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Wikileaks Essay


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									                                       Wikileaks Essay
                      CGW4U0 – Canadian and World Issues: Essay #1

        Wikileaks describes itself as “a non-profit media organization dedicated to bringing
important news and information to the public. We provide an innovative, secure and anonymous
way for independent sources around the world to leak information to our journalists. We publish
material of ethical, political and historical significance while keeping the identity of our sources
anonymous, thus providing a universal way for the revealing of suppressed and censored
injustices”. (http://wikileaks.ch

        Recently, this organization has been releasing thousands of confidential memos, cables,
transcripts, and videos that reveal events or opinions that have created a significant amount of
controversy and concern around the world.

       Your first significant task in this course is to analyze some of the media reports on the
Wikileaks cables. You are to write a supported opinion essay that answer the question: Does
Wikileaks benefit society, or is it creating more harm than good?

       You should support your thesis with a minimum of 3 external sources, demonstrating an
understanding of academic research. Your essay should be between 750-1000 words, or 3-4
pages, double spaced. All essays will be submitted to turnitin.com to ensure academic honesty.
Please see attached rubric for assessment categories.

       Your essays must be submitted to turnitin.com by Friday, February 18th at 9:00AM. You
must also submit a typed copy, with title page and works cited page, in class on Friday,
February 18th.
   CGW 4U0 ESSAY #1                    Wikileaks Essay
Name:       ____________________________________ Date: __________________________

Criteria             Level 1              Level 2               Level 3               Level 4               Mark

Knowledge/              Only one point      Two points           Three points         Three or more
Understanding            was included         were included         were included         points were
 quantity of            to support the       to support the        to support the        included to
  information            opinion              opinion               opinion               support the
  to support                                                                              opinion
  opinion*             A considerable
 relevance and      amount of               Some                 Most                 Information
  accuracy of        information was          information           information           was
  information        irrelevant and/or        was irrelevant        was relevant          relevant to the   ___ /10
                     inaccurate (seven        and/or                and accurate          topic and
                     or more                  inaccurate            (three or four        contained
                     inaccurate or            (five or six          inaccurate or         accurate facts
                     irrelevant points)       inaccurate or         irrelevant            (zero to two
                                              irrelevant            points)               inaccurate or
                                              points)                                     irrelevant

Thinking/Inquiry     Critical thinking    Critical thinking     Critical thinking     Critical thinking     ___ /10
(critical thinking   skills applied       skills applied in a   skills applied in a   skills applied in a
skills)              with limited         moderately            considerably          highly effective
                     effectiveness        effective manner      effective manner      manner

Communication        Written work         Written work          Written work          Written work          ___ /10
(written)            demonstrated         demonstrated          demonstrated          demonstrated a
                     limited clarity      some clarity          considerable          high degree of
                     (spelling/           (spelling/            clarity (spelling/    clarity (spelling/
                     grammar)             grammar)              grammar)              grammar)

                     Title page or        Title page and        Title page and        Title page and
                     works cited list     works cited exist,    works cited lists     works cited are
                     does not exist       but are not           are complete          completed
                                          complete                                    without errors

Application          Opinion lacked       Opinion showed        Opinion showed        Opinion showed        ___ /10
(logic of opinion)   logic                some logic            considerable          a high degree of
                                                                logic                 logic
                     An attempt is        1 or 2 quotations
                     made at using        are used in MLA       Quotations are        Quotations
                     quotations in        format                appropriately         support
                     MLA format                                 used (in MLA          arguments and
                                                                format)               enhance thesis
                                                                                      (in MLA format)

Overall Achievement Level:                                                                                  Mark:
                                                                                                            ___ /40

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