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                                            Project Charter
Applicable Processes/Procedures: Identify the process for creating a project charter
1. General Information:
Project Title – The proper name used to identify this project; Project ID – The working name or acronym that will
be used for the project; Sponsoring Organization – The organization sponsoring this project; Sponsor
Representative – The name of the person representing the Sponsoring Organization; Prepared by – The person(s)
preparing this document; Version – Version of this document.

 Project Title:      Police Recruitment Redesign           Project ID:            PRTS – 6841
 Sponsoring                                                Sponsor
 Organization:       BACO Police Department                Representative:        Sgt. Orlando Lilly

 Prepared by:        Malia Nagle                           Version:               1.0

2. Project Stakeholders:
List all applicable project stakeholders.

        Position           Title/Name/Organization                  Phone                            E-mail
 Sponsor                 Sgt. Orlando Lilly                                              olilly@baltimorecountym
 Representative          BACO Police Department                                
 Director, OIT           Rob Stradling                       410-887-xxxx
                         Kathy Price                                                     kprice@baltimorecounyt
 Program Manager                                             410-887-xxxx
                         BACO OIT                                              

 Project Manager         Maureen Amegashie                   410-887-xxxx

 Customer / User         Potential Police Department
                                                             n/a                         n/a
 Representative(s)       recruits
 Functional Analyst Malia Nagle                              410-887-2089
 Recruiter               PFC Angela Avent                    410-887-xxxx
 Recruiter               PFC Brian Matthews                  410-887-xxxx

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3. Executive Summary
Provide a brief overview of this project.
This project will evaluate, restructure, optimize and test the content of the Recruitment Section of the
Baltimore County Police Department’s web site to attract and recruit young people considering a career in
law enforcement. The site will also help funnel potential recruits who have decided they would like to
join the Police Department through the application and testing process (written and physical agility).

4. Project Purpose
Explain the reason(s) for doing this project.
4.1. Business Need / Problem
The Business Need / Problem is an issue or opportunity pertaining to the business which needs to be resolved / acted
upon. State in specific terms the issue or opportunity this project will address. Often, the Business Need / Problem
is a critical business issue or initiative in the Sponsoring Organization’s Strategic Plan.
The Police Recruitment section has grown ad-hoc over the years without a clear structure or focus. The
content on the site is out of date and doesn’t include necessary information for potential recruits to be
successful during the application or testing process. The recruitment office is flooded with calls that could
easily be answered via the web.

4.2. Business Objectives
Define the specific Business Objectives of the project that correlate to the strategic initiatives or issues identified in
the Sponsoring Organization’s Strategic Plan. Every Business Objective must relate to at least one strategic
initiative or issue and every initiative or issue cited must relate to at least one project business objective.
    Strategic Plan Element                                     Project Business Objectives
Reduce Crime                                Convert recruits into sworn police officers.
Provide Safe Neighborhoods                  Convert recruits into sworn police officers.

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5. Project Overview
5.1. Project Description
Describe the project focus, approach, customer(s), and the boundary limits of the project.
A usability analyst will conduct an expert review of the Recruitment’s web section, analyze WebTrends
and Google Analytics reports, review call logs and e-mail inquiries and speak with recruiters about the
most frequently ask questions they receive. Recruits going through the application process will also be
interviewed. A detailed task flow of recruitment activities will be created.

Based on this review a new site architecture will be built and content will either be repurposed or created.
The new section will be built in the County’s CMS and published to the web site. The new section will be
monitored for a period of time and then call logs, e-mail inquiries and analytics will be reviewed. After a
monitoring period, a full usability test will be conducted and tweaks made to the site based on the test.
5.2. Scope
The Project Scope addresses the who, what, where, when, and why of a project.
The web analyst will work closely with the recruitment office to identify audiences, key tasks and the
workflow of the application process. The web analyst will conduct an expert review of the recruitment
section and will analyze WebTrends and Google Analytics reports.

A new information architecture will be created and web pages built based on the findings. The new section
will be optimized for search engines.

After a period of monitoring, the section will be tested by typical users. This project does not include new
technology features, such as a blog, flash or wallpaper; however, recommendations for new technology
can be suggested for future projects.
5.3. Assumptions
Assumptions are statements taken for granted or accepted as true without proof. Assumptions are made in the
absence of fact. List and describe the assumptions made in the decision to charter this project.
- HR is able to provide data on number of applicants and number of abandoned applications.
- Recruitment staff will be available to answer questions and participate in work sessions.
- OIT resources will be available to complete tasks.
- The new site can be housed in the current County CMS.
- MailChimp can be used to manage a new HTML e-mail list.
5.4. Constraints
Constraints are boundary conditions that the project must stay within. List and describe the constraints applicable
to this project.
This project is a redesign of the current recruitment web section and does not include implementing new
technology, such as a blog, flash or wallpaper.

This project is limited to the recruitment web section and does not include other sections within the
Police Department’s web presence.

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6. Project Requirements / Deliverables
The Project Requirements / Deliverables define what the project must accomplish, including the customer/ user
requirements and products / services to be provided by the project.
The project shall:

- Identify gaps in current content
- Remap content to improve flow
- Improve content readability “write in plain language”
- Create HTML Newsletter
- Purchase new URL for promotional use only
- Create presence on social media sites e.g. MySpace, Facebook, etc
- Create interactive, dynamic practice tests
- Include information to prepare for the physical agility test
- Post events (recruiting, rescheduling test, job fairs)
- Describe career paths (have two descriptions, one for officers and the other for cadets)
- Improve avenues for recruit contact (email, contact form before linking to NeoGov page)
- Establish methods for receiving monthly statistics
     - Web analytic reports (WebTrends, Google Analytics)
     - NeoGov application statistics
- Establish a recognizable brand to be used across all platforms
- Review and improve job announcement presentation in NeoGov
- Create a step by step tutorial for application process using screen shots
- Optimize the section for search engine (SEO – Search engine optimization)
- Post job announcements on free career finder sites
- Reference links to other state and local jurisdictions
- Include testing date information

7. Project Management Milestones and Deliverables
Provide a list of Project Management Milestones and Deliverables. This list of deliverables is not the same as the
products and services provided by the project, but is specific to the management of the project. An example of a
Project Management Milestone is the Project Plan Completed.
            Milestone / Deliverable                     Estimated Date             Responsible Individual
 Web Site Analysis Report                                  11/1/2008         Malia Nagle
 New IA                                                   11/15/2008         Malia Nagle
 Build New Web Section and Publish                        12/1/2008          Malia Nagle
 Usability Test Sessions                                   1/15/2008         Malia Nagle
 Usability Testing Report                                  2/1/2008          Malia Nagle

8. Costs / Budget
Identify the initial funding required by the project and/or committed to this project by the project sponsor.
Additional funding may be requested / committed upon completion of the detailed project plan.

                   Purpose                                Amount                                  Source
 Internal Staff Hours                            550 hours @ $80/hr             OIT/Police Resource Budget

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9. Personnel & Other Resources
Identify the personnel and other resources required by the project and/or committed to this project by the project
sponsor. Additional resources may be committed upon completion of the detailed project plan.

      Resources                                          Description
                         Maureen Amegashie, Orlando Lilly, Angela Avent, Brian Williams, Malia Nagle,
 Project Team
                         Melissa Liupaeter
 Support                 Web Services Team, Police Department Recruiters
 Facilities              N/A
 Equipment               N/A
 Software Tools          N/A
 Other                   N/A

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10. Project Risks
Risks are statements of issues or problems that have the potential to arise but have not yet occurred. List and
describe the initial risks for this project.
- The Recruitment Office will continue to be inundated with telephone inquiries that could be answered
on the website.
- Potential recruits could apply elsewhere if the application process is too cumbersome.
- Potential recruits could continue to struggle with the written examination and therefore not quality for
the job.
- Recruiters will have to work harder to find qualified applicants and spend more time guiding them
through the application process.

11. Project Organization
11.1. Project Organization Chart
Provide a graphic depiction of the project’s organizational structure. The project’s hierarchal diagram begins with
the project sponsor and includes all project stakeholders.
                                                  Chief Johnson
                                              Major Randy Russin
                                          Rob Stradling, Director of OIT
                                          Kathy Price, Program Manager

                                                 Sgt. Orlando Lilly
                                                Officer Angela Avent
                                                 Recruitment Staff

                                                  Potential Recruits

                                                Maureen Amegashie
                                                   Malia Nagle
                                                 Melissa Liupaeter
11.2. Roles & Responsibilities
Describe the Roles and Responsibilities of all project stakeholders identified for this project.
    Stakeholder Title                         Name                             Roles & Responsibilities
                                                                    Defines requirements, assigns resources and
Sponsor                           Sgt. Orlando Lilly
                                                                    monitors progress.
Director, OIT                     Rob Stradling                     Monitor progress.
Program Manager                   Kathy Price                       Monitor progress.
                                                                    Provides project management support from
                                                                    initial request through implementation.
Project Manager                   Maureen Amegashie
                                                                    Plans, tracks and reports on project status.
                                                                    Coordinates project deliverables.
                                                                    Conducts expert review.
                                                                    Creates new IA.
Functional Analyst                Malia Nagle
                                                                    Builds and tests new web section.
                                                                    Prepares project deliverables.

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12. Approval Signatures
The Signatures of the people below document acceptance and approval of the formal Project Charter. The Sponsor
Representative must have the authority to commit the organization’s resources to the project. The Project Manager
is empowered by this charter to proceed with the project as outlined in the charter.

            Position/Title                      Signature/Printed Name/Title                              Date

Sponsor Representative

Program Manager

Project Manager

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