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Recess Mobile


									Recess Mobile
SMS and mobile application development
                                                                                                (810) 373-2377

About Us                                                               SMS Services
Recess Mobile is a boutique technology firm that builds                A proprietary messaging platform powers all of our products and
SMS, web, and mobile applications for consumers and                    applications. On top of this Service Layer, a robust, RESTful API
businesses. We pride ourselves on elegantly solving                    provides effortless integration with third-party applications.
communication problems using the most reliable, user-
friendly, and ubiquitous mobile technology - SMS.                      Code options for any size and budget
                                                                                                A shared short code gets your marketing
We’re a technology company and spend our time building,                Shared short             campaign up and running quickly, but
dreaming up, and planning our next product.                            Budgets under $15k       provides no brand identity and a limited
                                                                                                number of keywords.
A different kind of SMS company
Messaging gateway - check. Developer platform - check.                                          Provision a dedicated code for larger
                                                                       Dedicated short
API - check. Professional services - check.                                                     brands and national marketing campaigns.
                                                                       Budgets over $15k
                                                                                                Access an unlimited keyword space.
Consumer-facing products that we’ve built from the ground
up? Multiple sending mechanisms - short codes, long codes,                                      Long codes are ideal for internal
and email-to-SMS? Thousands of customers that range                                             communication tools, chat, appointment
                                                                       Dedicated long
from street food carts to local governments to individual                                       reminders, and other peer-to-peer
                                                                       Any size budget
consumers? Check, check, and check. All that, and you can                                       applications, but not for marketing or bulk
reach the company’s founders on a weekend.                                                      messaging.

Experience                                                             Marketing platform
Over the course of six years working with SMS, our founders            Don’t want to worry about integration, provisioning short codes,
have accumulated the knowledge, expertise, and intellectual            or product development? Create, run, and track campaigns with
property to execute any mobile vision.                                 our SMS marketing platform. All campaigns adhere to Mobile
                                                                       Marketing Association guidelines and maintain a simple, follow-
Expertise                                                              the-prompt workflow; no industry expertise necessary.
We focus on the utility of SMS, asking ourselves how we can
use this elegant, powerful communication channel to solve
                                                                           Agencies, digital signage vendors, and marketing
everyday problems. Because SMS is immediate and direct,
                                                                           services firms: full white label option available. Stop
it’s the perfect channel to deliver time-sensitive information.
                                                                           outsourcing your marketing. Bring the platform in-house,
Whether it’s streamlining communication within a dispersed
                                                                           branded with your logo and colors, without paying extra
organization of thousands or providing critical notifications
                                                                           for the privilege. Give clients access to our platform as if it
to millions of customers in minutes, we’ve built SMS
                                                                           were your own proprietary software.
applications that revolutionize the flow of information.

Recess Mobile, Inc.                 Company Information
595 ½ S 3rd St.            Last updated: Nov 18, 2010
Columbus, OH 43215          (810) 373-2377
Core Platform Overview
Our system combines a gateway and user interface with an
intelligent message routing system. The Service Layer controls
application workflows via modules, directs messages to and from
applications and links applications and user sessions. We’ve
created numerous modules and can customize the system for
special use cases.

» Battle-tested; built from the ground up for real applications
» Carrier-grade, low-level SMPP binds to Tier-1 aggregators
» 98% U.S. coverage - nearly 30 carriers, national and regional
» Built-in modules for opt-in, opt-out, help, and subscriptions
» Supports multiple SMSCs over SMPP
» Session and state awareness for true two-way messaging
» Flexible keyword matching and selective routing
» Wide range of API functions with real-time callbacks

Professional Services

Marketing campaign management                                         Web development
We oversee campaigns from start to finish, from the short             We build solid, scalable, thoroughly unit-tested web applications.
code lease, program provisioning, campaign setup and                  Our Products page contains a list of some of our internal
management, to data analysis and reporting.                           projects. We’re primarily a Ruby shop, but have extensive
                                                                      experience with everything from WordPress development to Java
Short code provisioning                                               to Objective C.
Going from short code lease to live on carrier networks is one
of the most tedious chores in messaging. Let us walk you              Cross-platform mobile web development
through it. A US common short code is a short phone number,           Most business applications - scheduling tools, lookup services,
ranging from 5 to 6 characters. We can take you through the           forms, and other data-intensive applications, which don’t rely
entire provisioning process. A dedicated code is recommended          on device-specific functionality, like the accelerometer or heavy
for maintaining brand integrity, maximum control over the             graphics processing - are best suited for the mobile web, tailored
keyword space and high volume campaigns.                              to look and feel like native iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and even
                                                                      feature-phone applications. With new standards like HTML5 and
On-site training                                                      frameworks like Sencha Touch, it’s possible to build web apps
Have us come in for a full day of SMS and mobile education.           virtually indistinguishable from their native counterparts.

SMS application development
SMS-enabled applications can address many critical                           Web           Pros: web is cost-effective - build one app
                                                                                           which can be accessed from any device
challenges your business faces: reducing operational costs,                   vs
streamlining business processes, improving customer service,                Native         Cons: no heavy animation and graphics or
                                                                                           access to most native device functions
or replacing legacy systems. Talk to us about architecting a
custom solution.

Recess Mobile, Inc.                 Company Information
595 ½ S 3rd St.           Last updated: Nov 18, 2010
Columbus, OH 43215         (810) 373-2377

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