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					Joan Peterson, author of “Eat Smart in Turkey,” invites you to “embark
on a tasting adventure” June 11th to 20th, 2007

                         -   IN HER FAVORITE COUNTRY –
                                 Majestic Turkey

Come with us on a culinary odyssey through Ottoman and modern Turkey, and
get to the heart of the culture through an exploration of its delectable cuisine and
wine. Sample the infinite variety of regional Turkish specialties in their natural
setting. Delve into the secrets of Turkish dishes by participating in cooking
classes. Visit bustling markets to learn about the herbs, spices and condiments
prevalent in Turkish cookery. You‘ll come away with a thorough knowledge of the
culinary traditions of Turkey and a deep appreciation of the magnitude of history
and culture that this ancient land possesses. But this tour is not all about food
and wine. We‘ll see the main historic sights in Istanbul, in the Aegean region and
in magical Cappadocia in central Anatolia, where we can take a sunrise balloon
ride and gently soar above its surreal lunar landscape before landing for a
champagne breakfast. And, of course, we‘ll still have time to shop and relax
along the way.

MONDAY, June 11, 2007

Depart USA

TUESDAY, June 12, 2007

Merhaba (hello) and welcome to Turkey! You arrive today in Istanbul, the only
metropolis in the world that is situated on two continents (Europe and Asia), and
catch your connecting flight to Izmir in the AEGEAN region of western Turkey.
You will be greeted in Izmir by our representatives and transferred to the lovely
NISANYAN HOUSES in Sirince Village.

Rest and relax at the hotel or take a stroll in the narrow village streets where
women sell local handicrafts and produce.

5:00 PM Orientation meeting at NISANYAN HOUSES to meet your tour leader
(Joan Peterson), local guide and fellow travelers, and learn more about the
exciting events we have planned for you.

6:00 PM Welcome dinner at NISANYAN HOUSES.

Sirince is a charming little Aegean village of about 600 inhabitants located in the
hills at about 1000 ft above sea level, so the nights are pleasant even in hottest
July. Most of the houses in the village date from the 19th century or earlier, and
were built at a time when Sirince was predominantly a Greek village. Their stone
and white stucco exteriors, and red-tile roofs are typically Greek. Some have
been converted to comfortable hotel accommodations.

The village lies in a lovely bowl of hills surrounded by peach orchards, vineyards
and olive groves. The higher hills are covered with pine forest. Villagers make

fruit wines and olive oil, and grow some of the best peaches in the country. They
greet strangers with a smile and very often invite them in for a cup of tea.

WEDNESDAY, June 13, 2007

Breakfast at the hotel.

9: 00 AM. Depart for Ephesus, one of the most incredible archeological wonders
of the ancient world. The original site of Ephesus was established on the Aegean
coast, which today is about 5 miles away from the excavations. As a strategic
coastal gateway to the Eastern World, this city grew to be the second largest in
the Roman Empire and the site of a Christian Shrine and one of the seven
wonders of the ancient world.

After visiting the site itself we will drive to the village of Selçuk to visit the
Archeological Museum, which houses some very important artifacts from Ephesus
and the surrounding area. It offers a glimpse into the area‘s rich history.

Lunch at the SELCUK KŐFTECISI, a favorite restaurant in the area featuring
köfte, round- or oblong-shaped succulent patties of seasoned minced meat
cooked in various ways—fried, baked, grilled etc. Many regional variations exist.

We will see a vendor demonstrate the unusual* characteristics of an unique ice
cream called maras dondurma, and enjoy a sample of it.* It‘s elastic – no

Following lunch we will take a bus ride up the hill from Ephesus to visit the House
of the Virgin Mary. According to the Council of 431 the Virgin Mary came here
together with St. John, four to six years after the death of Christ. It is believed to
be the last home of the Virgin Mary and is a world famous place of pilgrimage.
The structure is a church dating back to 7th Century but was renovated in 1951.
The Church is said to have been built on top of the house where the Virgin Mary
had lived.

Our next stop is the Basilica of St. John. The Church is situated on the slopes of a
hill near the village of Selçuk. St. John is believed to have spent the last years of
his life in Ephesus writing his version of the Gospel. Emperor Justinian (527 –
565 AD) believed the tomb was St. John‘s and built a great church over it in
about 500 AD. Later the church was pillaged for building materials but
restoration gives you an idea of what it was like.

Dinner at the SECRET GARDEN restaurant, famous for its Aegean hors d‘oeuvres
and grilled fish.

THURSDAY June 14, 2007

Breakfast at the hotel.

Transfer in the morning to Izmir Airport to catch the flight to ISTANBUL.

After leaving the airport, we will have a short orientation tour in the exciting old
city before transferring to our elegant hotel, the new Radisson-SAS Bosphorus.
During the orientation we will provide a snack on the bus of small ―börek‖- style
puff pastry filled with cheese because we‘re having a late lunch today.

After hotel check-in we will have a Walking Tour on Grand Rue de Pera.

Currently called Istiklal Street, Grand Rue de Pera runs from Galata to Taksim
Square. The Galata district, on the northern shore of the Golden Horn, was
originally established as a small marine state of the Genoese. Later, during the
early years of the Ottoman Empire, Galata, Pera and the environs became the
―European Quarter‖ of the city, housing embassies and specialty shops.
Currently, the districts surrounding the Grand Rue de Pera multi-task, as they
beat both as the cultural and the night-life hearts of Istanbul.

Late lunch of meze (appetizers) at the historical ÇIÇEK PASAJI (―Flower

The ―Flower Passage‖ is an old French-inspired passage that is lined with
curbside taverns and meyhanes (bars or pubs), rather than flowers. Here, you
can choose numerous meze from large trays of endless choices. Try a sip of rakı,
Turkey‘s national liquor, an anise-flavored, colorless brandy made from grapes,
to accompany the meze and to cloud the world – just as it clouds your glass.

Free evening for rest and leisure. We will be happy to make suggestions for
dining, shopping or additional sight-seeing in the area.

FRIDAY June 15, 2007

Breakfast at hotel.

9:00 AM Depart for a visit to the old part of Istanbul (Sultanahmet) to
experience the wonders of the Spice Bazaar and nearby attractions.
Rustem Pasha Mosque: this mosque is one of the city's architectural gems. The
interior is covered in some of the most exquisite Iznik tiles ever produced. The
tiles have the famous red color that was difficult to produce at the time. Rüstem
Pasha was the son-in-law and a grand vezir of Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent
Shop in a nearby market to buy spoons and spatulas made of simcir, a beautiful
hard wood.

The Spice Bazaar: this extensive market was built in the 17th century to finance
the upkeep of the nearby mosque, Yeni Cami. The bazaar is often referred to as
the ―Egyptian Market‖ due to the fact that spices used to come to the market
from India and Southeast Asia via Egypt. Despite the fact that the bazaar is
becoming more touristy, there is still plenty to discover for the foodie. We will
shop for ingredients to be used in our cooking class today. You may also want to
buy spices to take home. Saffron is inexpensive here and of excellent quality.

After lunch Bosphorus Cruise.

After those hours of shopping and cooking, you deserve a comfortable seat in a
private boat and a the picturesque view of the Bosphorous. Pass by the summer
palaces, where the sultans retired to during the hot summer months, the two
fortresses, which played a historical role in the conquering of Istanbul, and many
villas, which housed the royal and bureaucratic elite in Ottoman times. Listen to
the waves, feel the wind, relax and breathe in the air of the imperial city. We will
stop in Kanlica, a picturesque village on the Asian coast of the Bosphorus and
sample its specialty, kanlica yogurdu, thick creamy yogurt served with powdered
sugar on the side.

After the cruise we will return to our hotel.

7:00 PM Departure for Dinner at the BORSA RESTAURANT. Order a la carte.

This venerable restaurant dates back to 1927, and is considered the ―smartest‖
restaurant in town. It has an unlimited menu of Ottoman and Anatolian food to
choose from. The restaurant‘s classic Hünkar Begendi, or ―sultan‘s delight,‖ a
purée of roasted eggplant with cream and grated cheese, topped with sautéed
cubes of meat in tomato sauce, keskek, a special white cheese, and vegetables
with olive oil (zeytinyagli) are legendary. Desserts to die for include güllaç, a
silky, rose-flavored dessert made of finely ground nuts and thin rice wafers that
have been softened in milk, garnished with pomegranate seeds; hot semolina
helva made with cinnamon, orange and nuts; and kazan dibi, a firm, milk and
rice flour pudding, typically rolled like a jelly roll, with a dark brown surface. To
obtain this shape and coloration, the pudding is baked in a shallow pan and then
placed over a burner to brown the bottom. When cool and set, rectangular pieces
are cut from the pan and rolled up with the browned bottom outside.

SATURDAY June 16, 2007

Early brunch at the Gulluoglu Baklava Factory in Karakoy. We will tour parts of
the factory, including the area where the dough is rolled out into almost
transparent sheets, and later enjoy savory and sweet varieties of baklava, along
with Turkish coffee.

Depart for The Grand Bazaar, one of the most fascinating and awesome covered
markets in the world.

Over 4000 shops are spread out in a giant labyrinth of small, interconnecting
vaulted streets and passages. There are fabulous rugs, antiques, gold, silver,
leather, traditional clothes, musical instruments, pottery and much, much more
to tempt you. There will be plenty of opportunities to learn and hone your
bartering skills.

Lunch at HAVUZLU RESTAURANT in the Grand Bazaar. The Havuzlu is widely held
to be the best restaurant in the bazaar. A favorite dish is iskender kebab], also
called bursa kebab]. Slices of tender and juicy lamb cut from a large, wedge-
shaped slab of meat roasted on a spit. The slices of meat are then placed on top
of fresh pide bread spread with a flavorful, light tomato sauce and whipped
yogurt. Browned butter is then drizzled over everything.

After lunch continuation of our tour of the old city:

Kariye Museum

Originally built in the 4th century as the ―Church of the Holy Savior,‖ the building
was repaired and reconstructed numerous times. The current building dates back
to the 11th century and houses a breathtaking collection of Christian mosaics.

Dolmabahçe Palace

Built during the years of 1843-1856 at the commissioning of Sultan Abdülmecit,
the palace encompasses 285 rooms and 43 salons. After its completion, the
sultans abandoned Topkapı Place, the traditional seat of the throne, for the
architecturally European-influenced Dolmabahçe Palace.

7:00 PM Departure for dinner at ÇIYA RESTAURANT.

Located on the Asian side of the Bosphorous, the restaurant (actually three
restaurants in one) specializes in food from the southeastern region of Turkey, as
well as offering a wide selection of Mediterranian food. The ingredients used in
the dishes travel from the cities of Hatay and Gaziantep to arrive at your plate in
Istanbul, and include aromatic red pepper pastes (mild to nippy), pistachios,
chickpeas, olive oil and pomegranate molasses. The celebrated chef has a
seemingly inexhaustive repertoire of dishes on his menu but none please the
palate more than his delicious preparations of countryside dishes that are rarely
included on restaurant menus because they are so time consuming to prepare.

SUNDAY June 17, 2007

Breakfast at the hotel.

9:00 AM Departure from hotel for sightseeing tour in the old city. Major sites are
as follows:


Once a witness to breathtaking Byzantine chariot races, the Hippodrome today
features the oldest column in Istanbul, the monolithic Obelisk, which was
originally erected by Ptolemy the 3rd in Karnak, Egypt. Both Constantine and
Julian the Apostate ordered the Governor of Egypt to make the Byzantine capital
a gift of an obelisk, but it was not until 390 that the current one was erected
here by Theodosius the 1st. Next to it stands the bronze Serpentine, which was
imported from the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, where it symbolized the Greek
struggle for freedom from the Persians in the battle of Platea in 497 BC.

Blue Mosque

Built between 1609 and 1616 by Mehmet Aga, a student of the most famous
Ottoman architect, Sinan the Great. The exquisite Blue Mosque is named after
the beautiful Iznik tiles that give the mosque its interior color of striking sea
blue. It surely is one of the architectural marvels of the world with its 260
windows and six slender minarets gracefully greeting the Bosphorus. The original
design included a seventh minaret that was later presented to the mosque at
Mecca for diplomatic reasons.

St. Sophia (Hagia Sophia)

It is the most magnificent of all Byzantine churches and one of the world‘s finest
and largest architectural works of art. St. Sophia was built by Anthemius of
Tralles and Isodorus of Miletus between 532 and 537 AD under the rule of
Emperor Justinian. When the Byzantine Empire collapsed under the attack of
Mehmet the 2nd on May 29, 1453, Islam became the state religion. That day at
noon Mehmet the 2nd had the muezzins call the Muslims to prayer from St.
Sophia, thus converting it into a mosque. It is now a museum where early
Christian mosaics and Islamic calligraphy live side-by-side.

1:00 PM. Lunch at STORK RESTAURANT (also known as ZINDAN), which
specializes in Ottoman cuisine and fish dishes. Historically a jail, the building has
been turned into a restaurant and currently has different reasons to keep the
visitors inside its doors: incredibly tasty food, and a panoramic view of the
historic Galata Bridge and the Golden Horn.

After lunch continuation of our tour of the old city:

Topkapı Palace, including the Harem, the Grand Seraglio of the Ottoman Sultans.

The magnificent Topkapı Palace was the private residence and seat of
government of the Ottoman sultans from 1465 to 1853. It is strategically located
on the promontory of the historic peninsula in Istanbul, which overlooks both the
Bosphorus and the Sea of Marmara. The palace houses breathtaking collections
of porcelain and jewelry.

Yerebatan, the Underground Cistern.

It is an amazing underground network of waterways estimated to have been
created originally in the 4th century and expanded in the 6th century. Stroll
among 300 graceful Corinthian columns while watching fish swimming in the

Return to hotel after visit to the Underground Cistern.


Owned by true Ottoman food lovers, the resturant preserves the authenticity of
classic Ottoman recipes in a cozy space. Many of the dishes can be seen at the
counter in front of the kitchen so customers can see what is available that day.

MONDAY June 18, 2007

Breakfast at the hotel.

Depart hotel for the airport to catch our flight to CAPPADOCIA that leaves at
8:35AM. Arrive at Kayseri airport at 10:00 AM.


The region known as Cappadocia, reached its current ―lunar‖ landscape through
violent eruptions of volcanoes millions of years ago and the sculpting of the wind
over the years. The color of the soil changes from beige, yellow and reddish
brown to pink and violet depending on the season and time of the day.

Intrigued by the mysterious appearance of the landscape, Turks call the tower-
like formations ‗Fairy Chimneys.‘ (Locate Valley of Fairy Chimneys in map,

St.Paul established the first Christian colony in this area. The unusual character
of the region was embellished by the early Christians who carved churches within
the ‗ Fairy Chimneys‘ and further decorated them with wall and ceiling frescoes.
To hide from invaders, they also created several elaborate subterranean cities up
to over 20 stories deep.

After arrival, transfer to our hotel, LES MAISON DES CAPPADOCE.

Depart for lunch at SŐMINE RESTAURANT, whose menu includes a variety of
delectable dishes cooked on clay tiles such as trout (kiremitte alabalık), lamb
(kiremitte kuzu) and mushrooms (kiremitte mantar).

Wine tasting in Ürgüp

Established in 1943, the Turasan winery produces most of Capadoccia‘s wine.
The Öküzgözü-Bogazkere combinations (grapes native to Turkey) are quite

The family-operated winery is located under ground, carved in natural rock. This
natural cellar also provides excellent storage conditions for the wine.

Drive through the unique and surreal landscape dominated by deep valleys and
fairy chimneys for a tour of Cappadocia. Explore the underground city of
Kaymakli followed by some shopping time. We will suggest some options for you.

The underground city of Kaymakli was carved out of volcanic tufa during the 6th
to the 10th centuries, and is 8 stories deep. It provided a safe place for early
Christians fleeing persecution to live for many months underground until it was
safe to emerge and live above ground in their villages. There is an intricate
system of interconnecting tunnels, airshafts, and waste shafts. Water was
provided by deep wells. There also were kitchens, individual dwellings, and areas
set aside for livestock. Openings to the underground city were covered over by
massive stone wheels, which were rolled into place to seal the city off from their

7:30 PM Departure for Cooking Class/Demonstration and dinner at the ELAI
RESTAURANT. The menu offers regional Turkish cuisine along with some classic
European dishes. House specialties include a variety of dolmalar, various stuffed
dishes such as stuffed grape leaves (yaprak dolmasi). Dinner can be taken
indoors or on the terrace overlooking the valley, with spectacular views of
Üçhisar Castle.

TUESDAY June 19, 2007

04.30 Wake up call!

Balloon Trip (optional)

Early morning transfer to the location where you will meet the balloon crew. The
gentle and stable wind conditions are ideal during the first few hours of the day
in Cappadocia. It is also the ideal time for photography, with splendid colours
and contrasts. Don‘t forget to bring your camera! The deep canyons and gentle
winds carry you over places that could never be reached except by balloon. After
flying over Cappadocia for about 55 to 60 minutes, you will land to an awaiting
champagne breakfast!

Visit to Göreme and Zelve: open-air museums and the natural Uçhisar Fortress,
where early Christians found shelter from the 11th century onwards.

1:00 PM Lunch at the old Greek House in Mustafapasa, which serves traditional
Ottoman and Cappadocian cuisine in an unrestored Ottoman Greek house.
Specialties include mantı, small cheese- or minced meat-filled pastas served
smothered in a yogurt and garlic sauce flavored with mint, or a tomato sauce;
guvec kebabı, meat, tomato and onion stew cooked in individual-sized
earthenware casseroles, whose lids are sealed with a thin strip of dough; and
domates dolması, stuffed tomatoes.

Afternoon visit to the Soganlı Valley cave dwellings and churches, and Avanos,
the famous town for traditional pottery. Red clay rich in iron ore is taken from
the banks of the Kizilirmak river (red river), which is aptly named since the iron
ore also colors the water.

Farewell dinner in a ―cave‖ house in LES MAISONS.

We will enjoy a candlelight dinner inside a cave house, savoring a variety of
dishes including the famous tandır kebab, a dish of roasted meat and onions
baked in a clay-lined oven, and ic pilav, rice pilaf with dried currants, pine nuts
and meat.

WEDNESDAY June 20, 2007

Breakfast at hotel.

Depart for Kayseri airport to take flight to Istanbul leaving at 10:55AM and
arriving in Istanbul at 12:05PM. Connect with international flights home.

End of services.

Joan Peterson is the author of the handy and informative EAT SMART series of
guidebooks designed for travelers and cookbook lovers like herself who want to
get to the heart of a country's culture through its cuisine. To date she has written
guides to the cuisines of Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia, Mexico, Poland, Morocco,
India and Peru, and they include, as always, a primer on food history and
regional specialties—in addition to authentic recipes, useful phrases for ordering
meals and shopping in the bustling local food markets, shopping tips and two
extensive bilingual dictionaries to make navigating menu and market a breeze.

She has traveled extensively for many years, and has led culinary tours to
Turkey, India and Morocco.



Nisanyan House consists of a 5-room hotel and three comfortably furnished units
in the historic village of Sirince, located in the hills about 7 miles from ancient
Ephesus. The accommodation combines style and comfort with the genuine
atmosphere of a beautiful Aegean village.


The Radisson SAS hotel is designed to satisfy the most discerning guest. It sits
on the banks of the Bosphorus strait that joins the Sea of Marmara with the
Black Sea and separates Asia from Europe. The hotel, opened in November 2005,
is near Taksim (downtown), Akmerkez, the most famous shopping mall in
Istanbul, and Sultanahmet (old city-historical part). Savor the spectacular views
of the beautiful Bosphorus strait and the Bosphorus Bridge from the terraces of
its restaurants and bar. This bridge, which links Europe and Asia, is one of the
world's largest suspension bridges.

Captivated by the beauty of Cappadocia‘s landscape, a French architect, Jacques
Avizou, has spent the better part of ten years renovating the magnificent cave
dwellings in the oldest part of the village. Les Maisons des Cappadoce consist of
twelve restored houses. Each house shares a magnificent view over the
landscape. Each has been refurbished by Jacques and Anne Avizou without
compromise: the comfort expected by western visitors blends effortlessly with
millenium architecture, carved lintels, vaulted ceilings, and in-house cisterns,
accentuated with colorful kilims, carpets and
Authentic 'Avanos' earthware.

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11.June – 20. June 2007

Tour Details:

The tour is limited to 12 participants. It will go with a minimum of 6.

Price Per Person in a double room:          $ 2,590
Supplement for a single room:               $ 575

Included Services:
 - 8 overnights including accommodation at Nisanyan Houses in Sirice Village,
    Kusadasi; Istanbul Radisson-SAS Bosphorus; and the Capadoccia Les Maisons.
    (double rooms, including breakfast)
 - domestic flights in Turkey: Izmir – Istanbul / Istanbul – Kayseri - Istanbul
 - all airport transfers and group transfers, land transportation by air-conditioned
 - professional English speaking guide through-out the tour
 - services of Joan Peterson, tour leader
 - entrance fees to museums and historical sites
 - all lunches and dinners, excluding dinner on June 14
 - Bosphorus cruise
 - Tour and tasting at the Gulluoglu Baklava Factory
 - Wine tasting in Urgup/Cappadocia, cooking classes in Istanbul and Cappadocia.
 - soft drinks during lunch and dinner, bottled water (available on the motor coach and
    at lunch and dinner)
 - copy of culinary guidebook, Eat Smart in Turkey, 2nd edition, by Joan Peterson

Services not included:
 - International flights:    US – Istanbul – Izmir / Istanbul – US
 - Alcoholic drinks during lunch and dinner, except for a glass of wine for the Cave
   dinner on Day 9
 - tips for porters at the airport and hotels, tips for wait staff and boat crew and
   gratuity for tour guide and driver
 - Optional services not included in the price:
 - Balloon Tour on Day 9. Price per person: $145 (including transfers). Please sign up
   latest by April 30, 2007

Terms and Conditions:
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receipt of deposit is December 15, 2006.
Final Payment: Due 90 days prior to departure.
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passenger 90 days or more prior to departure, all advance deposits will be refunded.
If cancellation is made 90-45 days before departure, the cancellation charge is 35% of
the tour cost.
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the tour cost.
If cancellation is made 29 – 1 days before departure, the cancellation charge is 100% of
the tour cost.

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11.June – 20. June 2007

Tour Cost
The tour is limited to 12 participants. It will go with a minimum of 6.
Price Per Person in a double room: $ 2,590
Supplement for a single room:                $ 575

Terms and Conditions:

Reservations: Please send a signed Reservation form with all details by FAX to:
IDEE TRAVEL SERVICES Co. Istanbul Fax: 011- 90-212-275-1867 e-mail:

Payment: A deposit of $500 per person is required upon booking. The deadline for
receipt of deposit is December 15, 2006.
Final Payment: Due 90 days prior to departure.
Cancellation and Refund: If a written or faxed notice of cancellation is received from
passenger 90 days or more prior to departure, all advance deposits will be refunded.
If cancellation is made 90-45 days before departure, the cancellation charge is 35% of
the tour cost.
If cancellation is made 44 – 30 days before departure, the cancellation charge is 75% of
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If cancellation is made 29 – 1 days before departure, the cancellation charge is 100% of
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