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					                      Mini-Shower Cloth Diaper Sprayer by Coolcraft
The MiniShower Cloth Diaper Sprayer is the cloth diapering
family's dream come true. A multi-hole jet sprayer with pressure
control valve makes personal hygiene, commode cleaning and
cloth diaper rinsing quick and easy. Sticky, stuck-on messes
will easily be removed without getting your hands wet or
dirty when you use the MiniShower cloth diaper sprayer.

The days of soaking wet, messy, smelly cloth diapers in a pail
are gone, as is the dirty task of sticking your hand in the toilet to
clean off your soiled cloth diapers. The Mini Shower Diaper
Sprayer has changed all that! A multi-hole jet spray with a
pressure control valve, a cloth diaper sprayer makes cloth
diaper rinsing quick and easy (and WAY less messy!). Sticky,
stuck-on solids will be removed easily, preventing stains
and odours from setting in to your cloth diapers.

An industry favorite, the Original MiniShower cloth diaper
sprayer is second to none. The spray pressure from this
diaper sprayer is so good that the Mini Shower is the #1 sold
cloth diaper sprayer in the USA for rinsing cloth diapers by
Moms going green for baby care. The MiniShower diaper
sprayer is made with solid brass/chrome plated connectors for
added strength and durability. This, coupled with it's new and
improved anti-drip technology, makes the Original MiniShower
diaper sprayer the BEST diaper sprayer on the market today

In Dr. Greene's book "Going Green with Dr. Green", Dr. Greene recommends the MiniShower
diaper sprayer as one of the new products to make cloth diapering easier, (under the co-
branded name - the BumGenius Diaper Sprayer). This is the SAME diaper sprayer promoted
by Bummis in Canada!

We also advocate using products that have a use besides cloth diapering. This handheld bidet
really does help with a variety of household chores, and helps to make life easier all around.
This can help you wash the dog, clean the toilet, water plants, clean the bathtub and
more. The Mini-Shower is a perfect solution for all-natural personal hygiene and many other
daily cleaning and rinsing tasks from birth to elderly care.

Installing the MiniShower Diaper Sprayer - as easy as 1-2-3!
The MiniShower diaper sprayer is very easy to install. It uses quick-connect state-of-the-art
push-in hose fitting, which make it easy to install without a plumber and usually without tools.

Reviews state that during installation you will want to make sure you shove the tube all the way
into the sprayer before you tighten the locking mechanism to prevent leakage.
You need to have a flexible supply line on your toilet or this part at a hardware store for an extra
$5-10. Reviews also recommend you use the shut off value at the end of each use.

If you still run into trouble during installation, there is also a toll-free 800 number (available in
Canada!) listed with the instructions to talk to an experienced customer service agent if needed.
There is no other company that offers the same level of customer support for installing your

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