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					                                                                                                  ISSUE 7— Spring/Summer 2009

 July, 1990
   to the
children of

WINTER SCENES IN KNC                                    From the Chairman
                           We continue to take on new projects in our             As fall arrived our workload actually increased.
                        attempt to restore Kishwauketoe Nature                 With volunteers, we put two coats of sealer on
                        Conservancy to the pristine wetland it must have       1150’ of boardwalk, constructed 310’ of new
                        been when the Pottawatomie inhabited the area.         boardwalk over a wet area of the lake trail. Next,
                        Our main project this past spring and summer was       with a grant from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service we
                        restoration of the Southwick Creek area. During        scraped two pond areas. One is just east of the
                        the winter of 2007-2008 we cleared a large area        viewing tower and the other by the north sedge
                        of box elder and buckthorn and other invasive          meadow where a berm was pushed in to fill a
                        vegetation. This is being done to allow more           ditch that was constructed many years ago to
                        sunlight to get in so we can stabilize the stream      drain the area.
                        banks with forbs, sedges and native grasses.
                                                                                  Our goal is to provide habitat for wood ducks,
                        This in turn will help control erosion and improve
                                                                               wading birds and a variety of amphibians. Global
                        the ecosystem in this area.
                                                                               declines in the amphibian population is a major
                           This past summer hikers and people driving by       environmental problem and we at KNC want to do
                        were thrilled to see the beautiful foliage of over     our part to reverse this process.
                        3,000 forbs, sedges and native grass plugs that
                                                                               Last but not least we are going to restore another
                        were planted along the banks. Keep an eye open
                                                                               ten acres of wet prairie just south of the thirty acre
                        this spring for the area of pasque flowers that we
                                                                               prairie we have been working on.
                        planted right on the point of land south of the
                        wooded bridge. This was a favorite of Aldo
                        Leopold. It is one of the first flowers to pop up in                    Harold J. Friestad—Chairman KNC
                        the spring.

                                    A Year and a Half at Kishwauketoe
                          As the new year begins I can look back at            changes that take place daily in a natural
                       my time working for Kishwauketoe as a                   landscape. Each habitat within KNC had
                       wonderful opportunity. Developing                       something to teach me and as I began
                       relationships with interns and volunteers               listening I learned the needs of the
                       brought me much enjoyment and made the                  ecosystems.
                       projects that we took on within KNC possible.
                                                                                   I am very fortunate to have been given
                         When I began working with Kishwauketoe                the opportunity to work with Kishwauketoe.
                       the space seemed to be a larger canvas than             I would like to send a special thank you to
                       I could handle. However, as we all began                Harold Friestad, Ed Rynko, all the members
                       working together to achieve small tasks, the            of the board, the interns, the friends of
                       canvas was beginning to get more                        Kishwauketoe and everyone who took the
                       manageable. The experience gave me a                    time to volunteer. I truly enjoyed working
                       revived sense of pride for the wonderful                with everyone and look forward to being a
                       resources that we have locally. I was able to           volunteer in the future.
                       develop my knowledge of the native habitats                                          Chrissi Regester*
                       and become very intimately aware of the
                                                                               *To see where Chrissi is these days, see page 6.

     Being over twenty years old has a                10. Women’s' Community Club of
     special advantage.                                     Williams Bay
     Recognition! Support!
                                                      11. Lake Geneva Area Realty
     1. Natural Resources Foundation
                                                      12. The Allyn Foundation
     2. C.O. Besadny Conservation Grant
                                                      13. Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program
     3. Department of Natural Resources
                                                      14. USDA Natural Resources           Conserva-
     4. United Way of Greater Milwaukee               tion Service Programs
     5. Southern Comfort Air-LLC
     6. Geneva Lake Association                       The Friends of Kishwauketoe LTD are very
                                                      appreciative of the gifts for general and/or
     7. The Chicago Community
                                                      restricted use donated and dedicated to
                                                      the work in the Conservancy.
     8. Lake Geneva Garden Club
                                                                                   Alice J. Morava,
            Foundation Inc.
                                                                         President of the Friends
     9. Community Foundation of Southern
           Wisconsin Inc.

                      Annual Kishwauketoe 5K Run
    Kishwauketoe’s second annual run will be held     property. We are hoping for great weather and
    Sunday July 5th, 2009 at 8:30 am. The switch      another great group of runners!
    to Sunday from last year’s day of Saturday is     Registration is available through the Williams
    due to the lack of availability of professional   Bay Park District at
    timing services on the 4th. The route will        rec.html or by calling the Park District at 245-
    change this year, pending trail conditions, so    2720. Join us on the 5th for a great event!
    runners will enjoy seeing other areas of the
                                                                                           Kim Parker

    KNC Website Brings News to You
       Our Kishwauketoe web site continues to         how to get involved in what we do. We
    be a great source of up to date information       strive to not only make KNC an enjoyable
    on events and activities. With our site           place to walk through with your family and
    being online for only nine months, we have        friends, but an educational outdoor
    had over 1,200 visits from 16 different           experience for people of all ages. Our
    countries. Our website was created and is         website offers you easy access to share
    maintained by Sandra “Punky” Mattison             your thoughts with us and learn about our
    and Cory Militzer. Their work is all done on      current and future activities and goals.
    a volunteer basis.                                Check the site for our volunteer days and
                                                      times as well.
        The site was designed to be inter-active
    and we look forward to having you send in            We will continue to print a newsletter
    your digital photos of nature sightings to        two or three times per year, but we can put
    help keep everyone informed of the latest         more money back into our projects if we
    bird sighting, plant flowerings and reports       save on printing costs. Our website allows
    of any rare plants you may come across.           us to do this!
    We also look forward to hearing from you  
    with questions about Kishwauketoe and


It is hard to believe but it has been twenty years since the Williams Bay Village Board purchased the
230 acres that is now Kishwauketoe Nature Conservancy. When as Village President I first asked
Alice Morava, Tom Cashman and Karl Otzen to serve on the Friends of Kishwauketoe Board and Lois
Morava to serve on the Kishwauketoe Board of Directors, I’m sure these individuals never thought
they would still be serving the Village in 2009. Alice, Tom and Lois are the only original members of
these two boards and we are very grateful for all the time and expertise they given to the commu-
nity and KNC. Alice also served on our “Name the Park” committee that we organized so that people
immediately would start thinking of this property as a Nature Conservancy and not just a piece of
property that the village owned. The name Kishwauketoe was selected as a Potawatomi name
loosely translated as Clear Water or Lake of the Sparkling Water. In purchasing this property with
two streams entering Geneva Lake through the wetlands this was very important in helping to main-
tain the quality of water in Geneva Lake.
Kishwauketoe was dedicated as Kishwauketoe Nature Conservancy To The Children of Tomorrow in
July 1990. We will be planning a celebration next year in July 2010. Mark your calendars for our
festive event.
The following is a short list of accomplishments:
         Three sections of Boardwalks – Another 600’ will be added this summer.
         Thirty acres of prairie have been restored with another seven scheduled to be restored this
         4 miles of trails have been cleared and maintained.
         An Arboretum planted on the Harris Road entrance to KNC.
         The woodlands on the northeast corner of KNC have been cleared of invasive trees and
         shrubs and trails added.
         A viewing tower has been constructed north of the prairie.
         A shelter at the entrance is the focal point for KNC events.
         Three years of clearing box alder and buckthorn is an ongoing project of restoring South-
         wick Creek. We have also planted over $6,000.00 of native trees, shrubs, sedges, forbs and
         It is our hope that trout will again swim upstream into this section of Southwick Creek
         after some modifications to the culvert area.
         We have annual burns to keep the invasive vegetation in check.
         We have just completed two pond scrapes to improve the sedge meadow area to the
         north of the property and established a wildlife pond.
         We have cleared a great deal of buckthorn and other invasive vegetation along Geneva
         Street and people driving by can now enjoy the beauty of the native flowers that bloom
         along the way.
         We have cleared both sides of Harris road with similar results of the return of native
         We have plans for continuing to improve these areas this summer in preparation of our 20
         Year Anniversary.
         We have our own Kishwauketoe Nature Conservancy Website.
         We have a four color trail map and publish several newsletters each year.
         Check out our website for the various educational programs and other activities that
         we host each summer.
         We are jointly hosting additional activities with the Williams Bay Park and Recreation
         Department as well as the UW Extension – Walworth County.
         Please keep in mind that all of these restoration projects have been accomplished with
         generous donations from area families, individuals, community groups, grants, memori-
         als and other gifts. No public funds are used in KNC. All work is done through volunteer
         individuals and groups as well as assistance from interns that we hire every summer. Our
         Commission and Friends Board members are also very dedicated individuals and without
         them we would not be where we are today – Please consider being a volunteer or making
         a donation to the “Friends of Kishwauketoe” We have a great deal of work ahead in com-
         pleting projects as well as maintaining what we have already accomplished. Please check
         our web site for more information –
         Harold J. Friestad— Chairman - KNC

                             EAGLE SCOUT PROJECT UPDATE
                      Rick Wolski, along with scout leaders and      constructing the benches and stands and kept
                  eight other scouts put in a total of 138 hours     the workers supplied with cookies and hot
                  planning, raising funds, and building six          chocolate. The scout leaders and parents had
                  benches, informational stands and scrapers for     to assist in picking up the lumber and driving
                  removing seeds from hikers shoes prior to en-      the completed structures to the various
                  tering Kishwauketoe Nature Conservancy trails.     entrances around the KNC 230 acre site.
                  These structures can now be used at all en-
                                                                     After installing the platforms and benches,
                  trances to KNC and we are requesting that
                                                                  the scouts landscaped the areas with wood
                  everyone use these prior to entering the trail
                                                                  chips and on completion did a very profes-
                                                                  sional job. For several years now Rick has
                     Rick did all the planning and design work on been a very dependable, hard working
                  these structures, raised over three-hundred     volunteer and we look forward to seeing him
                  dollars for materials and enlisted the help of  get his Eagle Scout award on May 30th.
                  the other scouts, scout leaders and parents in
                                                                  Thank you for your hard work, Rick. We
                  assembling everything as well as the final in-
                                                                  appreciate all you have done and are proud of
                                                                  your accomplishments.
                     Rick’s mom and dad were a big help in
                  providing their house as a workplace for                                          Harold Friestad

                                       MEET ERIC POGGENBURG
                     I am currently a Recreation Admini-             the opportunity to work alongside both
                  stration major attending George Williams           volunteers and staff on the various work
                  College of Aurora University. I trans-             days offered by KNC. In April I will be
                  ferred in January from a community                 involved in organizing and participating in
                  college back home in Wheaton, IL. This             this year’s annual Arbor Day and Earth
                  spring I am doing my practicum at                  Day events. I have a passion for the out-
                  Kishwauketoe Nature Conservancy,                   doors and have enjoyed my time thus far
Eric Poggenburg   where I have been actively involved in             at KNC.
                  the Southwick Creek project. I have had                                             Eric Poggenburg

                   “Leadership by Example” is a phrase aptly         their trips by selling firewood, Christmas
                  suited to Dianne Roth of Williams Bay, co-         wreaths and other fundraising. Troop #237 is
                  leader with Ray Clark of Delavan Township, of      one of the oldest charters in Wisconsin. Of the
                  Boy Scout Troop #237. Since 2004 the KNC           15 members, six are expected to become Eagle
                  has benefited from the troop’s community           Scouts this year.
                  service volunteering by pulling garlic mustard,
                  clearing brush and invasive species and            “BE PREPARED.” the Boy Scout motto means
                  removing debris from Southwick Creek.              being dependable, responsible, self-reliant,
                                                                     generous in community service and learning to
                   Dianne had an early start in scouting “helping”   meet life’s challenges as an upstanding adult.
                  her father and uncle establish Camp Phillips for
                  Scouts in Northern Wisconsin. Wanting her son      Besides teaching Family and Consumer
                  to benefit from scouting, she became a troop       Education at Lake Geneva Middle School,
                  leader eight years ago. “Scouting should be        Dianne attends periodic training and
                  fun and the boys like to travel,” she says. The    informational Scout sessions with Ray Clark.
                  troop has weekend trips to Kalahari Water Park,    Her future scouting plans include “Venturing
                  Indianhead ski area, camping near the Dells,       Crew” for boys and girls, ages 14 and up who
                  and Warren Dunes, Technology Camp with             will decide their own projects.
                  video games, and Boy Scout summer camps.           Being part of scouting is as rewarding to adults
                  All are chaperoned by leaders and adult            as it is to the kids. Volunteer leaders and
                  volunteers including Dianne’s husband, Gordon.     chaperones are always needed. Boys
                                                                     interested in Scouting need just apply. Call 262
                  Merit badges are earned in areas of learning       -245-5167 for information.
                  skills and service. The boys work for money for                                      Lois Morava


                 The Job of Fire in Kishwauketoe
It’s that time of year again! Time to get ready     Hopefully, we will burn a good portion of the
for our annual burning!                             woodlands, mainly on the western section since
                                                    we had a good burn on the eastern edge last
                                                    spring. This helps remove overgrown woody
Actually, it’s not so much exciting as it is neces-
                                                    plants, such as Honeysuckle and Wild Rasp-
sary--- and hard work.                              berry, along with invasive plants like Garlic
A lot of thought, planning and preparation go       Mustard, all of which overly shade the forest
into our annual ―prescribed burns‖, as they are floor hindering the natural resurgence of native
called. They are incredibly important in helping wildflowers, especially in the spring. We have
us restore and maintain various sections of         had exciting success from past burns in the
Kishwauketoe. Let me explain.                       woodlands with a proliferation of Jack-in-the-
                                                    Pulpit, Wild Geranium and May Apple. Again,
Fire was a part of the natural process that         burning goes a long way in helping us restore
caused our native plants to evolve and adapt to and maintain beautiful Oak and Hickory
this area. Just several hundred years ago, when woodlands.
Native Americans lived here, and prior to Euro-
pean settlement, prairie, wetland and woodland
fires were quite common. Lightning was a fre-
                                                    Reed Canary Grass is an aggressive, rhizome,
quent cause, but native Americans also pur-
                                                    warm-season grass introduced from Europe
posely set fires to create better grazing grounds
                                                    several hundred years ago as a forage grass
and to help them in their hunting. Conse-
                                                    planted in wet areas. It spreads and chokes
quently, the ecosystems and their plant commu-
                                                    out almost every other forb or grass, especially
nities that existed here for thousands of years
                                                    our native ones. We have a 10-acre site south
were accustomed to, and thrived on, occasional
                                                    of the newly planted south prairie, just south of
fires.                                              the connecting trail, that has considerable Reed
A big part of our mission at Kishwauketoe Na-      Canary Grass. Our plan is to restore this area
ture Conservancy is to restore and maintain the    with native plants and rid it of the Reed Canary
land. Fire is an efficient, natural and integral   Grass, first as a nice extension of our success-
process that helps us accomplish this mission.     ful prairie restoration, and second, as a buffer
                                                   to prevent the spread of the Reed Canary Grass
                                                   into the south prairie. Burning, combined with
For example, we will burn the wet sedge            aggressive tilling of the rhizomes, is planned to
meadow on the south end of Kishwauketoe,           remove this invasive.
the area that borders Geneva Street and has
the boardwalk running through it, in order to
destroy invasive woody plants, such as Buck-       Finally, we will burn a portion of the south prai-
thorn, and control the overgrowth of Dogwood.      rie as part of healthy, ongoing prairie mainte-
Burning in this area also encourages the re-       nance. Burning in the spring kills or sets-back
growth of native sedges, rushes and forbs          the non-native cool-season plants because they
(many that have been lying dormant or flounder-    have already started to grow. This encourages
ing for years) by opening up the bare ground to    the native warm-season grasses and forbs,
spring sunshine which promotes their resur-        which are still dormant in the cold soil, to grow
gence and rebirth. We’ve had exciting reemer-      by allowing the spring sunshine to warm the soil
gence of Angelica, Skunk Cabbage and Tall          once this other vegetation is burned-off. This is
Meadow Rue, to name just a few. Burning in this    a very tried-and-true process, and has served
area also encourages the growth of our native      us well.
Cattail, which the redwing blackbirds seem to
love to call home!
                                                  As you can see, prescribed burns, as they’re
                                                  called, are very helpful in our restoration and
We will also burn a small area we call the north maintenance work. If you would like to be
sedge meadow for the same reasons--- to       set helpful give me a call (245-6188) if you’re
-back woody invasives and reinvigorate the na- interested in volunteering during one of the
tive grasses, sedges and wild flowers in this     burns.
area. This meadow appears to be one of our
most pristine areas as noted by a DNR staff
member, so burning is very important in                                              Donald Skalla
maintaining it.


                                      April 24th Arbor Day Celebration 12:30pm
                 April 25th – Earth Day Volunteer Workday and cookout to honor Volunteers
                        April 27th – KNC Board Meeting – 7:00 PM Lions Fieldhouse
                                      May 20th - Nature Exploration – All Ages
                        May 25th - KNC Board Meeting – 7::00 PM Lions Fieldhouse
                May 30th – Special Volunteer Workday to plant 3,500 Forbs, Sedges, Grasses
                                      June 5th - Hike with an Intern – 9:00 am
                         June   10th   - Steppin’ Strong – Park District fitness program
                                      June 12th – Hike with an Intern– 9:00 am
                         June 18th - Mon’s–Dad’s and Children’s workday 9:00 am
                                      June 19th - Hike with an Intern – 9:00am
                        June 22nd – KNC Board Meeting – 7:00 pm Lions Fieldhouse
                                       June 24th - Nature Trekkers (ages 3-6)
                                      June 26th - Hike with an Intern – 9:00 am
                                     June 27th - Volunteer Workday – 8:30-noon
                                      July 3rd   - Hike with an Intern– 9:00 am
                                          July 5th   - 2nd Annual 5-K Race
                                      July 10th - Hike with an Intern– 9:00 am
                               July 16th - Children’s Volunteer Workday – 9:00 am
                                      July 24th - Hike with an Intern– 9:00 am
                              July 25th - 3rd Annual Kishwauketoe Day – 9:00 am
                         July 27th - KNC Board Meeting – 7:00 pm Lions Fieldhouse
                                July 29th - The Little Gardener’s Patch – 9:30 am
                                      July 31st - Hike with an Intern– 9:00 am
                                      Aug. 7th - Hike with an Intern– 9:00 am
                                      Aug. 14th - Hike with an Intern– 9:00 am
                              Aug. 20th - Children’s Volunteer Workday – 9:00 am
                                      Aug. 21st - Hike with an Intern– 9:00 am
                        Aug 24th - KNC Board Meeting – 7:00 pm Lions Fieldhouse
                                      Aug. 28th - Hike with an Intern– 9:00 am
                                     Sept. 26th - Volunteer Workday 8:30 – noon
                        Sept. 28th - KNC Board Meeting – 7:00 pm Lions Fieldhouse
                              Oct. 9th - 16th Annual Harvest Moon Fest – 6:00 pm
                                 Oct. 24th - Volunteer Workday – 8:30 – noon
                       Oct.   26th   - KNC Board Meeting – 7:00 pm – Lions Fieldhouse

    All events unless otherwise noted originate at the main entrance on Hwy. 67.
    Additional items will be added and can be found on our website as well as
    Details to all the above events – www.

                                       Where Is Chrissi Now?
    Chrissi Regester brought a great deal of                Chrissi continues to assist us in planning
    knowledge, enthusiasm and dedication to her             projects and will use Kishwauketoe as one
    job as Field Manager of Kishwauketoe Nature             of her outdoor education classrooms for
    Conservancy. We hated to see her leave, but             students of all ages. We wish Chrissi the
    when her job at the UW Extension turned into            best in all her future endeavors.
    a full time position as County Horticulturalist,
                                                                                           Harold Friestad
    it was an opportunity she could not pass up.

                                  2008- 2009 Membership Listing—January 1st, 2008 through March 30, 2009
INDIVIDUAL—$25                                NORMAN & VAL FEHRM MEMORIAL                   TOM JOHNSON MEMORIAL
 Kudrna Family 7
               Trust                          Norman & Valgerta Fehrm Estate                Southern Comfort Air-LLC
 Ed Rynko                                     Mr. & Mrs. Alan Grutti                        Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pillion
 Mr. & Mrs. Dean Rockstad                     Mr. & Mrs. Harry Lingerman                    Dr. & Mrs. Rovert S. Smith
                                              Mr. & Mrs. Jon Danforth
FAMILY—$35                                    Arlene Spotz
                                                                                            Norma Miller
                                                                                            Joyce Gloppe
Mr. & Mrs. Geo. Clellenberg                   Marianne Klemke                               Mr. & Mrs. Harold Friestad
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Railsback                  Mr. & Mrs. David Swengel                      Thomas Friedman
D.E. Buckel & Family                          Mr. & Mrs. James Smith                        Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Bolek
SPONSOR- $50-$99                              Sheri Glau                                    Rev. & Mrs. Robt. Warskow
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Drabek                       Alice Morava                                  Jane Havens
Mr. & Mrs. Clark Fischer                      Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Hourigan                   Mr. & Mrs. Donald Petty
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hull                          Marjorie Beukema Metcalf                      Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Addrich
Mr. & Mrs. David Conrad                       Lorraine Klemke                               Mr. & Mrs. William Sterrett
Mr. & Mrs. William Hume                       Beatrice Nieubert                             Mr. & Mrs. S.L. Hollmeyer
Petra Stoick                                  Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Clemen                    Mr. & Mrs. Peter Arcidiacono
John Prost                                    Mr. & Mrs. John Prodoehl                      Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Chookaszian
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bowman                     Mr. & Mrs. William Kenny                      Dr. & Mrs Robt. London
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Krey                        Mary Immenhausen                              Trapper Enterprises, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bowman                     Mr. & Mrs. Robert Grant                       Mr. & Mrs. Edward Haight, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Voss                       GEORGEANNE ―CHE CHE‖PALLETTIERI               Kenneth J. Porrello
DONOR-$100-$499                               MEMORIAL                                      Shery McFall
                                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Jonathon Ledden
Mr. & Mrs. John Sandner                       Noah Swanson & Nancy Pallettieri
                                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Michael Haverty
Joyce Hardwick                                Mary Pallettieri
                                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Irwin David
Andrew Campbell                               Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Kozarits
                                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. W.G. Scanlan
Carol Eisholz                                 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Toye
Mr. & Mrs. James Killian                      Michael Del Genio
                                                                                            Hannah Eldred
Larry Crown                                   Michelle Pellettieri-Ecker
                                                                                            Kay Cederburg
Earl H. Swanson                               Scott E. Aspinall Trust
                                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Hourigan
Carl A. Grunschel
                                              CLETA MORAVA MANOS MEMORIAL                   Mr. & Mrs. E.T. Dick
Thomas Flanagan                               Mr. & Mrs. Geo. Morava                        Jennifer Burrowes
Calvin D. Kuder
                                                                                            McDonald's Home Office Corp.
Sandra Mattison
                                              ANNE FLOHR MEMORIAL                           Glenview Community Church
Sigi Heidenreich
                                              Mr. & Mrs. Geo. Morava                        Women's Assoc. Chapter 7 & 8
Dr. Michael Busch
                                              MEMORIAL—GRUNSCHEL                            Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bowman
Austin Pier Service
                                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Robert Abrahams
Jerry's Pier Service                          Gladys Grunschel                              Mr. & Mrs. G.A. Vincent III
Lakeway Pier                                  Mr. Robert Lear                               Mr. & Mrs. M.B. Selgrad
Pier Doctors                                  Sherry Lindquist                              Lynn Coe
Reeds Construction                            Wendy Swanson                                 Mary Coe
PATRON $500-$999                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Jack Witlin
                                              ELIZABETH MULLER MEMORIAL                     Mr. & Mrs. Donald Olson
United Way of Milwaukee
                                              Dennis Muller                                 Mr. & Mrs. Ken McMahon
Mr. Don Skalla
                                              GIFTS FROM MARY KUDRNA                        Daniel R. Labar
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Parker
                                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Balimt
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Friestad
                                              Keith Moeller                                 Sharon L. Koukol
FRIEND OF KNC - OVER $1000                    Frances Donnelly                              John N. Fox, Jr.
                                              Toby Spotz                                    Mr. & Mrs. Carl Knauer
Dean & Lois Griffith Foundation
                                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rohleder
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Bonifacic                    BOARDWALK FUND
                                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. John Demetra
Otzen Family Foundation                       Ken Koranda Memorial Foundation
                                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Robert Clarke
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Colman                     Otzen Family Foundation
                                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Paul LaFort
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Koranda                    Geo. & Lois Morava
                                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Moeller
Anderson Family Foundation                    Susan Origer
                                                                                            Elieen Scudder & Russ Zimmerman
Mary Burns Gage                               Lake Geneva Area Realty
                                                                                            Ralph Hurwitz
Greenfield Family Fund                        Sal Dimiceli, Sr.
                                                                                            Thomas J. Jackson
The Allyn Foundation                          GRANTS                                        Dr. Elizabeth Landerholm
Kay L. Griffing
                                               Natural Resources Foundation                 Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Berkery
United Way of New York
                                               Dept. of Natural Resources                   Margolis Family Foundation
Kevin McCarter
                                               Geneva Lake Association                      Mr. & Mrs. David Winton
Alice J. Morava
                                               U.S Fish & Wildlife                          Mr. & Mrs. Steven Railsback
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Andrew Hayes
                                               Lake Geneva Garden Club Foundation           Dr. & Mrs. James Dove
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Cashman
                                               Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin   Mr. & Mrs. Ted Goldberg
Jennifer Goss Paden
                                               Grunow Family Fund                           Mr. Tom Flanagan
Hanson Charitable Trust
                                               Women's Community Club of Williams Bay
  To become a FRIENDS supporter,
  complete this form and return to:                         Of Kishwauketoe, Inc.
  KNC—PO BOX 580,
  Williams Bay, WI 53191                       Name: _____________________________
   Please make all checks payable to:
                                               Address: ____________________________
   All contributions are tax deductible.
                                               City: _______________________________

  Family Membership—$35/year
                                               State/Zip: ___________________________
  Individual Membership—$25/year
  Sponsor—$50-$99
  Donor—$100-$499                             Phone: ______________________________
  Patron—$500-$999
  Benefactor—Over $1000
                                              I wish to volunteer at Kishwauketoe Conservancy
                                           Kishwauketoe is a not for profit organization with a 501 (c)(3) status.

PO Box 580
Williams Bay, WI 53191

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