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									                                 Alejandro M.Burdeos
                                              Curriculum Vitae
Mobile No.: +639052271103                            Email Address: alejandro.burdeos@yahoo.com
Employment History

Aug.2008 – March 2009
Company: QTE Installation LTD.-Tanzania- East Africa
Position : Team Leader –Civil Works
Telecom Project Main Contractor- Huawei Project
Civil works foundation-installation of tower and electrical equiptment

Duties & Responsibilities

    Prepares site budget and financial request.
    Supervise and manage site construction according to design and
    Attends meeting with clients project management.
    Prepares variation and extra works quotation per site.
    Follow up deliveries of towers, materials and equipment to site.
    Prepares and submit project update reports
    Implement and manage in house project                                                 Personal
    Conducts rectification on snags/punchlist clearing on site                          Information
    Conducts PAC and FAC with clients..
May 25,2006 – Feb.18,2008                                                                   Filipino
Company: Leadcom –Tanzania- East Africa
                                                                                           Civil Status:
Position: Civil Works Supervisor
Telecom Project Main Contractor –Erricson Celtel-Tigo-Vodacom Project
Supply of tower ,shelter,generator,fence and electrical/grounding materials.          Present Address
                                                                                   Summerland, Inayawan,
                                                                                   Cebu City
Duties & Responsibilities:                                                                  e-mail:
GSM Field Construction Works:
   Supervise and implement construction of GSM cell sites.
   Establish site dimension and site layout, tower location,
                                                                                       Mobile Phone No.:
     equipment shelter,generator set etc.                                              +63 9052271103
   Check and verify the validity,conformity of all specified
     construction materials if it is within the construction standard             Landline:
    and specification                                                                        +6332 2720892
   Supervise construction of tower foundation,stability and rigidity
     of formworks ahead of pouring
   Check spacing sizes cutting and bending rebars as per specification
   Closely supervise the erection of 30M,35M,40M,45M and 70M
      high rise antennae tower.
   Carry out and uphold tower verticality,bolt tightness,and proper
     painting procedure.
   Monitor the supply of subcontractor provided materials
   Request provided materials to Logistic Dept.
   Complies with construction procedure and define schedule.
    Prepare site documentation

GSM Site Location Survey:
   Conduct field technical site survey.
   Locate GSM sites nominal point.
   Identify and provide recommendation whichever site either
     Greenfield,neighborhood or rooftop.
   Identify site access,power source and etc.
   Responsible on aspect of construction,technical site survey
    report and construction drawing review.

Electrical/Grounding Installation:
    Supervise subcontractor in laying out of grounding cables as
       specified in the electrical drawing.
    Check airconditioning unit installations and generator grounding
    Check the operation of alarm system in the equipment room.

   Office Works:
        Manage and organize program of activities among subcontractors.
        Manage and provide logistical support for deliveries of equipment,
       shelter,tower parts,generating set and etc.
        Manage and provide solution to blocking issues.
        Manage and ensure that sites progress,accomplishment are within customer expectation.
        Evaluate construction of subcontractors accdg to the fixed scope of work and progress goals
        Update site work progress.

   ERRICSON supplied equipment for Greenfield, neighborhood and rooftop sites RBS 2206,RBS

           Finished Contract

   April ,2002 – Feb.,2006
   Company: Alex Engineering Serviices
               Cebu City, Philippines
   Position: Managing Director

           A self own company dealing with machining and fabrication works of spare
   parts,,installation of aircon units both window type and split type and preventive maintenance of
   hotel equipments such as boilers,generator,fire fighting equipments kitchen and laundry
   equipments,chillers,AHU and FCU.

   Duties and Responsibilities:

        Manage field engineers and support technicians in dealing with various installation works
          and maintenance servicing to clients.
        Prepare maintenance contracts and price quotation .

July 1995 – April,2002
Company : Liberty Telecoms
Position : Senior Engineer

           A local telecom company dealing with WLL (Wireless Local Loop),Trunk Radio using
           Siemens and Starex equipment.

Duties and Responsibilities:

      Construction Stage:

        Supervise and implement construction of site building and towers
         entire Philippines territory.
        Check and verify the validity, conformity of specified construction materials that is within
         the construction standard and specification
        Supervise the construction of tower foundation stability and rigidity of formworks ahead
         of pouring.
        To check spacing sizes,cutting and bending of rebars as per specification.
        Closely supervise the erection of high rise antenna towers.
        Carry out and uphold tower verticality, bolt tightness and proper painting procedure.

        Manage and organize program among contractors.
        Prepare site documentation.

      Equipment Installation Stage

        Supervise installation of generators ranging 75kva to 625kva and airconditioning units
         assign to different sites..
        Supervise in the installation of telecom batteries,chargers, rectifiers.
        Supervise termination of grounding and electrical wiring from battery
         room,charger/rectifier room to equipment room.

      Operational Stage

        Carry out preventive maintenance of power equipments and towers on telecom relay

       TELECOM Supplied Equipments : Siemens (Microwave)
                                     Starex (RBS)


 Aug. 2,1993 – July 13,1995
Company : Cebu Midtown Hotel
           Cebu City, Philippines
Position: Head (Preventive Maintenance)

A 5star hotel in the Philippines accepting accomodation of tourist from all over the world.

Duties and Responsibilities:

       Manage field engineers and support technicians in the implementation of hotel equipment
         maintenance; such as boilers,generator,chillers,AHU,FCU,kitchen,laundry and fire fighting
       Prepare preventive maintenance schedule of equipment on daily , monthly,quarterly, and
          yearly basis.
       Prepare maintenance budget base on schedule of equipt maintenance.
       Attend operation and departmental meeting.
       Implement awareness of cost saving program

Nov. 16,1989 – Mar.17,1992
Company : Ludo and Luym Edible Oil Mill
            Cebu City, Philippines
Posiition: Power Plant Engr. ( Shift Foreman)
    A company dealing with milling of coconut to pcocess it for edible cooking oil

Duties and Responsibilities:

          Supervise personnel in the operation of 7.0 MW power plants and its equipments such
          as boilers, turbine generators, with related accessories such as pumps, blowers, coal
          conveying system.
         Also supervise personnel operation of standby desalination plant in the event of power
          shortage to the boiler
         Conduct preventive maintenance of plant equipments during schedule plant shutdown.
         Also supervise start up of standby Diesel generator during power shortage.


April 20,1987 – Nov.10,1989
Company : Semirara Coal Corporation
           Semirara Island, Philippines
Position: Power Plant Maintenance (Preventive Maint. Engr./Planning

      A company dealing with coal mining industry;using bucketwheel excavator for open cut and
       heavy duty loader for conventional.

Duties and Responsibilities:

             Directs and handles supervision on maintenance planners,expediters,maintenance
              supervisor,draftsman to carry out proper preventive maintenance of power plant
              equipments such as boilers, steam turbine generators,pumps and blowers, coal and
              ash handling system.
             Set up proper lubrication program of equipments.
             Prepare preventive maintenance schedule of equipment on daily, weekly,
              monthly,quarterly and yearly basis
             Prepare yearly maintenance budget
             Plans and prepare spare parts availability at warehouse through monitoring of
              optimum stock level.


Nov.22,1983 – April 19,1987
Company: Semirara Coal Corporation
            Semirara Island, Caluya Antique
Position : Steam Turbine Supervisor (Power Plant

Duties and Responsibilities:

      Construction Stage

               Thermal Power Plant capacity is 15MW supplying power to the coal mines
                bucketwheel excavators, dewatering pumps and lightings.
               During the stages of constructing the power plant, responsible in monitoring
                activities of Main Contractor EEI to do the following:
                    1. Installation of steam turbine from foundation, levelling and alignment of
                         main equipment and related auxiliaries for oil system,steam system,air
                        system,vacuum system,steam system and condenser

                      2 Installation of boilers assembly from foundation leveling
                         and alignment of boiler feed pumps,forced draft fans.
                      3. Installation of coal crusher, conveying system,and ash
                         handling system.

      Commissioning Stage

                Prepare checklist in preparation for commissioning of power plant equipments.
                Gathering of data base on the result of commissioning of steam turbine start up,
                 checking result on parameters taken from the oil system,steam system,vacuum
                 system,air system,
                 and condensing system.
                Prepare final start up and shutdown procedure of steam ready for final

      Operational Stage

                  Operate steam turbine generators on shift basis.
                  Start up and shutdown steam turbine base on the demand on the mines.
                  Records data of steam turbine if it conforms with its parameters.
                  Keep vigilant attention on the instrument reading of steam turbine operation to
                   avoid any abnormality within the shift.


May 23,1983 – Oct. 1,1983
Company : ATLAS Consolidated Mining and Dev.Corp.
            Cebu, Philippines
Position : Preventive Maintenance Supv.(Boiler)
           125MW Power Plant Complex

      A company dealing with copper and gold mining industry.It utilize thermal power plants( MHI)
       .gas turbine (GE) and Diesel power plants (Pielstick)
       supplying power to the mines.

Duties and Responsibilities:

    Supervise field engineers and support technicians to carry out proper planning,scheduling
     and implementation of preventive maintenance
     of boilers under 125MW power plant complex.
    Prepare spare parts for daily,monthly,quarterly and yearly preventive maintenance of boilers.
    Prepare reports on activities done during maintenance of boilers.
    Gather datas or auditing boiler deficiencies in order to make plans for preventive
     maintenance schedule.

Nov.14,1979 – May 22, 1983
Company : ATLAS Consolidated Mining and Dev. Corp.
            Cebu, Philippines
Position : Junior Engineer (Power Plant Dept)

Duties and Responsibilities:
    Assigned as plant mechanic to do power plant equipment repairs.
    Assigned as draftsman to draft power plant equipment spare parts drawing for fabrication in
       the machine shop department.
    Assigned as plant operator to operate boilers and steam turbine generator.
    Assigned as technical services staff to do planning jobs ,gather power plant data results
       procurement of spare parts,monitoring of power plant equipment major overhaul such as
       steam turbine and boilers.
    Prepare reports on major repair / overhaul of equipments.



   1. MS Word,MS Excel, MS Power Point Course – June 2-10,2008 conducted
                                     By Smart drive Computer Center ,Cebu City
   2. Tower Climbing Safety Course –Nov.9-11,2008 conducted by Leadcom
                                   Integrated Solution,Dar Es Salaam,Tanzania
   3. Training course Generator Logic and Fault Finding-August 30,2006
                    Conducted by Leadcom-Generator Logic Intl.
                                   Power Solution.
   4 .Basic Computer Literacy – April 25-30,1999 conducted by Liberty Telecoms
   5 .Battery Maint. Seminar – Oct 2, 1996 conducted by Oriental Yuasa Battery
   6 ,Basic Life Support Training- Aug.8-9,1995 conducted by Phil. National Red
   7. First Aid Training – Aug. 9-10-1995 conducted by Phil National Red Cross
   8 .Electric Arc Welder Trade Test – July 2,1993 conducted by NMYC , Phils.
   9 .Basic Supervisory Seminar – Aug.30-31,1993.conducted by Cebu Midtown
   10 Lubrication Seminar –April 6,1991, conducted by Pilipinas Shell Petroleum,
   11 .Proper Care Bearing Maint.- March 9,1991 conducted by FAG Southeast
                                   Asia Pte Ltd. Phils
   12 Bearing Failure/Damage Analysis Seminar-March 4,1989, conducted by
                                  Caltex Phils.
   13. Supervisory Development Program 11- March 9-11,1989 conducted by
                                  Semirara Coal Corp., Phils
   14 .Supervisory Effectiveness Dev.Seminar – Dec. 15-17,1988, conducted by
                                  Semirara Coal Corp. Phils
   15 Industrial Fire Brigade Training Seminar- July 22-24,1986, conducted
                                  By Semirara Coal Corp.
   16. Flygt submersible pump maint. April 11,1988, conducted by Flygt Pump
  17. Basic Hydraulics and Pneumatics- Nov.13,1987, conducted by Integral
                                  Buliders Phils.
  18. Performance Standard Setting Workshop- July 23-24,1986 conducted
                                  By Semirara Coal Corporation Phils
  19.Skills Upgrading For Supervisors –Noc.26-Dec.15,1984, conducted by
                                  Don Bosco Technical College

  20 Basic Lubrication Seminar- Jan.7,1984, conducted by Petron Phils.
  21 Course for Boiler Operation – Sept 13,1983, conducted by Atlas Mining and
                                  Dev. Corp., Phils.
  22 National Safety Defensive Driving Course, May 4,1981, conducted by
                                  Safety Dept.ACMDC Phils.


     Highest Educational Attainment : Bachelor Degree in Engineering
                                      ; graduated March 1978
                                      : Cebu Institute of Technology

     License Engineer passed Board Exam Phil Regulation Commission
                                    License no.37898


         1. Engr Roque Parcon
            AVP Engineering Support
            Ludo and Luym Corp
            Cebu City
            Cell no. 09176326433


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