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                                   Build your family business
                                   with an Inkspot Franchise

                                   PC & printer penetration continues         Indeed many manufacturers supply
                                   to grow in every home and business         the original cartridges and toners
                                   across the country. These days it is       that come with the equipment, with
   These days it is not unusual
                                   not unusual to see multiple printers in    only sufficient ink to fully test that the
   to see multiple printers in a
                                   single households. Printers today are      print heads are working. This arguably
   single household.

                                   designed so that they tell you when        cynical approach by manufacturers
                                   the ink needs replacing and accessing      ensures that customers will very soon
                                   the ink or toner cartridges in order to    become customers for the required
                                   replace them is relative child’s play.     ink and toner consumables.
                                   Printers are being designed specifically
                                   with the cartridges as a ‘frequently       The Australian market for printer
                                   replaced’ consumable item in mind.         consumables is estimated to run into
                                                                              the billions as all businesses, students,
                                                                              educators and households regularly
                                           THE MARKET
                                           FOR INK AND TONER
                                           CARTRIDGES IN AUSTRALIA

Be your
own boss

                                           require cost effective and reliable         toner solutions. Inkspot franchisees
                                           printer consumables.                        are able to offer clients cost effective
                                                                                       cartridge solutions ranging from
      Inkspot franchisees are able to
                                           Growing global ‘green awareness’ has        refilling, inexpensive compatible
      offer their clients cost effective
                                           increased the market for refilling of       cartridges through to discounted
      cartridge solutions.

                                           cartridges as people actively choose to     original products. Consumers want
                                           refill rather than simply replacing their   value for money especially on
                                           cartridges; a positive contribution to      simple consumer products. Inkspot
                                           recycling that customers are pleased        franchisees are able to deliver.
                                           that Inkspot franchisees can provide.
                                                                                       Australian franchising success story
                                           It is also important not to                 Cartridge World is glowing testimony to
                                           underestimate the value to customers        the growing global demand for original
                                           of having highly cost effective ink and     and refilled printer consumables.

                                       Shopping Centre based

 At Inkspot we recognise the value     to a specialist shop, usually in a strip   nothing of taking out empty printer
of the rapidly expanding Australian    shopping area or possibly on its own       cartridges and arranging to have them
Ink and Toner market. Our Shopping     on a main road. Here, they would have      refilled or buying new ones. And
Centre kiosk based franchises are      complex refilling machinery and you        here-in lies one of Inkspot’s major
in direct response to what we see      would have to deal with highly             competitive advantages.
as a fundamental shift in consumer     trained cartridge and printer experts
sentiment when it comes to their       and technicians.                           This shift in consumer sentiment
printer consumables.                                                              means that cartridges are no longer
                                       Today however people consider              a ‘go to’ purchase; they have become
For most people, it seems like only    replacing or arranging to refill their     a standard consumer item. The tens
yesterday that purchasing printer      printer or toner cartridges, as no         of thousands of shoppers that pass
consumables was a difficult and time   more arduous a task as buying any          through shopping centres every day
consuming process. It was a ‘go to’    consumable item. Most people, from         think nothing of bringing along their
purchase where you needed to drive     the elderly to the young student, think    cartridges for refilling or replacement.
                                                THE MARKET
                                                FOR INK AND TONER
                                                CARTRIDGES IN AUSTRALIA

A successful brand...

                                                Simpler cartridges and small, easy to      Like dinosaurs, the large, multi-staffed,
                                                use refilling and testing equipment,       ‘go to’ print consumable shops are a
                                                means Inkspot is able to provide Ink       relic of the past.
       PC & printer penetration continues
                                                cartridge refilling from our small
to grow in every home and business across
                                                shopping centre kiosks. Coupled with a     Small, nimble, single staffed Inkspot
the country. Indeed it is not unusual to see
                                                reliable and fast supply chain solution,   kiosks, set in the heart of shopping
multiple printers servicing multiple users in   kiosks can maintain stock to meet          centres, are the way of the future. The
single households.                              significant daily demand and deliver on    growing success of Inkspot Kiosks
                                                unusual and high volume requirements       being real testimony to this.

                                                generally within 24 hours.

                                                All Retail and Commercial customers’
                                                ink and toner requirements are able to
                                                be met from Inkspot Kiosks.

                        The Inkspot vision started in early 2007     What if we improved the layout of the
                        with a classic example of business           kiosk to merchandise the products
                        ‘carpe diem’ or for those that didn’t        better, what if we improved the
   Seize the day.
                        watch the movie ‘Dead Poets Society’         signage, what if, what if, what if...

                        or study Latin at school, ‘seize the day’.
                        Whilst shopping in his local Southland       As you may have guessed, the business
                        Shopping Complex one Saturday                was purchased and Peters ‘what ifs’
                        morning Peter Varagiannis did exactly        put into action. Initially, Peter brought
                        that, he seized the day. Peter noticed a     in a colleague, Kleo Mandikos (with a
                        small cartridge business for sale. With a    diverse and successful small business
                        successful background in setting up and      development background) and together
                        growing highly profitable businesses,        they confirmed the significant potential
                        the opportunity immediately wet Peter’s      of the Inkspot Kiosk model.
                        appetite. ‘What ifs’ filled his head...

Proven systems
for success

                                         Indeed, the original business remains      Today Inkspot with Peter, Kleo and
                                         to this day a flagship for the broader     Vincent at the helm, continue to run
                                         Inkspot group.                             a small number of Inkspot Kiosks,
     ... focus on driving a young,
                                                                                    but predominantly focus on driving
opportunity rich, franchise operation.
                                         Finally, Vincent Teubler, whose            a young, opportunity rich, franchise

                                         background includes building ground        operation.
                                         up multinational businesses, was
                                         brought into the business and the 3        And with more than 1300 shopping
                                         key people behind Inkspot Peter, Kleo      complexes across Australia alone, there
                                         and Vincent set about making the most      are no end of Inkspot ‘carpe diem’
                                         exciting ‘what if’ of the company’s        opportunities for enthusiastic and
                                         growth a reality; Franchising the highly   motivated people to take.
                                         successful Inkspot business.


Reason 1                                   Reason 2                                  Reason 3
Location Location Location                 Ongoing Support                           Start-Up Training
They say the key to real estate is         Inkspot was established by Kiosk          You will be trained at an existing Kiosk
location. The same can be said for         Operators and for franchisees. Our        by a highly experienced Inkspot Kiosk
any retail business. Inkspot franchises    management team knows what it’s like      operator. You will receive guidance
operate from Kiosks in major shopping      to run Kiosks and is focused on our       and support on setting up your
complexes. We help you find and            franchised Kiosks success.                business and on how to run it on
negotiate the best possible locations                                                an ongoing basis.
for your Kiosk in available shopping       From setup through to marketing
centres. A good location in a good         support, merchandising, training, right   You will also have a buddy franchisee
shopping centre means retail traffic;      through to helping you to penetrate       who will be available to provide you
tens of thousands of shoppers              into the commercial clients in your       support while you get comfortable with
connecting with your business every        territory. We will be right there to      your new business.
single day. Attract people into your       support you in making an ongoing
retail premises? They are already there.   success of your Inkspot franchise.
                                         WHY SHOULD YOU
                                         CHOOSE TO JOIN THE INKSPOT
                                         FRANCHISEE FAMILY?

Reason 4                                 Reason 5                                  Reason 6
People Want What We Offer                Exclusive Territory                       Broad Customer Base
• Print Cartridge refilling service      You will receive an exclusive territory   Vibrant year round Retail trade is
• Compatible Ink and Toner Cartridges    large enough to allow you to grow a       great but with Inkspot you have huge
• Original Ink and Toner Cartridges      very significant business.                potential to build your sales through
• Recycled Print Cartridges                                                        commercial Business to Business sales.
• Green solutions                        In most cases that will include tens
• A local service conveniently           of thousands of retail shoppers           Your fellow Shopping Complex
  located where they already shop        ‘at your door’ every day in your          Businesses, local Businesses in your
• Competitive Pricing                    Shopping Centre plus a very healthy       territory, local schools, hospitals even
• Guaranteed Quality                     geographically secured base of            government offices are all potentially
                                         potential commercial clients.             lucrative customers for you.

Reason 7                                 Reason 8                                  Reason 9
A Great Brand                            Launch Package                            Freedom
The Inkspot Brand is about quality Ink   We will provide you with a marketing      It doesn’t take an army of highly trained
and Toner solutions available from       launch package and an experienced         casual staff to run an Inkspot Kiosk.
Inkspot Shopping Centre Kiosks.          person on site for the launch of
                                         your business.                            An Inkspot Kiosk needs just one person
The Inkspot Brand is about busy,                                                   to operate fully and effectively.
friendly, knowledgeable and helpful      It won’t be long before retail shoppers
Inkspot Franchisees and staff.           and local businesses know who you         You could occasionally offer a partner
                                         are, where you are and the great cost     or spouse, maybe even give your older
The Inkspot Brand is about convenient    effective services you are able to        teenage children a couple of shifts?
access to Ink and Toner Solutions.       offer them.

                                   High Retail and
                                   Commercial demand

                                   The Australian ink refilling         Owned by Kiosk Operators
                                   market is a huge and growing         and Run for Franchisees
   We keep our Head in the Game.   market with more and more            We have and continue to operate
                                                                        successful Inkspot Kiosks ourselves.
                                   people investing in home PC’s

                                                                        We keep our Head in the Game so
                                   and printers and looking to          we always understand consumer
                                   reduce the cost of their printing.   demand and attitudes, shopping centre
                                   This is a fantastic opportunity      dynamics, merchandising at the cold
                                   because:                             face and importantly what it takes to
                                                                        make and keep a Kiosk growing
                                                                        and profitable.

Retail and                                Proven                                      Brand
Commercial Sales                          Systems
Whilst a well run Inkspot Kiosk can be    We have time tested and proven              The Inkspot brand is becoming
very profitable, significant additional   systems that will help you every step       synonymous with Ink and Toner
income can be generated through           of the way. As long as you qualify          Cartridge purchases at shopping
commercial sales to Businesses within     as a franchisee you already have the        Centres. Our Inkspot branded kiosks
each Franchisees territory.               required skills. We will provide you with   are highly visible retail and commercial
                                          the training, systems and processes to      outlets for what is a high consumer
                                          follow. We will also provide you with       demand product.
                                          the ongoing support to help you grow
                                          your business.

                                           Yes! Let me start by saying        Self
                                           this isn’t rocket science. What    Motivated
   What we do is really quite easy.        we do is really quite easy. That   When you buy a franchise you are
                                                                              going to be your own boss. Increasing
   That said, having some or all of the    said, having some or all of the
                                                                              your retail sales month on month
   following skills certainly won’t hurt   following skills certainly won’t   should motivate you, winning solid
   in you making your Inkspot a            hurt in you making your Inkspot    and ongoing commercial clients,
   significant success.
                                           a significant success. It should   being supportive and building loyal

                                           come as no surprise that our       customers should motivate you, being
                                           successful franchisees should      seen as a successful local business
                                                                              owner should motivate you. Your ability
                                           possess the following skills:
                                                                              to motivate yourself to drive your
                                                                              business is essential.
                                          COULD YOU BE
                                          A SUCCESSFUL
                                          INKSPOT FRANCHISEE?

passionate Franchisees

Passionate                                Strong                                    Good
About Customer Service                    Commercial Acumen                         Attention For Detail
Repeat business is dependent on           Retail customers may come to you,         Repeat business is key to success.
excellent customer service and            however to successfully grow your         You will need to ensure the quality of
customer relationship building.           business to its full potential you will   the products and service you deliver
You will have the ability to provide      understand the importance of running      by following the Inkspot refilling and
customers with assurance on quality,      sales and marketing campaigns in          testing processes that will be outlined
and accountability for the products and   your territory.                           through the operations manuals and
services you provide.                                                               ensuring the highest customer
                                          Every household, business, school,        service standards.
                                          organization and government office in
                                          your territory is a potential
                                          new customer.
You will operate in an exclusive territory. You will have the
potential to grow a substantial business with real long term

You will be joining a unique, fast growing, national Ink and Toner
cartridge franchise. Nobody else targets and provides the huge
7 day per week, year round retail presence that our shopping
centre based kiosks provide.

Our target customers are split between home users and Small
to Medium businesses (SMEs) users. As environmental and
recycling awareness grows, both sets of customers are looking
for ever more ‘green’ Ink and Toner solutions. We deliver exactly
what they want and need.

Peter Varagiannis                         Kleo Mandikos                               Vincent Teubler

Founding Director                         Founding Director and                       Director
and CEO                                   Distribution Manager                        and Strategy Manager
Peter is the quietly spoken and clear     Kleo is the genial and hard working         Vincent is often described as the
thinking Director who heads up the        Director who keeps stock promptly           passionate and driven Director
Inkspot Executive team.                   going out of the warehouse and              responsible for building out the
                                          out to our Shopping Centre based            Inkspot Franchise network.
Whether on site at a Shopping Centre
                                          Franchise network.
talking to a Franchisee or dealing with
                                                                                      Vincent deals with building the
International suppliers, Peter exudes
the calm and confidence that only         Kleo is in constant friendly contact with   requisite franchise infrastructure
comes from many years of successful       Franchisees making sure their stock         including our various franchise
businesses experience.                    needs are fully met.                        business development partners.

                                  Expert assistance in site selection,
                                  lease negotiation, Kiosk Design and Build

                                  Site Selection                              strong commercial business potential.
                                  It is in everyone’s best interest that
                                  Inkspot Kiosks are located in only          We assist and Project Manage the lease
   Getting off to a good start.
                                  suitable Shopping Centres and then in       negotiations to ensure you are getting

                                  the right location within each Shopping     the best location and deal within
                                  Centre. You neither want the best spot      that centre.
                                  in a bad Centre or a bad spot in the
                                  very best Centre. What you want is the      Location, location, location is the
                                  best spot in the best centre, and only      catch-cry of successful real estate
                                  then at the best price.                     investments. We help you get off to
                                                                              a good start.
                                  We assist you in finding a territory with
                                  a great Shopping Centre that will attract
                                  strong retail traffic and that offers
                                             SITE SELECTION,
                                             KIOSK DESIGN AND
                                             KIOSK BUILD

Kiosk Design                                 are required; after all we understand        deliver to exacting standards and
Shopping Centre landlords can be             what is required to ensure your kiosk is     on time.
pretty fastidious with Kiosk design          customer and staff ‘user friendly’.
specifications. Kiosk footprint, build and                                                Your kiosk needs to be strong and
finishing materials, display dimensions,                                                  always looking impeccable, not just
signage dimensions and lighting are all      Kiosk Build                                  because a lot of people with shopping
rigorously detailed and enforced.            Your Inkspot Kiosk will be built to the      trolleys might bump into her sides
                                             agreed design specifications plus the        and not just because you take pride in
We provide you with Kiosk design             complete operational fit out. Our shop       your business but primarily because
specifications that to the most part         fitting partners have been selected          thousands of clients will be served from
will meet even the most demanding            and retained by Inkspot because they         her counters year round.
landlord’s requirements. We work with        are one of the leading shop fitting
you through to acceptance of design          operations in Australia and have proven      Your Inkspot Kiosk is designed and
specifications in the event changes          time after time after time the capacity to   built tough to cope.

                                         A Green business
                                         for our greener future

Marketing and                            Merchandising
Promotion Support
We will train you how to market your     Everything from the Kiosk location and      and rotation to ensure optimal
business. All of our franchisees have    design, the dimensions and locations of     exposure and sales.
access to proven sales and marketing     display cabinets, through to the
strategy assistance that can be used     location of your digital display monitors   Our state of the art Digital Display
in your territory to win commercial      has been designed to ensure maximum         monitors ensure that literally thousands
business or used within your kiosk to    retail exposure of your Inkspot kiosk       of shoppers every day are made
maximise your retail business.           and the products and services that          aware of your Kiosk and its product
                                         you offer.                                  and service range, new services and
Additionally we organise Inkspot Brand                                               products, the contribution your Inkspot
advertising to help promote your         We provide regular advice and               is making to the Environment through
business within your territory.          guidance on product merchandising           your refilling and recycling services;
                                                                                     right through to special offers.

Exceptional Product Lines and Product Guarantee
Guarantees to our                        We source only the most reliable &        We clean and revitalise the cartridge
Customers and Franchisees                cost effective refilling & testing        before returning to customers.
We continuously source the globe to      equipment so that franchisees can be
ensure Inkspot franchisees have access   assured of quality plus time & cost       We test print each refilled cartridge
to the broadest line of original and     effective refilling.                      before returning to the customer and
compatible ink and toner cartridges.                                               make the test results available.
                                         When we refill, we use only inks that
Where ever possible we stock items in    are the equivalent of the original inks   We ensure that our compatible
our central warehouse enabling daily     developed by companies who lead the       cartridge suppliers have rigorous
delivery to franchisees of requested     field in ink development.                 quality control standards.
stock items. Other stock lines can
be ordered by & shipped direct to        We weigh all inks to ensure that they     We offer a 100% money back guarantee
franchisees from suppliers.              match or exceed the specified weight of   against all ink and toner cartridges if
                                         the original full cartridge.              the customer is not satisfied.

                                    Unlike so many other franchises         and a network of franchisees willing to
                                    in Australia today, Inkspot is run by   help you establish and grow
                                    Inkspot Kiosk owners for franchisees.   your franchise.
   You will have access to
   successful business people, a
                                    Inkspot is owned by highly              We want all members of our extended
   successful model and a network
                                    experienced Australian Business         franchisee family getting the absolute
   of franchisees.
                                    people. Our very clear mandate is       most from their businesses. We want

                                    to ensure the success of you, our       you to achieve your goals, happy
                                    franchisees, no matter how little or    customers, profitability, smooth and
                                    much business experience you bring      happy business operations and tight
                                    into the family.                        back office processes.

                                    You will have access to successful
                                    business people, a successful model
                                             FRANCHISEE SUPPORT

We recognise that all of our                 of the business, from the processes of      by just a few percent every month!
franchisees have different strengths         establishing your franchise through
and weaknesses.                              every aspect of running it successfully,    Training, support, networks, meetings,
                                             even through to eventually selling          emails, external specialists. We are
Some franchisees find understanding          your prized Inkspot asset as a highly       always there to help improve your
the stock a breeze, for others refilling,    successful ongoing concern.                 business. After all, your success is our
dealing with customers, merchandising,                                                   success. We are in this together and
expanding sales into the commercial          We also appreciate that business            we will insist on helping you to be
sector within their territories, and still   isn’t always about big obvious              successful as an Inkspot franchisee.
others the accounting systems and            improvements. In business every little
requirements are the easy bit.               bit counts. A whole lot of 1%
                                             improvements can together add up to
We see our role as making sure we are        a great deal of money on your bottom
there to support you across every part       line. Just think of increasing your sales

                                      • A License to trade under the               - You will get 10,000 leaflets
                                        Inkspot brand name and use of all          - Local paper ads announcing
                                        logo’s /trademarks.                           your opening
   We are always there to help
   improve your business. After all                                                - A detailed database of
                                      • Exclusive territory to operate within         businesses in your territory
   your success is our success.
                                                                                      with contact details

                                      • Training & In-store training
                                                                                • Assistance in developing a sales and
                                      • EFTPOS/System Training                   marketing plan to launch your business
                                                                                    - Guide to setting up
                                      • Comprehensive step by step                     B2B appointments
                                        operations manual                           - Profile added to Inkspot Website
                                                                                    - Business cards, Letterhead,
                                      • Launch Marketing Package                       Opening Flyers
                                         WHAT DO YOU GET
                                         IN RETURN FOR YOUR
                                         FRANCHISE FEE?

• Go Live Support                        • Ongoing Support                     • All new businesses require some
    - 1 week on site support from            - Technical Support               level of working capital and you may
       Experienced shop personnel            - Group Purchasing leveraged      want to look at banking alternatives
    - Onsite support on initial                agreements
       customer contact                      - Central purchasing /            We can connect you with an
    - 3 months buddy system support            supplies support                advisor who knows our business
       from experienced franchisee for       - Pricing guidelines              and can assist in securing your
       business advice and assistance        - Email hosting and               required banking facilities, new loan
                                               Domain hosting                  requirements and capital needs.
• Equipment / Supplies                       - Operations Manual updates
    - Ink Refilling Equipment                - New Product introductions
    - EFTPOS equipment / system              - Sales & Marketing Promotions
                                             - Equipment and process updates
• Initial Stock Starter Kit

                           Taking it

                           If you are interested in buying a franchise and believe you have the attributes
                           needed to run one or more Inkspot businesses, then you will need to discuss
                           the franchise opportunity with us in more detail before you make a decision.
   Discuss the franchise
   opportunity with us.
                           For further information and a no obligation chat

                           please drop an email to: info@inkspot.net.au
                                             I AM INTERESTED -
                                             WHAT’S THE NEXT STEP?

Why buy an                                   Are you                                   Do you have the
Inkspot Franchise?                           looking for:                              following personal
• A new approach and with over               • A new challenge                         • Self Motivated individual
  1300 potential new locations,
                                             • An opportunity to be your own boss      • Ambitious and hard working
  Inkspot is Australia’s largest Cartridge
  Franchise opportunity                      • A proportionate return for the effort   • Enjoys working with people
                                               you put in
• New and easily recognised                                                            • Passionate about Customer Service
  Australian Brand                           • Control over your future
                                                                                       • Good attention to detail / quality
• Growing Market and growing demand          • Flexibility and a reasonable work
                                                                                       • Strong commercial acumen
                                               life balance
• Completely Exclusive Territories                                                     • Responsible / accountable
                                             • An end to hours of commuting
• Inkspot is owned by Inkspot Kiosk
  Owners for the benefit of Franchisee’s     • Job and income security for
                                               your family
• Multiple Product lines
                                             • An opportunity to build a
• Multiple Sales channels
                                               profitable business
• Strong support network in Australia
• Group Purchasing power
• Growth potential to match
  your ambition
• Green / Ethical business ethos

Will Inkspot Franchisees sell OEM products?
Yes, you will stock and sell OEM products as part of the ink and toner program.

Is there a technical hot line for us to use when we have questions?
Yes, we provide a toll-free franchise support number, as well as e-mail and web support.

What are the steps to buying an Inkspot franchise?
01 We would like the opportunity for one of our Management or our Franchise Selection Partner representatives to discuss the
details of our program, the business model, the financial requirements and exactly why an Inkspot franchise is right for you.

02 If we’re on the same page, we sign a non-disclosure agreement and then we send you an information pack including a full
disclosure of our franchise offering.

03 If you like what you see and qualify, and the market you are interested in is available, it’s time to apply for a franchise by
signing an agreement, submitting a full financial statement.

04 Once your application for a franchise is approved, we’ll get you started on the development process.

Will you provide all retail fixtures and retail merchandising infrastructure?
Yes, we have developed a quality, professional kiosk for all Inkspot franchises. As a franchisee you will be provided all fixtures,
merchandising and ongoing promotional signage for your Inkspot kiosk.

How much does it cost to buy an Inkspot franchise?
The total establishment costs for opening an Inkspot franchise, including bonds, ranges between $155,000 and $171,000. The
variables are tenant improvements and costs set by shopping Centre Management not Inkspot. Generally, applicants with
$30,000 to $40,000 cash and a net worth of around $170,000 can qualify for financing.

Locations for my Inkspot franchise?
We maintain a list of available Territories mapped to include major Shopping Centres. We also maintain an up to date list of
Territories with pre-negotiated leases on potential Kiosk sites ready to commence.

How does the “drop-off” program work?
The “drop-off” program is designed to offer an easy way for your customers to have their cartridges refilled. Customers can
simply drop off their cartridges at a Inkspot Kiosk whilst they do their shopping. The cartridges are then cleaned and refilled
and the customer can conveniently pick up the cartridges refilled and ready to use.

Additional a recycling box is available for customers to discard their empty cartridges that would normally be thrown into
garbage. These collected cartridges are then either refilled for resale or environmentally discarded.

Is there Growth Potential?
Virtually every business has one or more printers in their offices and over half of households in Australia have their own
printers. The industry is worth over $1 Billion in market size and expected to grow at a rate of 12% per year, which represents
an incredible growth opportunity for franchisees.

I haven’t run a franchise before. Is there Professional Training?
From the moment you become a franchisee you will gain access to a dynamic franchise training program. At Inkspot training
you will learn everything you need to know in operations, marketing and day-to-day management of your Kiosk to succeed.
We will be there with you every step of the way.

Is there Repeat Business Potential or is every sale a ‘one off’?
As demand continues to increase for home and business printing products, the need for quality inkjet and toner solutions will
grow as well. Once your customers recognise the value in your cartridges and high quality refilling services, they will continue
to purchase from you—giving you an annuity revenue stream with excellent margin potential.

Is there significant Profit Margin Potential?
Yes, particular so with Compatible Ink and Toner Cartridges and more so with refilling services. Additional, the recycle ‘drop
boxes’ allow refilling and resale of discarded Ink cartridges with further significant profit potential.

Do the Franchisors have Established Business Expertise?
We have over 60 years of experience building strong, quality service oriented and profitable businesses. By utilizing our
extensive business experience and detailed knowledge of the printer consumables industry, we can give you the tools to
succeed in this growing market.

Is the Inkspot Business Model proven?
We’ve built the Inkspot franchise model on the same proven strategies, management principals and franchisee support that
has allowed our company owned Kiosks to be highly successful.

The Inkspot management makes a total commitment to helping our franchisees satisfy the needs of their customers. We
provide the vision, technology and resources necessary for every Inkspot franchisee to achieve their goals.

From the moment you sign the franchise agreement you’ll be supplied with step by step directions and support on owning and
operating your Inkspot cartridge business. Our primary goal is to make sure that you have the tools, knowledge and support
needed to succeed from day one. Inkspot‘s full service package includes initial store set-up, opening inventory and supplies,
hands-on support from an experienced Inkspot franchise manager, ongoing marketing guidance and online ordering to help
improve your local customer base.

At the core of each franchisee’s success are four area of operational management. These include Business and Financial
Management, Marketing and Sales Management, Operations and Production Management and Employee Management. We
give each Inkspot franchisee advise and/or tools to operate effectively and profitably across these areas.

As an Inkspot franchisee you will be working with state of the art equipment, gain access to the industry’s best training
program, get direct assistance developing your business plan and utilize our experience to help you become a trusted service
in your local community.

Will I receive Marketing support?
We’ll get your territory excited! The team at Inkspot has experience producing highly professional marketing, advertising and
sales programs designed to generate new business and revenue. Your franchise fee includes a marketing starter kit that tells
your local business community that you are there and ready to serve them, as well as letting retail clients know that Inkspot
services are now available at their local shopping centre.

Inkspot is a cutting-edge company and our marketing efforts mirror our dedication to innovation. We have developed strong
marketing programs to increase revenues and brand recognition. These campaigns attract both consumer and business
customers. From strategic print advertising campaigns to digital media presentations.

We recognise that you need to spend time building and operating your business, so we make marketing easy and painless with
a complete package of customizable marketing and sales-building tools including print ads, flyers and in-store merchandising.
INKSPOT - Franchise Brochure   Contact: info@inkspot.net.au

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