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					Girl, Make Your Money Grow
     Breaking the Recession Barrier
 Gail Perry Mason, Author of
 “Girl, Make Your Money Grow”

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                                                        Min. Tiffany R. Easley
Au Natural
Woman                                                    A Season of
Sylvia McClain
                                                             Stylicia Bowden
 The Power of
 Financial                                                Revelation
                                                               Chona Wright
 Cedric Dukes
                                                        Life is Great!
                                                         Versandra Kennebrew
Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™
Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   3
Letter From the Editor

Blessings SISTAHS! How good and how pleasant it always is to fellowship together
as we partake in another issue of “SISTAH Talk E-Magazine”.

We have entered the Spring season of another year and as we have all heard, our lives can be
sometimes characterized by seasons as well. Seasons of breakthrough. Seasons
of prosperity. Seasons of loss. Seasons to sow. Seasons to reap.

How do you know what season of life you are in? I submit to you, my SISTAHS, that
“knowing” requires an intimate relationship with God. The Lord has tagged this year’s
Ministry theme, Power and Purpose… so the questions we pose almost each day of the
year is, “Are you walking in your purpose?” And, if you are, what are you doing to enlarge
that purpose. Do you possess the divine connection to know what season of your purpose
you are in?

God is so gracious that He will allow us to know what season is coming. As many preachers have said,
“If you’re not in a storm, you’re either going into one or coming out of one.” So it is with seasons, but
the question is “What season are you in?”

When you can definitely identify the season the Lord has you in, walking in the ways of your purpose and
fulfilling the works of your purpose will come easy.

There are seasons wherein you may be required to stand still and wait on God to move. So if you move
without Him, you may keep bumping your head against a brick wall. Doors may appear to close
everywhere you go. Conversely, there are seasons when you may need to keep it moving as the Lord
blesses you with favor in every step you take. Don’t stop! No matter what the devil tries to throw your
way. Leap hurdles if you have to.

As we focus this issue on finances, it is my prayer that each one of you will grab hold of your season of
prosperity as the Lord deems it to be so. I believe this is a season that each of us need to spend wisely in
order to fulfill the call and purpose the Lord has upon our lives.

Don’t let the devil steal your times and seasons, continue to walk, grow and prosper in your purpose as
you enter this issue of SISTAH Talk!

In His Power and Walking in His Purpose,
Rev. Celeste Kelley

                                               ~ Table of Contents ~
“A Season of Pruning” by Stylicia Bowden .......................................................................................................6

Living the Victorious & Blessed Life
“Dare to Dream” by Minister Tiffany Easley ....................................................................................................8
“The Planting of the Lord” by Ramelle T. Lee ...............................................................................................10

SISTAH Teen Mentoring Initiative
“Revelation” by Chona Wright .........................................................................................................................12

A SISTAH’s Lifestyle – Life-Coaching Principles
“A Bad Case of „What If?‟” by Minister Mary Edwards ..............................................................................14
“Accountable – Who Me?” by Marlin Page ................................................................................................16
“Who Told You That?” by Pastor Andra Allen Standberry .............................................................................18
“Au Natural Woman” by Sylvia McClain .......................................................................................................20

Virtuosity – Marriage & Divorce Feature
“While You‟re Waiting” by Pastor Georgia Harvey .......................................................................................21

On the Cover: Gail Perry-Mason, Author of “Girl, Make Your Money Grow”
“Breaking the Recession Barrier” .................................................................................................................24

A SISTAH’s Closet            featuring Sunny Couture.....................................................................................................26

Health & Beauty
“Life Is Great!” by Versandra Kennebrew .........................................................................................................28

Soul SISTAHS Café of Reading & Poetry (Domestic Violence Feature)
“God Saw What You Did” by Wanda J. Burnside .........................................................................................30

SISTAHS Services & Business Network        ......................................................................................................34
Sponsors of the 2011 Faith & Finances Business Networking Breakfast
and Credit Repair Workshop

Financial Power and Purpose
“The Power of Financial Resurrection” by Cedric Dukes ...........................................................................36

Christian Events & Evangelism (C.E.E.) Network                               .....................................................................................37

                                                                                Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™                             5
                                             A Season of Pruning
                                             By Stylicia Bowden

                                                                  mirror image of what was holding me back from my
                                                                  harvest. He wanted me to learn to stop giving so much
                                                                  of myself away because in the end I had nothing to give
                                                                  back to myself. This journey of my life in the past four
                                                                  months has renewed me in so many ways. The lessons
                                                                  from my season of pruning have taught me to let go of
                                                                  people who cannot forgive me, let go of hurt, rejection,
                                                                  and acceptance from others. There is a freedom of
                                                                  letting go, divorcing the –isms from your life. Are you
                                                                  ready for the Lord to prune away the fat from your life?

                                                                  If the answer is YES here are a couple of guidelines to
                                                                  help you keep your composure through the pruning

―Life can serve you many things and sometimes there                Let Go - In order to allow God to successfully cut the
will be a turbulence that will change your life forever.‖           fat from your life you must be willing to surrender.
                                                                    When you surrender your all then the Lord can start
Life is a constant rollercoaster, some days are up and              the process of healing. (He will give you beauty for
other days can be down but one thing remains the same               ashes.) Isaiah 61:3, Jeremiah 29:11
it is important to take one day at a time. The last three          Breathe – Take one day at a time and let everyday
months of 2010 were months of turbulence for me. I                  be sufficient. Do not try to chew more than you can
endured a financial cutback that hurt my household in an            handle. Stress will come but put it on the back
enormous way. It is not easy being a single parent with             burner to gain peace. Matthew 6:34
only one income in the house and everyday you are                  Ask – Just ask for help when some days are harder
stressed from trying to connect the dots to your financial          to bear than others. Cutting the fat sometimes can
lack. Lack is defined as having a shortage of or the                be hard to take but while you are in intensive care
manner of being in a state of scarcity. Scarcity creates            know that the Lord is surrounding you with
poverty and a poor quality of life. The Lord desires us to          intervention. Matthew 7:7-8
live in abundance in all areas of our life. The Bible              Stop giving yourself away- Realize how precious
discusses many scriptures on abundance, prosperity                  you are in all aspects, begin to learn the art of
and living a life of overflow. However, I was frustrated            preservation to keep your assets intact. Just
because my life had no reflection of abundance. My                  remember people will take and take as long as you
business was not producing consistent income for me. I              give freely. Preserve your time, love, friendship,
was discouraged, upset and angry because I did not                  kindness, and monetary things because these are
understand what I was doing wrong. Does this sound                  the assets people can sometimes manipulate.
familiar? Are you on the same rollercoaster of life? If so,        Walk Away – Happiness and joy can be obtained by
understand that everything we go through may not                    walking away from everything that is a contradiction
always equate to something we have done wrong. I felt               of your bliss.
like I was doing something wrong as a business owner,
as a mom and as a Christian woman. But I knew I was               After going through these guidelines you will
doing what I was supposed to do financially and I                 successfully go through the pruning process with a
followed all the guidelines set forth by my mentors, life         peace of mind. It is not easy to cut the fat but in the end
coach etc. for my business. God was pruning me for my             you will embrace the freedom you always desired. Let
season of harvest. It is not God’s plan for his children to       the pruning process begin….
be in lack but before the harvest arrives God has to trim
the fat from our lives. Sometimes we do not know how              ©2011 Stylicia Bowden – All Rights Reserved.
much fat we have until we are brought to our lowest
point. God really began to pull the band aids off the             Visit Stylicia at or
atrocious sores hidden beneath my heart. The sores      
were filled with hurt, rejection, abuse, misuse and
learning the power of letting go. The Lord gave me a

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                                     Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   7
Living the Victorious and Blessed Life (Spirituality)

                            Dare to Dream
                            By Minister Tiffany R. Easley

                                     When Joseph‘s brothers saw him coming, they recognized him in the distance. As he
                                                                         19                                         20
                             approached, they made plans to kill him. ―Here comes the dreamer!‖ they said. ―Come on,
                             let‘s kill him and throw him into one of these cisterns. We can tell our father, ‗A wild animal has
                                                  eaten him.‘ Then we‘ll see what becomes of his dreams!‖
                                                                   Genesis 37: 18-20 NLT

As children many of us had a vivid imagination. We                  favor. Favor is defined as, a special privilege or right
dreamed of being doctors, lawyers, musicians, or a                  granted or conceded; gracious kindness. As a dreamer
famous actor/actress. For many of us some of those                  you will find that many times you have favor with God
dreams may or may not have come true. For many of us                and man. You will realize that at no control of your own,
we may have realized that to fulfill that dream, required a         many opportunities come your way and people sow into
great amount of determination or dedication that we did             you ―just because‖.
not want to apply in reaching that goal. Then there are
those of us, who let other people (people who doubted               Struggles of a Dreamer
our ability to fulfill the dream) discourage us in fulfilling
the dream that we have so desired to reach for years. As            Being a dreamer can be very difficult. You face much
I begin to take a look at the story of Joseph and his               opposition both internally and externally. As a dreamer
brothers, I began to realize the importance of being a              you will struggle. You will struggle with doubt, distraction,
dreamer and the struggles we face when we Dare to                   and the threat of destruction. You will face many battles
Dream!                                                              with individuals known as dream killers. Doubt comes
                                                                    upon a dreamer, when a dreamer starts to believe that
A dream is defined as, a strongly desired goal or                   they cannot achieve the dream. The word doubt means
purpose; an aspiration. As the previous paragraph                   you lack confidence in something, in the case of a
stated many of us have dreams and I want to encourage               dreamer it would be a lack of confidence in the dream,
you to keep dreaming. It is important that you Dare to              which God has shown you. Many times the dream
Dream! It is not easy to be a dreamer for a dreamer is a            which God has given you, is far beyond what you can
person who has ideas or conceives projects regarded as              obtain through natural means and must rely on Him to
impractical. A dreamer is also noted as a visionary.                supernaturally move on your behalf.; it is in situations
Being a dreamer can be a difficult task and you will face           like this that your doubt will try to smother your faith, but
many struggles. No matter what the struggle I encourage             you have to remember who is in charge (God and not
you to Dare to Dream! The act of dreaming can ignite                self).
passions that will thrust you to your greatest place of
purpose which is Destiny!                                           As a dreamer you face distractions or being distracted.
                                                                    Distractions are very difficult for a dreamer. Distractions
Characteristics of a Dreamer                                        can stop the dream before it starts. As a dreamer many
                                                                    times you must have moments of quiet and rest. Satan
If you are a dreamer…You must have faith, focus, and                knows what atmosphere dreams are birthed in (quiet,
favor. Faith is reliance and trust on God. The biblical             rest, isolation) and will send distractions to stop the
definition says that faith is the substance of things hoped         dream from its very birthing point. Many times your
for and the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1               family will impose on your time of isolation wanting you
As a dreamer you must have faith. You must expect to                to take part in a movie night or dinner at a local
receive and operate from that which you may not see. If             restaurant. There are times when your significant other
you are a dreamer you must have focus. Focus means                  will want to be in your presence when you have set time
that you have directed attention or a point of                      aside to just be in the presence of God and to dream.
concentration. As a dreamer your attention is directed on           Then there are life’s interruptions which go to bed with
that dream which God has placed in your spirit and you              you and cloud your mind; stopping the dream from
are concentrating on the steps it will take to see that             flowing. As a dreamer you cannot let distractions stop
dream come to pass. If you are a dreamer you will have

you from dreaming. You have to drive passed the                 not after you but they are after your dream. Your dream
distractions and Dare to Dream!                                 is attached to your purpose and your purpose is
                                                                mandated by God. So if your dream killers can stop the
As a dreamer the biggest struggle you will face will be         dream from coming to pass then they feel as though you
dealing with dream killers. Dream killers are those             will not fulfill your purpose. Dream killers have many
individuals or situations that try to kill (stop, put an end    attributes; they come in many forms, shapes, and sizes.
to, deprive of life, or to mark for omission). This was the     Their attributes are not important. You as a dreamer
struggle that Joseph faced in Genesis, chapter 37. As           must realize and recognize a dream killer’s purpose is to
dreamers you may think that dream killers will not be           stop you from carrying out the dream (purpose) for which
those closest to you, but the story of Joseph, shows you        God created you. A dreamer’s dream is the gateway to
the contrary. Joseph’s brothers wanted him dead                 their passions, purpose, and provision. The enemy
because he was a dreamer. They wanted Joseph dead               recognizes that if your dream develops and your passion
because of the focus he had in life, he was determined          ignites your purpose, your purpose ignites provision,
to reach his dream! They wanted Joseph to die, because          then you will reach your Destiny in God! The dream killer
of the faith he had in His God and God’s plan/vision for        was created to stop that very thing from happening.
his life. Joseph’s brothers wanted him dead because of          Recognize if you have been called as a dreamer,
the favor Joseph found with God and with man. Can you           Realize that there are necessary struggles you face as a
relate to these situations? Are there some people in your       dreamer. Embrace the challenge of dreaming. So I say
life that want you dead, not because of who you are but         to all the dreamers, you must Dare to Dream and in
because of what you have. Because you have a dream              Daring to Dream you will reach your Destined
that drives you to reach your divine                            Destination of Destiny! Your Dreams are your gateway
destination…DESTINY! Dream killers have a job to do;            to Destiny…Dare to Dream!
they have to kill your dream, before your dream dictates
your Destination. Joseph’s brothers were not mad at             © 2011 Tiffany R. Easley – All Rights Reserved.
Joseph; they were mad at what was placed inside of
Joseph. They were mad that Joseph was able to dream;            Visit Minister Tiffany at
Joseph had a desired goal, he functioned in a state of
purpose. If you are a dreamer, your dream killers are


                                                               Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   9
                                                  The Planting of the Lord
                                                                   By Ramelle T. Lee

                                                         Mediation Scripture: Jeremiah 1:10 (KJV)

                            "See, I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull
                            down, and to destroy, and to thrown down, to build, and to plant."

What is it that God has done in your life to make you              great idea! You are somebody to Him. You may not
who you really are? Has He developed your character                always feel self worth. But realize that you are special to
from that tiny seed that was planted a long time ago?              God. That’s why He has given you special abilities to
You are God’s unique creation. He has given you such               tear down false images of hopelessness and share His
uniqueness that you really don’t even know just how                love with other people.
great He has made you in the kingdom of God.
                                                                   You were once totally lost in sin yourself. But God came
Your perception of yourself is too small! God says,                and rescued your soul from trouble. You have been
"Expand your vision and your spiritual eyes to see the             given a mandate to go into all the world and look to the
truth. " Let your voice be heard in heaven. Keep your              nations as a platform to bring all who are heavy laden to
spiritual eyes opened long enough to see who He has                the feet of Jesus.
made you to be.                                                    This is no easy task. But God will continue to place a
                                                                   weapon in your hand that will bring down the powers of
You have been planted in the earth to fertilize the ground         darkness all around you.
with His words of wisdom. You have been set apart this
day to take up your bed and walk into a new light of               Be forever grateful and thankful to God for rescuing you
truth. You have been ordained in the likeness of His               from an existence of unbelievable destruction. Your life
image to see that others can be who God says they are.             has been miraculously changed by the power of the
Don’t you yet realize that God has planted your feet in            Almighty God.
this place to show others that they too can be delivered
from the sorrow and hurts of their past and given the              Now, go ye into the world and take God’s Word as your
opportunity to walk in the abundance of a new day?                 rod and staff—He will give you the words to say and use
They, too, can be set apart and elevated spiritually to be         to deliver his people from the dark forces of the enemy.
redeemed from their checkered past and given new                   God will pull down, destroy, build up and plant His word
dreams and visions of hope.                                        into their hearts. This is how the enemy within our mind
                                                                   will be destroyed. This is how God will show up and
God can make each of us over again and taken us to a               show out. This is how He will set the captives free.
new level in Him. How is this possible? It’s because He
has the right and the ability as our Creator to change us          You have been chosen to help win the war. God has
anyway He sees fit. We have been molded, reshaped,                 given you a job to serve Him and guide His people to
and given a destiny to develop our character and leave             truth. You have been promoted, my child. Be proud to
this earth as a better person.                                     serve the Almighty Master. Your task has just begun.
                                                                   Go and watch God take you to another place in the
God has put so much investment into His creation that              Spirit. He has the power to excel you into greater
we can’t even understand that there is no one else                 heights. Follow His lead always.
exactly like us on the earth. We are so unique to God
that even our DNA is not sacrificed. We cannot be just             © 2010 Ramelle T. Lee – All Rights Reserved.
like any other creation. God has put His stamp of
approval on our very souls.                                        Visit Ramelle at The Called and Ready Writers online,
When you were formed in your mother’s womb, God
already had His hand on your life. God made you as a

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                                                        Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   11
SISTAH Teen Mentoring Initivative
     Director, Elder Sharnae Coakley

                                          By Chona Wright

               There was a young girl who was brought up in the church but
            sometimes her flesh would lurk. I would talk to her but couldn't seem to
                                      get through to her.

            My words to her was going in one ear and out the other. She hid behind
                        the fear that Satan talked and put in her ear.

             This is why when God spoke she couldn't hear. Her mind was blocked
                   with a spiritual mutation leaving no room for revelation.

            The Holy Spirit was left in amazement that she would allow the enemy
            to trap her mind, body, and spirit. She let the enemies lyric linger that
             she was nothing, wouldn't be nothing and that because of her sin God
              wanted nothing to do with her so the enemy's words began to fester.

            She told me not to talk to her anymore, this hurt me to the core because
                    God told me His plan for her but she decided to ignore.

            All I knew to do was to just pray for her, so I laid out prostrate with my
            face to the floor, interceding and grieving because I felt that if I gave up
            on her then she would be another lost soul going to Hell because I failed;
                   then, I would be accountable and reliable, so I prayed more.

            Lord, speak to her! Don't give up on her! Then, God laughed and said,
            “No I'm not through, the person you've been praying for is really you!”

                              © 2011 Chona Wright – All Rights Reserved.

Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   13
A SISTAH’s Lifestyle

                            A Bad Case of “What                           if?”
                            By Minister Mary Edwards

                            Just in case you didn't read
                            my column, ―Steps to serenity      I quickly recovered, and turned on the television to see
                            in a world full of chaos,‖ let's   what the newscasters had to say. Indeed, they gave a
                            revisit the topic. God wants us    thunderstorm warning. I said my morning prayers and
to have peace of mind, not a piece of mind. Too many           began my day with the peace of God that passes all
folks are focusing on, ―What if this happens. What if that     understanding. (Philippians 4:7)
happens.‖ The word ―if‖ is a very small word, but it
carries a lot of weight – heavy weight, burdens. In other      Fear is a universal emotion and has been around since
words, too much worry is going on. Fear is running             the beginning of time. We first read about it in Genesis
rampant. So let me pull up some of the roots of this           3:10. It tells us that Adam was afraid when God spoke to
emotion ―fear of what if.‖                                     him because he had sinned. Fear can be defined as the
                                                               sensation that makes you believe that you are in danger
What is fear? To begin with, fear is a deadly emotion.         and that something bad is about to happen. Here we go
The Bible says that in the last days man’s hearts will fail    again with ―What if.‖
them because of fear (Luke 21:26). Look around. There
are plenty of reasons for one to fear were it not for our      There is an emotion of fear that is good. It is that which
relationship with Jesus Christ and His promises, one of        rises up within us when a rattlesnake slithers through the
which is to keep us in perfect peace. (Isaiah 26:3)            grass in front of our feet or when we hear an unfamiliar
                                                               sound in the house in the middle of the night. It is what
Fear is having ―faith‖ in the word that the enemy has          causes us to run from a burning building. This fear is
spoken to us, individually, standing on it and waiting,        self-preservation. Perhaps a respect for danger would
knowing that it will come to pass. We do not do this           best describe it. This could be called ―normal fear.‖ That
knowingly; but that is what happens. When we believe           is not what I am writing about here. What I'm talking
the lies of the enemy, we find ourselves responding to         about is the ―What if‖ disease. This is being troubled by
people and to situations in such a way that our response       things that haven't even happened and may never
actually brings about that thing which we fear. Job said,      happen!
―For what I fear comes upon me, and what I dread
befalls me‖ (Job 3:25). Job had a bad case of ―What if.‖       Fear, dread, and worry are triplets. Another word for fear
                                                               is dread. Dread steals joy. Dread comes for a two-fold
Fear really is believing that the enemy is in control, and     purpose: to torment and to prevent. The devil uses dread
that he has as much, if not more power than God. Fear          to keep you from the blessings of God and to keep you
does not help us fight against the enemy. It agrees with       out of His will. Many times in the Bible when the Lord
him because he is the author of fear. It is not part of the    called people to do great things, He said, ―Fear not.‖
armor of God described by Paul in Ephesians 6:11-17.           Fear is not from God. ―For God hath not given us the
Fear is the enemyʹs most deceptive weapon because we           spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound
believe it is our human emotion.                               mind‖ (2 Timothy 1:7).

Let me give you a personal example. One summer                 Worry is fear. New things have a tendency to frighten us.
morning, prior to arising from a night’s sleep, I was          We are afraid of the unknown. So we must pray about
suddenly stirred awake by the loudest clap of thunder          everything and fear nothing. The only thing we should
I’ve ever heard in my lifetime. Fear immediately gripped       fear is fear itself. Faith is released through prayer. When
my heart. Truthfully speaking, my first thought was, ―God      fear comes knocking at the door, faith had better answer.
is mad at this old world and He is breaking through the        We need to watch for everything that steals our
sky and returning!‖ My second thought was to hide. (I’m        righteousness, our peace, and our joy. Talk back to the
being very honest!) My third thought was, ―Why should I        devil and experience more joy. Say these words with
be afraid? Why should I hide? Surely, I want God to find       me‖
me doing what I should be doing when He returns.‖

                                                                stayed on thee, because he trusteth in thee. Trust ye in
BIG GOD, little devil                                           the Lord forever; for in the Lord Jehovah is everlasting
                                                                strength‖ (Isaiah 26:3‐4).
Finally, chill out. Breathe deeply. Just concentrate on the
moment before you. You can't know what's ahead and,             ©2011 Minister Mary Edwards – All Rights Reserved.
even if you did, you wouldn't be able to see how it will
work out. You'll be okay. Trust that you'll be okay.            Minister Mary Edwards can be reached at
―Thou will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is

                                                              Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™    15
                                Accountable - Who Me?
                                By Marlin Page

                                I have tossed around the               merely help me to think some things through and make
                                word accountability for                "non-emotional" decisions.
                                years, but decided to
                                search the dictionary for              My accountability reflection questions:
the official definition. No disrespect to Mr. Webster, but
I've decided to use my own. To be accountable means                    1.       What role did I play in this situation?
that I am responsible for my actions, words, attitude,
etc. Being accountable means that I really don't have                  2.       Why did that person feel as if they could say that
any excuses and that I can't blame anyone else (well                            to me or treat me that way (we teach people
you can, but what good does that do? - really?)                                 how to treat us)

You being accountable does not mean that people are                    3.       What could I have done differently?
always going to be nice, fair, or even "human" but when
I'm accountable it puts an entirely different twist on my              4.       What can I learn from this situation?
mental outcome. Most importantly I learn valuable life
lessons, mostly about myself!                                          5.       What are my next steps? (Your next step could
                                                                                be to do nothing)
Being accountable empowers me to understand that
there is a consequence (be it good or bad) for every
action - but I now don't have to just sit by and watch "life           When you are truly accountable you will stop blaming
happen to me".                                                         others, allow them to be who they are and change the
                                                                       only person you can - YOU!
In the midst of conflicts, misunderstandings, or confusion
I have conditioned myself to reflect and/or question a                 © 2011 Marlin Page – All Rights Reserved.
few things. The questions are not meant to make you
feel bad or even change your decision. These questions                 Visit Marlin at

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especially those who may have suffered tremendous odds due to disease, foreclosure, job losses, domestic violence and or other factors are
encouraged to attend this event to begin their journey to success. The purpose of the Butterfly Bash is to ignite women with inspiration...

A portion of the proceeds will go to LNFMSF, Inc. 501(c) 3 to help young adults with lupus attend an accredited school. Sponsors: Moore Black
Press, Jewelry by Doll, The Black Dress, Ralph Taylor and Sandy's Land.

Sandra Epps established SHE'S Empowered (Sisters Helping Encourage Sisters) based on her pass struggles with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and
the negative impact it had on her self esteem. The Women‘s Empowerment Conference Butterfly Bash goal is to provide women with inspiration via
tools, tips and testimonies, and to create awareness of lupus. May is the month of rebirth, and it is Lupus Awareness Month. The butterfly symbolizes the
rash that appears on the face of a lupus patient, it also signifies freedom, growth, prosperity and transformation.

                                                          REGISTER ONLINE

                                                                              Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™                  17
                             Who Told You That?
                             By Pastor Andra Allen Stanberry

                           Greetings and Happy New             of your life. And I will put enmity between you and the
                           Year! We are off to an              woman, and between your offspring and hers. Gen.
                           awesome start in the Lord!          3:16b, ―…Your desire will be for your husband, and he
                           We are in the trenches              will rule over you.‖ Gen. 3:17b-19, ―Cursed is the
                           getting dirty and messy. So         ground because of you; through painful toil you will eat…
                           let us get right down to it!        all the days of your life…will produce thorns and thistles
                           Sisters, we oftentimes forget       for you, and…By sweat of your brow you will eat your
we are fighting curses unaware handed down to us in            food until you return to the ground…and to dust you will
the garden.                                                    return.‖

The Truthful Set-up, Shame & Blame
                                                               God’s Perfect Will
Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the wild
animals the Lord God had made. He said to the woman,           In the Lord, man and woman co-exist together. Both
―Did God really say, ‗You must not eat from any tree in        were made in the image and likeness of God. God gave
the garden‘?‖ The woman said to the serpent, ―We may           order how they were to live upon this earth co-existing
eat fruit from the trees in the garden, but God did say,       together [Gen. 1:26-28, paraphrased]. The man was
‗You must not eat from the tree that is in the middle of       formed first [Gen. 2:7]. The Lord God said, ―It is not
the garden, and you must not touch it, or you will die.‘‖      good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper
―You will not surely die,‖ the serpent said to the woman.      suitable for him.‖ [Gen. 2:18]. So the Lord God caused
―For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be       the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was
opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and             sleeping, he took one of the man‘s ribs and closed up
evil.‘‖ When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was      the place with flesh. Then the Lord God made a woman
good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable      from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought
for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also         her to the man. The man said, ―This is now bone of my
gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he             bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‗woman,‘
ate it. Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and         for she was taken out of man.‖ For this reason a man
they realized they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves        will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife,
together and made coverings for themselves. Then the           and they will become one flesh. The man and his wife
man and his wife heard the sound of the Lord God as he         were both naked, and they felt no shame. [Gen. 2:21-
was walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and          25]. We were spirit before He formed us into flesh. Our
they hid from the Lord God among the trees of the              functions are different. This was by God’s design.
garden. But the Lord God called to the man, ―Where are
you?‖ He answered, ―I heard you in the garden, and I
was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.‖ And he said,        Personal Exhortation
―Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten
from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from?‖           A ministry colleague and I were chatting about the
The man said, ―The woman you put here with me—she              infamous cliché many of us use today, ―Who Told You
gave me some fruit from the tree, and I ate it.‖ Then the      That?‖ God always take us back to His Word. God
Lord God said to the woman, ―What is this you have             came looking for the man in the garden. The man
done?‖ The woman said, ―The serpent deceived me, and           replied that he heard God and hid because he was
I ate.‖ [Genesis 3:1-13]                                       naked. God responded with who told you that you
                                                               were naked. God asked if he had eaten from the tree
                                                               He told him not to. And of course, instead of accepting
Curses Handed Down                                             responsibility, the man blamed the woman and so on.

Genesis 3:[14-19] describes the specific curses to the         Do you realize the act of disobedience, sin, changed
serpent, the woman and the man. Gen. 3:14b-15a, You            their perception, that is, the way they originally saw
will crawl on your belly and you will eat dust all the days    things? The man and the woman were naked I am sure
                                                               for some time yet nothing was ever mentioned about it
                                                               being odd before. Of note, naked was obviously good in

the sight of God, because everything God made in His             and through us, then and only then will we become more
creation He said was good. Their act of disobedience             and more aware of what we are really fighting unaware.
opened their eyes up to knowing good and evil. Their             We must consistently surrender our will to God. God is
punishments were handed down as noted above, and                 our Source, and through our Source, we will realize
Sisters, many of us are still fighting these curses              more quickly…Who told you that? God was the first One
unaware. The Word tells us we call good evil and evil            who used it!
good, and given the fact, our perception has been
marred, it is more true than we would like to admit.             © 2011 Andra Allen Standberry – All Rights Reserved.
There are things we are fighting that we should not be
fighting. We must keep in mind the fall in the garden            Visit Pastor Andra at
opened up every conceivable sin there is to mankind.
Beware of the adversary. The more we learn God’s                 Scriptures were taken from NIV.
Word, His Truth in His Word, what the blood of Jesus
can do for us, what the power of the Holy Spirit can do in

                               God has answered a prayer ~ (Octavia) and I get to minister to people who are helpless,
                               hopeless and desperate in a time as this. We’re privilege to tell them that God loves them

                               I’ll use three, simple P’s from the book of Ephesians that God has given. As we gaze at II
                                 Corinthians 3:17-18 transformational degrees are promised. I’ll share my testimony as I
                                                            introduce, Jesus the lover of my soul.
                                                May His face shine on U, keep U, and bless U with His love.

                             Please pray that we may go to Denver/Cincinnati and other cities, and spread His good news.
                                                  Visit us on line or call any time @ 503-481-0372
                                    at or see event at

                                                    Pastor Tonie Gatlin

                                                               Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™    19
                           Au Natural Woman
                           By Sylvia McClain

                            I wore it straight. I wore it in   natural woman.‖ So I hum and dance along with Aretha,
                            curls. Sometimes it was short      understanding what the feeling is, knowing that it is
                            and      sometimes        long.    freedom. Free to live without regrets, free to express
                            Whatever the style, I wanted it    oneself without remorse. Free to be natural. No more
to be the latest trend of the decade. Yet, however I wore      looking or acting accordingly to the trends of the day, as
it, it was never me. It took me four decades to find           well as worrying about who’s saying what about me.
myself. In the Sixties I always admired Angela Davis           Only the lyrics of Frank Sinatra’s song ―I gotta be me,‖
(famous Black Panther) and her lion’s mane. The                are the most apt description ever of me.
Seventies brought me Grace Jones’ shiny dome. And in
the Eighties, well I was introduced to braids and locs.        With each passing day I grow as ―me‖ more and more. I
Then in the Nineties, it was okay to do your own thing         don’t dread facing new discoveries of the accepted me. I
and I had no idea what mine was.                               actually look forward to them. This new me has brought
                                                               out my hidden aspirations such as the writer within,
What no one knew is I wanted to be natural, from the           exhibiting my inner glow, and taking me to a higher level.
bottom of my feet to the top of my head. How do I do           All of that allows me to show who I really am, all natural.
that? I asked myself. Let it go. And that’s just what I did.   I waited a long time for this to happen. So long, that a
For too long I worried about looking natural behind a          half century went by before I knew it was okay to be who
fake visage. When I turned 50, I realized that what the        I truly am.
top of my head looked like wasn’t the real me. It was
time to be unpretentious. No, not necessarily wearing my       So take it from me, being natural is all right. That old
hair in its natural state, but exposing the real me.           saying of ―letting your hair down‖ is just fine. But if you
                                                               choose to shave it all off, go for it. What you desire is all
Finally I could say to people what I liked and what I          up to you and only you. The image you portray would be
didn’t. I could go ―au natural‖ at home if I chose. Makeup     the real you, naturally. I really enjoy me as this new
on my face didn’t have to be perfect. As a matter of fact,     woman now. I dress a little differently when I want. I
I could go without. So what if my nails weren’t Art Deco?      enjoy going to events out of character for me when I
My hands were the tools I used to create as I scribble         want. Sometimes even I don’t know what the day will
across a piece of paper. Being natural is being the real       bring, but I wake with the question, what will I learn
me.                                                            about me today? Then I go for it.

Making an impression is no longer my specialty. I live to      © 2011 Sylvia McClain – All Rights Reserved.
be organic now. And what I have discovered is I’m
liberated. My persona, behavior, and point of view are         Sylvia McClain is the Book Reviewer for
authentic. No longer do I emulate anything or anyone to        and Atlantic Publishing House.
justify my existence. I now profess that I am the real
thing and all natural.                                         Visit Sylvia at

What I truly know now is I enjoy Aretha Franklin singing
the line ―You make me feel, you make me feel, like a

Virtuosity – Marriage & Divorce

While You‟re Waiting
By Pastor Georgia Harvey

Choosing a mate can be quite a task. There are many              come when the roses will
voices bombarding women and men alike regarding                  wilt, then what? Our
what should and should not happen in choosing a mate.            marriages must be based on
There is also a movement to redefine the institution of          the commitment of
marriage. Nevertheless, God's Word has a lot to say in           covenant. When it comes to choosing a mate what are
regards to choosing a mate. Throughout God's Word, we            the requirements? What expectations should a
shall see principles that one may apply as they consider         perspective bride to be have, when it comes to getting
marriage. Have you ever received a letter and it had the         married? What does he or she look for in a mate? I'd like
wrong address on it? What did you do with it? Most of us         to address some of these areas There are 11 essential
would take it to the nearest post office or return it to the     areas that must be addressed before you say ―I do‖ Find
sender. I am convinced there are some people in                  out what they are ――WHILE YOU ARE WAITING‖.
relationships that God never intended. To all those that
are anticipating marriage, the mate that God sends will          © Georgia Harvey – All Rights Reserved.
have the right address - yours. All other materials must
be returned to sender!
                                                                 Pastor Georgia serves as the Associate Pastor and First
I will endeavor to give some essentials in making the            Lady to The House of Glory Ministries in Calumet City,
transition from being single to being married .There are         Ill., and has been a motivational speaker, writer,
many people that are approaching marriage with the               counselor and women‘s ministry leader for more than 20
mind set - this will be a bed of roses", but the day will        years.

                                                                 Visit Pastor Georgia at House of Glory Ministries online!

                  Ladies, Do the Men in Your Life Live Up to God’s Standards?
                  Encouraging new nonfiction empowers women to get the most out of their relationships

                     DOLTON, Ill. – Ladies, are you tired of ending up with Mr. Wrong instead of Mr. Right? If God told
                     you there were warning signs in your relationship, would you recognize the red flags? Here to help
                     guide you on your quest for love is 21 Reason’s He’s Not the One (published by WestBow Press),
                     the practical new guide by Georgia Harvey that will show you how to sort out the zeroes from the
                     heroes and avoid unnecessary heartbreak.

                     Straightforward and real, Harvey’s book doesn’t pull any punches. Chapter titles highlighting each
                     warning sign include “He Has Crooked Friends”, “No Desire to Commit” and “He Pressures You for

This book challenges women to re-examine their relationships from a new perspective, they will find out:

        •Why he cannot possibly be the one
        •How to identify negative traits occurring in your relationship
        •Signs of an abusive relationship
        •How to pick yourself up and move on
        •And much more...

If you have been unsuccessful in relationships, or if you’re involved with a man who doesn’t seem to have your best
interests at heart, take a closer look and learn to look for the unmistakable, nonnegotiable 21 Reason’s He’s Not the One.

                                                               Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™    21
                                           Our Mission:
  An'Des is dedicated to providing our guest with customized services that will enhance their physical
appearance and boost their self-image. An'Des is comitted to enhancing the quality of life and embracing
                                        our beauty and culture.

Whether you need a full day of relaxation, a completely new hairstyle or a quick manicure, you'll find it
here. Check out our services, and call us to make an appointment today!

An'Des New You Beauty Studio is in business to bring its guests the highest degree of quality professional
services. We operate our Studio in a relaxed friendly environment. Our professional staff delivers our
services with highest degree of competency available in the industry.

An'Des is a special place where the focus is on YOU. We listen to you and focus on understanding your
specific requirements.

As a valued guest, we want you to enjoy the relaxing services offered by the An'Des Beauty Culture
experience. Our ultimate goal is to provide our guests with an atmosphere in which we can keep our
promise to enhance the quality of your life.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

                 Together We Are Empowering Our Beauty!

15411 W. Nine Mile Road
Oak Park, MI 48237

Phone: 248.968.2420

Tuesday - Saturday: 10AM - 6PM
Mondays & Off Hours by Special Request

Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   23
Protect Your Future & Enrich Your Life
               Breaking the Recession Barrier with
                                          GAIL PERRY MASON
                                                    Detroiter Gail Perry-Mason has come a long way. She climbed the
                                          corporate ladder and rose from receptionist to become Senior Director of
                                          Investments of Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. and a recognized and respected
                                          authority in the securities industry. And now she can add bestselling author to her
                                          list of accomplishments. For more than 20 years, Gail has focused on socially
                                          responsible investing. And it’s her years of experience, coupled with her down to
                                          earth but also down to business style that has made her a sought after speaker
                                          and presenter. Gail maintains a packed schedule of media and speaking
                                          engagements. She regularly addresses capacity crowds educating people on
                                          investing and money management and has conducted financial training sessions
                                          and workshops for companies such as DaimlerChrysler, IBM and Wells Fargo.
                                          Gail’s wisdom also hits the airwaves and she co-hosted an award-winning talk
                                          show entitled ―Building Wealth,‖ via radio broadcast on MIX 92.3 and a television
                                          broadcast on Comcast Cable and currently has MIX Money Minute on Clear
                                          Channel every Sunday. She has appeared on all the local Detroit television
                                          networks, and on national outlets such as BET, Fox News, PBS, CNN, MSNBC,
                                          and NPR Radio.

        Gail is a prolific published writer and has a regular column in Heart and
Soul magazine and has written articles for local and national print media. She
has been featured in many publications including: Ebony, Black Enterprise, On
Wall Street, Research Magazine, Quick and Simple-Good Housekeeping
Magazine, Essence, Jet, Free Press and Detroit News, Signature Magazine,
Corp!, Washington Post and Associated Press.

         While juggling her demanding career and public appearances, Gail found
the time to write and publish her first book Money Matters for Families, which
served as a manual for the employees at DaimlerChrysler to teach them how to
get their financial household in order. The book is geared towards families and
focuses on the critical elements for building a strong financial foundation. It sold
out of it’s original printing in the first year and is currently out of print. Gail’s
second book, Girl, Make Your Money Grow, written with co-author Glinda
Bridgforth was a national best seller. Glinda and the book were featured on
Oprah’s Debt Diet.                                                                             Glinda Bridgforth (Girl, Get
                                                                                               Your Money Straight! 2000)
        Gail recognizes the necessity of teaching youth the importance of money                and money expert Gail
management and she founded and directed the original Money Camp for Teens                      Perry-Mason enjoy a
and the first youth investment club. Each year Gail hosts a Money Camp for                     monopoly on a different
Youth, which has instructed over 6,000 young people in the Detroit-Metro area                  angle of the money game:
and mentored over 25 young women who are now professionals in the financial                    appealing to African
industry. Currently she is conducting a program in the Detroit Public Schools that             American women, who
teaches financial literacy and outlines the steps to entrepreneurship.                         now earn and spend
                                                                                               ever-increasing billions of
        Gail is extremely visible and active in her community. She served as                   dollars each year.
Chairperson for the Tavis Smiley Youth to Leaders Program since its inception
and was honored for her work with Mr. Smiley at a benefit held at the home of                  CLICK TO ORDER:
Arianna Huffington. Gail was Honorary Chairperson for COTS Homeless Shelter                    Girl, Make Your Money Grow!:
Annual Fundraiser, Mariners Inn River Rhythm Annual Fundraiser, and Celebrity                  A Sister's Guide to Protecting
Chef for Spaulding for Children. She is also an honorary member of Elliottorian                Your
Business and Professional Women’s Club, and a proud member of Jack & Jill of
                                                                                               Future and Enriching Your Life
America. In 2010, Gail was honored by the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity for
Economic Empowerment and Education.

         In addition, Gail has received numerous awards. Ford Motor Company, Michigan Women’s Foundation, and New
Detroit Inc., and AKA National Sorority recently honored Gail because of her investment in our youth.

         Gail was honored as Michigan’s Local Hero Award by Bank of America and Community Role Model Award from
Alternatives for Girls, and the Economic Empowerment Award from 100 Black Men for her work in the community in 2009.

      She was also named as one of Michigan’s Top 10 Business Women by the National Association of Business
Women Owner’s in 2007 and received the Community Service Award from the Michigan Women’s Foundation.

       She was named Phenomenal Business Woman of the Year, and was given an award from the Governor of
Michigan for fundraising for Non-Profit Organizations, where she is now a Community Ambassador for the Governor of

       Dynamo Gail is also a mother of three terrific sons. Her mottos are ―Success Benefits Others First‖ and
―Opportunity Doesn‘t Happen Without Sharing.‖

Affiliations and memberships:

Spaulding for Children and Childhelp USA,
The Wall Street Journal Youth Investment Club,
The National Association of Securities Professionals,
Who’s Who Among African Americans,
Taylor International Academy,
NAWBO (National Association of Women’s Business Owners),
and Co-chair for GirlBiz.

She has served on the Board of Directors for:

The Salvation Army
Child Care Coordinating Council
Neighborhood Services Organization
Mariners Inn Executive Board – Executive Treasurer
Detroit Impact
Detroit 300 Advisory Board - Executive Board Member
Starr Commonwealth
Task Force for the Children’s Center
NAWBO Excell

Visit Gail online at

                                                             Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   25
A SISTAH’s Closet

     Visit   Sunny Couture

                                                            Saturday, March 5, 2011

                                                                       No longer the silent majority,
                                                                           the fuller figure is the
                                                                        demographic in society that
                                                                         everyone is talking about.
                                                                       Strides are being made in all
                                                                      facets of society to incorporate
                                                                              women of size.

The 2011 International Fuller Woman Expo will take
place at the Detroit Historical Museum in Downtown
  Detroit. We will celebrate this time in history by
 bringing together businesses and loyal consumers
  from across the world who share our mission of
  positive imagery and social relevance in today's

We have always had eyes that acknowledge you and
arms that support you. Join us as we celebrate who
                we are, right now!

For 2011 Sponsorship/Exhibitor opportunities, click

                                                  Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   27
                        Health and Beauty
                        Life is Great! by Versandra Kennebrew

                        Your Health is Your Wealth
                        10 Tips for Optimal Physical and Financial Well-being

1.   Optimal health is mind, body and spirit working                 that elevating your vibration encourages well-
     in symphony. Take 10 minutes each day to give                   being in all areas of your life)
     yourself a MBS (Mind, Body, Spirit) checkup. Sit
     comfortably with your feet flat on the floor. Focus      7.     Clean out the clutter regularly. Clutter can drain
     your intention on your breath. Take 3 slow, deep                your energy causing depression and poor
     breaths in and out. Breathe in love, health and                 productivity. You will be a pleased with the
     prosperity. Breathe out fear, lack and pain.                    resources (extra cash) that you will find as you
     Repeat this exercise 10 times, breathing more                   organize and get rid of junk. (Someone else’s
     slowly and more intently. Feel your feet. Relax                 treasure)
     your toes, continue to breath, feel your legs.
     Does your body feel cold or warm? Feel                   8.     Eat to live! Incorporate as much live food as you
     gratitude moving through your body as you take                  can into your diet. Juicing is a wonderful option.
     inventory of your limbs, your heart beat and your
     lungs expanding and contracting. As you                  9.     Supplement your nutrition. No matter how well
     continue to breathe, acknowledge the I Am                       you eat it’s not enough to give you what your
     spirit, the breath of life that sustains you until the          body needs for optimal health. Nutrients in the
     final amen.                                                     soil (fruits and vegetables) have been depleted
                                                                     for years.
2.   To best manage your time and productivity,
     layer your activities when possible. Example:            10.    Fast and pray. Give up something you love for a
     Walk while listening to an audio book or                        week, month or quarter even. During this period,
     meditate while taking a long hot aromatherapy                   pray for guidance, enlightenment, wholeness
     bath.                                                           and life balance.

3.   Stimulate your mind by learning a new language
     or skill. Attend a personal development                  Be Inspired, Be Encouraged, Be Lifted
     workshop. Virtual and live gathering available
     every day of the week.                                   © 2011 Versandra Kennebrew – All Rights Reserved.

4.   Move enough to break a sweat for 20 minutes at           Versandra Kennebrew is an author, self-improvement
     least 3 days a week. (Bike, run, walk, jump,             educator and speaker. Get personal development
     dance)                                                   support 24 hrs a day. Subscribe to her My Balanced Life
                                                              on-line coaching podcast at
5.   Journal daily. Write about your road to wealth. You could receive a
     What are the joys or struggles? Who is                   complimentary 1-hr tele-coaching session. ($50 value)
     supporting you or hindering you? Get your
     worries out of your head and on to paper. Burn           Visit Versandra at
     the trash and don’t give it power.

6.   Laugh, scream, cry! Expressing your emotions is
     healthy. Don’t feel you must hold it in. (Know

Mission statement: Helping women realize their true potential by not only
enhancing their exterior beauty with proper make up application but
making over their spirit and self esteem. True beauty goes beyond the
brush. True beauty emanates on the inside ultimately radiating on the

                                  Professional Make Up Artist
                                  Rashida Williams is an artistic specialist with an ability to unlock inner
                                  beauty. She is affectionately known in the industry as “The Glam Doctor”. In
                                  1998, her passion to see women rediscover their true inner beauty flourished
                                  into a service-driven business known as Exquisite Looks, Inc. She provides
                                  women from all backgrounds an exceptional beauty experience. Her clientele
                                  includes celebrities, actors, singers, brides, pastors, businesswomen, mothers
                                  and teenagers. Her experience ranges from movie sets and stage plays to
                                  weddings, personal beauty consultations and her fabulous makeup parties.
                                  Because she strives for and achieves excellence, she continues to train with
leading industry professionals and is a specialist in airbrush make-up application. Knowing her mission extends
beyond physical appearance, Rashida developed “Beyond the Brush” where she deals with women in small
groups about inner beauty, then teaches them to accentuate their outer beauty. The Glamentor Program is an
additional component that allows her to share her years of knowledge and experience with up and coming
artistic talents.

                                                         Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   29
Soul S.I.S.T.A.H.S. Café              of Reading and Poetry
Wanda J. Burnside, Café Administrator

                            God Saw What You Did!
                            By Wanda J. Burnside

God saw what you did                                        What you did, Jesus took to the cross
And it wasn’t a mistake!                                    A long, long time ago,
You’d better ask Him to forgive you                         He shed His blood for you.
Before it’s everlasting too late!                           So that freely you can go.

Don’t you run away!                                         Satan wants to make you feel
Don’t duck and hide,                                        Unforgiven and a big old mess,
You know Adam and Eve hid too                               But you tell him that in the Name of Jesus
They tried to cover their backside.                         That you are free and blessed!

Repent! Tell God you did it                                 So, what you did you must know,
And that you want to be saved from sin,                     That it is now covered by Jesus’ precious blood.
You know that you were wrong                                God will give you a new heart and life
Don’t do that again!                                        Because He calls you ―so loved.‖

Run to the Lord and ask Him                                 He so loved the world
To come into your heart today,                              That His only son’s life He had to give,
It’s time to make a change                                  He did it just for you
You can’t have it your way!                                 So that you would not perish, but LIVE!

Tell the Lord that you need Him                             © 2010 Wanda J. Burnside – All Rights Reserved.
In your troubled life,
Because He can surely help you
He will make things all right.                              Visit Wanda at The Called and Ready Writers online at
Give your heart and life to the Lord
He will clean and wash you from sin,
He is waiting on you                                        ―Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature:
To let Him come in.                                         old things are passed away; behold, all things are
                                                            become new.‖ (II Corinthians 5:17 KJV)
There’s no sense in fooling around
Or wasting another minute or two,                           ―For God so loved the world, that he gave his only
I know that He will forgive you my child                    begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should
Because God forgave me and He’ll forgive you!               not perish, but have everlasting life.‖ ( John 3:16 KJV)

                  Visit The Soul SISTAHS Café                 Amazon Mall Today!

Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   31
The Soul S.I.S.T.A.H.S. Cafe              Amazon Mall

Mother to Son by Kim Crouch
―Mothers raise their daughters and love their sons,‖ is an old adage that has been around in the African-
American community for years. With the release of movies like Boyz In The Hood and Menace to Society,
this adage has grown in popularity in the African-American community and has often been used to explain
the ills facing many young African-American men. For any African-American mother who has heard this
adage and believed it true, comes a compelling book of wisdom, inspiration and hope that’s bound to prove
differently. Mother to Son is a powerfully written book that shows that mothers do more than love their
sons. The author, through a beautifully scripted, heartfelt collection of letters, offers candid advice for her
sons on the issues they may face from racism to self-recognition. Although written from a mother to her
sons, this book provides timeless wisdom for all. A MUST read for any mother facing the challenge of
preparing her sons for, and protecting them from, the society in which they must live.


True You by Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson emerged from the shadows of an already famous family to become one of the most beloved,
recognizable, and influential performers in the world. But at what cost?

It has taken Janet most of her adult life to come to terms with who she is. But she has finally broken free of
the attitudes that brought her down and has embraced realistic goals that help her eat better, exercise
better, feel better, and ultimately be better. This book is about meeting those challenges that face all of us.
With candor and courage, Janet shares her painful journey to loving herself.


Trying to Stay Saved While Raising Your Teen by C. Lynn Williams
Parenting teens includes many challenges as well as joys. A focus should be on the positive side of
parenting teens. This focus will help the parent to feel more competent and actually be able to enjoy their
teen and the ups and downs they face. Sometimes parents tend to over emphasize the negatives and
annoyances of parenting their teens. This book will help you get along with your children as you guide them
in the godly path for living.


The Strawberry Letter (Bitterness Isn’t Sexy!) by Shirley Strawberry
Listen up, ladies! Shirley Strawberry, co-host of the nationally syndicated Steve Harvey Morning Show,
delivers more of the no-nonsense woman-to-woman straight talk her listeners have come to love. Shirley
tells it like it is—from the heart. Whether the topic is cheating boyfriends, crazy mothers-in-law, job troubles,
or money problems, Shirley’s girlfriend-next-door honesty has made the Strawberry Letters segment of the
show a huge hit. Now, in this uplifting motivational guide, she brings her vivacious, inspirational, and down-
to-earth message to women everywhere: Get up, get out, and be the best you can be!


                                                                 Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   33
Services & Business Network
featuring the Faith & Finances Business Networking Breakfast and Credit Repair
Partners and Sponsors

                                             In Partnership With…
                                             Sisters Acquiring Financial Empower (S.A.F.E.)
                                             Kalyn Risker, Executive Director

                                             The mission of S.A.F.E is to equip survivors of domestic violence with the
                                             appropriate financial tools and resources needed to enable women to leave or
                                             recover from the economic portion of domestic violence.

                                             SAFE’s community awareness initiatives increase the awareness of how domestic
                                             violence affects women on an economic level that is often overlooked. Abusers
                                             utilize power and control to restrict access to financial resources, which ultimately
                                             limits options for the abused to leave their abusive situation. A study conducted by
                                             the U.S. Department of Justice explains that in cases of economic abuse, victims
                                             are often hesitant to leave their abuser or end up returning to the abuser for
                                             financial reasons. To combat this epidemic, SAFE assists survivors of domestic
        2795 E. Grand Boulevard, Suite #9
                Detroit, MI 48211            violence through specialized training focused on gaining or building the skills
             Phone: (800) 757-4919           needed to reenter the workforce, obtain higher paying positions and manage their
         E-Mail:       finances.

                                             Credit Repair Workshop Sponsored By…
                                             100% Woman
                                             Karen L. Donald, Founder

                                             What is 100 Percent Woman, you may ask? It is Mentoring, Healing and
                                             Empowerment, especially targeted for women ages 25 years and older. We are
                                             now beginning our internet mentoring, coaching and motivational events. We
                                             want you to share in our team spirit!

                                             Karen L. Donald, founder of 100 Percent Woman, is a survivor in her own right. As
                                             the CEO of Donald and Associates, accomplished writer and talk show host; her
                                             passion is helping women with their growth. Her history includes childhood abuse,
                                             addictions and poverty. Her emotional and mental state had kept her from moving
                                             forward for years. She now speaks and mentors women around the globe,
                                             showing them how to transform their hurts and pains into empowering testimonies
                                             to help others. Through conferences, emails and various other media outlets our
                                             member teams are growing by the day!

     For more information about 100% Woman   The power of our organization is the ability to offer you not only a chance to hear
     Empowerment Conferences and Services,   and learn from trained coaches and speakers, but the opportunity to heal, grow
                call (313) 427-9340.         and be empowered for your destiny. You are a voice; a part of the team!

                                                                                 Services & Business Network
                                                                                     Faith & Finances Sponsors…
Brava Services – Vanessa Farris

Brava Services, Inc. specializes in Sales related to the Bill Blass New York Collection with
exquisite designs, luxurious fabrics for the "fashionistas" of impeccable taste! Visit

Comerica Bank

Comerica Incorporated is a financial services company headquartered in Dallas, strategically
aligned into three major business segments: The Business Bank, The Retail Bank, and
Wealth & Institutional Management. Visit

Conner Coaching – Dorethia Conner

Where We Teach You How to Manage Your Money Yourself!
Conner Coaching offers solutions that are about you the client, not a current trend or financial
fad. We offer group workshops as well as one on one coaching. Visit

Petal’s & Gem’s in Artistry – Bridgette Odum

Floral Arrangements, Jewelry Design and Wedding/Event Planning

Quelynn, Inc. – Deaquelynn Williams

Quelynn, Inc. is the coaching, training, and learning service. The vision of Quelynn, Inc.
and The Quelynn Classroom™ is to help you reach your fullest potential and accomplish your
life's goals quickly and effectively through spiritual empowerment, vision development and
personal enhancement. Visit

The Chapel LIFE Church (“Williams Chapel”) – Rev. James C. Jones, Pastor

The mission of The Chapel LIFE Church (―Williams Chapel‖) is to exalt God, love and
evangelize the world, lifting in high praise the Name of Jesus, baptizing and equipping God’s
people through the teaching and preaching of Jesus Christ, to live LIFE in abundance! Visit
The Chapel at

The Retail Coach – Tonja Ayers

With 15 years of experience combined with training and education The Retail Coach is
enabled to provide an array of information in the retail arena. In addition to being an
entrepreneur and retail guru, Tonja Ayers is a published author, fashion writer and wardrobe
stylist. Visit

Versandra Kennebrew International – Versandra Kennebrew

VKI is a personal development company which produces holistic health education products
and services to enhance your quality of life. The includes formal and informal activities for
developing others, in roles. Visit

                                                                Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   35
                                                                                Financial Power and Purpose
                                                                                Faith & Finances Inspiration…

                                                                   The Power of
                                                               Financial Resurrection
                                                                        By Cedric Dukes

Then he said, ―Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep, but          homes, cars, and land are not ours. It belongs to our
now I will go and wake him up.‖ The disciples said,               creator. We are given a charge to be faithful, fruitful, and
―Lord, if he is sleeping, he will soon get better!‖ They          multiply what we have according to 1 Corinthian 4:2 and
thought Jesus meant Lazarus was simply sleeping, but              Genesis 1:28.
Jesus meant Lazarus had died. So he told them plainly,
                                                                  2. Budgeting – When surveyed participants in a seminar,
―Lazarus is dead. John 11:11-14
                                                                  over 70% of the people do not operate on a budget. If
We all know that Jesus was the Son of God but he                  we don’t operate on a budget, how will we increase our
exhibited great power when he spoke. Not only he                  finances? Even the government is learning to operate on
exhibited great power, he did great deeds. Jesus was              a budget now.
showing his disciples that we have power over those
                                                                  3. Giving – Giving is a catalyst to resurrect anything that
things that are dead. We have the power over those
                                                                  you desire. Jesus gave up his time to tend to Lazarus
things that are conquering us. We even have power
                                                                  even though he was dead. He invested into Lazarus so
over our financial situation. I have heard many stories
                                                                  that he could live and show the power of the
about people coming through their finances but I have             resurrection.
even heard more stories and talked to people who are in
dire strait with their money. The issue with many of us is        4. Investing – The idea of investing must be a staple if
not more money. The issue with many is not that they              your finances are to be resurrected. Investing is just
are in debt but the issue is the fact that action has not         planting and watching it grow while you are continuing to
been taken to resurrect their finances. Many have told            water it.
me that they are changing their financial situation but           These four areas are a must for any resurrection to
they never do. Jesus acted and woke up his friend                 occur. I am not making light of the power of resurrection
Lazarus.                                                          but if we don’t take heed to the example of Jesus, our
Jesus has given us the power to resurrect our finances.           finances might not even recover for us or for generations
He has given us the ability to get wealth according to            to come.
Deuteronomy 8:18. The time for financial passiveness is           ©2011 Cedric Dukes – All Rights Reserved.
over. We can no longer retreat. God never intended for
His children to live a life of lack, need or desperation. So
let me give you the steps of financial resurrection.              Cedric is the Author of Hostile Takeover - Manifesting
1. Stewardship – stewardship is managing someone                  God's Plan and Purpose for Your Finances.
else resources. We have to understand our money,                  Visit Cedric at

Christian Events & Evangelism (C.E.E.) Network

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Registration for How Sweet the Sound 2011                                Consent Form
is now Open!                                                            Song List
                                                                        2011 Markets/Zip Codes

Gospel music is powerful, mighty, and meaningful.
Gospel music is what touches your soul and moves you to
sing straight from your heart. Gospel music is your              Register your choir today for a chance to
ministry. The How Sweet the Sound™ family knows why              win up to $50,000 in cash and prizes at
you sing and understands why the message must be                 the regional celebration. The overall
                                                                 winning choir will have the chance to
shared. That’s why we want to invite you to be a part of         perform at the 2012 Super Bowl Gospel
Verizon’s How Sweet the Sound 2011. Registration is              Celebration during Super Bowl Weekend
now open with new-for-2011 registration features,                and at other exciting events in gospel as
audition songs and online voting enhancements. Make              the 2012 How Sweet the Sound choir.
your choir a part of this nationwide celebration of gospel
music and start your registration today!

There are no fees to enter and your choir could win up to $50,000
in cash and prizes. Create an account and complete the registration
process by 11:59 p.m. EST on Friday, April 15, 2011.
Register online:

Step 1: Log in by clicking the Registration button below
Step 2: Fill out the Registration Form
Step 3: Upload a Video of Your Choir
Step 4: Submit Your Registration, and Get Ready for the Tour!

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