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     Guess Paper for RIMC Entrance Examination 2009 December
                    Prepared by Defence Academy Coimbatore
                     General Knowledge and Current Affaris

Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes                        Max marks 100

General Knowledge:

   1. On which of the area the shifting Cultivation is practiced?
      a) River Valleys                   b) Level Lands
      c) Vegetational Zone               d) Mountainous Region

   2. Which of the following important projects is biggest in Asia?
      a) Damodar Valley Project           b) Bhakra - Nangal Project
      c) Hirakud Project                  d) Rihand Project

   3. At which of the following place first the seed is sown for rice?
      a) In Nurseries       b) In fields     c) In mountainous slopes d) all the above

   4. Which of the following crops you will not include in cereal crop?
       a) Wheat              b) Rice        c) Maize               d) Cotton

   5. In which type of climate the wheat is grown?
       a) Cold Climate               b) Tropical climate
       c) Equatorial Climate         d) Sub-tropical and temperate Climate

   6. Which of the following is not a cash crop?
      a) Sugarcane b) Tobacco c) Rice              d) Jute

   7. Which of the following countries produces maximum MICA in Asia?
       a) China       b) India      c) Mayanmar d) Japan

  8. What is called the routes joining the places of distant areas?
      a) Highways b) National Highways c) International Highways d) Land transport

  9. Which country is known as the "HIMALAYAN KINGDOM"?
      a) Bhutan      b) Nepal      c)India  d) Myanmar

 10. Which is the Capital of Bhutan?
      a) Thimbu      b) Goraghat c) Yangoon        d) Gangtok

 11. Which of the following rivers does not drain in Nepal?
      a) Bagmati      b) Kosi       c) Gandak       d) Damodar

 12. Which of the following country is also known as “Pearl of East"?
      a) Japan        b) Nepal      c) Sri Lanka d) India

  13. Which of the following countries the Palk Strait separates Sri Lanka?
       a) India        b) Myanmar           c) Singapore d) Japan

14. What is the National Symbol of Bhutan?
      a) Boa          b) peacock           c) Deer                   d) Rhino

15. Which one of the following ranges of Himalayas is not situated in Nepal?

         a) Mount Everest B) dhaulagiri             c) Kanchejunga d) Nanga-parvat

16. Which one of the following is not the neighbouring country of India?

a) Nepal         b) Butan          c) Pakistan      d) Sikkim        e) Meyanmar

17. Which of the following religion the Indonesian are the followers?

a) Christian Religion b) Buddhist Religion c) Hindu Religion d) Islamic Religion

18. Which is the capital of TAIWAN?

a) Beijng                 b) Taipeh                 c) Shanghai      d) Nanking

19. Which river is known as the Yellow River of China?

a) Hawang –Ho             b) Mekong                 c) Salween       d) Tbanpo

20. Japan consists for 4 main islands they are i) Hokkaido, ii) Honshu, iii) Kyushu and __

a) Akeshi                 b)Ishikari                c) Nemuro        d) Shikoku

21. In a political Democracy every citizen

a) Does not vote         b) Votes                   c) Votes and can contest in election

d) Votes, but does not contest elections

22. A government formed by more than one political party is called a___

a) Representative Government,              b) Caretaker Government

c) Government of the minorities            d) Coalition Government

23. Who elects the President of India?

    a)   Lok Sabha        b) Rajya Sabha   c) People of India   d)Parliament and State Assemblies

24. The speed of light will be minimum while passing through

a)   glass                 b) Vaccum         c) air             d) water

25. The Vice-President is elected by an electoral college consisting of

             A.    only elected members of both Housed of Parliament
             B.    only Rajya Sabha members
             C.   all members of Parliament and State Legislative Assemblies
             D.   all members of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha

26. What was the main difference between the Indus Valley Civilization and Vedic Civilization?

             A.   An Indus Valley Civilization was urban, while the Vedic Civilization was rural.
             B.   "Pipal" tree was worshiped in Indus Valley Civilization, while "Burgad" tree was worshiped
                  in Vedic Civilization.
             C.   The main emphasis in Indus Valley Civilization was on trade while in the Vedic Age was
                  on religion.
             D.   The main emphasis in Indus Valley Civilization was on trade while in the Vedic Age was
                  on religion.

27. About ___ % of the total Indian population comprises scheduled castes and scheduled tribes

     a) 40                 b) 97             c) 37              d) 23

28. 11 Five year Plan started from___

                                             st                            st
     a) April 1st, 2008             b) April 1 , 2007           c) April 1 2006,            d) April 1st, 2009

29. What does Green Revolution mean?

     a) Afforestation                                   b) Widespread Plantation of Grass

      c) Rapid growth in the production of food grains          d) None of these

 30. Number of languages, specifically mentioned in our constitution as National Languages of India is__
a) 17        b) 16             c) 22              d) 14

31. What is the equivalent Rank of a COLONEL in Navy?

a) Group Captain           b) Captain        c) Commodore       d) Rear Admiral

32. Ships are constructed at the Hindustan Shipyard________

a) Cochin                  b) Vishakapatnam             c) Kolkatta        d) Chittranjan

33. Air force flying training is provided at the Air Force Academy at____

a) Bangalore               b) Tamabaram                 c) Dehradun        d) Dundigal

34. The most important organisation of the UN is________
  a) The Security Council b) The General Assembly
  c) The UNESCO             d) the Secretariat

   35. The Kargil Conflict took place is the year______
   a) 1998           b) 1999                  c) 2000                        d) 2001

36. Which of the following country is not a Member of SAARC?
      a) China               b) India        c) Nepal    d) Srilanka

37. Santosh Trophy is associated with __________sports.
       a) National Football b) Golf        c) Lawn Tennis                          d) Hockey

38. Who is the only player so far to have scored 17,000 runs in First class Cricket?
      a)Ricky Bounting        b) Sachin Tendulkar c) Vivin Richard           d) Lara

39. Where will the 2010 Common wealth games are going to be held?
      a) London            b) Kathmandu         c) Thimphu                                  d) New Delhi

40. __________ the nation’s highest honour which is awarded for exceptional and
distinguished services of high order in any field (in India)
        a) Prem Vir Chakra b) Ashoka Chakra c) Bhartat Ratna d) Oscar Award

41. The father of modern biology is

                        a)   Aristotle           B) Darwin       c) Mendel         D) Vesalius

42. Which of the following seeds will normalize blood sugar level?

              a)Coriander                        B) Mustard      C) Cumin          D) Fenugreek

43. The weight of an object will be minimum when it is placed at

              A.   The North Pole        B)The South Pole        C)The Equator     D)The center of the Earth

44. Earth quake waves travel fastest in

              A) Soil                    B) Molten rock          C) Water                   D) Flexible rock

45.   What is the currency of Mexico?
                   a) Lira          b) Peso                      c) Mexican Dollars         d) Krones

46. What do the letters XP stand for in the product Microsoft XP?

              A.   Extended product b)Extra Pampering         c)Experience         d)Entry level product

47. Who is the RBI governor?

               A.   Venkatraman       B)Brijesh Mishra           C)Ranjith Sau      D)Bimal Jalan

48. Who is the Vice President of United States?

               a) l Gore              B)Rumsfeld         c) Powell            d)Cheney

49. Which is the longest running TV cartoon in history, first launched by Warner Brothers in 1969
exclusively for television, and is now a popular fare on the Cartoon Network?

               A.       Scooby Doo    b)Tom and Jerry C)Popeye               d)Johnny Bravo

    50. Which famous inventor ranks second in the number of patents registered?

               A.   Thomas Alva Edison, b)James Watt, c)Albert Einstein , d)Edwin Land

    51 What does a Phillumenist collect?

    a) Old coins             b) Flags of various nations c) Match box labels d) Empty cigarette boxes

     52. Who was the author of 'Raghuvamsa'?

               a) Kannadasan          b) Kalidasa                c)Sivadas          d)Shankaracharya

    53. Who said "Some books are to be tasted others to be swallowed and some few to be chewed and

               B.   Francis Bacon ,   B)H G Wells,               c)John Steinbeck, d)Isaac Asimov

    54.             How many moons (satellites) does the planet Saturn have?

               A) Twelve              b) Ten                     c) Eight                     d) Twenty one

     55. Which country is called the 'Land of cakes'?

          A) Britain,                 b) Scotland                c) Spain                     d) France

     56. What is the other name for River Ganges?

             A) Sapthanadh            b) Bhageerathi                 c) Savithri               d) Bhadravathi

       57. In which year did Hitler become the Chancellor of Germany?

             a) 1919,                 b) 1929,                   c) 1933            d) 1939

      58. Who is the Tibetan Spiritual leader who had recently visited Arunachal

      59. What is the nick name of IAF Aerobatic team?

      60. What is the nick name of Indian Armored tank manufactured at Avadi?

      61.   An eclipse of the sun throws the shadow of the______

       a) Moon on the sun         b) earth on the sun     c) sun on the sun

       d) Earth on the moon         e) moon on the Earth

       62 Substances that hastens a chemical reaction without themselves undergoing
change are called

        a) Buffers        b) Catalysts   c) Colloids      d) reducers       e) polymers

       63. Lack of Iodine is often related to which of the following diseases?
       a) Beriberi    b) Scurvy       c) Rickets     d) Goiter      e) Asthma

       64) Under Natural conditions, large quantities of organic matter decay after year’s
plant growth has been completed as a result of sixth conditions.

                     a)   many animals are deprived of adequate food supplies
                     b)   Soil erosion is accelerated
                     c)   Soils maintain their fertility
                     d)   Earthworms are added to the soil
                     e)   Pollution increases

      65 The thin clear layer that forms the front part of the eyeball is called the
       a) Pupil       b) Iris         c) lens        d) retina       e) cornea

      66. the most likely reason why dinosaurs became extinct was that they
       a) Were killed by erupting volcanoes
       b) Were eaten as adults by the advancing mammalian groups
       c) Failed to adapt to a changing environment
       d) Killed each other in combat;
       e) Were destroyed by meteorites

     67 Which of the following is a chemical change?
       a) Magnetizing a rod of iron
       b) Burning one pound of coal
       c) Mixing flake graphite with oil
       d) Vaporizing one gram of mercury in vacuum
       e) Melting ice

     68. A person with high blood pressure should
       a) Take frequent naps
       b) Avoid salt
       c) Eat only iodized salt
       d) Exercise vigorously
       e) Avoid proteins

       69    The chief nutrient in lean meat is
     a) Starch      b) Protein       c) Fat           d) carbohydrates       e) Vitamin B

     70. Spiders can be distinguished from insects by the fact that spiders have
     a) Hard outer coverings B) large abdomens c) four pairs of legs d) biting
     mouth parts      e) joined appendages

     71, as important ore of Uranium is called
       a) Hematite b) Chalcopyrite           c) Bauxite d) pitchblende       e) feldspar

     72 Of the following the lightest element known on Earth is
       a) Hydrogen b) oxygen          c) Helium    d) air e) nitrogen

     73. The time taken for light from the sun to reach the earth is approximately
     a) four years   b) eight minutes        c) four months d) eight years e) 0ne week

      74 Of the following types of clouds, the ones that occur at the greatest height are
     a) Cirrus        b) nimbus               c) Cumulus d) stratus          e) altostratus

     75 After adding salt to water, the freezing point of the water is
      a) Variable     b) inverted              c) the same d) raised         e) lowered

    76. Limes were Indian by sailors in order to prevent____
     a) Anemia       b) Beriberi            c) night blindness       d) Rickets e) Scurvy

   77. The time that it takes for the earth to rotate 45 degrees is___
    a) 2 hours         b) 4 hours               c) 1 hours             d) 3 hours e) 5 hours

  78. of the following planets, the one that has the shortest revolutionary period around
the sun is__
   a) Mercury         b) Jupiter              c) Earth        d) Venus       e) Mars

 79. What is the name of the negative particle that circles the nucleus of the atom?
 a) Neutron          b) Meson               c) Proton        d) Electron     e) Isotope

 80. Which is the capital of Uttrakhand?
 a) Lucknow          b) Mashoorie             c) Meerut       d) Dehradun e) Sashtradara

81. The dust particles when mixed with water settle down at bottom of the container
a) They react with water                                 b) they are miscible in water
c) They become heavier when water is poured on them, d) none of the above

82. When sugar is dissolved in water it forms a
a) Suspension       b) Solution    c) colloid          d) Compound

83. A mixture of sugar in water cannot dissolve more of sugar at room temperature, the
    solution is called_________
a) Saturated Solution       b) unsaturated solution      c) Super saturated solution

84. A mixture of salt and water can be separated by this procedure:-
a) Evaporation       b) Filtration c) Sedimentation        d) Handpicking

85. Chicken reared for eggs are known as__________
a) Layers            b) Broilers   c) Hatches                 d) Growers

86. Incubation period of Hen is for about_______ days
 a) 32               b) 29           c) 21                    d) 19

87. the most common pesticide used in India is________
a) Baygon          b) BHC         c) DDT               d) Endrin

88. Rearing of Silkmoth is called__________
a) Floriculture     b) silk culture c) Sericulure             d) Mothculture

89. __________ are artificial beehives for rearing honey bee for commercial production
    of honey.
a) Sericulture      b) honey culture        c) Bee culture d) Apiaries

90. Which of the following is the best conductor of electricity?
a) Gold              b) Silver             c) Copper                  d) Iron

91. Metals are ________
a) Malleable        b) ductile               c) none                  d) Both

92. Which of the following metals catch fire on reaction with water?
a) Phosphorus        b) Potassium           c) Sodium             d) B& C

93. Acid contained in the sting of an Ant is__________
a) Acetic Acid       b) Formic Acid          c) Lactic acid           d) Ascorbic Acid

94Natural litmus is extracted from
a) Lichens b) earthworms                     c) Ants                  d) Algae

 95. The acid present in our stomach which helps in digestion of food is_______?

 a) Sulphuric Acid ( H2SO4)                  b) Nitirc Acid ( HNOC3)
 c) Hydrochloric Acid (HCL)                  d) Phosphoric Acid (H3 PO4)

 96. When turmeric stain on white cloths is washed with soap it turns red in colour

 A) Soap solution is acidic   b) Soap solution is neutral
 c) Soap solution is basic    d) both a and b

 97. The gas in the atmosphere which acts as a natural shield against ultra violent
 a) Oxygen             b) Sulphur dioxide c) Hydrogen d) Ozone

 98. The acid present in lemons is______
 a) Citric Acid        b) Oxalic Acid        c) acetic Acid d) Hydrochloric Acid

 99. ___________ is known as Ascorbic Acid which is presents in citrus fruits.
 a) Vitamin D        b) Vitamin C        c) Vitamin D           d) Vitamins A

100. Whenever a metal is first heated and then cooled. Which of the following changes
take place?
a) First Contracts and the expands
b) First expands and the contracts
c) Cannot determine
d) Both (1) and (2)

                          ANSWERS FOR

     Guess Paper for RIMC Entrance Examination 2009 December
                Prepared by Defence Academy Coimbatore
                 General Knowledge and Current Affaris

Q.    Answer
1     D          Mountainous Region
2     b          Bhakra - Nangal Project
3     a           In Nurseries
4     d          Cotton
5     d          Sub-tropical and temperate Climate
6     c          Tobacco
7     b          India
8     a          Highways
9     b          Nepal
10    A          Thimbu
11    D          Damodar
12    C          Sri Lanka
13    A          India
14    A          Boa
15    d           Nanga-parvat
16    D          Sikkim
17    D          Islamic Religion
18    b          Taipeh
19    a          Hawang –Ho
20    d          Shikoku
21    c           Votes and can contest in election

22   d    Coalition Government
23   d    Parliament and State Assemblies
24   a    Glass
25   d    all members of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha
26   a    Indus Valley Civilization was urban, while the Vedic
          Civilization was rural.
27   D    23 %
28   b    April 1st, 2007
29   c    Rapid growth in the production of food grains
30   C    22
31   c    Commodore
32   B    Vishakapatnam
33   d     Dundigal
34   a    The Security Council
35   b    1999
36   a    China
37   a    National Football
38   b    Sachin Tendulkar
39   d    New Delhi
40   c    Bhartat Ratna
41   A    Aristotle
42   d    Fenugreek
43   D    The center of the Earth
44   C    Water
45   B    PESO
46   A    Extended product
47   D    Bimal Jalan
48   d)   Cheney
49   a       Scooby Doo
50   d    Edwin Land
51   C    Match box labels
52   b)    Kalidasa
53   a    Francis Bacon
54   b    Ten
55   d    Scotland
56   b    Bhageerathi
57        1933
58        Dalai Lama
59        Suraj Kiran

60        Bhisma
61   e    moon on the earth
62   B    Catalysts
63   D    Goiter
64   c
65   e
66   c
67   b
68   b
69   c
70    c   Four pairs of legs -spider
71   a    Hematite
72   c    hyd
73   b    8m minutes
74   A    Cirrus
75   E    LOWER
76   E     Scurvy
77   D    3 hours
78   A    Mercury
79   D    electron
80   D    Dehradun
81   C    They become heavier when water is poured on them
82   b    Solution
83   A    Saturated solution
84   A    Evaporation
85   A    Layers
86   c    21 days
87   B    BHC
88   c    Sericulture
89   d    Apiary
90   b    Silver
91   D    Malleable ad Ductile
92   d    Sodium and Potassium
93   B    Formic Acid
94   a    Lichens
95   c    Hydrochloric acid (HCL)
96   c    Soap solution is basic
97   D    Ozone
98   A    Citirc Acid

99      B            Vitamin C
100     c            Cannot Determined

                              Conducted on 08 Nov 2009
        Name: ___________________________ Marks Scored ______/100

Q. No       Answer   Q,No     Answer     Q No       Answer
1                    35                  69
2                    36                  70
3                    37                  71
4                    38                  72
5                    39                  73
6                    40                  74
7                    41                  75
8                    42                  76
9                    43                  77
10                   44                  78
11                   45                  79
12                   46                  80
13                   47                  81
14                   48                  82
15                   49                  83
16                   50                  84
17                   51                  85
18                   52                  86
19                   53                  87
20                   54                  88
21                   55                  89
22                   56                  90
23                   57                  91
24                   58                  92
25                   59                  93
26                   60                  94
27                   61                  95
28                   62                  96
29                   63                  97
30                   64                  98
31                   65                  99

32   66   100
33   67
34   68