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Creating a Brand Name for your Company

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A good brand name is important. To the outside world, the brand name
represents who you are and what you do.

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Developing a brand is a difficult challenge even for the most experienced
executives. This is mainly true in hard financial times when consumers
tend to forego known brands and names to buy less expensive replacements.
Even big established companies have problem with branding in new markets.
Oftentimes, launching their products in other countries that have
different language creates different meaning or interpretation to their
brand name.

It is a fact that a good brand name is important. To the outside world,
the brand name represents who you are and what you do. What kind of
business do you have? How does your business differ from others? What is
your business focused on doing? And what makes you unique, after all?
Brand names are especially important for independent professionals and
small business because they face tighter competition. And a well designed
and created brand name can help them appear more professional, compete on
a larger market and stand out in the crowded marketplace.

When you have decided what brand to create, you have to vigilantly
reinforce it every moment you are in business. Web site content and
domain names should likewise reinforce your brand. Keep in mind that your
brand needs to affect all things your business does and every bit of
information that comes out of your office. Everywhere you use your brand
with uniformity, you are communicating with the voice of your company.

But over the years, there have been some false notions about the naming
game. Some says that size doesn’t matter when in fact it does. Long names
are unwieldy. Thus, the shorter the name is the better. Aside from being
easily remembered by your customers, you can also save a considerable
amount of money from not having to spend extra dollars in materials when
painting them on vehicles, boards or any material. Additionally, some
people think that their customers would take their names literally. But
this is not really the case. When a person sees a deodorant brand that
says No sweat he won’t literally think that when using the products he
would definitely not sweat. That is just absurd. Likewise, no one would
think that a car from Rent-A-Wreck is really a wreck. Remember that these
names should not be taken literally.
Nevertheless, be aware that creating a successful and effective brand
name does not happen overnight. Your brand needs to be built overtime.
Developing a strong and unique brand and using them more and more often
can create name familiarity to people’s mind and they would easily turn
to you when they have a need that you can provide.

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