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									Connecting to life

Equifax disConnect™
                                                                        Key Features
The leading suppressions
                                                                        ● Updated daily, supplied monthly
product for serious marketing                                           ● 30 million records covering up to 10 years

professionals                                                           ● Removes non-responsive records from
                                                                          the campaign list
Equifax analysis suggests that, in any one year, companies lose         ● More than 500,000 new suppressions
contact with up to 15% of their customer base through changes in          added per month
customer circumstances. This can have a marked impact on the
                                                                        ● Available on a royalty or annual
economics of marketing campaigns – just think about all the mail
                                                                          licence basis
that lands on your doorstep addressed to a previous occupant.
                                                                        ● Match rates up to twice that of other
Despite a number of existing suppressions products in the
                                                                          leading suppression files
marketplace, their performance has not delivered suppressions at
the level the market demands; and waste in direct mailing               ● One off suppression and permanent flag
campaigns from goneaways is still significant.                            options available

To address this, Equifax offers Equifax disConnect, an innovative
                                                                        ● Meets DM industry call for increased and
suppression product that delivers significantly improved suppressions     improved suppressions
performance, thereby reducing wastage in marketing campaigns.
                                                                        ● Continuously improved – now available
How does Equifax disConnect work?         ™
                                                                          with forwarding address indicators

With up to ten years’ worth of data representing over 30 million
records, Equifax disConnect™ covers three suppression types:

1) Equifax Goneaways records          29,800,000

2) Equifax Deceased records           900,000
                                                                        About Equifax
3) Equifax Do Not Mail records        7,000
                                                                        Equifax is a leader in credit and marketing
By matching a prospect pool, campaign target file or customer           information and works strategically with some of
base to the Equifax disConnect™ file, customers who are either non-     the world's largest companies. Lenders and
contactable or who are no longer at the address can be identified.      marketers alike choose Equifax for the quality of

The Equifax disConnect™ service can be supplied via Equifax and         our data – its accuracy, depth and freshness –

selected leading UK bureaux. The Equifax disConnect™ file can also      and for the innovation of our marketing solutions.

be held by clients to ensure immediate access to accurate and           Equifax Plc is part of Equifax Inc, a global leader
appropriate suppression data.                                           in turning information into intelligence.

And Equifax has optimised the natural synergy between Equifax
disConnect™ and Equifax reConnect™ services by flagging those
Equifax disConnect™ goneaway records where a forwarding
address is available. Authorised clients can submit their data to
Equifax disConnect™
Equifax’s automated reConnect service on a 24/7              Equifax disConnect™ is continually refreshed, savings
basis and receive a forwarding address for the               of this nature can be achieved on every campaign.
originally suppressed customer address, normally
                                                             Choose Equifax disConnect™
within 1 hour.
                                                             Because Equifax disConnect™ utilises Equifax’s vast
How can Equifax disConnect add          ™
                                                             databases of up-to-date and accurate proprietary data,
value to your business?                                      it is able to deliver higher numbers of suppressions –
Equifax disConnect™ delivers value to direct marketers       representing both increased accuracy and greater
by removing customers from the campaign target list          coverage compared to other market products.
who either no longer reside at the address stated, have
                                                             These claims are substantiated by independent tests
expressly written to Equifax requesting their name be
                                                             completed by third parties as follows:
deleted from the mailing list or who have died.
                                                              Example 1: Leading Bureau
By removing these non-responsive records from the
list, the costs of mailing and response handling are         Where Equifax disConnect™ was deployed after a
saved and the response rate for the campaign                 recent job was completed.
significantly increased.                                                                 Equifax      Competition

The benefits of Equifax disConnect™ are shown in the         % Goneaways (Incremental)   6.3%            _
case study below:                                            % Goneaways (Total)         23.2%        16.9%
                           Campaign 1       Campaign 2
                                                              Example 2: Branded Financial Institution
                                                             Prospect pool test with leading suppression files
Initial Data Volumes       1,000,000        1,000,000
                                                             combined together and compared against Equifax
Suppressions                                                 disConnect.

% Goneaways                0%               15.0%                                        Equifax      Competition

# Goneaways                0                150,000          % Goneaways                 3.28%        2.98%

Suppressions Costs         0                £30,000          These results clearly demonstrate the power of Equifax
Effective Mailing Volumes 1,000,000         850,000          disConnect™ and its ability to deliver suppressions
                                                             performance far in excess of its competitors.
Campaign Retails

Costs (£0.60 ea)           £600,000         £510,000         What our clients think
% Goneaways                15.0%            0%               ‘In recent tests we have completed, Equifax
                                                              disConnect™ has out-performed all other
# Goneaways                150,000          0
                                                              comparable suppressions products in the
% Response Rate            1.06%            1.25%             marketplace.’
Campaign Response          10,625           10,625           Independent List Broker.

Cost Per New Customer      £56.47           £50.82           To learn how Equifax disConnect™ can
                                                             help you deliver more successful marketing
As the case study demonstrates, using Equifax
                                                             campaigns, call 020 7298 3000.
disConnect™ reduces mailing wastage significantly,
resulting in a campaign saving of £60,000 and a
reduced cost per new customer of 10.0%. And, as


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