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										                                                                                                               Course	descriptions
mIlS	44r		                                        vertical milling machines. Uses lectures,             tools. Identifies types of plastics and
Transition to Officership                          discussions and demonstrations. Also                  their applications as used in design and
1:0:	                                     f,	Sp   offered over two semesters as MTT 112A                manufacturing. Includes set up and
•Prerequisite(s): Departmental Approval
                                                   and MTT 112B. See advisor for details.                operation of injection mold machines.
Leadership Lab for UVSC Senior Army                                                                      Covers theory of sheet metal punch and
ROTC students. Studies the dynamics                mTT	1220		                                            die work. Includes hands-on application
of leadership of groups and individuals            machine	Tool	Shop	II                                  of die design with components necessary
in various environments. Provides                  :0:1	                                         Sp    to pierce and form sheet metal parts.
opportunities for students to refine               •Prerequisite(s): MTT 1110, MTT 1120, and MTT
                                                    1150                                                 Students design and build plastic injection
leadership skills in preparation for service                                                             molds, using EDM, CNC and conventional
with the United State Army. Required lab           Teaches advanced operation of vertical
                                                   milling machines. Introduces operation                machine tools. Completers should be able
for students enrolled in UVSC Military                                                                   to enter the field as a trainee mold maker.
Science 4000-level classes. ROTC students          of horizontal milling machines, grinders,
may take this course up to 4 credits with          shapers, and turret lathes. Includes the
departmental approval.                             combining of machine operations for the                 muSC—music
                                                   manufacturing of products. Teaches on-
                                                   call response to customer job demand.
    mTT—mAchine tool technology                    Includes “hands-on” experience and                    muSC	1010		                                   ff    MTT
                                                   demonstrations. Also offered over two                 Introduction	to	music
                                                   semesters as MTT 122A and MTT 122B.                   ::0	                                 Su,	f,	Sp   MUSC
mTT	1110		                                         See advisor for details.                              A survey course designed to make music
machine	Tool	I                                                                                           more meaningful. Studies melody,
::0	                                        f    mTT	210		                                            harmony, form, and rhythm together with
For first semester students. Teaches the           precision	manufacturing                               historical and biographical information.
manufacture of metal parts using machine           2:0:6	                                        f,	Sp
tool operations. Studies theoretical               •Prerequisite(s): First-year MTT program or           muSC	1100		                                  xf
operations of the engine lathe, drill press,        equivalent
                                                                                                         fundamentals	of	music
pedestal grinder, and vertical milling             For second year students who have finished            2:2:0	                                 Su,	f,	Sp
machine. Includes lecture, discussion and          the courses covering basic machining                  Designed for non-music majors. Examines
demonstrations.                                    operations. Improves skills through                   the fundamentals of music such as keys,
                                                   production of marketable items. Studies               scales, intervals, rhythms, meters, and
mTT	1120		                                         cost effectiveness through time and cost              terminology. Completion of a second
machine	Tool	Shop	I                                figure exercises.                                     course is required to satisfy the fine arts
:0:1	                                      Sp                                                          requirement (see Graduation section of
Teaches the manufacture of metal parts             mTT	20		
                                                   Introduction	to	CnC                                   catalog).
using machine tool operations. Covers
“hands-on” operations of the engine lathe,         :2:	                                        f,	Sp
                                                                                                         muSC	1110		                                  gf
drill press, pedestal grinder, and vertical        For students seeking careers in CNC                   basic	music	Theory	I
milling machine. Studies all common                programming and operation. Introduces                 ::0	                                     f,	Sp
operations done on a metal cutting lathe,          programming techniques such as                        •Prerequisite(s): MUSC 1100 or passing score or
and a basic introduction of the vertical           conversational, G and M code, and APT.                 Music Program Placement Test
milling machine. Includes demonstrations,          Studies CAM software and how to generate              For music majors, interested students
practical applications and labs. Completers        code for CAM machines. Successful                     and community members. An intense
should have entry skills for the machine           completers should be able to generate                 study of the fundamentals of music
tool industry. Also offered over two               a process plan, tool list, and a working              including elementary harmony, primary
semesters as MTT 112A and MTT 112B.                program to produce the part from a print.             and secondary triads with inversions,
See advisor for details.                           Also offered over two semesters as MTT                non harmonic tones and modulation.
                                                   112A and MTT 112B. See advisor for                    Concurrent enrollment in MUSC 1130 is
mTT	110		                                         details.                                              highly desirable.
machine	Tool	mathematics/measurement
4:4:0              On Sufficient Demand            mTT	240		                                            muSC	1120		                                  gf
•Prerequisite(s): Department Approval based upon   CnC	operations                                        basic	music	Theory	II
 assessment math score                             :2:	                                        f,	Sp   ::0	                                    Su,	Sp
For first semester students. Reviews               •Prerequisite(s): MTT 2330                            •Prerequisite(s): MUSC 1110
fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio            For students who want to enhance their                A continuation of MUSC 1110, Music
and proportion, transposing formulas, and          programming and operating skills. Reviews             Theory I.
areas and volumes. Covers right angle              different manufacturing materials and
                                                   cutting process. Studies industrial CAM               muSC	110		                                  gf
trigonometry, plane geometry, and oblique
                                                                                                         Aural	music	Skills	I
trigonometry.                                      software and the process of Computer
                                                                                                         2:2:0	                                     f,	Sp
                                                   Aided Manufacturing. Emphasizes fixturing
mTT	1210		                                                                                               For music majors and other interested
                                                   and basic machine setups. Also offered
machine	Tool	II                                                                                          students and community members. An
                                                   over two semesters as MTT 112A and MTT
::0	                                        f                                                          intense study of the skills of analysis,
                                                   112B. See advisor for details.
•Prerequisite(s): MTT 1110, MTT 1120, MTT 1150;                                                          sight reading, and ear training. Develops
 EGDT 1000                                                                                               student’s aural music skills.
                                                   mTT	2440		
For second semester students. Covers               die	and	mold	making
advanced machining principles dealing              6:3:9               On Sufficient Demand              muSC	1140		                                  gf
with threads, gear cutting, CNC, basic             •Prerequisite(s): MTT 1110, MTT 1120, MTT 1150,       Aural	music	Skills	II
metallurgy tool building, and design.               MTT 2330                                             2:2:0	                                    Su,	Sp
                                                   •Corequisite(s): MTT 1210, MTT 1220                   •Prerequisite(s): MUSC 1130
Includes operation theory of band saw
machines, shapers, grinders, turret lathes.        Covers the design and construction                    For music majors and other interested
Improves skills on engine lathes and               of plastic and sheet metal production                 students and community members. An
                                                                                                         intense study of the skills of analysis, sight
Utah Valley State                                             Catalog 2006–2007                                                                     41

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