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A powerful module that calculates voyage estimates easily and rapidly
and automatically creates offer forms and company terms for charters
either in an ad-hoc mode or as part of a workflow.


Voyage Estimates

Easy and rapid calculation of voyage costs and estimated Profit/Loss of
a voyage through

#    integrated distance table & chart based distance calculation
#    automatic port and canal cost estimation
#    calculation of heating consumption and cleaning expenses
#    predefined commissions for charterer / broker or manual input
#    Worldscale support
#    usage of predefined commissions for charterers and brokers or
     manual input

Offers / Terms
Automatic creation of documents; offer forms and company terms,
including details about:

#    Cargo (cargo options, comments, previous options)
#    Ports (load options, discharge options, port history)
#    Rates (flat, demurrage, historical rates)
#    Terms (Previous clauses, Company specific clauses, Standard
#    Commission (broker, charterer, last cargoes' commission,
     commission history, comments)

#    Event based connectivity to operations follow -up
#    Freight collection
#    Connection with messaging system
Support modules:

Vessel Administration

Parameters for the Profit/Loss calculation of each voyage are defined
either per fleet, per group of vessels or for specific vessels.

The following data is defined:
#    Bunker consumption 3 speeds supported (economy, cruise and
     maximum). Values are either user-defined or can be automatically
     calculated as an average of past values resulting from the
     Operations Manager module
#    Bunker expenses
     User definable values or averages calculated from
     historical values of previous purchases, resulting from the
     Purchasing Manager - module
#    Operating Expenses (OPEX)
     Operating expenses can be introduced as a fixed value or
     calculated from Annual Budget, Current Quarter Budget or an
     average of a definable period, with data coming from the Finance
     Manager module
#    Capital Expenses (CAPEX)
     User definable or monthly allocation from the Finance Manager
#    TCE Break Even (Time Charter Equivalent)
     User definable or as a total of OPEX + CAPEX
     In each case all data used in previous calculations are available
     to the user.

Port/Canal/OPA Expenses
Data for Ports and Canals can be
#   user defined per vessel class and cargo situation (laden/ballast) or
#   automatically calculated as an average of the last visits/passages
     during the past Y days

Canal differentials and OPAexpenses are tracked.

Cargo Registration
The Source of Requirement and the Type of Trade are registered for
further use in the Chartering Workflow.

Supported Types of Trade
#   Spot
#   Consecutive
#   Contract of Afreightment
#   Time Charter

Market Fixture

Market data either own or competitor's data can be recorded in and are
available for later query during the Chartering process.

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