College of Marin Tech Prep Articulation Agreement by nikeborome


									                                       College of Marin

                           Tech Prep Articulation Agreement

Machine &          Marin County High
                                                      Articulates With
  Metals               School ROP                                                        Credits
                                                College of Marin Equivalent
Technology              Programs†
                  Completion of 1 year
                                                                  MACH 130
                  of Welding with a “B”                                                  2 units
                                                                  Welding I
                  grade or better.                 =

†Includes Tomales High School.

         The purpose of this agreement is to identify those high school/ROP courses and programs
that articulate with College of Marin courses and programs. The document is written for
students, parents, instructors, counselors and administrators who need detailed information about
what Tech Prep is and how it is implemented.
         This Articulation Agreement works to ensure that faculty from the Marin County
Schools/ROP Welding course and the College of Marin Machine & Metals Technology Program
coordinate instruction and student learning to help students transition from high school to
community college without course duplication. The Agreement is created with the goal of helping
to prepare students for success in high-skill, high-wage careers through curriculum that integrates
academics with hands-on experiences in the machine and metals technology field.
         Faculty from Marin County High School/ROP programs and the College of Marin have
collaborated in comparing the curriculum needed for theses courses and believe that successful
completion of the courses will give students many of the job competencies essential for
workforce success. Students taking Tech Prep courses will be eligible to receive advanced
placement and apply for credit by exam, following the college procedures outlined on pages 19-
21 of the College Catalog and mentioned below under Process.


          A student may receive advanced placement at the College of Marin by following these

    1. The student shall complete the articulated course identified in this agreement with a grade
       of “B” or better.

    2. The student shall bring a transcript or report card to the first class meeting of the next
       course in the sequence.

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    A student may receive college credit for the articulated course at the College of Marin by
following these steps:

    1. This agreement stipulates that students will register in MACH 130 (Welding I) and
       receive two units of credit at the end of the semester, providing that they take a college-
       approved final exam (Credit by Exam) and receive a “B” or better grade on the final and
       as a final course grade. Credit will be recorded on the student’s transcript at the end of the

    2. MACH 130 accounts for two of the 32.5 units required for the Certificate of
       Achievement in Machine and Metals Technology detailed on page 196 of the college
       catalogue. As students accumulate their 32.5 units, they will satisfy the College’s
       residency requirement of 12 units. The two units will be applied to the Certificate upon
       completion of the 12 units, provided that the student is registered during the semester of
       request, and is in good academic standing (2.0 GPA or better for all college work.)

Implementation Plan

       Marin County High School ROP Programs and the College of Marin will implement the
Tech Prep Articulation Agreement using the plan below:

    1. Instructors from both the high school and college programs will evaluate course outlines,
       curricula, and competency standards for the courses considered for articulation.
    2. Any high school/ROP instructor may request that a course or program be considered for
       articulation by contacting the full-time College of Marin instructor who teaches the
       articulated course or the Dean of Workforce Development. The College of Marin may
       initiate articulation with a high school/ROP instructor.
    3. The content and integrity of the courses articulated must be agreed upon and maintained
       and is subject to review at the request of either party. Curriculum may be revised to
       maintain up-to-date content and assure articulation. Students must complete articulated
       courses with a grade of “B” or better.
    4. Course objectives, outlines, and/or competencies need not match 100 percent.
    5. Participating faculty and administrators will have orientation on and access to the
       curriculum of the articulated courses, as well as the articulation process itself.
    6. Instructors of articulated courses will meet annually with their Advisory Committees to
       keep the committees informed of the progress and maintenance of articulation.
    7. Articulation agreements will be valid for three years from the date signed unless voided
       by one of the parties.
    8. The Dean of Workforce Development will see that the articulation process is in place and
       assure that appropriate faculty is participating in good faith.

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Suggested Career Pathway Options

        These courses are connected to Tech Prep career pathways and may lead the Tech Prep
student to a Career Certificate or an Associate in Science (A.S.) degree.

                *Machine &
                  Metals               Career Certificates
              MACH 97              The Career Certificate in          A. S. in Machine
                                   Machine and Metals                 & Metals
                                   Technology requires                Technology
              MACH 250             32 ½ units and may be              See Associate
                                   completed in three                 Degree
                                   semesters.                         requirements in
                                                                      the College

* Please refer to the College of Marin catalog for a listing of courses, course requirements for
Career Certificates and degree programs. ** Associate Degree requirements include general
education courses in addition to core requirements.

Representative Course Outlines

    The topics included in the course outlines for MACH 130, listed below, show a course
sequence, but are not intended as limits on content. The order of presentation and emphasis on
certain topics may vary.
                                            MACH 130
                                             Welding I

                                       Course Content
                                       Shielded Metal Arc
                                       Basic Welding Terms
                                       Oxy-acetylene Chemistry
                                       Metals Identification
                                       Effects of heating, welding,
                                       and quenching
                                       Striking an Arc
                                       Electrode Selection
                                       Carrying Puddles
                                       Flame Cutting
                                       Torches and Settings
                                       Joint Preparation

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Certificate of Achievement in Machine and Metals Technology, Occupational
Courses and Units
First Semester
        MACH 130 Welding I 2 (units)
        MACH 140 Intermediate Machine Tool Processes 4
        MACH 145 Computer Numerical Control Machining/Mill 3
        MACH 165 Blueprint Reading for the Machine Trades 2
Second Semester
        CIS 101 Introduction to Personal Computers and
        Operating Systems 1½
        ELEC 100 Fundamentals of Electronics 2
        MACH 97* Machine Trades Math 2
        MACH 155 Computer Numerical Control
        Machining/Lathe 3
        MACH 240 Advanced Machine Tool Processes 4
Third Semester
        ENGG 256 Practical Materials Science 3
        MACH 131 Welding II 2
        MACH 250 Applications of Machine Tool Technology 2
        W E 298B Occupational Work Experience 2
        * Applied toward the Certificate of Achievement only.

       The parties below agree that the procedures set forth in this Articulation Agreement and the
competencies for the articulated courses are a part of this Agreement.

Coordinator                                                     Department Chair/MACH/Date
Regional Occupational Program/Date                              College of Marin

Principal                                                       Dean of Workforce Development/Date
Tomales High School/Date                                        College of Marin

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