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					                                                   PUBLIC COMMENTS -- Off-Street Parking Code Revisions
 #   Meeting          Who             Use Requirement   Feedback / Question                                                     Summary/Conclusion of Public Feedback Code Update


 1   Blog/Online      Resident              Overall     Comment on Pioneer Press 10/21/09 article: It would have been           General and strong support for the off-street As proposed
     Comment                                            much cheaper to just have a budget cut in code enforcement, cut         parking code changes.
                                                        the fat.. Don't invent new way's to waste money.
 2   Blog/Online      Non Profit                        Posting on We [St. Paul] need to start          Questions and comments related to parking
     Comment                                            catering to pedestrians, cyclists, and mass transit and need            indicate strong interest in and a definite
                                                        parking regulations and code that reinforce this. The new parking       need to match code revisions with stepped
                                                        study only reinforces old norms that off-street parking is a must for   up use of parking management tools.
                                                        any commercial or residential development taking place in St.
                                                        Paul. Valuable square footage in the city will be set aside for cars,
                                                        not people.
 3   Blog/Online      Non Profit                        Posting on "I think we need a radical
     Comment                                            shift on how cities think about parking. Instead of some strange
                                                        math equation 400 sqft = 1 spot, we need to have a process that is
                                                        more comprehensive and looks and use of the space and existing
                                                        parking (off and on-street). This would help to reduce the need to
                                                        create more parking spots where none are needed...A blanket
                                                        code, which is what we have now and will have in the future, does
                                                        not work for St. Paul and its neighborhoods."
 4   Bus Review       Business Rep                      The parking code revisions need to support business by moving
     Council                                            away from everything requiring a variance
 5   Chamber of       Business Rep                      "For the most part I think you have done an excellent job and hope
     Commerce                                           that neighborhoods see the benefits to what you are proposing. I
                                                        think that our membership -- and we directly invited some 300 of
                                                        them -- thought that as long as you were reducing requirements,
                                                        they were fine with it."
 6   Chamber of       Business                          How many permit parking zones does Mpls have?
     Commerce         Owner
 7   Direct Contact   District                          On November 12th the St. Anthony Park Community Council
     (email, phone,   Council Rep                       Board of Directors voted to
     letter)                                            support the draft ordinance which makes changes to the parking
                                                        requirements for new
 8   GABA             Business Rep                      No key comments or questions, they mostly listened. Almost half
                                                        of the attendees had already heard the presentation at other
 9   HBA              Business Rep                      The City should do all that it can to encourage business growth,
                                                        development and redevelopment
10 Payne/Arcade       Resident                          Can students going to Johnson H.S. be required to park in the lot?
   BA and DC                                            They sometimes park on the street.
11 Port Authority     Business Rep                      Consider meeting with developers such as Steve Wellington and
                                                        Dave Langer for their input on the revised parking code
12 West 7th CC        District              Overall     Help people understand the true cost of parking (surface and
                      Council Rep                       structured). There is a trade-off from a tax base perspective
                                                        between parking and other kinds of development.

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                                          OverallPUBLIC COMMENTS                         -- Off-Street Parking Code Revisions
#   Meeting         Who              Use Requirement Feedback / Question                                                            Summary/Conclusion of Public Feedback Code Update

13 West 7th CC      Resident                               If the changes generate tighter parking conditions, it is essential to
                                                           increase enforcement of parking restrictions near corners, where
                                                           illegally parked cars reduce visbility for turning safely onto the

14 Bus Review       City Staff               n/a           Should the rule of 5 be retained as an option for businesses who         Wide agreement that Rule of 5 can be           As proposed
   Council                                                 can't meet the new minimum parking requirement?                          eliminated since consolidation will remove
                                                                                                                                    almost all instances of small parking
                                                                                                                                    changes based on use.

15 Council Office   City Official/  Establishment with     Do not eliminate the bar parking deficiency provision in section         Strong resistance from City Council offices    As proposed
                    Commissioner    on-sale intoxicating   63.206. It allows some neighborhood control/input regarding              to eliminating the bar parking deficiency      (Retain Section
                                         liquor and        spillover concerns (parking and people)                                  provision in section 63.206. It allows some    63.206 (c) language
16 Council Office   City Official/ entertainment license   Do not eliminate the bar parking deficiency provision in section         neighborhood control/input regarding           in the current code)
                    Commissioner        class A or B       63.206. It allows some neighborhood control/input regarding              spillover concerns (parking and people)
                                                           spillover concerns (parking and people)

17 Bus Review       Business Rep             n/a           If a new shared parking agreement includes an existing business,         Strong support for shared parking and using As proposed
   Council                                                 how is the parking requirement for the new business assessed?            the new model.
18 Comp Plan        City Official/                         Should shared parking be approved by the zoning adminstrator or
   Committee        Commissioner                           is there a threshold when a shared parking agreement should go           Some interest in Planning Commission, BZA
                                                           for PC review (e.g., greater than 'x' parking spaces or 'y' parking      or District Council review of shared parking
                                                           decrease)?                                                               arrangements prior to approval. Site Plan
19 Comp Plan        City Official/                         Want to encourage shared parking agreements, however it needs            Review to include shared parking
   Committee        Commissioner                           to be enforcable. Consider having a shared parking agreement as          agreements; notification sent via ENS
                                                           a recordable, lease-based document.                                      system.
20 Comp Plan        City Official/                         Do shared parking agreements apply to multi-use retail centers?
   Committee        Commissioner
21 Council Office   City Official/                         How are shared parking agreements enforced? What is the
                    Commissioner                           process when a party leaves or an agreement ends?
22 Council Office   City Official/                         Are there ways to facilitate/encourage shared parking agreements?
                                                           Can an existing business apply to decrease its parking through a
                                                           shared parking agreement under the revised code?
23 Council Office   City Official/                         Should there be a fee to apply for shared parking agreements?
                    Commissioner                           Is the annual re-submission of a shared parking agreement is too
24 Direct Contact   Non Profit               n/a           Ensure that shared parking agreements still provide the required
   (email, phone,                                          number of accessible parking spaces

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                                           n/a PUBLIC COMMENTS                   -- Off-Street Parking Code Revisions
#   Meeting         Who              Use Requirement Feedback / Question                                                     Summary/Conclusion of Public Feedback Code Update

25 Direct Contact   Resident                        "The parking situation along Grand Ave or immediately adjacent to
   (email, phone,                                   Grand is truly untenable. Your [Brasa] lot is small, the parking on
   letter)                                          Grand is packed and the neighborhood association has made
                                                    parking on the side streets a crap shoot. It seems they have
                                                    different rules on every block all favoring the residents. Why don't
                                                    the rental units and/or condos have to provide parking for their
                                                    tenants/owners? I am swearing off the Grand Ave. businesses and
                                                    am warning all of my friends to do the same as one may wind up
                                                    spending at least twice what you thought you were due to parking
26 Payne/Arcade     Business Rep                    Can public parking lot spaces be used to count towards local
   BA and DC                                        businesses' parking requirements? The city lot at York and Payne
                                                    is never allowed to be counted to meet local business parking
                                                    requirements - why not?
27 Payne/Arcade     Resident                        Communities should be notified of shared parking arrangements
   BA and DC                                        being considered by the City and be allowed to comment. Locals
                                                    may be aware of special circumstances that would make a shared
                                                    arrangement better or worse than the formula predicts.
28 Staff Work       City Staff                      PED and DSI staff feel that current review of shared parking by
   Group                                            staff as part of the Site Plan Review process is appropriate and
                                                    that concerns about approvals can be appealed to the BZA. A site
                                                    plan application that wants to utilize shared parking must include
                                                    the Shared Parking application/agreement and therefore, notice of
                                                    shared parking reviews will be sent in the ENS system.
29 Bus Review       Business Rep             n/a    Consolidating and reducing parking minimums is very positive and         Strong support for overall changes to          As proposed
   Council                                          will help businesses establish. There may be a parking deficiency        minimum parking requirements because
                                                    in some areas of the City today, but businesses are having a hard        they seem more reasonable, and will
                                                    time meeting the current parking requirement, resulting in a             encourage development, reuse and
                                                    variance or not opening a business                                       redevelopment, particularly in commercial
30 Chamber of       Business                        Small business doesn't want to request a variance. The minimum           corridors where revitalization is needed and
   Commerce         Owner                           parking requirements should be designed to make it easier to do          parking should not be a barrier for
                                                    business. Business Owners will provide adequate parking to make          development
                                                    their business viable
31 Dayton's Bluff   City Staff                      Developers get scared off sometimes when they can't meet the
   CC                                               minimum parking requirement or the cost/risk of providing parking
                                                    through another means, e.g., buying house next door to turn into a
                                                    VP parking district
32 Dayton's Bluff   Resident                        Lower parking requirements are good. When you live in an urban
   CC                                               setting you should expect to walk from your car to your destination
                                                    rather than having a front-door parking space.
33 Payne/Arcade     Resident                        If the changes generate tighter parking conditions, it is essential to
   BA and DC                                        increase enforcement of parking restrictions near corners, where
                                                    illegally parked cars reduce visbility for turning safely onto the

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                                                   PUBLIC COMMENTS -- Off-Street Parking Code Revisions
#   Meeting         Who               Use Requirement      Feedback / Question                                                   Summary/Conclusion of Public Feedback Code Update

34 Payne/Arcade     Resident                               St. Paul and Minneapolis shouldn't have the same parking
   BA and DC                                               requirements because they are different types of cities with
                                                           different development patterns and transportation habits.
35 Planning         City Official/                         How did you decide on that parking requirement for xx use?
   Commission       Commissioner                           (Asked repeatedly.)
36 West 7th CC      District                               In general supports lower minimums along with maximums.
                    Council Rep                            Need to change the culture of everyone driving in order to make
                                                           better transit happen.
37 West 7th CC      Resident                               Likes lower parking requirements as a way to encourage
                                                           development, reuse and redevelopment particularly in areas like
                                                           West 7th where revitalization is needed and parking should not be
                                                           a barrier for development
38 Direct Contact   Non Profit         Multiple-family     Can we get off street parking for residential down to 1 everywhere?   Support for modest changes to residential   As proposed
   (email, phone,                       dwelling unit      This would really help in some redevelopment areas with limited       requirements and the stepped approach to
   letter)                                                 grass. I hate asphalting grass for potential car use.                 multi-family housing.
39 MCCD             Developer                              There should be a lower parking requirement for 3 bedroom
                                                           affordable housing units                                              Some interest in even lower parking
40 Staff Work       City Staff                             Concern about the heightened requirement for 4 bedroom units          requirements for affordable housing by
   Group                                                   which may be more common to build in the future for larger            affordable housing advocates.
                                                           immigrant families, who we don't want to penalize by requiring
                                                           more parking.
41 Direct Contact   Resident            Live-work unit     Email from resident in response to Pioneer Press 10/21/09 article   Retain parking requirements for combined       As proposed
   (email, phone,                                          with concern about business vehicles being parked in residential    residential and business properties, such as
   letter)                                                 neighborhoods                                                       live-work units, which require more parking
                                                                                                                               than a regular residential unit. Vehicles that
                                                                                                                               people use for work are permitted to be
                                                                                                                               parked on the public streets, although this
                                                                                                                               can be a nuisance in some instances.
42 Council Office City Official/        Community        A great deal of work and public input was put into the provisions for Few comments on parking changes for            As proposed
                    Commissioner residential facility, Sober Houses, including the level of required parking. It makes         community residential facilties. One person
                                   emergency housing sense to have a the same requirement for similar types of uses,           thought sober houses require more parking
                                        facility, free-  e.g. community residential facilities                                 than other like facilities and another person
43 District Council District       standing foster care In the Frogtown area Armor Properties is buying a number of            thought they need less. Retain proposal to
                    Council Rep      home, overnight     single-family houses to turn into prisoner housing.                   change parking requirement to be same for
                                    shelter, shelter for What type of use is prisoner housing?                                 all these facilities.
                                     battered persons, Are there restrictions on how many prisoner houses can be in
                                   transitional housing proximity to one another (similar to sober houses)?                    Parking requirements for Community
44 Planning         City Official/                       Sober houses are not a proxy for what other community residential Residential Facilities can be reviewed when
   Commission       Commissioner                         facilities should require for parking because sober houses have no a zoning study for all these types of facilities
                                                         staff, while the other types do, and thus they may need more          is undertaken in 2010.
                                                         parking than sober houses.

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                                                   PUBLIC COMMENTS -- Off-Street Parking Code Revisions
#   Meeting         Who               Use Requirement       Feedback / Question                                                     Summary/Conclusion of Public Feedback Code Update

45 West 7th CC      Resident             Sober house        Perhaps sober houses should provide more parking than similar           Little comment on parking changes for sober As proposed
                                                            uses; they tend to host meetings and attract visitors to the area       houses. One person thought sober houses
                                                            who drive in cars. How can this be better handled?                      require more parking than other like facilities
                                                                                                                                    (e.g., community residential facilties) and
                                                                                                                                    another person thought they need less.
                                                                                                                                    Sober House parking was considered as
                                                                                                                                    part of a broader study and public hearing
                                                                                                                                    process to regulate the use. Retain
                                                                                                                                    proposal to change parking requirement to
                                                                                                                                    be same for all these facilities.

46 Comp Plan        City Official/         Day care       For educational related facilities, consider drop-off/pick-up parking     Only 1 comment.                                As proposed
   Committee        Commissioner                          spaces
47 Colleges &       College Rep      College, university, Retain the current parking requirements for colleges and                  Colleges and university reps felt strongly     Retain current
   Universities                      seminary, technical universities and the annual reporting system. Student and                  that student and employee counts are an        parking
                                        college, trade    employee counts are an imperfect estimate of parking demand, but          imperfect estimate of parking demand, but      requirements for
                                      school, business are better than anything else. Expansion of GFA for classrooms               are better than anything else. Expansion of    these uses.
                                     school, arts school, and offices is often done to enhance facilties and compete in the         GFA for classrooms and offices is often
                                        dance school      market -- it doesn't approximate more people coming to campus.            done to enhance facilties and compete in the
                                                                                                                                    market -- it doesn't approximate more
48 Colleges &       College Rep                             Review and update the existing annual reporting system to collect       people coming to campus.
   Universities                                             data that better approximates the peak head count of
                                                            students/employees on campus. Current data is based on FT vs.           Retain the current parking requirements and
                                                            PT students. However, there are many different types of non-            the annual reporting system, but make some
                                                            traditional students on some campuses, e.g., evening, weekend,          adjustments to it to better count student
                                                            on-line, study abroad, etc.                                             types and consider possible parking
49 Colleges &       College Rep                             consider whether Trade Schools like Rasmussen College should            requirement reductions for implementation
   Universities                                             be subject to the annual parking review process                         of TDM plans.
50 Como Park        Resident                                Campuses should be required to provide some designated visitor
   Pavillion                                                parking. I've had trouble finding this at Macalester and then had to
                                                            circle the nrighborhood to find something.
51 District Council District                                For colleges where parking is underutilized (e.g., Metro State)
                    Council Rep                             additional parking shouldn't be added. In these cases is there a
                                                            way to enforce that students use the existing parking?
52 MCCD             Developer           Public library      It's a public good to provide parking for libraries, rec centers, and   Strong support for overall changes to          As proposed
                                                            other public amenities. The parking requirement should not be set       minimum parking requirements because
                                                            too low for these uses.                                                 they seem more reasonable, and will
                                                                                                                                    encourage development, reuse and
                                                                                                                                    redevelopment, particularly in commercial
                                                                                                                                    corridors where revitalization is needed and
                                                                                                                                    parking should not be a barrier for
53 Dayton's Bluff   Resident           Church, chapel,   What is a typical size for a main unit of worship? Is the proposed         Support for moving to GFA requirement for      TBD - Analyze
   CC                                synagogue, place of GFA appropriate for the size of the building? What are some                places of worship, but people want to be       some local
                                          worship        examples comparing the old and new requirements for a couple of            sure it’s a requirement that meets average,    churches and
                                                         specific church properties? Some churches lease their space                weekly demand for the use.                     confirm the
                                                         during off-peak times, which is good.                                                                                     appropriate GFA

       d7fb97fd-c4f1-43ef-8ca4-0d1955ed1d7c.xls                                                    5                                                                                   3/24/2011
                                       Church, chapel,                                                                         Support for moving to GFA requirement for            TBD - Analyze
                                     synagogue, place of
                                                  PUBLIC COMMENTS                        -- Off-Street Parking                 places of worship,
                                                                                                                            Code Revisions but people wantaverage,
                                                                                                                               sure it’s a requirement that meets
                                                                                                                                                                  to be             some local
                                                                                                                                                                                    churches and
#   Meeting         Who                Use Requirement Feedback / Question                                                     weekly demand for the of Public Feedback
                                                                                                                               Summary/Conclusion use.                              Code Update
                                                                                                                                                                                    confirm the
                                                                                                                                                                                    appropriate GFA
54 HBA              Business Rep                           There are a number of neighborhood churches with existing                                                                requirement.
                                                           parking deficiencies. Need to make sure the proposed sq ft GFA
                                                           parking requirement is appropriate for places of worship
55 Port Authority   Business Rep       Office (including, The City competes with the suburbs on business relocation;                Strong support for changing retail and office   As proposed
                                       but not limited to: parking availability is one dimension of it.                             uses to 1:400.
                                        administrative,    In deals that the Port puts together the parking requirement for
                                     financial, insurance, offices is 5 spaces per 1000 sq ft GFA (1:200 compared to the            Some concern raised regarding competing
                                       professional, real 1:400 proposed in revised code). The parking spaces could have            for business with suburbs offering ample
                                       estate, and sales   been filled in better economic times.                                    parking
56 Chamber of       Business                offices)       What are the retail and office requirements for other cities?
   Commerce         Owner
57 Port Authority   Business Rep      Medical or dental    Medical uses are more intense than other office uses. For                Range from min. to max. allows for              As proposed
                                       clinic, medical     example the Phalen medical buildings were parked at 6 spaces per         reasonable accommodation of parking for
                                          laboratory       1000 sq ft GFA (1:166)                                                   medical offices.
58 Comp Plan        City Official/     General retail,     Consider a higher parking standard for "sin" businesses, e.g.,           Strong support for changing retail and office   As proposed
   Committee        Commissioner      service business,    tobacco, tatoo shop, gun shop, shooting gallery, pawn shop, liquor       uses to 1:400.
                                              etc.         store
59 Bus Review       Business Rep                           Reduction to minimums and consolidation for retail/office uses long      Strong support for overall changes to
   Council                                                 overdue and will make City's commercial corridors more                   minimum parking requirements because
                                                           successful and easier for entreprenuers.                                 they seem more reasonable, and will
60 Payne/Arcade     Business                               Payne Avenue commercial spaces have trouble turning over or              encourage development, reuse and
   BA and DC        Owner                                  being leased because of difficulty making changes to required            redevelopment, particularly in commercial
                                                           parking when the use changes. Consolidation of requirements for          corridors where revitalization is needed and
                                                           office and retail uses would be very beneficial in addressing this       parking should not be a barrier for
                                                           problem!                                                                 development.
61 Planning         City Official/                         How does the Trader Joes parking match with our current and
   Commission       Commissioner                           proposed requirements? How about the new Mississippi Market              Some concern raised regarding competing
                                                           on W. 7th?                                                               for business with suburbs offering ample
                                                           (Trader Joes development: 19,920 sq ft (14,420 grocery, 1000
                                                           coffee, 4500 retail) GFA = 83 current required spaces. It provided
                                                           120 spaces. Under proposed changes, all uses would park at 1
                                                           per 400 = 19,920 sq ft / 400 = 50 spaces minimum / 85 spaces
                                                           maximum. Mississippi Market on Selby = 11,200 sq ft and
                                                           currently requires 45 spaces. Under proposed change to 1/400, it
                                                           would require 28 spaces. The main lot today provides 26 spaces
                                                           +20-30 more in adjacent lot.)
62 Payne/Arcade     Property                               St. Paul should set it's minimum commercial parking requirements
   BA and DC        Owner                                  at 1/500 like Minneapolis so that there is a level playing field. As a
                                                           comemrcial property owner, he has experience losing tenants due
                                                           to parking issues and they often then look at locating in Mpls.

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                                                   PUBLIC COMMENTS -- Off-Street Parking Code Revisions
#   Meeting         Who               Use Requirement        Feedback / Question                                                     Summary/Conclusion of Public Feedback Code Update

63 District Council District          Mortuary, funeral      Majority of new funeral homes built today are Hmong funeral             Not many comments, but those that did          Keep current
                    Council Rep            home              homes with different customs and hours of operation compared to         comment felt very strongly that parking        parking standard of
                                                             traditional funeral homes. The parking requirement for funeral          requirement for funeral homes and              1:150.
                                                             homes shouldn't be decreased                                            mortuaries should not change, since these
64 Payne/Arcade     Resident                                 Can the requirements for funeral homes be increased? There are          places have strong, peak demand usage,
   BA and DC                                                 a lot of parking spillover issues related to a Hmong funeral home in    sometimes lasting for days.
                                                             my neighborhood.
                                                                                                                                     Parking management tools may have to be
                                                        District 5 staff said that they are about to engage in a mediation           employed to handle these uses with historic
                                                        process with the funeral home to address some of the community               parking deficits.
                                                        issues and tensions.
65 Comp Plan        City Official/   Dance hall, bingo Consider an appropriate parking standard for businesses with                  Only 1 comment. Staff believe Dance Halls,     Change Dance
   Committee        Commissioner hall, assembly halls short, but intense peak hours, e.g., events at reception halls,                etc. should have a lower parking               halls, etc. to 1/200
                                   without fixed seats, funeral homes                                                                requirement than establishments with liquor
                                      exhibition hall,                                                                               and entertainment licenses, but a higher
                                       reception hall                                                                                requirement than general restaurants.
66 Payne/Arcade     Business Rep Establishment with Why not have lower parking requirements for establishments with                  General support for higher parking             As proposed
   BA and DC                       on-sale intoxicating liquor and entertainment licenses? 1/100 seems too high and will             requirement for establishments with liquor
                                         liquor and     make it difficult for these types of places to move in.                      and Entertainment Licenses A and B.
                                      entertainment                                                                                  Only one person spoke in favor of having
                                   license class A or B                                                                              these places be the same as restaurants, in
                                                                                                                                     order for them to open more easily in
                                                                                                                                     commercial areas.
67 Comp Plan        City Official/    Restaurant with        Consider an appropriate parking standard for restaurants and bars       Establishments with beer/wine and              Make parking
   Committee        Commissioner      strong malt/wine       with entertainment licenses but without liquor                          entertainment license class A treated as a     requirement for
68 West 7th CC      Resident         and entertainment       The turnover of patrons is less if a restaurant has a class A           restaurant.                                    establishments
                                       license class A       license. Require a higher parking requirement than other                                                               with beer/wine and
                                                             restaurants.                                                            Strong support for eating establishments to    entertainment
                                                                                                                                     have the same parking requirement as retail    license class A the
                                                                                                                                     and office uses.                               same as
                                                                                                                                                                                    restaurants (1/400)
69 Mayor's Office   City Official/    Restaurant, carry-     Having the same parking requirement for restaurants as                  Strong support for eating establishments to    Change eating
                    Commissioner     out, deli, fast food,   retail/office would provide regional consistency [with Minneaoplis]     have the same parking requirement as retail    establishments to
                                       with or without       and provide for easier reuse and redevelopment. If eating               and office uses.                               1/400
                                     strong malt/wine or     establishments have a parking requirement similar to retail/office,
                                            liquor           then consider higher parking maximum.                                   Having the same requirement can
70 Bus Review       Business                                 Parking for eating places should be at 1/200 because parking at         encourage development, reuse and
   Council          Owner                                    only 1/400 sets up problems for the business and its neighobrs,         redevelopment particularly in commercial
                                                             competition for limited spaces, and could result in business failure    corridors where revitalization is needed and
                                                             if patrons don't come because they can't find a place to park.          parking should not be a barrier for
71 Bus Review       Business Rep                             Prefers the 1:400 parking requirement over 1:200 for eating             development.
   Council                                                   establishments as a way to encourage infill development where
                                                             land is scarce and the development cost for parking becomes             Concerns raised regarding parking spillover
                                                             expensive                                                               into neighborhoods and expanded on-street
72 Chamber of       Business Rep                             Allow eating places to be 1 per 400 like other retail/office, knowing   parking restrictions.
   Commerce                                                  that most people will provide more than that if they need it.
                                                             However, allow a higher maximum in this case.

       d7fb97fd-c4f1-43ef-8ca4-0d1955ed1d7c.xls                                                     7                                                                                   3/24/2011
                                                                                                                         Concerns raised regarding parking spillover
                                                  PUBLIC COMMENTS -- Off-Street Parking                                  into neighborhoods
                                                                                                                      Code Revisions and expanded on-street
                                                                                                                         parking restrictions.
#   Meeting         Who              Use Requirement      Feedback / Question                                            Summary/Conclusion of Public Feedback Code Update

73 Como Park        Business Rep                          Businesses may prefer the 1:400 requirement over the 1:200
   Pavillion                                              requirement so long as permit parking doesn't expand to such a
                                                          level that disallows any spillover from restaurant patrons
74 Council Office   City Official/                        Fast-food restaurants may require/want larger lots to
                    Commissioner                          accommodate a customer base with larger vehicles, e.g. buses,
                                                          utility vehicles, etc.

                                                       Site design standards for where parking should be located can be
                                                       in conflict with typical fast-food locations
75 Dayton's Bluff   Non Profit                         Prefers the 1:400 parking requirement over 1:200 for eating
   CC                                                  establishments from a land use perspective, to encourage other
                                                       forms of transportation, and environmental stewardship.
76 Dayton's Bluff   Resident                           Prefers the 1:400 parking requirement as a means to drive multi-
   CC                                                  modal use.
77 Direct Contact   District                           The SAPCC recommends requiring even less parking, particularly
   (email, phone,   Council Rep                        for eating establishments. SAPCC would rather see the
   letter)                                             requirement at 400 sq feet than 200, which would allow more
                                                       neighborhood café’s and restaurants in areas such as Como and
                                                       Carter, which do not have a lot of available land for parking lots.
78 MCCD             Developer                          Make eating places 1/400, just like retail and office uses. This is a
                                                       good idea for reuse and commercial revitalization.
79 Metro IBA        Business                           Concerned that eating places and coffee shops already have
                    Owner                              restricted parking in areas like Grand Ave. Further reductions,
                                                       especially to 1 per 400 would be too steep and lack of available
                                                       parking would drive away customers.
80 Metro IBA        Business                           Eating places at 1 per 400 would create some spillover parking and
                    Owner                              competition for limited spaces, but if these places move in next
                                                       door, it creates more potential customers for adjacent businesses
                                                       and is therefore worth the parking hassles.
81 Payne/Arcade     Property                           1/400 for eating places would be great because it would make it
   BA and DC        Owner                              easier for entrepreneurs to establish a restaurant or coffee shop
                                                       since they wouldn't have to add parking to lease a space.
82 Planning         City Official/  Restaurant, carry- If we allow eating places at 1 per 400, can we limit how many there     Strong support for eating establishments to    Change eating
   Commission       Commissioner out, deli, fast food, are in proximity to one another or the size of the establishments to    have the same parking requirement as retail    establishments to
                                     with or without   avoid overconcentration of potential parking spillover                  and office uses.                               1/400
                                   strong malt/wine or establishments?
83 West 7th CC      Resident              liquor       Prefers the 1:200 parking requirement rather than 1:400. If a           Having the same requirement can
                                                       restaurant can't supply the minimum required parking then would         encourage development, reuse and
                                                       need to seek a variance, which allows a needed checkpoint in the        redevelopment particularly in commercial
                                                       process. Intensification of activity may result in safety issues.       corridors where revitalization is needed and
84 West 7th CC      Resident                           What has been the experience of other cities, e.g., Milwaukee,          parking should not be a barrier for
                                                       Denver, who have had the same office and eating establishment in        development.
                                                       place for awhile?
85 West 7th CC      District                           Prefers the 1:400 parking requirement over 1:200 for eating             Concerns raised regarding parking spillover
                    Council Rep                        establishments from a land use perspective and to encourage             into neighborhoods and expanded on-street
                                                       other forms of transportation.                                          parking restrictions.

       d7fb97fd-c4f1-43ef-8ca4-0d1955ed1d7c.xls                                                8                                                                                  3/24/2011
                                                    PUBLIC COMMENTS -- Off-Street Parking Code Revisions
#   Meeting         Who               Use Requirement         Feedback / Question                                                     Summary/Conclusion of Public Feedback Code Update

86 Comp Plan        City Official/    Automobile repair Is there a trade-off between parking for auto repair and auto                 One part of the city is concerned about auto As proposed
   Committee        Commissioner       station, service storage space?                                                                repair and service businesses going to
87 District Council District         station, body shop,In some areas of the city there may be concerns with decreasing               1/400 causing spillover or alternative use of
                    Council Rep         specialty store the parking requirement for auto-related uses (e.g., repair, sales)           those spaces on the property.
88 Payne/Arcade Resident                                It makes sense for auto convenience businesses to be at the 1/400             However, there will be very few instances of
   BA and DC                                            requirement, but auto repair and service businesses are different             redev./new devel triggering the requirement
                                                        and are a big problem in the neighborhood. Do not lower the                   and thus it doesn't matter much either way if
                                                        requirement for these businesses; "it's the wrong message for the             it changes.
                                                        chronic offender". If these businesses don't need as many parking
                                                        places for customers, they may start to use the extra spaces for              CUPs are required for auto-related uses to
                                                        parking more repair vehicles.                                                 address broader concerns about the
89 Staff Work       City Staff                          Parking for auto repair and services should be 1/400, like other              business' look and operations.
   Group                                                retail and office, because the intensity of parking created by the
                                                        use is similar; there is no justification for it to be higher. CUPs are
                                                        required for these businesses and issues and concerns about the
                                                        look and operation of the business (e.g., vehicle storage) can be
                                                        dealt with better in the CUP, than by needlessly requiring more
                                                        parking than needed.
90 Port Authority   Business Rep     Limited production Ok with minimum parking requirement for Limited Production and                1 comment - liked it.                          As proposed
                                       and processing   Processing and Industrial/Manufacturing, assuming that associated
                                                        office space is calculated separately.
91 Port Authority   Business Rep         Wholesale      Wholesaling has a higher intensity of use than warehousing and                Little comment on parking for wholesaling,     Keep current
                                       establishment,   storage (e.g., J&J). Therefore, they should not have the same                 however raised important concern that          Wholesaling
                                      warehousing and parking requirement                                                             wholesaling businesses are more intense        parking standard at
                                           storage                                                                                    than warehousing.                              1/1,500
                                                                                                                                      Retained current requirement for
                                                                                                                                      wholesaling; warehousing and storage
                                                                                                                                      change as proposed.
92 Colleges &       College Rep       College, university,    If additional minimum parking is required for a particular college or   Support for further reductions to minimum      As proposed
   Universities                       seminary, technical     university due to changes in head count, then they should be able       parking requirements through shared
                                     college, trade school,   to use incentives for decreasing parking such as bike parking,          parking arrangements, bike parking and
                                     business school, arts    share-car, shared-parking agreements, etc.                              mixed-use corridors, particularly in
                                     school, dance school                                                                             commercial corridors where revitalization is
93 Blog/Online      Non Profit                  n/a           Posting on "Parking needs to be a               needed and parking should not be a barrier
   Comment                                                    premium and no longer free and eat into the costs of opening a          for development
                                                              small business or doing development projects. With car sharing,
                                                              bike parking, and access to mass transit would give projects points
                                                              that eliminate the need to create new off-street parking..."
94 Blog/Online      Other                     n/a             Posting on "Reducing the width of the
   Comment                                                    street or the number of parking spaces WILL NOT make more
                                                              people ride bikes or take buses...A bike or bus is not always an

       d7fb97fd-c4f1-43ef-8ca4-0d1955ed1d7c.xls                                                      9                                                                                   3/24/2011
                                                    PUBLIC COMMENTS -- Off-Street Parking Code Revisions
 #   Meeting         Who               Use Requirement         Feedback / Question                                                  Summary/Conclusion of Public Feedback Code Update

95 Chamber of        Business          Establishment with      Maximum seems too restrictive. What would be the minimum -          General support for applying parking             Require CUP when
   Commerce          Owner             on-sale intoxicating    maximum range for my business under the proposed changes?           maximums across the City. Mixed feedback         maximum is
                                            liquor and                                                                             on the maximum parking ceiling: some             exceeded.
                                      entertainment license                                                                        thought it was too high, others thought it was
                                           class A or B                                                                            too restrictive.                                 Set maximum for
96 Chamber of        Business Rep        General retail,       Talk to Target and find out what they think of the maximum parking Concerns raised about not providing               eating
   Commerce                           service business, etc.   requirements for their type of business.                            adequate parking to meet an individual           establishments at
97 Blog/Online       Resident                   n/a            Posting on "off-street parking is a must    business' needs and the cost of seeking a        300%, if minimum
   Comment                                                     for any commercial or residential property. There are only 2 things variance.                                        at 1/400.
                                                               that happen when there's no parking - 1, everyone parks on the
                                                               street...Or 2, most people won't go there any more... The argument Require a Conditional Use Permit when a
                                                               seems to be that by reducing the amount of parking, you'll          property wants to exceed the parking
                                                               magically create alternative transportation. It might make some     maximum.
                                                               sort of sense if at least you were replacing the parking with       Increase parking maximums for eating
                                                               alternative transportation using that same space. But when you just establishments in light of significantly lower
                                                               build more condos and businesses, all it results in is a mess."     parking minimums.
98 Bus Review        Business                                  In principle, maximum parking is bad because it is not up to the
   Council           Owner                                     government to tell someone how much parking is too much. Extra
                                                               parking does not hurt anything, but can be cheaper than
                                                               landscaping, good for attracting customers, a revenue source
                                                               when leased out to others, and can be leased or donated for
                                                               seasonal use.
99 Chamber of        Business Rep                              Consider varying the max requirement by type of use (particularly
   Commerce                                                    for restaurants).
                                                               In general a parking max will have more of an impact in less
                                                               developed areas of the City where land is available to add parking.
100 Como Park        Business Rep                              Seeking a variance can be time consuming and expensive.
    Pavillion                                                  Instead of having a maximum parking ceiling of 170%, just add
                                                               another step of even higher landscaping requirements to offest the
                                                               negative aspects of larger parking lots; be more flexible to allow
                                                               people to go above the maximum.
101 Como Park        Business                                  The City needs to consider the economic impact to a business that
    Pavillion        Owner                                     is not allowed to supply the amount of parking needed to serve its
                                                               customers. I'm concerned that the maximum would prevent me
                                                               from adding as many spaces as I need to accommodate my
102 Comp Plan        City Official/                            Consider requiring a CUP rather than Variance if development
    Committee        Commissioner                              wants to exceed the parking maximum
103 Comp Plan        City Official/                            Why is structured parking better than surface parking with
    Committee        Commissioner                              stormwater landscaping and other conditions?
                                                               Are there unintended consequences of allowing structured parking
                                                               (without a CUP or variance) when the max is exceeded?
104 Council Office   City Official/                            Is oversupply of parking really an issue today? Are there examples
                     Commissioner                              of sites with greater than 170% of the parking minimum?
105 Dayton's Bluff   Non Profit                                A max of 170% still seems too high.
    CC                                                         Consider requiring a TDM plan if want to park above the maximum.

        d7fb97fd-c4f1-43ef-8ca4-0d1955ed1d7c.xls                                                    10                                                                                  3/24/2011
                                                    PUBLIC COMMENTS -- Off-Street Parking Code Revisions
 #   Meeting         Who              Use Requirement   Feedback / Question                                                      Summary/Conclusion of Public Feedback Code Update

106 Other            City Staff                         Does the max requirement send a message to big business that
                                                        "we don't want them in St Paul?"
107 West 7th CC      Resident                           Areas like Grand Ave where there is a perceived parking
                                                        deficiency should consider a Parking Improvement District,
                                                        cooperative parking arrangements, etc. to meet its parking needs
                                                        at a macro level
108 Payne/Arcade     Resident                           Why are parking maximums triggered in a lot of 10 or more
    BA and DC                                           spaces? Why is '10' the correct threshhold? Should it be
                                                        somewhat higher?

109 District Council District                 n/a       A use is not specified for parks or amusement parks such as              Only 1 comment specific to a rare type of   As proposed
                     Council Rep                        ComoTown. There have been neighborhood parking                           use (amusement park); rare uses are
                                                        issues/concerns with ComoTown. What would be the parking                 covered under Section 63.208, Parking
                                                        requirement for ComoTown or its equivalent?                              requirements for other uses

110 Blog/Online      Resident                 n/a       Posting on "I know there are still places        Strong support for increased bicycle parking As proposed
    Comment                                             for me that I won't [bike], or am reluctant to bike to because there's   requirements and for reducing vehicle
                                                        no or limited bike parking."                                             parking by providing additional bicycle
111 Blog/Online      Resident                           Posting on "Clearly the guiding                  parking.
    Comment                                             assumption is that we need to set minimum parking requirements
                                                        for cars, but not minimum access requirements for transit and
                                                        bicycle users represents more of the same...My big suggestion to
                                                        improve the plan is to include minimum bicycle parking
                                                        requirements for all new commercial and multi-unit residential
112 Direct Contact   Resident                           "I am very happy with the general direction of the city's planning,
    (email, phone,                                      but feel a critical piece is missing in this parking study. St. Paul
    letter)                                             should include a minimum level of bicycle parking for all retail,
                                                        office and commercial establishments. Philadelphia and San
                                                        Francisco recently adopted minimum bicycle parking levels;
                                                        Pittsburgh is also considering the issue...I know there is a
                                                        provision in the plan currently that would reduce the number of
                                                        minimum spaces if bicycle parking is included in a development,
                                                        but I feel this won't do nearly enough. Just like we know parking
                                                        needs to be reasonably accessible for people to come to a given
                                                        neighborhood or commercial district, we know that quality bicycle
                                                        parking needs to be available for people to choose to bike
                                                        somewhere as well."

        d7fb97fd-c4f1-43ef-8ca4-0d1955ed1d7c.xls                                              11                                                                                 3/24/2011
                                                    PUBLIC COMMENTS -- Off-Street Parking Code Revisions
 #   Meeting         Who              Use Requirement   Feedback / Question                                                      Summary/Conclusion of Public Feedback Code Update

113 Bus Review       Business Rep             n/a       Is there a different way to determine the Mixed Use Corridors? For       General support for reduced parking           As proposed
    Council                                             example, if traffic counts are high compared to other modes of           requirements along mixed-use corridors,
                                                        transportation on a given street (e.g., Snelling), then it might be an   particularly in commercial corridors where
                                                        indicator that the business is auto-dependent and that customers         revitalization is needed and parking should
                                                        won't take other modes of transportation, therefore the street           not be a barrier for development.
                                                        shouldn't be a Mixed-Use Corridor.
114 Comp Plan        City Staff                         Concerns raised that Mixed-Use Corridors may be "double dipping"         Some concerns raised about mode
    Committee                                           on parking reductions                                                    connectivity on mixed-use corridors and
115 Comp Plan        City Official/                     Will MetroTransit provide the level of service required on Mixed-        reductions in areas with historical parking
    Committee        Commissioner                       use Corridors? In areas where transit isn't available today, will        deficits.
                                                        adding transit "squeeze" on-street parking and traffic lanes?
116 Council Office   City Official/                     Consider allowing a mixed-use corridor reduction based on type of
                     Commissioner                       use. For example affordable housing vs. an employment center
                                                        like an office complex
117 Dayton's Bluff   Non Profit                         When defining Mixed-Use Corridors consider a street's connection
    CC                                                  to other transportation modes, e.g., bike trails.
                                                        Marshall Ave should be considered as a possible Mixed Use
                                                        Corridor from Snelling to the River based on transit, bike lanes,
                                                        commercial corridor development (not on the current map)
118 MCCD             Developer                          A 10% reduction for mixed-use corridors may not be enough for
                                                        some small businesses on transit friendly streets with customers
                                                        who don't drive (e.g., a corner grocery on Rice St)
119 Planning         City Official/                     Why not use the term 'transit street' instead of 'mixed use
    Commission       Commissioner                       corridor'? Isn't that really the point?

                                                        Depends if you want to approximate a street's overall multi-modal
                                                        potential or only its transit potential.
120 West 7th CC      Resident                           Using an additional "mixed use corridor" reduction for minimum
                                                        parking is a good idea in underdeveloped commercial corridors like
                                                        W 7th where there is available parking already.
121 West 7th CC      Resident                           "Mixed use corridor" reduction is not a good idea for Grand, on top
                                                        of the proposed reductions to use requirements, since parking is
                                                        already tight. It's better to use it on corridors where very strong
                                                        transit service already exists.
122 Staff Work       City Staff                         A Mixed Use Corridor reduction is a good idea. The 2030 Land
    Group                                               Use map (under review by Met Council) has a presumption of
                                                        density and activity on mixed-use corridors in St Paul. Many of
                                                        these areas do overlap with the City's commercial corridors, which
                                                        should be designed to support more multi-modal transportation
                                                        options and therefore less single-occupancy vehicle parking.

        d7fb97fd-c4f1-43ef-8ca4-0d1955ed1d7c.xls                                              12                                                                                   3/24/2011
                                                    PUBLIC COMMENTS -- Off-Street Parking Code Revisions
 #   Meeting         Who               Use Requirement      Feedback / Question                                                    Summary/Conclusion of Public Feedback Code Update

123 Como Park        Business Rep             n/a           Setting aside spaces for certain types of vehicles may be a waste      Mixed feedback on whether preferential         Decide whether
    Pavillion                                               of parking spaces and too hard to regulate. This isn't worth doing.    parking spaces should be required or           required or
124 Como Park        Business Rep                           I like the idea because it encourages people to think differently.     optional.                                      optional,
125 Como Park        Business                               Would preferential parking spaces be mandated or optional?             Designating preferential parking spaces        and if motorcycles
    Pavillion        Owner                                  Perhaps a requirement for certain types (e.g., office building) or     encourages people to think differently about   should be included.
                                                            sizes of lots (large)?                                                 what they drive, but may be hard to enforce
126 Dayton's Bluff   Resident                               Preferential parking signage is a good way to get people to think      or overburdensome for most use types.
    CC                                                      about mode choice.
127 Payne/Arcade     Resident                               Preferential parking signage and enforcement is too complicated
    BA and DC                                               and not worth it. Don't add this provision.
128 Planning         City Official/                         You should include designated motorcycle and scooter spots in the
    Commission       Commissioner                           preferential parking options.


129 Comp Plan        City Official/           n/a           Should employee parking location be reviewed during the site plan      only 1 comment                                 As proposed
    Committee        Commissioner                           process? Can employee parking location be designated?
130 MCCD             Developer        One- and two-family   Garages are not technically required in the zoning code, but when      Requirement to have a dwelling garage not      As proposed
                                         dwelling unit      PED provides funding for Housing Developments it wants the             covered under off-street parking code
                                                            developer to provide garages, which can increase the cost of
                                                            development (but increase value for future sale)

131 Bus Review       Business                 n/a           Requiring parking within 500' of a business may not be feasible in     Mixed feedback on the distance of parking      As proposed
    Council          Owner                                  some cases. What if a business wants/needs to exceed that              from the property it serves. Parking needs
                                                            distance?                                                              to be an accessible distance from the
132 Bus Review       Business                               Parking needs to be an accessible distance from the business. In       property it serves.
    Council          Owner                                  some cases people won't walk around a building when parking is in
                                                            the back and it may be less than 500'                                  Designating parking located farther than
133 Colleges &       College Rep                            consider a change in the theater/auditorium/arena requirement,         500' from the property can be handled under
    Universities                                            which now specifies 1 parking space for every 4 seats, within 600      a variance request.
                                                            feet of the building. I question the "600 foot" requirement and
                                                            believe that as long as we provide the parking on campus, isn't that
                                                            the key thing? People are used to walking a block or two to get to
                                                            buildings and venues on campus. Our new parking ramp (724
                                                            spaces) is more than 600 feet from the stadium or the new
                                                            basketball/volleyball arena, and many people coming to games will
                                                            be using the ramp (or some of the nearly 2,000 other parking
                                                            spaces spread around campus, some within 600 feet and some
                                                            beyond 600 feet).

        d7fb97fd-c4f1-43ef-8ca4-0d1955ed1d7c.xls                                                 13                                                                                   3/24/2011
                                                    PUBLIC COMMENTS -- Off-Street Parking Code Revisions
 #   Meeting         Who              Use Requirement   Feedback / Question                                                     Summary/Conclusion of Public Feedback Code Update

134 Dayton's Bluff   Resident                           Consider having a requirement for valet parking as an alternative
    CC                                                  to having parking spaces on site or within 500'. Would valet
                                                        parking require a shared parking agreement?

135 Como Park        Property                 n/a       You require all 75 to 90 degree parking spaces to have a 20 foot        Concerns raised about challenges in the       Update
    Pavillion        Owner                              wide maneuvering lane. If you enter a parking space directly from       existing code with entrances and              Maneuvering Lane
                                                        the alley into a 90 degree parking space, a 20 area behind the          maneuvering lanes for properties sharing an   and Entry/Exit
                                                        parking space seems to be an excessive amount of impervious             alley with residential uses.                  language to allow
                                                        space. You could address this by either cutting the required                                                          access to small
                                                        maneuvering lane to one-half the stated distance which will still                                                     parking facilities
                                                        give the cars pulling in some room to back out and stay out of the                                                    via an alley
                                                        way of the traffic in the alley. Thus, one way to eliminate the
                                                        maneuvering lane is to put an asterisk after the 20 ft in the last
                                                        column and then below the table you state that:

                                                        " * When there is only one row of parking spaces in a parking lot
                                                        where the vehicles enter the parking space directly from an alley,
                                                        the maneuvering lane shall only be one-half (1/2) the required
                                                        maneuvering lane width."
136 Como Park        Property                 n/a       Most of these alley right-of-ways are only 15 feet in width. I see      Concerns raised about challenges in the       Update
    Pavillion        Owner                              that you want to eliminate some of the curb cuts and I think it is a    existing code with entrances and              Maneuvering Lane
                                                        good idea to also cut down on the amount of impervious area.            maneuvering lanes for properties sharing an   and Entry/Exit
                                                        One way to cut down on the curb cuts is to allow some of the            alley with residential uses.                  language to allow
                                                        parking lots to enter from the alley. One way to approach it would                                                    access to small
                                                        be to change the lead in wording of 63.308 to exclude parking lots                                                    parking facilities
                                                        coming directly off of an alley but to me this then would waive the                                                   via an alley
                                                        requirement of having some space behind the cars which is
                                                        needed. You could eliminate the [suggested] language for 63.305
                                                        and insert additional wording could be added to 63.308 essentially
                                                        cutting the maneuvering lane to one-half the specified amount in
                                                        63.308. An example would be to add another sentence at the end
                                                        of the section which could read as follows:

                                                        "If entrance into a parking space in a parking lot comes directly off
                                                        of an alley, the width of the maneuvering lane shall only be one-
                                                        half (1/2) of the distance set forth in 63.308."

        d7fb97fd-c4f1-43ef-8ca4-0d1955ed1d7c.xls                                              14                                                                                  3/24/2011
                                                   PUBLIC COMMENTS -- Off-Street Parking Code Revisions
#   Meeting        Who               Use Requirement   Feedback / Question                                                        Summary/Conclusion of Public Feedback Code Update

137 Como Park      Property                  n/a       I think [the proposed parking revisions] is a positive step forward        Concerns raised about challenges in the       Update
    Pavillion      Owner                               but I would also like to suggest some changes to the ordinances            existing code with entrances and              Maneuvering Lane
                                                       with respect to areas with mixed-use such as Snelling Avenue               maneuvering lanes for properties sharing an   and Entry/Exit
                                                       where you have many businesses with lots that back up to alleys            alley with residential uses.                  language to allow
                                                       that service both residential and commercial and/or backup to                                                            access to small
                                                       residential property.                                                                                                    parking facilities
138 Como Park      Property                            Code Section 63.310 raises many problems for small parking lots                                                          via an alley
    Pavillion      Owner                               where entrance is desired to come off of an alley. The first one
                                                       has to deal with 63.310 (c) in that entrance and exits to and from
                                                       all parking facilities in non residential property shall be 25 feet from
                                                       the adjoining residential property. Although previously this has not
                                                       been enforced for small lots coming off of an alley, it is on the
                                                       books and should be relaxed to allow entrance from an alley for
                                                       smaller parking lots. Many older alley right of ways are only 15
                                                       feet in width. Thus, if this is technically enforced it essentially
                                                       precludes any parking lots from alleys in most areas of the city
                                                       without a variance because you could never have 25' distance to
                                                       an entrance to a parking facility from an alley adjoining residential
                                                       property because most right-of-ways are 15 to 20 feet. This rule
                                                       has not been enforced in the past and should be changed to permit
                                                       small parking lots to enter the lot from alleys under 63.310(F)(4). I
                                                       would reduce the number of feet to 15 feet for parking lot
                                                       entrances from alleys.
139 Como Park      Property                  n/a        In section 63.311 (Wheel Stops) there seems potentially to be     One comment identifying a language conflict           Clarify wording for
    Pavillion      Owner                               some conflict in the wording with 63.305. The wording in 63.311    between Minimum Layout Dimensions and                 Wheelstops and
                                                       is as follows: "Provisions shall be made to prevent vehicles from  Wheelstops.                                           Minimum Layout
                                                       damaging or overhanging adjacent property, public rights-of-way or                                                       Dimensions to
                                                       required landscaping that allows up to two (2) feet of vehicle                                                           allow vehicle
                                                       overhang." Do you allow 2' of a required parking space to permit                                                         overhang into
                                                       overhang or do you not? Just thought this may need to be                                                                 landscaped areas
                                                       clarified because it wasn't clear to me what this language meant.
                                                       Does the above language mean that if I am going to have an 18'
                                                       deep stall, the physical dimensions only need to be 16 feet
                                                       because I can then count the 2 feet of overhang? If so, then you
                                                       will end up with more green space.

       d7fb97fd-c4f1-43ef-8ca4-0d1955ed1d7c.xls                                               15                                                                                    3/24/2011
                                                    PUBLIC COMMENTS -- Off-Street Parking Code Revisions
 #   Meeting         Who              Use Requirement   Feedback / Question                                                     Summary/Conclusion of Public Feedback Code Update

140 Blog/Online      Resident                 n/a       Posting on " does seem like we’re          Strong support for enhanced landscaping           Update tree
    Comment                                             moving in the right direction by lowering the minimum number of         requirements as a means to increase               requirement to 1
                                                        required spaces and increasing the amount of landscaping and            performance of stormwater management,             tree per 5 parking
                                                        shade trees required. That’s good."                                     reduce negative environmental impacts and         spaces.
141 Bus Review       Business Rep                       Enhanced landscape requirements will make parking lots look             improve parking lot aesthetics.
    Council                                             better and have fewer environmental impacts. This is the right                                                            Add internal
                                                        thing to do.                                                            Interest in requiring safe pedestrian access      walkway
142 Bus Review       Business Rep                       Will there be enforcement of landscaping requirements? Often            through large parking facilities.                 requirement for lots
    Council                                             times trees and landscaping aren't maintained. There is a cost to                                                         greater than
                                                        maintaining landscaping that may be higher than paving the area         Concerns raised regarding landscape               125,000 square feet.
143 Bus Review       Business Rep                       If there are greater landscaping and stormwater management              maintenance and enforcement as well as
    Council                                             requirements, then the City needs to provide some additional            costs compared to pavement.
                                                        guidance as small business owners may not be versed in these            Update the City's documentation on
                                                        topics                                                                  landscaping and stormwater management
144 Chamber of       City Staff                         Interior landscape requirement seems like a big jump to go from         given to developers with site plan application.
    Commerce                                            requiring landscaping for lots with 50 parking spaces to lots with 20
                                                        parking spaces
145 Chamber of       Business Rep                       What do other cities require for minimum interior landscaping?
146 Dayton's Bluff   Resident                           Parking facilities should be designed for pedestrian safety within
    CC                                                  the lot (e.g., walkways in large lots) and at entrances/exits (e.g.,
                                                        stop signs, marked cross-walks).
147 MCCD             Developer                          Parking facilities should be designed for pedestrian safety within
                                                        the lot (e.g., walkways in large lots)

148 MCCD             Developer                          Will there be enforcement of landscaping requirements? Often
                                                        times trees and landscaping aren't maintained.
149 Staff Work       City Staff                         Although not in the current code, site plan review staff have
    Group                                               generally been requesting that trees be placed in perimeter
                                                        landscaping at 35 foot intervals. This practice should be codified.
                                                        However, it's easier to interpret and administer a requirement
                                                        based on 1 tree per # of spaces, instead of on lineal feet. 1 tree/4-
                                                        5 spaces would approximate 1 tree per 35 feet.
     SECTION 63.316. PAVING
150 West 7th CC      Resident                 n/a       Are pervious pavers an option or being encouraged for parking           Pervious pavement is allowed under the            As proposed
                                                        spaces above the minimum?                                               proposed code changes that would go into
                                                                                                                                effect with the Infill Design Standards
                                                                                                                                currently under review by the City Council.

151 Comp Plan        City Official/           n/a       Can a stand-alone parking facility be built?                            Stand-alone parking facilities can be built       As proposed
    Committee        Commissioner                       Is it possible to bank land for future parking?                         under the existing code and under the
                                                                                                                                revised code.
                                                                                                                                Undeveloped land could be banked for
                                                                                                                                future parking needs.

        d7fb97fd-c4f1-43ef-8ca4-0d1955ed1d7c.xls                                               16                                                                                     3/24/2011
                                                    PUBLIC COMMENTS -- Off-Street Parking Code Revisions
 #   Meeting        Who               Use Requirement   Feedback / Question                                                  Summary/Conclusion of Public Feedback Code Update


152 Chamber of      Business Rep              n/a       Why require TDM --can't you use incentives instead? What would       General support for requiring TDM planning As proposed
    Commerce                                            the financial guarantee amount to for a couple of sample projects?   for projects with more than 100 spaces,
153 Colleges &      College Rep                         Colleges and universities are a great place to do TDM planning       although some concerns about the
    Universities                                        and should be rewarded with reduced parking requirements if they     cost/financial guarantee and not wanting it to
                                                        employ TDM strategies.                                               be too onerous.
154 District Council District                           What is the cost to a business of creating and implementing a
                     Council Rep                        TDM Plan?
155 District Council District                           Consider having Smart Trips get involved with college/ university
                     Council Rep                        campuses to create TDM plans?

        d7fb97fd-c4f1-43ef-8ca4-0d1955ed1d7c.xls                                             17                                                                            3/24/2011

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