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dedicated business continuity fa


									     DeDicaTeD BuSineSS conTinuiTy
     FaciliTy ProDucT DeScriPTion

inTroDucTion                                                 ShareD FaciliTieS
The Jersey Telecom Business continuity Service               all Business continuity suites have access to the
provides a comfortable and secure office environment         following facilities:
to enable businesses to continue their normal
                                                             • access to photocopier
activities in a disaster situation.
                                                             • use of shared toilets / restrooms
DeDicaTeD oFFice FaciliTy                                    • use of shared kitchen / eating facilities
Jersey Telecom can supply any or all of the following
                                                             TelePhone SySTem oPTionS
in a dedicated office suite:                                 Various options are available, however the standard
                                                             suite set up would be as follows:
• one 1.4 metre office desk with pedestal drawer
  storage per seat                                           • 1 x telephone handset / extension per seat contracted
• 1 x office chair per desk                                  • 1 x operator console per suite
• a minimum of 1 x low storage unit with double              • optional service to pre-configure each extension to
  doors per office suite                                       mirror the customer’s existing DDi numbers
• Secure storage space for office stationery
                                                             BuilDing SecuriTy
• 1 x fax machine
                                                             • Digital surveillance camera system in common areas
• 1 x printer
                                                             • controlled personnel access via Pin-controlled key fob
• 1 x Pc per seat contracted. Specification
  to be agreed.                                              • reception area manned during normal office hours

• climate controlled office environment                      • regular security guard patrols outside office hours
                                                             • Building surveillance systems linked to
                                                               Jersey Telecom’s 24 hour call centre
For further information, please telephone Jersey Telecom’s
Business Solutions sales team on (01534) 882345 or           • active environmental monitoring by
e-mail                    Jersey Telecom’s network

   Worldsmart, Homegrown
Jersey Telecom will work with the customer when              The above will be undertaken according to the
the service is initially set up to fully document all        customer’s previously documented business
necessary technical aspects of the customer’s                continuity plan(s). Jersey Telecom will undertake
business continuity activation plan. The customer            any additional work requested by the customer such
must provide Jersey Telecom with updates to this             as the installation of additional software on Pcs at
plan as and when required. When the service is               standard Jersey Telecom rates. The removal of any
activated Jersey Telecom will use the latest version         customer-specific software following activation or
of the customer’s activation plan that has been              testing will be also be chargeable.
deposited with it.
                                                             acTiVaTion ruleS
reSPonSe Time                                                customers must telephone Jersey Telecom on
The Business continuity Service may be activated             01534 882118, quoting their name, company name and
at any time, and on any day of the year.                     agreed password to activate their business continuity
Jersey Telecom will provide access to the site within:       plan. Jersey Telecom will log all information including
                                                             the company name, representative’s name, a meeting
• one hour of a request to activate the Service during       point (when appropriate) and a telephone number
  office hours of 8.00 am to 6.00 pm monday to Friday        where the representative can be reached.
  (excluding Bank holidays)
• two hours of a request to activate the Service outside     Plan TeSTS
  office hours.
                                                             Two annual tests of each customer’s business
                                                             continuity plan are included as part of the Service,
engineering reSourceS                                        though additional tests may be undertaken at
Jersey Telecom will provide iT and telephony                 Jersey Telecom’s standard rates. Tests may be held
engineering resources within 2 hours of activation           by appointment. however, tests conducted out of
to assist with Pc and telephony connectivity.                normal working hours will attract standard out of
on activation, Jersey Telecom will provide a network         hours engineering charges.
technician whose responsibility is to:                       each test may last up to a maximum of 48 hours.
• ensure patching of voice and data connections              any time required for testing in excess of this limit will
  from the customer’s co-located equipment to the            be charged at Jersey Telecom’s standard hourly rates.
  customer’s business continuity suite                       requests to undertake planned tests should be
                                                             made through the Jersey Telecom’s hosting Services
                                                             manager. a minimum of one calendar month’s notice
                                                             must be given for a planned test.

For further information, please telephone Jersey Telecom’s
Business Solutions sales team on (01534) 882345 or

   Worldsmart, Homegrown
SerVice chargeS                                              occuPaTion oF The FaciliTy
an invocation fee will be charged when the customer          customers can use the service only if their
invokes their business continuity plan.                      normal office environment is unavailable due to
                                                             the occurrence of an unforeseen incident or disaster,
additional charges will apply when occupying the
                                                             which prevents the customer from carrying out its
facility and may include the following:
                                                             normal business (wholly or partly) from any of its
• electricity                                                channel islands premises.
• communications and telephony charges                       customers may use the service for a maximum period
• Printer and fax consumables                                of 3 months during any calendar year. use over and
                                                             above this limit will attract additional usage charges.
• Print copies
                                                             The dedicated business continuity suites are
• office stationery                                          available for the customer to use for training,
• cleaning and catering costs                                testing or development projects. occupancy of the
                                                             facility for these purposes should not exceed two
                                                             calendar months.
cuSTomer reSPonSiBiliTieS
• To maintain, and provide Jersey Telecom with,
  a current activation plan for the service
                                                             maximum occuPancy
                                                             Business continuity suites can only be occupied by the
• To maintain, and provide Jersey Telecom with, a list       maximum number of people contracted for by the
  of authorised personnel, their contact numbers and         customer.
  any changes in passwords; any changes must be
  passed onto the Jersey Telecom’s hosting Services
  manager as soon as possible                                uSe oF equiPmenT
• To follow Jersey Telecom’s health and safety               any additional equipment that customers require to
  standards when at Jersey Telecom’s premises                use while on site must be authorised by the Jersey
                                                             Telecom’s hosting Services manager. all additional
• To ensure the validity of any data or other back up        servers and / or other iT equipment that is required on
  sets that will need to be used to restore access to        site by the customer must be housed in the Jersey
  the customer’s systems during service activation           Telecom customer Data centre adjacent to the
• To ensure all licences are up-to-date for any              business continuity suite.
  software provided by the customer

For further information, please telephone Jersey Telecom’s
Business Solutions sales team on (01534) 882345 or

   Worldsmart, Homegrown
in the event that any difficulties are experienced with
the Service the customer should initially call
01534 882118 and report any problems.

TermS anD conDiTionS
oF SerVice
The Business continuity Service is provided under, and
subject to, the Jersey Telecom Disaster recovery and
Business continuity Terms and conditions of Service.
customers are strongly advised to read these terms
and conditions before applying for the Service.

For further information, please telephone Jersey Telecom’s
Business Solutions sales team on (01534) 882345 or

   Worldsmart, Homegrown

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