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Nappy Catalogue


									                                          Nappy Catalogue
The following is a list of nappies, wraps and accessories which we have found to work well or have been recommended by
other users. It is not intended to be comprehensive and you may well find other brands which you prefer to these through
brochures and websites. Prices vary between suppliers and are included to give a rough indication of cost for comparison –
check up to date prices before ordering. Likewise the suppliers listed are not the only companies selling these nappies and you may find better deals
elsewhere. Pictures and details of the products can be found in the brochures from the nappy companies or on their websites – see end for supplier contact

                                                                                                              Price           Supplier (see end for
        Name                               Description                            Sizes/Types
                                                                                                            (approx.)             contact details)
                                                                                      o        o
Flat nappies (all need wraps, see Wraps section for recommendations .) Wash at 60 C or 90 C.
                                                                            40, 50, 60 or 80cm squares
                          Fold in traditional way and secure with Nappi                                                      Boots, Mothercare, The
                                                                            White, unbleached,           £1.95 - £5.70
Terry squares             Nippa or pin, or fold into rectangular pad held                                                    Nappy Lady, Twinkle,
                                                                            organic, coloured
                          in place with wrap.                                                                                Little Green Earthlets
                                                                            Bamboo or cotton
                      Fold as for terries. Suitable for newborns or                                                          Boots, Mothercare, The
                                                                        White, unbleached,
Muslin squares        pad folded as a booster with other nappies for                              £1.20 - £1.70              Nappy Lady, Twinkle,
                                                                        organic, patterned
                      older babies. Also invaluable as mop cloths etc.                                                       Little Green Earthlets
Prefolds (used by     Multilayer soft cotton rectangles, fold in 3 to   S, M, L
                                                                                                                             The Nappy Lady,
Bambino Mio and       form a pad held in place by wrap. Hard wearing White only                   £1.80 - £4.00
                                                                                                                             Twinkle, Kittykins
Cotton Bottoms)       and versatile.                                    Cotton, hemp, bamboo
Shaped nappies (all need wraps, see Wraps section for recommendations.) Wash at 60oC, some also at 90 oC.
                                                                        BTP (Birth To Potty)
                      Soft, stretchy cotton terry, fastens and adjusts                                                       The Nappy Lady,
                                                                        Unbleached, white,        £9.50 - £11.25
Motherease One-size   with poppers to fit all sizes, front folds down                                                        Twinkle, Little Green
                                                                        coloured, StayDry. Cotton including pad
                      for smaller babies, detachable inner pad.                                                              Earthlets, Motherease
                                                                        or bamboo
                                                                        XS, S, L, XL
                      Soft, stretchy terry, very absorbent. Side                                                             The Nappy Lady,
                                                                        Popper only
Motherease Sandy’s    popper fastenings giving adjustable waist and                               £7.25 - £10.00             Twinkle, Little Green
                                                                        White, unbleached.
                      leg openings, elasticated legs and waist.                                                              Earthlets, Motherease
                                                                        Cotton or bamboo
                      Fluffy cotton terry , elasticated waist and legs, Size 1, 2, 3; Nippa or
                                                                                                                             Tots Bots, Twinkle,
Tots Bots Original    attached inner pad. Size 2 can be used as BTP. Velcro; White,               £7.00 - £9.25
                                                                                                                             Kitykins, babykind
                      Made in Scotland.                                 unbleached, organic
                                                                                                               Price         Supplier (see end for
        Name                              Description                              Sizes/Types
                                                                                                             (approx.)           contact details)
                                                                             Size 1, 2, 3.                                  Tots Bots, The Nappy
Tots Bots Bamboozle      Made from bamboo fibre, super absorbent.            Popper or Velcro              £8.50 - £9.50    Lady, Twinkle,
                                                                             White, coloured                                Nappymania
                        90% cotton terry and 10% polyester with fleece
                        lining, an adjustable nappy to fit from about 3      BTP; Nippa or popper                           EasyPeasy, The Nappy
Easy Peasy Bumble       months to potty. Removable terry pad which           White (limited availability   £7.50 - £9.00    Lady, Twinkle, Kittykins,
                        poppers inside, quick drying. UK made and            in colours)                                    Nappymania, Babykind
                        very good value.
                        90% cotton terry and 10% polyester with fleece
                                                                             Size 0, 1, 2, BTP                              EasyPeasy, The Nappy
                        lining. QD version has fold-out pad for quicker
Easy Peasy Bimble                                                            Nippa or popper               £6.25 - £9.50    Lady, Twinkle, Kittykins,
                        drying. Smaller sizes can be used to boost
                                                                             White, coloured                                Nappymania
                        Little Kiwis, Diddy Diaper, Ella’s House,
Other shaped nappies    Wallababies pouch system, Imse Vimse,                                                               Various
Wraps Wash at 40 C or 60 oC
Motherease Rikki wrap                                                                                                       Motherease, Twinkle,
                                                                             XS, S, M, L, XL
(covers flat and fitted Soft polyester. Velcro fastening, leg gussets.                                     £8.50 - £9.50    Little Green Earthlets,
                                                                             Patterns, pastels, white
nappies)                                                                                                                    Kittykins
Motherease Air-Flow
(covers fitted nappies  Same soft polyester fabric as Rikki wrap.                                                           Motherease, Twinkle,
                                                                             S, M, M/L, L, XL              £8.50 – £8.75
or terries but won’t    Popper fastening/adjusting at sides of waist and                                                    Little Green Earthlets,
                                                                             Patterns, pastels, white
work well with          legs, very breathable and roomy wrap.                                                               Kittykins
(covers flat and fitted Polyester outer, double elasticated leg gusset,      Newborn, S, M, L
nappies, particularly   velcro or popper fastening. Hard wearing and         White only                    £5.99 - £8.00    The Nappy Lady, Twinkle
good with prefolds)     good value.

                         With soft fleece cuffs at waist and leg and         Newborn, S, M, L,
Stacinator So Simple     poppers to allow use as a pull-up, alternative to   Toddler                       £9.99            Twinkle
                         traditional style.                                  White, pastels
Wool/ fleece wraps       Designed to allow moisture to evaporate, so no      Newborn, S, M, L, XL          £7.50 - £22.00   Tots Bots, The Nappy

                                                                                                          Price           Supplier (see end for
         Name                             Description                          Sizes/Types
                                                                                                        (approx.)             contact details)
                      waterproof layer. Need to air regularly and        Unbleached wool,                                Lady, Twinkle,
                      treat wool with lanolin periodically.              coloured fleece                                 Nappymania, Kittykins
All in Ones and pocket nappies (no separate wrap needed.) Wash at 40 oC or 60 oC
                      Waterproof outer layer and fleece inner layer
                      are attached forming pocket to place prefold or S, M, L, Petite toddler
                                                                                                      £10.50 - £12.50    Twinkle, Kiitykins,
Fuzzibunz             pad into. Fastens with 2 rows of poppers,          White, pastels, brights,
                                                                                                      including insert   Babykind
                      elasticated legs. Can be used as wrap over other prints
                      Pocket nappy with fleece inner, waterproof
                      layer and choice of colourful fleece or other      Newborn, S, M, L, XL.
                                                                                                                         Minki, The Nappy Lady,
Minki                 fabric outer layer. Fasten with Velcro. Stuff      Slinki minki slimmer         £10.50 -£13.50
                                                                                                                         Twinkle, Kittykins
                      with prefold, terry or micro insert for adjustable fitting version.
                      White polyester outer waterproof layer, soft
                                                                                                                         Motherease, Twinkle,
                      unbleached terry absorbent layer, elasticated      S, M, L, XL.
Motherease All in one                                                                                 £11.99 - £12.99    Little Green Earthlets,
                      legs and waist. Adjustable popper fastening at     White, unbleached
                      legs and side of waist.
                      Plush terry velour with waterproof outer layer,
                      stuff with a shaped micro or hemp insert for
                                                                         S, M, L white, pastels and   £9.99 - £13.50
Swaddlebees           great absorbency. Can be used as a pull-up                                                         Kittykins, Babykind
                                                                         prints                       including insert
                      nappy due to popper fastenings and elastic
                      Different styles and sizes to suit different       Sized, shaped                                   The Nappy Lady,
Pocket nappy inserts                                                                                  £2.50 - £5.00
                      pocket nappy systems.                              Microfleece, hemp, cotton                       Twinkle, Babykind
                                                                                                                         Highland Wholefoods
                         Unbleached, no perfumes or lotions, minimal
                                                                                                      19p - 30p per      (Inverness), The Nappy
Moltex                   amount of gel. Packaging and some of the        Mini, midi, maxi, junior
                                                                                                      nappy              Lady, Little Green
                         nappy components are biodegradable.
                                                                                                                         Earthlets, Spirit of Nature
Trainer Pants Wash at 40 oC or 60 oC
                                                                         For potty trainers and
                         Pull-on style stuffable nappy.                                                                  Minki, The Nappy Lady,
Minki YoYo                                                               18mth-3yrs and 3-7 yrs       £12.00 - £15.50
                         Made on the Isle of Lewis                                                                       Twinkle, Kittykins
                                                                         Popper fastening
                                                                                                                    Price            Supplier (see end for
         Name                               Description                              Sizes/Types
                                                                                                                  (approx.)              contact details)
                                                                               Bright colours
                            Soft outer waterproof layer, coupled with a thin                                                        Motherease, Twinkle,
Motherease trainer                                                             S (2yr), L (3yr), XL (4yr)
                            layer of terry that covers the whole of the                                        £9.00 - £9.50        Little Green Earthlets,
pants                                                                          White, pattern
                            inside of the nappy.                                                                                    Kittykins
Imse Vimse Bumpy            Cotton outer, absorbent cotton terry inner,        2 – 3 yrs
                                                                                                               £8.00 - £9.00        Twinkle, Naturebotts
Trainer Pants               waterproof layer, look just like ‘real’ pants.     White or patterned
                            Cotton jersey outer, cotton terry inner with       S, M, L, XL
Bright Bots                                                                                                    £3.95                The Nappy Lady, Twinkle
                            absorbent foam pad, waterproof layer.              Bright colours
                       Item                                             Supplier                                             Price (approx.)
Biodegradable liners                                 Mothercare, The Nappy Lady, Twinkle, Little
                                                                                                            £1.95 - £2.75 per 100
Rolls of 100 or 200                                  Green Earthlets
Ultra (unbleached, extra thick) biodegradable        The Nappy Lady, Twinkle, Little Green
                                                                                                            £3.25 - £3.40 per 100
liners, rolls of 100 or 200                          Earthlets
                                                     The Nappy Lady, Twinkle, Little Green
Fleece liners                                                                                               Each £1.00, Pack of 20 £12.50
                                                     The Nappy Lady, Twinkle, Little Green
Silk liners (for sensitive skin)                                                                            Each £2.20 - £3.25
Booster pads (various types)                         The Nappy Lady, Twinkle, Kittykins                     £1.60 - £4.00
                                                     The Nappy Lady, Twinkle, Little Green
Nappi Nippas (use instead of pins)                                                                          £1.35 - £1.80 for one, £3.50 - £3.85 for 3
                                                     The Nappy Lady, Twinkle, Little Green
Nappy buckets                                                                                               £6.00 - £13.00
                                                     The Nappy Lady, Twinkle, Little Green                  Meshes £2.00 - £12.00; Wet nappy bags £3.50 -
Meshes/ wet nappy bags
                                                     Earthlets, Kittykins                                   £13.00
Washable wipes                                       The Nappy Lady, Twinkle, Kittykins                     16p – 75p per wipe
Wool soap/treatments                                 The Nappy Lady, Twinkle, Kittykins                     £0.75 - £5.00

                                                                Highland Real Nappy Project
Nappy Suppliers
These companies stock the nappies, wraps and accessories listed above as indicated. Their inclusion here is not necessarily a recommendation and you are
advised to shop around for the best deals.

Twinkle                               Little Green Earthlets          Nappies by Minki                       Spirit of Nature
0118 969 5550                         0845 072 4462                   01851 870662                           0870 725 9885           

The Nappy Lady                        Tots Bots                       Motherease                             Easy Peasy
0845 652 6532                         0141 778 7486                   01435 811555                           01865 841359                    

Nappymania                            Babykind                        Naturebotts                            Kittykins
01296 435845                          0845 094 2275                   0845 2262186                           01986 784445                      

Need help choosing?
HRNP will do our best to help if you have specific questions or are simply feeling confused by the wide range of nappies available. Phone our helpline, 0845
201 2609, or email For more information on the benefits of using real nappies, check out Most of the nappies listed
above are included in our demonstration kits and one of our volunteers will be happy to show you the nappies, particularly if you can get a group of
interested people together. Many of the companies above are also happy to give advice on the nappies they sell, and The Nappy Lady runs a free personal
consultation service through her website.

For good value second hand nappies and wraps try the nappy sales sites on, or call Womens’
Environmental Network on 0207 481 9004 (Tues 1pm-4pm and Weds 10am-1pm)

Trial nappy kits
If you really want to do your homework thoroughly, HRNP has trial kits in different sizes which include a selection of different nappies, wraps and
accessories – all you need to have a try using the nappies on your baby. You can borrow the kits free of charge for a couple of weeks subject to availability.
Phone our helpline, 0845 201 2609, for details.

(Last updated 10/08).


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