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									September 2007

                                                Kick-Start Your Day
  Think you're doing yourself a favor by not eating breakfast? Think again. Studies show that breakfast-skippers actually take
in MORE calories by the end of the day than people who have a morning meal. Why? When you bypass breakfast, you end up
being so hungry that by the time you finally do eat, you're likely to eat too much. And, when you let yourself get that ravenous,
you're more likely to grab whatever is convenient (which is often processed, high-cal, high-fat foods) than to look for something
healthy. Now if that isn’t enough to convince you to eat that first meal, check this out: At night, your metabolism naturally slows
down while you sleep, but it doesn’t rev back up again UNTIL you eat. Skip your morning meal, and your metabolism will
remain at slow speed to conserve calories! Starting your day with a balanced breakfast can put you on the fast track to good

          Junk Food Overload                       Avoid the “Freshman 15”                    Fall Into Fitness With These
    According to a National Health and          As college freshmen start their first            Autumn Exercise Tips
  Nutrition Examination Survey, one-          semester, they are probably worried             April showers bring May flowers, but
  third of the U.S. diet consists of junk     about the dreaded “freshman 15.”             September brings cooler weather just
  food—an astonishing figure! But, what         The weight gain that many college          right for the outdoor exercise routine.
  exactly is “junk food”?                     students experience is often a result        The American Heart Association
    Junk food is a term used for foods        of stress, lifestyle changes, new food       recommends getting 30 minutes of
  that taste good, are high in calories       choices and a change in level of             moderate exercise at least 5 days a
  and quick to prepare, and have little       physical activity.                           week, and fall is a great time to
  nutritional value. While most people          Try to avoid skipping meals so you         rededicate yourself to a consistent
  have their own list of foods that they      don’t overeat at the next meal.              fitness routine.
  would consider junk food, it generally        Watch portion sizes, especially               Walking, hiking and cycling are all
  refers to foods that are high in salt,      those late-night snacks.                     awesome in the fall. Discover park
  sugar, (such as soda pop, candy, ice          Keep healthy grab-and-go snacks            trails and take in some new scenery,
  cream and most pastries), high in fat       available like granola or breakfast          whether you're walking, biking, or in-
  (particularly saturated fat—such as         bars, fresh fruit, peanut butter and         line skating. If you live near the
  burgers, pizza, hot dogs, french fries      crackers or trail mix.                       beach, get out and play volleyball,
  and most fried foods).                        Finally, don’t forget about physical       throw the Frisbee around, or play a
                                              activity. Walk or bike across campus.        vigorous game of fetch with your dog.
     A poor diet, especially one with
                                              Take advantage of recreation facilities      It's a great time to do beach activities
  excessive junk foods, is a common
                                              to workout or swim. Join an intramural       because it's less crowded. If you're
  cause of depression. The levels of
                                              team.                                        near a lake, try kayaking or canoeing,
  brain    chemicals    called   neuro-
  transmitters, which regulate our                                                         for an excellent whole-body workout
  behavior, are controlled by what we                Fuel Up for Fall Sports               and a great change of pace.
  eat, and neurotransmitters are closely        The fall school sports training               If you're spending the afternoon
  linked to mood.                             schedule is under way and athletes           taking kids to soccer practice, instead
                                              need to focus on consuming adequate          of reading a book or visiting with
    The Mental Health Foundation says         amounts of calories, carbohydrates,          another parent, walk or jog around the
  scientific studies have clearly linked      protein and water.                           outside of the field while they practice.
  attention deficit disorder (ADD) and          Teenage athletes need enough                  And remember, it doesn't have to
  depression to junk food and the             calories to maintain their growth and        seem like exercise to be a great
  absence of essential fats, vitamins         an additional amount to accommodate          workout. Raking leaves or doing some
  and minerals in industrialized diets.       their working muscles. Spreading             fall outdoor yard work is a great way
                                              meals throughout the day is a good           to get the heart pumping, and it's
    It is critical that parents introduce
                                              way to get the fuel you need.                great calorie-burning.
  healthy foods and snacks to their
  children, training them to avoid junk         Also, plan your meals around carbo-
                                              hydrates and protein. Good food
  food. This process actually begins
                                              choices include:                                    No Couch Potatoes!
  when the child is in the womb through
  the mother’s diet, but it is never too        Peanut butter and whole grain bread        Enjoy your favorite fall TV shows on
  late to late to add fruits and                Sliced turkey in a whole wheat pita        a treadmill or exercise bike. The
  vegetables to the menu.                       Whole wheat pasta with baked chicken       same goes for watching all those
                                                Scrambled eggs and whole-wheat toast.      college and professional football
                                                                                           games. Get out of the recliner!
                                               Back-to-School Lunch Ideas
                                              Time to break out your trusty lunch
                                            pails and get to work on lunches! If
                                            you are fresh out of ideas for what to
                                            pack, here are some suggestions:
                                              One mom says her son’s lunch is                       Can an Apple a Day
                                            easy to pack. He likes peanut butter               Really Keep the Doctor Away?
                                            and jelly...just about every single day.           Now,     numerous     studies    are
                                            On Sunday night, she makes up a                  confirming one of the more common
                                            week's worth of peanut butter and jelly          adages of our time: an apple a day
                                            sandwiches and pops them in the                  can, indeed, keep the doctor away.
       Product of the Month                 freezer. In the morning, she gets one              A Canadian study in 2005 con-
   Even the most well-intentioned           out and puts it in his lunchbox and it is        cluded that apples are extremely high
parents often struggle with giving their    unthawed by lunch time. This saves               in antioxidants. When your body lacks
families the right balance of nutrients.    her from trying to make a sandwich               vital antioxidants, your immune
Picky eaters, allergies, and busy           every single day. Another time saver             system becomes overworked, your
lifestyles tend to make healthy             is to have baggies of chips, carrots,            energy and stamina decline, and free
nutrition choices challenging. Plus,        raisins, etc... already prepared so that         radical damage begins to occur, which
families receive such an abundance of       she can just grab and go.                        can lead to illness.
mixed messages about nutrition, they           Other great lunch ideas are:
often don't know how to interpret                                                              What makes apples so a-peeling?
them. However, what is known for              1) Make your own Lunchables. Cut,                 A new study just concluded that
sure is that most people, especially        with a small cookie cutter, out                  apples also have very high cancer-
children, do not get the recommended        cheeses and meat to fit on crackers.             fighting    properties.   The     study,
amounts of nutrients they need from         Purchase sectioned containers and                published in May of this year, states
food alone. The suggested guidelines        have your child make their own                   that apples may be a standout in the
for fruit and vegetable consumption         stackable lunch.                                 antioxidant crowd. The researchers
per day is simply not a reality for                                                          identified a group of phytochemicals
                                              2) Hard boil eggs to take to school.           that proved to be potent against at
today’s busy families. This is why          These are such a great source of
most nutrition experts now agree a                                                           least three different types of human
                                            protein and these also can be made               cancer cells: breast, colon, and liver.
nutritional supplement taken everyday       ahead and kept in the fridge (just be
is vital for optimal health.                                                                    Both of these studies confirmed that
                                            sure to keep them separated from the             the peel was the most vital part of the
   Eniva Kid's VIBE is the perfect          raw eggs!!)                                      fruit. Traditionally, apple peels had
companion for children and families           3) Pita pizzas can be a delicious              been considered healthy because of
who need help supporting their              treat for school. Use whole wheat                their fiber content—the peel contains
nutrition goals. With Kid's VIBE, the       pitas and low-fat cheeses on these to            about 75 percent of an apple's total
whole family will feel good about           cut down on the calories.                        dietary fiber. The 2007 study
getting the nutrition they need. Kids                                                        screened a group of phytochemicals
will love the great-tasting berry             A nutritious lunch doesn't have to             with powerful anticancer effects. The
formula, and parents will appreciate        revolve around a traditional sandwich;           results showed that apple peels had
its safe, 100% natural and well-            consider different pita breads or tortilla       far more potent antioxidant activity
rounded formula. Plus, it's perfect for     wrappings filled with a favorite                 and anti-cell proliferation properties
kids who don't like tablets or              sandwich meat or salad, meat and                 against human cancer cells than did
chewables.                                  cheese kabobs, or a macaroni salad.              the apple flesh.
                                            Salsa and chips, assorted pickles, or               Apples have lower concentrations of
                                            veggie sticks and slices with dip make           antioxidants than some other fruits,
          Calendar of Events                a lunch box bonus sure to please                 particularly    many     berries,    but
                                            most kids.                                       researchers believe that their year-
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                                                                                             cancer, heart disease, and strokes.
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                                   The key to an Abundant Life is a Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body.

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