-tolerant RAID arrays that span drive chassis: one hot spare drive
                (HS) is designated for every two chassis

              CDW Storage Environment

                             HBA 1
Ethernet                             Fibre Channel
                    S   A                               Cisc
                                                            o 37
                    D        HBA 2                              50 A
                                     Fibre Channel
    LUN 04          D    B
    200 GB                                                               Fibre Channel      Cisco
                                                                                                       950                                         Fibre Channel
                                                                                          Fiber A 9
                                                                                          Fiber nel
                                                                                                Chan Ports           Fibre Channel                                                     Fibre Channel
                                                                                                     nel P                                                                                                              10
                                                                                                          orts                                                                                                       P7

                                                        Cisc                                                               IBM                               Con
                             HBA 1
                                     Fibre Channel          o 37                                                                 SVC                        IBM troller A
Ethernet                A                                       50 B                                                                   Nod                       Sto                                                    10
                    S                                                                                                                     e1                   Serv rage Con                                       EX
                    D        HBA 2                                                                                                                            DS 4 er IBM troller B
                                     Fibre Channel                                                                                                                 800       Sto
    LUN 04          D    B                                                                                                 IBM                                             Serv rage
                                                                                                                                 SVC                                      DS 4 er
    200 GB                                                             Fibre Channel                                                   Nod                                     800                                      10
                                                                                                                                          e2                                                                         P7

                                                        Cisc                                                                                                                           Fibre Channel               EX
                                                            o 37
                                                                50 A                        Cisco
                             HBA 1                                                                     950
Ethernet                A
                                     Fibre Channel                                        Fiber B 9              Fibre Channel
                    S                                                                           Chan                                                                                              Fibre Channel
                                                        Cisc                              Fiber nel
                    D        HBA 2                          o 37                                Chan Ports
                                     Fibre Channel              50 B                                 nel P                                                Fibre Channel
    LUN 02          D    B                                                                                orts
    200 GB

             Host Layer                              Distribution Layer                  Core Layer                 Virtualization Layer                                                                   Storage Layer

                                                                                                                                                                                                   — continued —

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Usage-based Solutions
You can choose between archive, primary and high-performance class disk solutions, and pay for only the amount of disk used in a given month.

                Task                                  Archive                                Primary                          High Performance
 Minimum GB footprint                                  100GB                                  100GB                                  500GB
 Disk Type                                              SATA                              Fibre Channel                          Fibre Channel
 Disk Configuration                                    RAID 5                                 RAID 5                                 RAID 5
 Controller                                           DS4100                                 DS4800                                 DS4800
                                                  18MBps Read                            144MBps Read                           288MBps Read
 supported i/o
                                                  9.5MBps Write                          117MBps Write                          234MBps Write
 Availability Guarantee                               99.99%                                 99.99%                                 99.99%
                                          Yes (T&M charges for planning          Yes (T&M charges for planning          Yes (T&M charges for planning
 flash Copy support
                                               and implementation)                    and implementation)                    and implementation)
                                               Archived data that is               Web hosting, small business          Intensive database applications,
 Application example
                                                 rarely accessed                             e-mail                          ERP, enterprise e-mail

Customer-dedicated Solutions
If the performance characteristics of the CDW hosted disk offerings are not a match for you, you can choose to buy or lease a customer-dedicated
controller and disk. CDW will place this controller and disk in the CDW storage fabric and manage the infrastructure on your behalf. This solution
gives you complete configuration control over your environment.

                Task                                Dedicated
 Minimum GB footprint                               Your Choice
 Disk Type                                          Your Choice
 Disk Configuration                                 Your Choice
 Controller                             IBM DS series (approved by CDW)
                                               Depends on controller
 supported i/o
                                               and disk configuration
 Availability Guarantee                               99.99%
                                               Yes, subject to space
 flash Copy support                        constraints; T&M charges for
                                           planning and implementation

                                   Contact your CDW account manager for more information.

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