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Subject: Re: WZCCI Annual Report
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2007
Mr. Yazdi Tantra visit to Ahmedabad

15th July 2006
We had our AGM and formed a core committee of 3 persons.
Chair Person Mr. Oorvaksh Medora
Secretary      Mr. Navroze Kanga
Treasurer      Mr. Jimmy Sethna

We had an interesting talk on the chamber and an introduction to the
website by Mr. Yazdi Tantra. The meeting was followed by Dinner.

Mr. Bomy Boyce visit to Ahmedabad 26th January 2007.
It was an honour to have Mr. Bomy Boyce at Ahmedabad on his first
visit after taking over as the president of WZCC. His presence inspired
new faces at the meeting and his innovative ideas and inspiring talk
shall spark young Zarthushti’s to becoming entrepreneurs and those
already in business to grow global.

We had arranged a meeting at the Ahmedabad Parsi Panchayat Board
Room. We had a room full of people and we appreciate the kindness
forwarded by our President of APP and WZCC India Director
Mr. Areez Khambatta, for hosting the meeting in the Board room, with
Tea, coffee and biscuits.

We had a very interesting talk by Mr. Boyce about the Chamber and
how people can make best use of this platform. We had a very
interactive session, with people coming out with their views of the
chapter, with Mr. Percy Avari of Mazda Controls Pvt. Ltd. proposing
that the chamber should also have a placement cell where members
can make use of the chamber to get better job opportunities in India
and abroad. We had Mr. Hervez Bharucha who wants to set up a
holistic healing center, and wanted to know how the chamber would
be helpful. Mr. Rustom Marshall suggested that “The Zoroastrian
Ladies Industrial” in Ahmedabad and other Ladies organization as
such which works on similar lines of RTI of Mumbai, which have
been in different cities of India and have had to close down because
they could not sustain, should be promoted by the Chamber and could
start export of items made by them, in turn creating job opportunities
to Parsi ladies especial less privileged. Mr. Ferebin Nowrijee from
ICICI Bank-Small Enterprise Group Gujarat Head would like to
network with Zoroastrian Bank.

We also visited the EDI (Entrepreneurship Development Institute of
India), we could not meet the Director Dr. Avasthi as it was 26th
January, but were lucky to meet Dr. S. B. Sareen Country Director –
Sudan. He explained in detail the history and programs of EDI to us.
He has also given the brochure with all the programs which Mr. Boyce
is carrying with him.

We had a meeting with Mr. Sohrab Modi of Mazda Controls which
was of great importance as he is one of the leading Zarthusti business
houses of Ahmedabad. The rest of the business houses didn’t show
interest in meeting with Mr. Boyce. Unfortunately for them they
missed a golden opportunity. On the whole Mr. Boyce’s visit was a
big success.

Forming a new committee:
Mr. Oorvaksh Medora - Chapter chair
Ms. Khushnum Avari - Vice Chairperson
Mr. Perseus Contractor - Hon. Secretary
Mr. Jimmy Sethna - Treasurer
Mr. Zubin Mistry - Joint Hon. Secretary
Mr. Aspy Unwalla - Committee Member
Mr. Farebin Nowroji - Committee Member
Ms. Delnaz Medora - Committee Member

Agenda's for the coming year:
Interactive networking within the Gujarat Chapter:
Mr. Shahzaad Sahiar suggested that there should be more interactive
networking within the Gujarat chapter to instill better business and
contacts within.

Debate Employee versus Employer:

Mr. Oorvaksh Medora suggested that we should have a debate of Job
Opportunities versus Business Opportunities OR Enterprise versus
Job. Where Mr. Zubin Mistry suggested it would be best to have an
Employee versus Employer debate. This event’s responsibility was
given to Mr. Perseus Contractor.

Meeting with Ahmedabad Parsi Panchayat Board and Committee
To go to the grass root level, it was decided that the new committee
should meet with the APP members and go down to the grass root
level to help people who are doing some small, medium or large
business, but are hesitating to reach us. We should also make a list of
people who take loans for “Hunnar Udyog” and do a study how well
these loans are utilized. For which Mr. Oorvaksh Medora has taken

Panel Discussion on Investment Opportunities:
Mr. Jimmy Sethna suggested that we should have a discussion on the
different types of Investments especially Investments in stocks. On
discussion it was decided that we should have a discussion on all kinds
of investments viz. Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Insurance, etc.

Nominate YOUTH from Gujarat Chapter for the next SynergyZ:
The next issue of SynergyZ is dedicated to the YOUTH of our
community, and they require nominations in the field of Profession,
Industries, Arts, Science, Music, Sports, Fashion Designing, Painting,
Photography, Acting, Community Matters, etc.

Start Small business from home:
Mr. Jimmy Sethna suggested that there are a number of opportunities
that a person can do from home in his/her free time viz. Medical
transcription, accounting, etc. We should promote such projects within
the community and chapter. Mr. Jimmy Sethna has taken the
responsibility to do further study on the same and give us a project

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