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									                                                                   Workshop Catalogue No. 130 - May 2006
 126 Dunval Road, Bridgnorth, Shropshire WV16 4LZ, UK
 Tel/Fax: +44 (0)1746 767739
 Email: info@hemingwaykits.com
 Website: www.hemingwaykits.com

“If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing well!”. Hemingway Kits are trusted by the world's most demanding
constructors and tool makers.

We provide a range of more than 70 uniquely practical tooling projects for the small workshop owner. We are proud to
represent the workshop designs of G H Thomas, “Tubal Cain”, J A Radford, “Dore”, J C Payne, Alan Timmins, Dick
Stephen, D R Machin, Martin Cleeves and many others.

New Products in Catalogue No. 130?
With each new catalogue update we manage to introduce a number of new kits. In this one you will find:
       !   G H Thomas' Geared & Retracting Top Slide kit. Fully complete.
       !   Kenneth Hart's Swing & Retracting Tool Post.
       !   Saddle Clamp Handle for the Myford Lathe range.
       !   Vertechamp AG's Universal Spring Winder.
       !   A Diamond Wheel Kit for the Worden Mk3 Tool & Cutter Grinder..

What’s in a Hemingway Kit?
Check the descriptions offered in our catalogue. In general, we aim to supply everything you will need to complete a
given project. You simply add your time, experience and ingenuity!

   Our suppliers have been chosen on a basis of quality first.

   Patterns are plated in sets and all box work and core placing is manual. Casting are hand poured into green sand
   from a shot flask. After fettling, all of the iron and many of the alloy castings are shot or bead blasted to improve
   their appearance. Both of our current suppliers have been trading in the UK Midlands for around 130 years. Unlike
   pouring engine blocks at 1,000 a day, occasional defects do occur. These are generally spotted at the foundry or by
   Hemingway but…. Please check your castings closely before you invest in their machining. Do get in touch if you
   have any concerns. A level of surface defect is unavoidable but should not encroach on a major datum.

   Bar Stock
   Hemingway Kits holds around 4 tonnes of various bar materials. We stock around 40 sections of steel, continuous
   cast iron, brass and phosphor bronze ranging from 1/8” diameter to 6 ¼” x 1 ½” flats. A majority of our steel is
   sourced through British Steel (Corus). We always favour free cutting grades. Some of our kits, such as Mr Thomas’
   Versatile Dividing Head, can have a cutting list running into 25 different sections and lengths of Bright Drawn,
   Pre-ground and Silver steel, together with Brass and Bronze sections. Please, when your kit arrives, check through
   the drawings and plan your use of material. It is not only the profit motive that causes us to limit lengths, we are also
   conscious that it will be inefficient for customers to have to machine or saw off large amounts of material to arrive at
   a finished dimension.

   A majority of the kits call for imperial fasteners, ranging from 8BA to 3/8” Whitworth. For this reason we only stock
   these imperial fasteners and a few metric sizes. Sitting here in Britain, this seems reasonable; we have all built up a
   stock of taps and dies that support this outlook. However, sitting in France or America, our position will not seem
   reasonable! Doubtless you will want to translate imperial threads into Course and Fine Metric, UNC and UNF and
   this will not affect the success of your project. We have established a great UK source for fasteners and hold over 60
   different varieties of head, threads and lengths.
The worm and worm wheel pairs required to complete the dividing tools and rotary tables are intended by the
designers to be generated as helicals to a pressure angle of 14 ½º. They require dedicated assets and, with low
volume runs, may seem unusually expensive. On the positive side however, the quality of UK source is indeed first
class. If, for whatever reason, you manage to scrap a gear cut item, Hemingway will show a degree of mercy in
pricing a replacement for you. To err is human….

CNC Sheet Material
The Worden Mk 3 Tool and Cutter Grinder is a truly great product, made economically possible through the flexibility
of CNC processing. The gauge of the pressings is around 1/8”, affording excellent rigidity in action. Having large
dedicated pressings on your bench may well be a novelty. Please remember that many of industry’s worst hand
injuries come from handling unprepared sheet materials! Wear gloves and file off sharp edges as a very first step. If
you rely on off hand tool grinding today, you should consider the Worden.

Other Stock Items
To complete your kit, we hold a number of stock items including bearings, bushes, seals, ‘O’ rings, springs, drive
belts, grinding wheels, switch gear, motors, knurls etc. Wherever practical, we source directly from well-established,
UK manufacturers.

Drawing & Instructions
Many believe that the heart of a successful project is to ensure that you are continually thinking 2 or 3 stages ahead.
The instructions detailed by most designers will help you to understand the importance of each set up and where it
fits within the total plan. Many instructions include photos, which are invaluable for describing a required

Over the past few months, we have been trawling through and updating a number of our drawing and instruction
sets. In many cases they were felt to be below acceptable standards for the 21st century and in others, they lacked
the clarity that was necessary to get across the designer's idea. After much deliberation and training, Hemingway
has installed and commissioned AutoDesk Inventor Professional 8, a high spec, solid model CAD package, to take
their drawings and instruction sets to a new level. Armed also with an HP 5SiX high speed A3 duplex laser printer,
documentation in the future will be printed freshly for each customer, rather than copied from masters. Not only will
this bring crisper images but it will ensure that the very latest print versions are offered. The project is now virtually
complete with drawings for over 60 of our kits now derived from CAD solid models. We think you will really
appreciate the difference!

   For the items designed by Mr GH Thomas, we have decided that his 2 books provide all of the necessary
   details of his designs. Accordingly, these kits will arrive without loose drawings and instructions.
   If you haven’t yet bought these excellent books, you can order them from our catalogue.
What equipment do I need?
Our customer’s fall between owning a flat belted lathe from the 20’s to a full CNC workshop. We have attempted below
to show the base level of equipment required to complete our kits. As in all things, one finds that quality counts and he
with the most toys, wins!

Major Assets
For a majority of our kits, the necessary assets are limited to:
A centre lathe with at least 3 ½”cetre height (7” swing) and 13” between centres. A screw cutting train is essential for
some kits.
A drill press of at least ½” capacity (probably > ½ hp)
A vertical slide. Most of the designs were conceived in the days before low cost vertical milling machines and assume
you will work from a vertical slide, bolted to the cross slide. If you have a miller in your workshop, your progress will be
at a much faster pace. Indeed a few of the kits, such as the Large Boring Head and the Machin Screw Cutting Gearbox,
do require a miller. If you have managed to marry a doting heiress, tell her you’ll need, at the very least, 1 hp, 14” of X
travel and a bottom speed of 50 rpm!

Many, but not all of our kits are bias towards Myford Series 7 lathe owners. However a majority of the designs can be
readily adapted to suit other equipment including Southbend, Hardinge, Boxford and Far Eastern imports. If
you are contemplating adapting one of the designs, please write to us with your thoughts and questions. We are usually
happy to sell a set of drawings and instruction on the understanding that this cost will rebated against your ultimate
purchase of the relevant kit. Indeed, if your adaptation is for another popular lathe, we’d be delighted to find out what
was involved so that we can pass it on!

Other Workshop Basics
Whilst you will be creating some of the most valuable attachment in the world, there are still a number of standard
items that you will require to complete most kits. Leaving aside the 6” ruler, scriber and vice, you’ll probably need to

   External Micrometers and an Internal/External Vernier
   The best you can afford or find. You should be able to determine down to 0.00025” for dimensions under an inch
   and 0.001” above an inch.

   DTI & DGI with Stand(s)
   Again highest quality pays. Try for a Dial Gauge Indicator with at least ¼” of travel and resolution of 0.0005”. Go to
   town on a Dial Test Indicator; ours has a total travel of 0.009”and resolves to 0.00005”. Stands can be bought or
   made and, whilst they need a truly flat base, other features are not so critical. Our opinion only here but we find a
   magnetic stand with a solid post to be infinitely more believable than the ones with a flexible or “snake” shaft.

   Face Plate (7” min.), 3-Jaw (4” min.) and 4-Jaw (6” min.) Chucks
   Good old brands undoubtedly feel better but Polish and Czech ones are built and inspected just the same. Regularly
   check the run-out of your 3-jaw. If your 3-jaw is backplate mounted, consider our Adjustable Backplate kit.

   Surface Plate
   Perhaps not essential for every kit but sooner or later you’ll need a standard surface. If you have a flat bed lathe, you
   may get away with using it as a surface plate. Otherwise, a piece of plate glass or a second hand or imported iron
   table are equally good. 10” x 12” should do it.

   Taps, Dies, Reamers & Drills
   You’ll need taper taps for BA (8,6,4 & 2), BSF (1/4, 5/16 & 3/8), BSW (5/16 & 3/8) and an ME tap and die for
   ¼” x 40tpi. You’ll need split ring dies for the larger sizes only (2BA to 3/8” BSW). If you’re bias towards Metric
   and UNF/UNC, its fine to substitute these in place of the imperial ones. Buy Number drills or Metric equivalents
   to support all of you taps. If you can beg or steal a set of spiral reamers from 1/8” to ½” by 16ths, many of the fine
   boring exercises will disappear.
TOOL HOLDING & POSITIONING                                       Page
Small Hole Boring Tools                                            3
Between Centres Boring Bar                                         3
Speed Increaser                                                    3
Rear Tool Post                                                     4
Large Tool Post                                                    4
Gibraltar Tool Post                                                5
Hand Turning Rest                                                  5
Retracting Tool Holder                                             5
Gear & Retracting Top Slide Attachment - Myford Super 7            6
Swing & Retracting Tool Post                                       6
The Oxford Collet Chuck                                            7
Centre-Height Gauge                                                7
Small Precision Boring Head                                        8
Small Boring Head (Piston Type)                                    8
Large Boring Head (Piston Type)                                    8
Knurling Tool (Clamp Type)                                         9
Spherical Turning Tool                                             9
Tailstock Die Holder                                               9
Taper Turning Attachment Mk2                                      10
Quick Change Tool Holder                                          10
Keyway Slotting Attachment                                        11
Graduation Tool                                                   11
Spotting Tool                                                     11
Scribing Block                                                    12
Improved Topslide - Myford Super 7                                12
Versatile Dividing Head (VDH) & Accessory Kits                    13
VDH Milling Kit & Swivel Base                                     14
Headstock Dividing Attachment                                     14
Finger Plate                                                      15
Adjustable Back Plate                                             15
Travelling & Fixed Steadies for Myford Series 7                   15
Small Diameter Turning Tool                                       16
Cross Drilling Jig                                                16
Rotary Table                                                      16
Geared Rotary Table - 4”                                          17
Geared Rotary Table - 6”                                          17
Three Way Angle Plates                                            17
Long Angle Plate                                                  17
Swivelling Machine Vice                                           18
2½” Capacity Vice                                                 18
2 Jaw Independent Chuck                                           18
Centering Microscope                                              19
Machinist’s Hammer                                                19
Set-over Centre                                                   20
Universal Spring Winder                                           20
Bending Rolls                                                     21
Sheet Metal Folder                                                21
Tube Bender                                                       21
Worden Mk3 Tool & Cutter Grinder & Accessory Kits                 22
Universal Pillar Tool (UPT) & Accessory Kits                      23
UPT Sensitive Drilling Attachment                                 24
Spindle Driving Handle - Myford Lathe                             24
Saddle Clamp Handle Myford                                        25
Lead Screw Thrust Bearings - Myford Super 7                       25
Slow Speed Drive for Vertical Milling Machines                    25
Trent Pinion Mill                                                 26
Screw Cutting Gear Box - Myford Series 7                          27
Screw Cutting Gear Box - Myford ML10                              27
Poly V Belt Conversion - Myford Super 7                           28
The Model Engineer’s Workshop Manual                              29
Workshop Techniques                                               29
Standard Items:
Woodruff Cutter No. 505                                           30
Dovetail Cutter 60º x Ø1” on ؽ” “Clarkson” shank                 30
¼” x 40 tpi UK Manufactured Tap and Split Die (2 items)           30
Jacobs 0 Chuck Ø5/32” Capacity on 0JT Mount                       30
Jacobs 2A Chuck Ø3/8” Capacity on 2JT Mount                       30
½ Carat Diamond Wheel Dresser (Ø1/2” x 2” long shaft)             30
Fine Pitch Diamond Pattern Knurls (Pair)                          30
Fine Pitch Straight Pattern Knurls (Pair)                         30
Ø6” Abrasive Discs (80 grit) for HK 1308 10 pcs.                  30
Ø5mm Bond-a-band polyurethane belting (per foot)                  30
Ø7mm Bond-a-band polyurethane belting (per foot)                  30
Replacement Al-Ox Taper Cup Wheel for Worden Mk 3 Grinder         30
HSS Parting Blade 3/32” Wide x ½” Deep                            30
HSS Parting Blade 1/16” Wide x 5/16” Deep                         30
7/16” x 32 tpi Tap                                                30
5/16” Whitworth (BSW) Tap - Left Hand Thread                      30
Rotary Reversing Switch - 6 amp                                   30
Bond-a-Band Belting                                               30
      BOOKS &            MACHINE TOOLS          MANIPULATING         WORK HOLDING            TOOL HOLDING
   STANDARD ITEMS          & DRIVES                TOOLS             & POSITIONING           & POSITIONING

HK1010                                                         “Dore” Small Hole Boring Tools
                                                    Inherently centered from the topslide, these tools allow
                                                    boring to be started from just a 1/4" drilled hole. Tension,
                                                    induced by the pushrod, makes even the smallest tool
                                                    surprisingly rigid.
                                                    There are two boring bars of each size, 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8"
                                                    diameter. One bar for boring/facing the other for internal
                                                    screw cutting/recessing. Kit includes 3 iron casting for the
                                                    tool blocks, steel, fasteners, HSS drill blanks, long series
                                                    drill (needed to machine the boring bars) drawings and full
Whilst the castings and design have be developed for Myford 7 Series lathes, captive raising blocks or Quick-
Change geometry would make these tools suitable for virtually all lathes.

HK1020                                                 “Tidy” Between Centres Boring Bar
                                                    These three Boring Bars (1/2", 3/4" and 1" dia.) will meet
                                                    the needs of most small engineering workshops.
                                                    Each bar has a dedicated micrometer, which can be
                                                    accurately positioned over the end of the cutting tool to
                                                    allow precise measurement and advancement by 0.001”
                                                    increments. Supplied as a kit of easily machined parts
                                                    including FCMS bar, phosphor bronze micrometer
                                                    castings, steel for the carriers, HSS cutting tools, drawing
                                                    and instructions.

HK1690                                                                                Speed Increaser
                                                    The majority of milling machines available to small
                                                    workshop owners have a top spindle speed of less than
                                                    3,000 rpm. For most general milling purposes this is fine,
                                                    but if you use cutters with a diameter less than Ø2mm, this
                                                    top speed is simply not adequate.
                                                    These smaller cutters are stock-in-trade for the clock
                                                    maker and repairer for profiling, crossing out wheels and
                                                    engraving especially in brass. At best, running these small
                                                    cutters at low speeds will mean painfully slow feed rates.
                                                    At worst, an otherwise perfect job is spoiled by irregular
                                                    cutter performance.
                                                    The Speed Increaser, designed by Dick Stephen, is a
                                                    simple, oil filled epicyclic gear box, offering a 3X speed
                                                    increase. It can be quickly fitted to any machine tool
                                                    spindle to give an output speed of up to 9,000 rpm. Please
                                                    note that the design provides an output rotation
                                                    OPPOSITE to input rotation. Consequently, you will need
                                                    to be able to reverse your machine's spindle to use
                                                    conventional cutters. Order our reversing switch SP 1018
                                                    if required.
 SP 1018 6amp reversing switch for single           Along with 3D CAD drawings and instructions, the kit
 phase motors up to 1.5hp.                          comes complete with all necessary material including
 See Standard Product description                   steel, bronze, gears, miniature bearings and fasteners.

        & POSITIONING          & POSITIONING               TOOLS         & DRIVES      STANDARD ITEMS

    Rear Tool Post                                                                            HK1070

    Designed by Mr. G.H. Thomas and described in the M.E.
    March 1976.
    The virtues of parting-off from the rear of the cross-slide
    need hardly be mentioned. The casting (suitable for the
    Super 7 and ML7 lathes) bolts to the boring table and
    supports a steel turret holding two parting-off blades
    (1/16" and 3/32" wide), which only require grinding on the
    end to sharpen.
    The alternative “Riley” turret (pictured), accepts one
    parting-off blade (for max. Ø2” bar) and one standard
    lathe tool (max. ½” square) that can be precisely indexed
    in seconds. Very useful for chamfering, form tool work etc.
    A drawing is included for this variation.
    The kit includes casting, fasteners and springs, together
    with all steel required for both the GHT and Riley turrets.
    Seriously, if you haven't got a rear tool post buy one today;
    you will thank us!

    Larger Rear Tool Post                                                                      HK1071

    One of George Thomas' simplest and most elegant
    designs, the Rear Tool Post, with its indexing turret, has
    become a vital addition to all Myford lathes for the past 30
    years. And now, Hemingway is pleased to announce a new
    version, based on the work of both G H Thomas and E
    Suitable for lathes with up to 3 ½" between the cross slide
    and centre, the kit includes the main casting and all
    material to complete a substantial Rear Tool Post for your
    Boxford, South Bend, Atlas, Chester, Harrison, Myford
    254, Colchester, Warco, Grizzly…. plus many more. The
    Rear Tool Post is designed to engage with either a single T
    slot or a pair of tapped holes towards the rear of your cross
    slide. The turret is designed to accept a 3/32" wide x ½"
    deep parting blade and an additional inverted tool up to
    ½" square.

      BOOKS &             MACHINE TOOLS          MANIPULATING          WORK HOLDING             TOOL HOLDING
   STANDARD ITEMS           & DRIVES                TOOLS              & POSITIONING            & POSITIONING

HK1090                                                                               Gibraltar Tool Post
                                                      Designed by Tubal Cain, who spent a lifetime in the
                                                      engineering industry and was well known for his contribu-
                                                      tions to the Model Engineer.
                                                      This is a substantial, no-nonsense tool post fitting directly
                                                      onto the boring tables of the Myford Series 7 lathes, and is
                                                      very suitable for taking heavy cuts or when working with
                                                      an overhung tool. It can accept industrial HSS and
                                                      Carbide Insert tools up to ¾”, a feature that affords
                                                      additional rigidity and economy.
                                                      We supply one iron casting suitable for the above lathes,
                                                      plus the screws to complete the kit. A drawing and
                                                      working instructions are included.

HK1330                                                                               Hand Turning Rest
                                                      Designed by Mr. G.H. Thomas and described in the M.E.
                                                      February 1977.
                                                      It is often preferable to use a hand turning rest, if only to
                                                      finish a component. Thus the change from using the
                                                      compound slide to a hand rest should be quick and
                                                      efficient. In this design the one handle serves not only to
                                                      lock the casting to the Myford Series 7 lathe bed but also
                                                      to lock the tool rest. The complete rest can be fitted or
                                                      removed from the lathe in a matter of seconds.
                                                      Three castings are supplied, the lower or base casting in
                                                      LM 25 aluminium, so as not to mark the lathe bed, the
                                                      other two in cast iron. Fasteners, springs and all steel
  SP 1000 No. 505 Woodruff Cutter                     sections are included. All drawings and instructions for
                                                      construction and use are contained in Mr. Thomas’ book,
                                                      The Model Engineers Workshop Manual.

HK1250                                                                        Retracting Tool Holder
                                                      Designed by Mr. G.H. Thomas and described in the M.E.
                                                      November 1981.
                                                     This tool holder readily clamps onto a 4 tool turret or a
                                                     Q.C. tool holder. Although proportioned to suit a 3 1/2"
                                                     lathe, it performs perfectly well in much larger equipment.
                                                     The principal use is for external screw cutting. At the end
                                                     of the cut the little ball handle is flicked backwards,
                                                     whereupon the tool retracts clear of the thread. It is
                                                     unnecessary to wind back the feed handle of either the
                                                     cross or top-slides, thus the exact position of the tool is
                                                     never lost or forgotten. The feed screw of either the cross
                                                     or top-slides is only turned forwards. At the start of the
                                                     next cut the little ball handle is pushed forwards and the
                                                     tool is positively returned to its former position.
Our kit includes both ground and bright drawn steel sections, fasteners and spring. Full drawings and instruc-
tions are contained in Mr. Thomas’ book, The Model Engineers Workshop Manual. A 60 degree dovetail cutter
will be required to machine the dovetail slides.
  SP 1001 Dovetail Cutter 60º x 1”

        TOOL HOLDING            WORK HOLDING             MANIPULATING       MACHINE TOOLS             BOOKS &
        & POSITIONING           & POSITIONING               TOOLS             & DRIVES             STANDARD ITEMS

    Gear & Retracting Top Slide Attachment Myford Super 7                                                  HK1240
    Designed by G H Thomas as a modification to the Myford
    Super 7 Top Slide, a full kit for this prized attachment is
    now available for the first time since 1994! For those who
    haven't seen one in action this upgrade provides truly
    significant advantages in both productivity and accuracy.

    The small ball handle causes the complete Top Slide (with
    tool) to retract by around 5/32” (4mm). This greatly
    facilitates the cutting of both external and internal
    threads. It is also valuable for those final finishing cuts on
    both diameters and faces.

    A much larger micrometer (100 x 0.001” graduations) dial is used, which can be zeroed and positively locked. The
    dial and feed handle are connected to the feed screw by a pair of gears, which allows the feed handle to be moved
    upwards and outwards, thus reducing the tendency for the feed handle to foul the tailstock body or the cross slide
    handle. Other than for worm threads, a modified Super 7 will now rarely require back gear for precision screw

    The kit includes semi-finished blanks for the Left Hand Acme feed screw and nut (10 tpi only), the 2 necessary
    gears, and ALL required fasteners, springs and steel, brass, bronze and aluminium sections. In addition, the kit
    includes updated solid model CAD drawings and instruction notes; all you need to add is your time and capabili-

    Swing & Retracting Tool Post                                                                           HK1630
    Designed and patented by Kenneth Hart (aka "Martin
    Cleeves") in August 1970 and described in his definitive
    work, "Screw Cutting in the Lathe". This simple mechanism                    Engaged
    provides retraction for both external and internal thread
    cutting together with a unique 'swing' feature, allowing it
    to be flipped clear of the job for gauging those final
    internal cuts on a bore or thread.

    The Hemingway Kits design for this item is suitable for a
    number of lathes up to around 5" Centre Height and
    importantly, it can swing clear of the fairly tall 7/16" BSF                                    Retracted
    tool post of the Myford 7 range . To improve integrity, the
    swinging arm is milled from a steel block rather than
    fabricated. Extra work perhaps but the rigidity of the
    finished item fully justifies this approach.

    The kit includes all of the necessary bar materials and
    fasteners together with the solid model CAD drawing set
    and, for interest, a copy of Mr. Hart's original patent.
    Unfortunately construction notes are not yet available for                 Swung Clear
    this project but the work is quite straight forward.

      BOOKS &               MACHINE TOOLS         MANIPULATING           WORK HOLDING            TOOL HOLDING
   STANDARD ITEMS             & DRIVES               TOOLS               & POSITIONING           & POSITIONING

HK1680                                                           The Oxford Collet Chuck - ER20
                                                       Double cone collets have some very important features:
                                                           ! Clamping force relative to axial length is formidable!
                                                           Although they are not threaded like Auto-Lok collets,
                                                           analysis and experience lead us to state that, provided
                                                           at least 1" of a tool is engaged, your tool will snap long
                                                           before ER collets slip.

   ! Each ER collet holds a 1mm range of diameters. For example, a Ø6-7mm collet merrily holds Ø1/4"
   (Ø6.35mm) tools or material. Uniquely, the collets are also able to hold drills and cutters by their flutes; a
   practice not recommended by Jacobs or Albrecht for example!

   ! ER collets are self extracting; as you loosen the closing ring, an ejector mechanism pulls the collet clear. No
   blood, no sweat, no tears!

   ! Finally, ER collets are quite affordable.
The Oxford chuck has been very carefully designed for the small workshop. The ER20 format (DIN standard 6499)
encompasses Ø0.5mm to Ø13mm with 13 collets. A full set allows every drill, end mill, tap, arbor or work piece
from No.76 to Ø1/2" to be held firmly and concentrically in your spindle or tailstock.
With a 2MT shank, the chuck is manufactured from high tensile steel and is tapped 3/8" BSW for a draw bar. As
the Oxford chuck is hollow, drills (up to Ø8mm) held on their flutes can be accommodated with only a stub length
protruding, making the need for centre drilling obsolete.
Where daylight is limited, the Oxford chuck can really increase the scope of your equipment. The collet nose
stands out just 60mm (2 5/16") from the spindle compared with 87mm for a standard ½" drill chuck.
The Oxford chuck is equally adept at work holding and tool holding. Another not-so-obvious application is “work
support”. With the chuck mounted in your lathe's tailstock you can oil a collet and close it to lightly touch work
held in the headstock, giving close support to slender jobs without the fun of setting up your fixed steady.

HK 1680 - The Oxford Chuck including the chuck body, closing ring and C spanner.
QS 3000 - 13 Piece ER20 Collet Set. (Ø0.5mm - Ø13mm)
QS 3050 -     3 Piece ER20 Collet Set. (Ø6-7mm [Ø1/4"], Ø9-10mm [Ø3/8"], Ø12-13mm [Ø1/2"].
QS 3001 to QS 3013 - These 13 part numbers cover the separate ER20 collets from Ø0.5-1mm to Ø12-13mm.

HK1820                                                                            Centre-Height Gauge
                                                       Based on G H Thomas' elegant and simple design for
                                                       setting tools at centre height relative to lathe bed (upper
                                                       knife) or cross slide (lower knife). The post can be revolved
                                                       to the best position for setting most lathe tools including
                                                       boring bars and parting blades. This gauge is suitable for
                                                       lathes up to 6½” centre-height.

                                                       The kit includes drawings and construction notes together
                                                       with the iron base casting, bar material and ground,
                                                       hardenable flat stock for the knives

        TOOL HOLDING           WORK HOLDING             MANIPULATING         MACHINE TOOLS           BOOKS &
        & POSITIONING          & POSITIONING               TOOLS               & DRIVES           STANDARD ITEMS

    Small Precision Boring Head                                                              HK 1030 & HK 1031

    The Small Precision Boring Head, designed by Mr. G. H.
    Thomas, is without doubt a superb tool and judging by
    the many kits we sell, a very popular accessory. Suitable for
    bores up to approx. 2" diameter this tool can be run from
    either the lathe or miller. Machined entirely from steel,
    well balanced and suitable for high speed working. Feed
    screw - 40 t.p.i., fitted with a zero setting index.
    Our kit includes steel, fasteners, and the hardened and
    ground Morse Taper shank, threaded for a 3/8” BSW draw
    bar. Drawings and instructions are provided in Mr. Thomas’ book, The Model Engineers Workshop Manual.
      HK 1030 Small Precision Boring Head: MT2 Shank                HK 1031 Small Precision Boring Head: MT3 Shank
      SP 1003 ¼” x 40 tpi UK Manufactured Tap & Split Die ( 2 items)               SP 1001 Dovetail Cutter 60° x 1”

    Small Boring Head (Piston Type)                                                                       HK1040

    Dr J. Beddard considered miniaturising the late George
    Thomas' design, but in the interests of simplicity and
    economy it was decided to start from scratch. A new head
    was designed which offers several advantages; it is small,
    easy and cheap to construct, requiring no expensive
    dovetail cutter in the manufacture. Detachable shanks can
    be made to suit other machine tools. The standard 1/2"
    shank will fit the Quickstep Mill, a collet chuck, a 1/2" R8
    collet and a 1/2" end mill holder. It may even be threaded
    3/8"x20tpi if required, to fit a Clarkson Autolock Chuck.
    The design may also be enlarged or miniaturised to suit
    personal requirements.
    The head was designed to cope with small work, such as
    the boring of small holes, but its capacity ranges from
    holes of 3/16" diameter up to about one inch. The tool
    position is designed to accept either a 1/4" boring bar with
    an inserted cutter, or George Thomas's small boring tools,
    made from 1/4" diameter silver steel.

    Large Boring Head (Piston Type)                                                                       HK1050
    Designed by Dr J. Beddard. A substantial boring head that
    is capable of boring and facing up to 6" nominal diameter.
    Based on a robust, well balanced phosphor bronze
    casting, with piston slide adjustment and positive locking,
    this new boring head is ideal for use on the milling
    machine. Indeed a milling machine is required for its
    construction. The tool will also swing over the bed of
    Myford 3 1/2" centre lathes.
    This well presented kit includes the substantial Phosphor
    Bronze casting, together with other materials to com-

  STANDARD ITEMS          & DRIVES           TOOLS             & POSITIONING           & POSITIONING

HK1110                                            Knurling Tool - Nominal 2" Capacity
                                              No strains on the headstock bearings when in use, as the
                                              two knurls 'float' on the work. The two sturdy side cheeks
                                              steady the arms enormously when traversing along the
                                              work. Both straight and diamond pattern knurls are easily
                                              fitted. Suitable for virtually any lathe and for any compo-
                                              nent from a clock part to a supercharger blowback valve.
                                              The base kit includes steel, fasteners, spring, drawing and
                                              Fine pitch knurls are supplied separately, in pairs. Our HSS
                                              hobbed and hardened knurls, are of UK manufacture with
                                              honed bores.
                                                SP 1007 - Diamond pattern (0.029” pitch)
                                                SP 1008 - Straight pattern (0.025” pitch)

HK1160                                                                 Spherical Turning Tool
                                              Makes turning ball handles a genuine pleasure. This type
                                              of accessory was favoured by both Mr G. H. Thomas and
                                              Mr J. A. Radford. The current design is of “all steel”
                                              construction, with porous bronze bushes and thrust
                                              washers supporting a ground main shaft. This tool will cut
                                              radii, spheres and hollows from nothing to around Ø2".
                                              Suitable for use on lathes from 3" to 6" centre heights. Kit
                                              includes steel, bushes, fasteners, 1/4" dia. tool, drawing
                                              and instructions.
                                              This kit has recently been redrafted from a solid model
                                              assembly and includes details for the tool profile and
                                              machine set up. A very satisfying project and tool.

 SP 1001 Dovetail Cutter 60° x 1”               SP 1003 ¼" x 40 tpi UK Manufactured Tap & Split Die
                                                        ( 2 items)

HK 1120 & HK 1121                                                         Tailstock Die Holder
                                              An ingenious design from Mr. J. C. Payne, patent holder
                                              for the Quick-Step Mill.
                                              What is unusual here is that the Die Holder is prevented
                                              from rotating by an adjustable double cone clutch, similar
                                              in action to a car’s synchroniser. Moving the handle either
                                              side of its mid position causes the clutch to engage. Relax
                                              pressure on the handle and the Die Holder will again
                                              rotate and thus the die stops cutting. Very useful when
                                              screwing up to a shoulder. This tool will hold all common
                                              die diameters (1 5/16", 1", 13/16" and 5/8")

 HK 1121 Tailstock Die Holer: MT3 Shank         HK 1120 Tailstock Die Holer: MT2 Shank

         TOOL HOLDING            WORK HOLDING            MANIPULATING            MACHINE TOOLS              BOOKS &
         & POSITIONING           & POSITIONING              TOOLS                  & DRIVES              STANDARD ITEMS

     Taper Turning Attachment Mk2                                                                                 HK1320

     With a nominal 10" (250mm) working length, the Taper
     Turning Attachment Mk2 is conventional in so much as
     the design follows accepted practice. It does, however,
     have some design features which we believe have not
     been generally available. The attachment bolts to the rear
     of the lathe bed. Myford supply their 7 Series lathes with
     holes already drilled and tapped to accept such an
     accessory but adaptation of other beds may be practical.
     The slotted link is bolted to the rear of the cross-slide.
     Please note that this link does not stand proud of the
     cross-slide surface in any way, thus the whole of the
     boring table area is free for use at all times.

     Once the attachment has been fitted to the lathe, it is left permanently in situ, and the lathe can be made ready for
     taper turning in a very short space of time. All that is needed is to release the cross-slide feed screw, bring the top-
     slide into a suitable cutting position, clamp the slotted link to the guide bar using the ball handle and, apart from
     placing a suitable tool in the tool post, setting up is now complete.
     For general taper work the guide bar is easily adjusted by a fine pitch screw. Accurate tapers, as required for say
     Morse taper tooling, demand the exact position of the guide bar to be established. A revised precision setting
     micrometer, that enables quick, extremely accurate angular settings is detailed in the drawings.
     The kit includes LM 25 Aluminium castings for the main bracket and slotted link and a phosphor bronze casting
     for the slide. Steel parts, including precision ground flats are provided, together with fasteners, drawings and
     instructions. The accessory costs well under half that of a conventional, off-the-shelf product, not having the
     advantages of this new design.

     “Archibald” Quick Change Tool Holder                                                                        HK 1100

     Rigid design, suitable for modern carbide tipped tooling.
     Accepts tools up to 1/2" sq. Tools can be reground on the
     Worden while still in their holders. Rapid and repeatable
     tool height setting. Drawings show holders for plain
     turning, boring and parting off tools. Suits any lathe from
     an ML10 to 5" centre height.
     Compared to a conventional Quick Change unit,
     Archibald’s system provides:

       No “redundant” second tool position.                                 Tool holders can descend below the topslide
                                                                            surface, to accept taller insert tooling.
       Quicker tool changes, without the need for a wrench.
                                                                            Great economy, especially where many tool
       Repeatable indexing of the tool block on the top slide.
                                                                            holders are required.

     Kit of steel, fasteners, spring and handles to make the tool block and 8 tool holders.

      BOOKS &             MACHINE TOOLS         MANIPULATING           WORK HOLDING             TOOL HOLDING
   STANDARD ITEMS           & DRIVES               TOOLS               & POSITIONING            & POSITIONING

HK1230                                                              Keyway Slotting Attachment
                                                     Our latest design gives a more easily and quickly con-
                                                     structed accessory without loosing any rigidity. A sturdy
                                                     aluminium casting (doesn't mark your boring table) fitted
                                                     with substantial porous bronze bushes now accepts a
                                                     ground steel ram carrying the cutting tool. The casting is
                                                     fixed to the boring table using 2 bolts in a common tee
                                                     slot. Angular setting is by protractor, a sliding dowel
                                                     quickly returns the ram to the parallel position.
                                                    While the main casting is suitable for ML7 and Super 7
                                                    lathes, it is substantial enough to allow machining down
to suit ML10 lathes. The kit includes 2 aluminium castings, steel, bushes, tools, fasteners, drawings and full
 HK 1232 - For larger lathes, including the Myford 254, an aluminium raising block is offered to provide a
maximum height from base to ram centre of 3 3/8”.

HK1210                                                                                   Graduating Tool
                                                     For 'engraving' scales, indices etc. The cutting tool, held on
                                                     centre height in the ground steel ram, is easily stroked
                                                     backwards and forwards by the handle. Length of line is
                                                     controlled by a 3 position index drum (units, five's and
                                                     Engraving can be done either left to right or right to left on
                                                     work set at any angle.
                                                     This tool has been redesigned. Dovetail slides have been
                                                     replaced by a ground steel ram running in porous bronze
                                                     bushes. A direct acting handle gives a more rapid action
                                                     and much improved 'feel'. Kit includes steel, bearings,
                                                     fasteners, spring, HSS tool, drawing and instructions.

HK1220                                                                                    “Spotting” Tool
                                                     Perfect for accurately marking out work held in the lathe
                                                     chuck. Fit the Spotting Tool into your tool holder and bring
                                                     up to the work. Crank the handle while the centre drill
                                                     'spots' the work. Index the lathe mandrel and repeat.
                                                     Backplates, cylinder covers etc. accurately marked out
                                                     while still set up in the chuck. Suits any lathe from 3" centre
                                                     height upwards. Kit includes steel, porous bronze bushes,
                                                     needle thrust races, BS2 centre drill, drawing and instruc-

         & POSITIONING           & POSITIONING               TOOLS         & DRIVES      STANDARD ITEMS

     Scribing Block                                                                             HK1400

     Super design well suited to the model engineer. Range 0-
     2". Easy and accurate setting of the scriber. Kit includes
     steel, drawing and instructions. Slip one of these in with
     your order and banish your unwieldy 12” block to the top

     Improved Topslide - Myford Super 7                                                         HK1730

     Finally a kit to build J A Radford’s Improved Topslide for the
     Myford Super 7. A full kit has never been available for this
     design despite Radford’s assertion that:

     “…of all of the fixtures I have made for the Myford lathe,
     none has given me more satisfaction than this new
     topslide. The improvement in finish, accuracy and weight
     of cut that is possible has to be seen to be believed.”

     Radford’s criticism of the Myford item includes its poor
     level of support for the tool, the rigidity of its round base,
     together with the square tightening bolts that distort the
     gib strip setting and the difficulties of getting the tool to
     clear the tailstock when turning between centres.
     Our kit includes the 2 main castings and all other material,
     drawings and instruction to complete. The Improved
     Topslide makes use of the existing Myford feed screw,
     micrometer dial, handle and nut so progress in building
     the kit will be a lot faster than one might imagine.

       SP 1001 Dovetail Cutter 60º x Ø1”

      BOOKS &             MACHINE TOOLS           MANIPULATING           WORK HOLDING            TOOL HOLDING
   STANDARD ITEMS           & DRIVES                 TOOLS               & POSITIONING           & POSITIONING

HK150X                                                                         Versatile Dividing Head
                                                       Designed by Mr. G. H. Thomas and described in the M.E.
                                                       March 1979. All drawings and instructions are included
                                                       in Mr. Thomas’ book, Workshop Techniques.
                                                       Commercial dividing heads often find disfavour among
                                                       Model Engineers, because they do not always fulfill the
                                                       varied needs of the smaller workshops.
                                                       In this design, consideration has been given not only to
                                                       the wide range of possible uses of the Versatile Dividing
                                                       Head but also to the simplification of construction. In this
                                                       context it may be mentioned that this dividing head
                                                       generates its own division plates to a very high order of
                                                       The dimensions are such that all components are machin-
                                                       able on a lathe of minimum 3 ½” centre height, In use it
                                                       will be mounted principally on the cross slide or vertical
                                                       Simple Dividing is by means of a spring loaded plunger
                                                       engaging any of the 24 holes in the face of the main wheel.
                                                       Squares, hexagons, keyway cutting and tap fluting will
                                                       probably be done by this method. Conventional Dividing is
                                                       by means of the usual worm and division plate, which now
                                                       replaces the spring loaded plunger. Both this and the
                                                       plunger are mounted on a banjo which can be swung
                                                       around the main casting to the most convenient operating
                                                       position. The two division plates will allow most divisions
                                                       used, including angular spacing, to be obtained.

Prime numbers or indeed any possible division outside the range of the two plates are indexed by means of the
“Micro-Attachment” giving capabilities down to 1/100th of a degree! Thus a second worm and wheel are
attached under the division plate, allowing calculated manual rotation of the division plate, by means of the
calibrated knob at the end of the worm shaft. This rotation or correction is done at each step of the dividing.

  HK 1500 - The Full Kit, contains all material necessary to complete the Versatile Dividing Head, including 2 iron
  castings, 2 worms, 2 worm wheels, 3 division plate blanks, 33 fasteners, 3 springs, 2 stub drills and 20 different
  sections of FCMS, PGMS, Brass and Silver Steel Bar.
  HK 1501 - The Basic Kit, contains the material necessary to build the VDH to index solely from the 24 holes that
  are pre-drilled in the main wheel.
  HK 1502 – The Basic to Full Upgrade Kit, contains the additional material to convert the Basic VDH to the Full
  HK 1510 - 4” Diameter aluminium face plate casting for the VDH spindle is available to assist drilling the
  division plate blanks.
  HK 1505 - Essential items, castings (2), gears (2), worms (2), division plate blanks (3), springs and stub drills.
  This kit is more suitable for export, where the cost of shipping bar material can out-weigh the actual cost of the
  HK 1232 - For fitment to the cross slide of larger lathes, including the Myford 254, an aluminium raising block
  is offered to provide a maximum base to centre height of 3 3/8”.

         TOOL HOLDING           WORK HOLDING             MANIPULATING           MACHINE TOOLS             BOOKS &
         & POSITIONING          & POSITIONING               TOOLS                 & DRIVES             STANDARD ITEMS

     VDH Milling Kit and Swivel Base Kit                                                                HK1530/1540

       HK 1530 – The VDH Milling Kit
       This kit consists of 2 adaptor plates and and a large
       tailstock to bring the centre height up to 3 1/16”. This
       provides a robust system for the use of the Versatile
       Dividing Head on the milling machine. The adaptor
       plates are 5" wide by 4 1/2“ long and can be “tenonned”
       to the T slots of any milling table to ensure repeatable,
       parallel set-ups.

     The kit includes the adaptor plates and tailstock castings, together with all necessary fixing and steel sections. All
     drawings and instructions for construction and use are contained in Mr. Thomas’ book, Workshop Techniques.

       HK 1540 – The Swivel Base Kit
       With the Versatile Dividing Head mounted upon a Swivel Base, angular machining can readily be done i.e.
       making dovetail cutters, cutting bevel gears etc. Designed By Mr. L. Downs and described in the Model
       Engineer. Iron casting, all materials and drawing supplied.

     Headstock Dividing Attachment                                                                             HK149X

     Designed by Mr. G.H. Thomas to fit the Myford Series 7
     lathes and described in the M.E. during November 1979
     to April 1980. All drawings and instructions for construc-
     tion and use are contained in Mr. Thomas’ book,
     Workshop Techniques.
     The attachment uses the lathe mandrel "bull wheel" for
     indexing, for which we supply a suitable worm. Taking
     approximately one minute to fix to the lathe, this attach-
     ment has proved to be of great interest to both amateur
     and professional horologists for wheel cutting, graduat-
     ing and indexing work held in the lathe mandrel.
     We offer four kits:-
     Myford S7 or ML7-R lathes, ONLY:                                   Myford ML7 lathes, ONLY:
       HK 1490 – This Upgrade Kit requires the Micro                       HK 1495 – This Upgrade Kit requires the
       Attachment and Division Plate assembly from your                    Micro Attachment and Division Plate
       Versatile Dividing Head.                                            assembly from your Versatile Dividing Head.
       HK 1491 - This Full Kit includes the Micro Attachment               HK 1496 - This Full Kit includes the Micro
       and Division Plate parts.                                           Attachment and Division Plate parts.

     Upgrade Kits include the main worm, 3 castings, steel pieces, and fasteners. In addition, Full Kits include the micro
     worm & wheel, division plate blanks etc.

  STANDARD ITEMS     & DRIVES         TOOLS             & POSITIONING          & POSITIONING

HK1390                                                                         Finger Plate
                                       An extremely useful work-holding device that admirably
                                       suits the Sensitive Drill. The designer, Mr. E. Riley, has
                                       closely followed the design used by Mr. G.H. Thomas. The
                                       construction and fitting of the cross-drilling guide has,
                                       however, been simplified. Our kit includes a drawing and
                                       steel pieces.

HK117X                                                         Adjustable Back Plate
                                       Self-centering chucks rarely run 'spot on'. Commercial
                                       chucks do exist, which feature inbuilt adjustment to
                                       correct for radial run out. Our solution to the problem of
                                       run out is by means of an adjustable backplate, which uses
                                       your existing chuck backplate and an intermediate,
                                       movable steel disc, under the control of fine pitch screws.
                                       Not difficult to machine. Our Pratt Burnerd 5” chuck now
                                       repeats to within 2/10ths, making collet set-ups seldom

                                         HK 1170 - For Chucks up to 4” diameter.
                                         HK 1171 - For Chucks up to 5” diameter.

HK1140/50           Travelling and Fixed Steadies for Myford Series 7 Lathes
                                                     Our steadies include adjusting screws for
                                                     the pads, making for ease of adjustment.
                                                     The castings are in LM 25 alloy and we
                                                     include all required materials and drawings.
                                                     Successful adaptations of the fixed steady
                                                     for larger lathes (including Vee beds) have
                                                     been completed by some customers.

         TOOL HOLDING            WORK HOLDING            MANIPULATING            MACHINE TOOLS         BOOKS &
         & POSITIONING           & POSITIONING              TOOLS                  & DRIVES         STANDARD ITEMS

     Small Diameter Turning Tool                                                                            HK1560

     A simple casting bolts to Myford Series 7 saddle, allowing long turning of small diameter work. Drawings by
     Mr.D.Broadley M.B.E. The tool is essentially a traveling steady, designed to accept loose brass bushes, reamed in
     situ, for diameters up to 3/8”. The kit includes all necessary materials.

     “Tidy” Cross Drilling Jig                                                                              HK1410

     Precise cross drilling remains a hallmark of fine work. This
     versatile jig is simple to construct and offers many inherent
     advantages. It is intended to be machined directly on the
     topslide of a Myford Series 7 lathe, guaranteeing accurate
     location of the guide bush to the “V" groove. The "V"
     groove is produced by successive cuts with end mills of
     reducing diameter, to give a stepped "V". Shafts from 1/8"
     to 1" diameter can be securely accommodated.
     The jig can be used on the drill press or milling table of
     course, but use in the lathe allows angular cross drilling
     and makes an excellent work holder for milling keyways
     etc. A simple methodology is explained for simulta-
     neously drilling shafts and collars. We invite you to kiss goodbye to off-centre embarrassments.
     Offered as a kit consisting of an iron casting, steel, fasteners, drawing and instructions.

     Rotary Table                                                                                           HK1180

     Designed by Mr. G.H. Thomas and described in the M.E.
     March 1976.
     Most model engineers only require a Rotary Table to
     quickly and efficiently round the ends of coupling rods
     and similar components. Worm gearing is not required,
     being too slow in operation. Positive stops are, however,
     vital to prevent the cutter exceeding its intended limits.
     Consequently, this design offers a small compact Rotary
     Table of 3 3/4" diameter, having substantial bearings.
     Positive stops are provided to limit angular movement. The
     dimensions of the cast iron base enable easy mounting
     onto the lathe vertical-slide.
     Our kit includes the base casting, close grained extruded
     iron for the table, nut and pivot and all fasteners. Drawings and instructions are provided in Mr Thomas’ book The
     Model Engineers Workshop Manual.

      BOOKS &             MACHINE TOOLS          MANIPULATING           WORK HOLDING             TOOL HOLDING
   STANDARD ITEMS           & DRIVES                TOOLS               & POSITIONING            & POSITIONING

HK1190                                                                     Geared Rotary Table - 4"
                                                     Designed by Mr. E. Riley. In response to many requests we
                                                     are now able to offer a Rotary Table of the same basic
                                                     dimensions as the Thomas design but with the inclusion of
                                                     a worm gear.
                                                     The iron base measures 4" x 4", a good match for any
                                                     popular vertical slide. The worm assembly is retained in the
                                                     base by a single pad bolt, thus the 4” diameter table can
                                                     be readily taken out of gear when hand operation is
                                                     desired. Designed with easy construction in mind, the
                                                     Geared Rotary Table is equally at home on a lathe or a
                                                     milling machine. Our kit includes steel for the table and
                                                     base, gear, worm, fasteners, drawings and instructions.
The photograph shows the geared Rotary Table with the worm box removed and a 'Tommy Bar' fitted for hand

                                                                            Geared Rotary Table - 6"
                                                     Designed by Mr.M.Figes. Horizontal and Vertical mount-
                                                     ing. Machined entirely from bar stock and extruded close
                                                     grained iron on your lathe of at least 3 ½” centre height.
                                                     The 60:1 worm and wheel are supplied ready machined
                                                     and the kit includes needle thrust bearings to ensure
                                                     smooth progress under load.
                                                     With a shipping weight of 17kg (37 lbs), this RT will accept
                                                     considerable cutting forces but being just 2 3/8” tall, is an
                                                     ideal compliment to the smaller vertical miller.

                                                       SP 1000 No. 505 Woodruff Cutter (creates a T-Slot
                                                       to accept Myford accessories - suits all rotary tables))

                                                                             Three Way Angle Plates
                                                     Robust alloy castings, easily machined on the lathe or
                                                     miller. Design allows three faces to be used, normal angle
                                                     plates have only two. Note substantial wall thickness -
                                                     particularly suitable for jig work on the Universal Pillar
                                                     Tool, the vertical slide, the boring table or on the miller.

                                                                             "Dore" Long Angle Plate
                                                     Specially designed to suit your milling machine or to
Order Code      Width      Length    Height          extend the capacity of your cross slide. It provides for
                                                     mounting of long components such as connecting rods
  HK 1000       2 3/8 ”     3 ¼”          1 ¾”       for locos up to 5" gauge, for fluting operations and any
  HK 1001           3”        3”          2 ½”       other long pieces where well spaced support is desired.
  HK 1002           3”        4”          2 ½”       Both faces are without cast slots, this is deliberate, it is left
                                                     to the user to drill/tap suitable holes where necessary.
  HK 1003        2 ½”        12”          4 ½”       Supplied as an alloy casting.

         TOOL HOLDING           WORK HOLDING             MANIPULATING         MACHINE TOOLS             BOOKS &
         & POSITIONING          & POSITIONING               TOOLS               & DRIVES             STANDARD ITEMS

     "Tidy" Swivelling Machine Vice                                                                           HK1370

     Designed by Mr. C. Tidy, this vice is of particular value to
     owners of small milling and shaping machines. The vice
     stands just 2 3/8"high, winning at least an inch of precious
     “daylight” over commercial items of comparable rigidity.
     The jaws are 2 1/2“ wide, opening to 2“ and the sliding
     jaw is of box form to minimise distortion when clamping.
     Swivelling 360º, the vice can be accurately set to any
     angle. The base dimensions are 4 ½” by 6”, allowing a
     wide choice of tenon or locating positions.
     The Swivelling Machine Vice is offered as a set of three iron
     castings, along with all fasteners, steel, phosphor bronze,
     drawings and constructional notes by Mr. Tidy.

     2½" Capacity Vice                                                                                        HK1380

     HK 1380 - Completely fabricated from steel bar stock,
     dimensions are such as to make the very best use of your
     vertical slide. Bolt holes are provided along the centre line
     of the base for attachment to the vertical slide, drilling
     machine table or miller. Jaws are 1 ½” wide by ¾” deep,
     opening to 2 ½”. Our kit includes steel pieces, fasteners
     and drawing.

     2-Jaw Independent Chuck Ø5"                                                                              HK1650
     These chucks were once offered by both Pratt Burnerd and
     Alfred Herbert and were very popular in the world of pipe
     fittings, enabling awkward shapes to be held and the set-
     up repeated whenever required.
     Although the faceplate is a very flexible system for holding
     work to the lathe, setting a job square can be problematic.
     Consider the 2 Jaw. In essence, a faceplate with a highly
     versatile vice attached. Each jaw is adjusted independ-
     ently, allowing irregular or offset work to be accommo-
     dated securely. Unlike the 3 and 4-jaw chuck, any number
     of special jaw plates can be made from the suggested jig,
     to allow virtually any shape to be accepted. The designer
     even mentions melting polypropylene jaw plates around a
     complex boiler part!

     Whilst the drawings include details for a Myford Series 7 adaptor, this chuck can be adapted to suit any lathe
     above 2 1/2" centre height by turning a shallow register onto your faceplate or catchplate.
     The kit comes complete with all necessary materials for the chuck, adaptor, key and your first 2 sets of jaw plates.
     Mr. Figes' illustrated instructions come with superb drawings, projected from a 3D solid model CAD assembly,
     making them particularly straight forward to read and apply.
     You'll need taps for 7/16" x 32 tpi (or M12 "Fine") and, more unusually, a 5/16" BSW for a Left Hand threads. These
     are stocked under "Standard Items" if you need them.

      BOOKS &              MACHINE TOOLS           MANIPULATING           WORK HOLDING            TOOL HOLDING
   STANDARD ITEMS            & DRIVES                 TOOLS               & POSITIONING           & POSITIONING

HK171X                                                                            Centering Microscope
                                                        The Centering Microscope is used for precisely and
                                                        repeatably setting work on the milling machine, lathe or
                                                        drill. Through the eyepiece on the horizontal shaft you
                                                        will see an inverted image of your job magnified X20 at a
                                                        focal length of about 1 ½” from the lower objective lens.
                                                        The field of view of around Ø5mm is calibrated through a
                                                        high contrast, chrome on glass graticule pattern of
                                                        crosshairs and concentric circles which can be adjusted to
                                                        within 0.001”/0.03mm of the absolute centre of your
                                                        machine's spindle. A “sniper scope” for the workshop!
                                                        Mill and Drill - We all struggle to locate edges, centres,
                                                        contours, and layout lines to any real level of confidence.
                                                        The Centering Microscope allows you to place a drill or
                                                        milling cutter exactly where you intend, every time; no
                                                        need for a centre punch, a wiggler, Engineer's buttons or
                                                        cigarette papers!

Lathe - Setting work to run true on the faceplate can also be completed without fuss or doubt using the
Centering Microscope from the lathe's tailstock. Looking from either the tailstock or headstock you'll also find
that not only can you now confidently set your tools at centre height, you'll get a great view of a tool's tip condi-
tion and profile as well.
The kit comes with detailed construction notes, drawings projected from a 3D solid model and all necessary
material including eyepiece, objective lens, silvered prism, graticule, fasteners and aluminium bar and tube. The
kit is available with 3 different arbors to suit your equipment:
   HK 1712     ؽ” Ground arbour to suit collet or drill chuck.
   HK 1710     Morse Taper No2 arbor
   HK 1711     Morse Taper No3 arbor
Among its many other duties, Dr. Stephen has used his Centering Microscope to pick out the original centres of
worn holes in clock plates. With the plate precisely aligned, the original holes can be drilled oversize and bushed
down to bring pinions and wheels back to their correct mesh. Where would you start without a Centering

HK1720                                                                              Machinist's Hammer
                                                        Much under-rated as a workshop setting device. This
                                                        classic 14oz (400g) mallet boasts one bronze and one
                                                        aluminium pole that cannot mar a finished job and the Ø1”
                                                        head is perfectly balanced about the 10” tapered shaft.
                                                        One tap is enough to bring work down squarely in the vice
                                                        or move a loosely clamped job by a “gnat's” at a time on
                                                        lathe, drill or milling machine.
                                                        The tapered shaft is turned between offset centres and the
                                                        whole project takes less than a wet Sunday to complete.
                                                        The kit includes drawings, notes and all necessary material.
                                                        The perfect accompaniment to our Centering Microscope?

         TOOL HOLDING           WORK HOLDING             MANIPULATING       MACHINE TOOLS            BOOKS &
         & POSITIONING          & POSITIONING               TOOLS             & DRIVES            STANDARD ITEMS

     Set-over Centre                                                                                      HK176X

     The turning of tapers is one of the more important lathe
     processes undertaken in the workshop. For those who
     have much of this work to do on a repetitive basis, the
     expense of a taper turning attachment, such as
     Hemingway’s HK 1320, will be justified. In default, long
     tapers can be machined by setting over the tailstock and
     supporting the work on centres during the turning
     There is an understandable reluctance to disturb the
     tailstock setting once it has been set to turn work perfectly
     parallel. However, the tailstock itself need not be set-over
     if this adjustable centre is employed.

     The kit contains material, drawings and instructions including formulae for calculating the required off-set.

       HK 1760 Set-Over Centre: MT2 Arbor
       HK 1761 Set-Over Centre: MT3 Arbor

         TOOL HOLDING           WORK HOLDING             MANIPULATING       MACHINE TOOLS            BOOKS &
         & POSITIONING          & POSITIONING               TOOLS             & DRIVES            STANDARD ITEMS

     Universal Spring Winder                                                                               HK1970

     This remarkable tool was launched in the late 1940's by a
     Zurich based company called Vertechap AG of which our
     research reveals very little….
     Tension springs, compression springs or electrical coils of
     any length or inside diameter can be quickly and simply
     made from wire up to around Ø3/32” (2.5mm). The wire
     is fed through the handle to ensure safety and wire
     tension can be adjusted both before and, if required,
     during the actual operation. The distance between
     adjacent coils can be set on the integral dividing disc. The
     results are thoroughly impressive!
     The original design has been redrawn to our solid model
     CAD system and the kit includes all necessary bar stock
     (Aluminium, Steel and Nylon 66) a long series drill to
     complete the guide bole and a starter pack of around 20ft
     (6m) of music wire in 4 different gauges. Why put up with
     springs that are ‘sort-of' right?

  STANDARD ITEMS     & DRIVES         TOOLS             & POSITIONING          & POSITIONING

HK1340                                                                       Bending Rolls
                                       Designed by Mr. G.H. Thomas and described in M.E.
                                       October 1976. The design uses the "pinching roll" principle
                                       where the metal to be rolled is securely gripped between a
                                       pair of rollers of 1 1/8“ diameter and positively driven
                                       forward against an adjustable deflecting roller. Maximum
                                       width rolled is 10”.
                                       Our kit includes drawings, instructions, cast bronze
                                       bearing material, all steel and the 4 finished gears.

HK1360                                                              Sheet Metal Folder
                                       A simple design by Mr. D. Broadley M.B.E. and intended
                                       for making loco lubricator oil tanks, cab steps etc.
                                       Separate blades can be added of any width to allow
                                       folding of all 4 sides of a box. Oilite bushes ensure that
                                       blade and bed Vees meet accurately. Details are given fora
                                       simple press frame based on the use of a car jack and for
                                       alterations allowing the folder to be used for punching
                                       brass sheet up to around 16swg. Our kit includes all
                                       materials together with drawings and instructions.

HK1350                                                                        Tube Bender
                                       Make a neat job of bending copper pipe from 1/8” (3mm)
                                       to 5/16" (8mm) diameter. Machined from bar stock and
                                       ideal for loco work. Designed by Mr. M. Figes.

         TOOL HOLDING           WORK HOLDING            MANIPULATING           MACHINE TOOLS             BOOKS &
         & POSITIONING          & POSITIONING              TOOLS                 & DRIVES             STANDARD ITEMS

     The WORDEN Mk3 Tool and Cutter Grinder                                                                    HK1300
     Sharp tools with accurate geometry are, as every produc-
     tion engineer knows, the key to successful machining. To
     attain this in the small workshop means goodbye to free-
     hand grinding and welcome to jig ground tools. The
     Worden Mk3 will grind your lathe tools (up to ½" square
     shank) to pre-set angles with the absolute minimum of set
     up time and fuss. The cutting tips of both end mills and
     slot drill (up to Ø5/8" shank size) can also be sharpened
     using simple self indexing holders.
     The Worden Mk3 has been developed from G H Thomas'
     original designs, Mr. Norburn's long association with
     precision sheet metal presswork and fabrication and Mr.
     Hemingway's determination to provided customers with a
     simple, quickly built and easy to use machine. Using the
     speed and accuracy of CNC punching techniques, we
     provide all the major components pre-machined and
     welded at a most economic cost.
     The work required to complete this project is straight forward and easily accomplished. Many customers claim
     success in 3 weekends or less. The table assembly arrives engraved with 180 divisions; the base, motor plinth and
     wheel guard require no more than de-burring and painting. Wiring of the motor and reversing switch is shown in
     detail. The machining required can be completed on a lathe of at least 2" centre height and 13" between centres.
     A vertical slide would be more than sufficient to complete the one or two milled features.
     The full kit, HK 1300 provides everything you need to achieve repeatable lathe tool, end mill and slot drill regrinds
     to within ½° in all planes. Including: the pre-machined and welded parts, ground and free cutting steel sections,
     Ø4” Aluminium Oxide Cup Wheel, 6 amp Rotary Reversing Switch, Single Phase Motor (240v, 50Hz), glands,
     multi-core cable, fasteners, 3D drawings, wiring notes, illustrated constructional notes and user instructions.

     A growing number of jigs and attachments can be                HK 1310 - 4 Facet Drill Grinding Jig. Developed
     added to increase the versatility of this highly respected     originally by Frank Fallows but with some more
     kit:                                                           recent improvements by Jim Whetren.            This
                                                                    relatively simple jig utilizes both table and slide
     HK 1304 - Drawings and Construction Notes ONLY. Find           angles to achieve 4 facet grinding with a minimum
     out what's involved. We will be happy to discount the          of effort. Compared with conventional cone
     cost of this item against your Worden Mk3 order.               ground drills, 4 facetted drills require a marked
     HK 1306 - Slitting Saw Grinding Attachment. Fits the           reduction in drill pressure and a reduced tendency
     Tool Slide and allows the tips of the saw teeth to be          for even long drills to wander.
     sharpened.                                                     HK 1315 - Worden Mk3 Traverse Kit. Utilizing
     HK 1307 - Wood Worker’s Attachment. Chisels and                existing holes in the side plates, a feed screw and
     plane blades can be accurately ground by using this            hand crank are added to provide more control
     simple accessory                                               when traversing. The system is quickly engaged
     .                                                              when required and is a useful refinement for
     HK 1308 - 6" Abrasive Disc Attachment. Supplied as an          smaller cutters. It could also open up possibilities
     aluminium casting with a starter pack of 10 AlOx discs         for using the Mk 3 table's 7 ½" traversing capacity
     (80 Grit). Many, including George Thomas, find such a          to perform simple surface grinding of components.
     device indispensable for forming and shaping the profile
     of small items.
     HK 1309 - Diamond Wheel kit. This addition will allow
     you to grind tungsten carbide tools and inserts, leaving
     a highly polished surface. The kit includes a Ø100mm x
     3mm x 3mm diamond "ring", resin bonded onto an
     "Taper Cup" aluminium core. The wheel is supplied
     together with the material, fixings and drawing to make
     a dedicated hub. In this way it is possible to change
     quickly between Diamond and Aluminium Oxide wheels
     on the Worden Mk3 without the need to re-true. How
     do you true a diamond wheel; with a diamond dresser
     (see SP 1006 under Standard Products)!

      BOOKS &              MACHINE TOOLS           MANIPULATING           WORK HOLDING            TOOL HOLDING
   STANDARD ITEMS            & DRIVES                 TOOLS               & POSITIONING           & POSITIONING

HK126X                                                                               Universal Pillar Tool
                                                        The origin of this design lay in the desire to create a
                                                        versatile and useful tool, occupying little bench space and
                                                        being capable of easy construction using a 3 1/2" centre
                                                        lathe. When introduced some years ago as the Tapping
                                                        and Staking Tool, so varied were the uses of the tool, that
                                                        when the Sensitive Drill was added, a change of title to the
                                                        Universal Pillar Tool became essential! Please note that all
                                                        drawings and instructions for construction and use are
                                                        contained in Mr. Thomas’ book, Workshop Techniques.

                                                             HK 1260 – The Basic UPT Kit
                                                          The basic kit consists of four iron castings, namely the
                                                          Base, 2 Arms and the 6” diameter Table . The base is fixed
                                                          to a base board and supports the ground steel column .
                                                          This column carries the two arms, which are quite free to
                                                          slide up and down or rotate about it. The table will fit
                                                          either arm. When tapping a component the table is
                                                          located in the lower arm and supports the item to be
                                                          tapped. The upper arm then carries the tap holder. If
                                                          riveting is desired, then the lower arm carries the stake,
                                                          while the upper arm holds the dolly.
                                                          The Kit includes the castings, ground steel column and all
steel, brass and fasteners to complete the Universal Pillar Tool and most of its attachments.

  HK 1266 – The Rotatable Staking Kit
Staking can be done in a manner similar to riveting, but the Rotatable Stake will no doubt appeal to most users.
15 holes from 3/64” to 3/8” can be quickly indexed from a common PCD. This kit includes the iron casting, 2
blanks for the top plate and all other bar sections required. Ideally, the completed top plate should be hardened
then ground. Great results can be obtained with only simple equipment.

 SP 1005 - A 3/8" capacity Jacobs chuck is available to hold taps up to around a ½” thread.

  HK 1275 – Clock Bushing Attachment.
We are indebted to Mr James Batchelor for allowing us to make available this design. The lower arm of of the UPT
accepts a jig to hold the clock plate. After centring the appropriate hole in the clock plate, a Bergeon type reamer,
guided in the upper arm, corrects the worn hole. The reamer is then exchanged for a small press which pushes the
bush accurately into position. Kit includes materials for jig, press, reamer holder etc. drawings and instructions

         TOOL HOLDING           WORK HOLDING            MANIPULATING         MACHINE TOOLS            BOOKS &
         & POSITIONING          & POSITIONING              TOOLS               & DRIVES            STANDARD ITEMS

     Sensitive Drill Attachment For Universal Pillar Tool                                                   HK127X

     With the advent of very cheap Far Eastern drill presses, the
     new owners of Hemingway had naively contemplated
     dropping this attachment from its product range. Such a
     lot to learn! This attachment is prized by the small
     workshop owner perhaps more that any for its sensitivity
     in producing smaller holes (No.80 to around 5/32”).
     Larger pillar drills, with worm and wheel downfeed cannot
     begin to provide the feedback of the Sensitive Drill
     The picture shows a simple indexing attachment devel-
     oped by Dr. L.J. Taylor. All drawings and instructions for
     construction and use of the Sensitive Drill Attachment are
     contained in Mr. Thomas’ book, Workshop Techniques.

       HK 1270 - This is the full Sensitive Drill Kit, complete
       with the drill head casting and all bearings, spring,
       belting, steel and brass. It slips easily onto the column
       and can be driven by a 1,450 rpm. motor of minimum
       1/12 hp. Since many of us seem to have at least one
       suitable motor that has been sitting on a shelf for many
       years, Hemingway has decided not to supply these
       motors. We can suggest suppliers if necessary.

       SP 1004 - A 5/32" (4mm) Jacobs chuck is offered
       separately. The designer envisaged this to be the ideal
       chuck for the Sensitive Drilling Attachment.

       HK 1268 – The Alloy Foot Kit. An aluminium casting replaces the iron base, allowing the UPT, complete with
       Sensitive Drilling attachment to be rigidly mounted on either the cross slide or, more usefully, the lathe bed.
       Mounted on the bed between the headstock and cross slide, the Sensitive Drill can be powered by the
       headstock at a variety of speeds. Work placed on the cross slide can then be co-ordinate drilled (or spotted) to
       accuracies of 1/1000”. The kit includes the casting and other material to complete the foot and its anchorages.

     Spindle Driving Handle - Myford Lathes                                                                 HK1750

     Based on G H Thomas’ design, this driving handle can be
     engaged then disengaged in seconds. If you rely on
     pulling the chuck key or drive belt when cutting short or
     blind threads, removing chucks and collets or running
     small taps you’ll know how slow and frustrating this can
     be. Keep this tool handy and you'll be amazed how much
     use it gets.

      BOOKS &              MACHINE TOOLS           MANIPULATING            WORK HOLDING             TOOL HOLDING
   STANDARD ITEMS            & DRIVES                 TOOLS                & POSITIONING            & POSITIONING

HK1900                                                             Saddle Clamp Handle Myford
                                It is of course 'good practice' on all machine tools to lock all but the slide necessary
                                to achieve the cut.
                                You'll be surprised to see how much more frequently you adopt 'good practice'
                                when you haven't got to go looking for the right spanner to tighten Myford's
                                standard saddle clamp hex bolt.
                                Why live with this aggravation? In just 30 minutes you can replace Myford's bolt
                                with our industry-grade ratchet handle assembly. The handle can be parked in
                                20 separate positions so will never get in the way of the tailstock.
                                This kit includes the handle assembly and material to adapt it to Myford's ML10,
                                ML7 or Super 7 saddle. A single drawing with construction notes is provided.

HK1470                                     Leadscrew Thrust Bearings – Myford Super 7
                                                        Axial slip of the leadscrew is a common cause of thread
                                                        inaccuracies. A slight oscillation imparted to the screw will
                                                        cause a periodic error in pitch. Georg Schlesinger adopted
                                                        a pass-off criteria of half of one ten thousandth of an inch
                                                        of slip for the 1920’s German machine tool industry. To
                                                        adjust clearance in the right hand bearing of the Myford
                                                        Super 7 is a difficult balancing act, generally resulting in
                                                        excessive thrust loads.
                                                         This modification, carried out on the right hand bearing,
                                                         provides two precision needle thrust races to accept the
                                                         load when screw cutting. No modification is required to
the leadscrew and there are two additional benefits. The leadscrew hand wheel becomes more certain in its
action and its micrometer scale can now be zeroed. Simple drawing, instructions plus needle races, fastener, steel
and bronze to replace the existing bushes are all included.

HK1450                                                  Slow Speed Drive For Vertical Miller
                                                        Many imported vertical millers have a bottom speed of
                                                        around 160 r.p.m. - too high for the model engineer's
                                                        needs. By re-machining the existing pulleys and using a
                                                        Poly V-belt drive, a lower speed of approximately 50 rpm
                                                        can be attained without sacrificing the top speed range.
                                                        The modification was designed by G. F. Deane and Partner,
                                                        consultant engineers, who have a vast knowledge of this
                                                        type of drive.


  HK 1450 – Slow Speed Drive for imported vertical
  mill/drills with cylindrical columns. Kit includes drawings,
  notes and 2 Poly V-Belts.
  HK 1451 - Slow Speed Drive for Myford V.M.C. and similar
  types of machine. Kit includes drawings, notes and 2 Poly

         & POSITIONING          & POSITIONING              TOOLS         & DRIVES      STANDARD ITEMS

     Trent Pinion Mill                                                                        HK1610

     Accurate pinion cutting has always presented a problem
     to clockmakers without access to sophisticated machin-
     ery. Particularly for the craftsman who requires small
     numbers of perhaps widely differing sizes. Now, perhaps
     for the first time, a machine is available in kit form to
     overcome the problems of pinion cutting for the clock and
     instrument maker.
     Designed by the late Elliot Isaacs and now reviewed and
     developed by Alan Timmins, the Trent Pinion Mill includes
     substantial castings and dovetailed work slides to both
     ease manufacture and improve accuracy.        Basically a
     miniature milling machine, the Trent provides maximum
     rigidity both in cutter support and work holding. The
     pinion or small wheel being cut (up to Ø2") is held in
     collets or between centres and is indexed by a notched
     brass plate with provision for backlash adjustment.
     Pinions can be quickly and accurately cut in even the
     toughest materials, with or without coolant.
     The design accepts your cutters up to Ø35mm on a
     standard Ø7mm bore. Travel in the X, Y and Z planes are
     4", 3/8" and 2" respectively. The completed mill weighs
     8.5kg (19lbs) and stands 8" tall by 12" wide by 6" deep.

      HK 1610 - Trent Pinion Mill Full Kit
     The kit includes all necessary materials with the exception
     of the motor. Our packing list includes over 70 items
     including iron castings for the column, knee and head and
     tailstocks, 26 different sections of steel, iron, bronze and
     brass, threaded bar for the 2 feed screws, and Ø7mm
     polyurethane drive belting. The drawings are profession-
     ally compiled on 3D CAD, giving entirely scalable views
     and isometrics to help the builder understand the major
     features. Alan's build instructions are carefully thought
     through, with photos and explanations of the more vital
     set-ups and processes.

       HK 1614 - Trent Pinion Mill - Drawings and instructions
     The full set of 8 drawings and 16 pages of construction
     notes. We will be happy to discount the cost of this item
     against your Trent purchase.

      BOOKS &             MACHINE TOOLS          MANIPULATING          WORK HOLDING            TOOL HOLDING
   STANDARD ITEMS           & DRIVES                TOOLS              & POSITIONING           & POSITIONING

HK155X                                                      Gear Box - Myford Series 7 Lathes
                                                      Developed from the Algoa Screw Cutting Gear Box, but
                                                      using castings instead of the original fabricated structure.
                                                      The gearbox is suitable for the Myford 7 Series range and
                                                      provides a truly enormous saving over the commercial
                                                      Gears; make or buy? All of the 21 gears are designed as
                                                      Myford standard 20DP and all except a single 18t gear, can
                                                      be adapted from standard 20t – 75t change wheels.
                                                    However, Machin gives elegant instruction for making the
                                                    gear set from sawn blanks. The Versatile Dividing Head
                                                    with Milling Kit could make light work of this task.
The design retains Myford’s standard change wheel quadrant, allowing metric pitches to be cut in addition to the
significant range of imperial feeds.

    HK 1552 - Aluminium castings for the 4 jigs,        HK 1550 - 26 drawings and 38 instruction sheets
    necessary to line bore shaft locations from         including 52 process photos. The information provided
    the Myford boring table.                            by Machin is exhaustive, including a number of “recov-
                                                        ery steps” should things go wrong. Instruction are
    HK 1556 - Full Bearing set (13 items) for
                                                        included for photo-etching the 2 data plates. Order the
    Super 7 lathe.
                                                        plans first and you will be reassured that this is not one
    HK 1557 - Full Bearing set (14 items) for           of those epic projects. One experienced customer
    ML7 lathe.                                          completed the full internals in 2 weeks and then ordered
    HK 1559 - Single Finished Gear, 18t – 20DP.         castings and bearings!

    HK 1554 - 21 Sawn Gear Blanks.                      HK 1551 - LM 25 aluminium castings for the
                                                        gearbox and lid.

HK1558                                                                                   ML10 Gear Box

Using the same design parameters as the Machin Box, Mr. V Archibald has designed and constructed a fabricated
gear box for the ML10/Speed 10 lathes.
We can provide elegantly detailed drawings and instructions for this unique project but, unfortunately, no

         & POSITIONING          & POSITIONING               TOOLS         & DRIVES      STANDARD ITEMS

     HK1460                                                 Poly V Belt Conversion Myford Super 7
     In exchange for machining a new mandrel and
     countershaft pulley, you are rewarded with a very smooth
     drive, particularly at high speeds, with a belt that is a
     delight to slip across the pulley steps. The conversion suits
     all Super 7's from 1953 until 2002 when Myford them-
     selves changed to Poly-V's!

       HK 1460 - Drawings and instruction set are supplied
       with the necessary Poly V Belt.
       HK 1461 Iron sections required for the 2 pulleys.

  STANDARD ITEMS     & DRIVES         TOOLS             & POSITIONING          & POSITIONING

BK1000/1001                                                                            Books
                                   BK 1000 – The Model Engineers Workshop Manual - by
                                   George H Thomas
                                   Undoubtedly the 'bible` for both novice and experienced alike,
                                   containing over 300 pages on most aspects of machining. 28
                                   chapters cover a vast range of machining processes and the
                                   construction of a varied range of accessories, including full
                                   plans for the following Hemingway Kits:
                                   Rear Tool Post, Retracting Tool Holder, Geared and Retracting
                                   Topslide, Workshop Bending Rolls, Small Rotary Table, Small
                                   Precision Boring Head

                                   BK 1001 - Workshop Techniques - by George H Thomas
                                   More unique insight and wisdom, this book contains full plans
                                   and constructional notes for Mr. Thomas’ classic Universal
                                   Pillar Tool, Versatile Dividing Head and Headstock Dividing
                                   Attachment. These tools, together with a majority of the
                                   optional attachments, are covered in considerable depth. The
                                   book contains 300 pages

         TOOL HOLDING            WORK HOLDING             MANIPULATING         MACHINE TOOLS             BOOKS &
         & POSITIONING           & POSITIONING               TOOLS               & DRIVES             STANDARD ITEMS

     Standard Items
     SP 1000        Woodruff Cutter No. 505
     SP 1001        Dovetail Cutter 60º x Ø1” on ؽ” “Clarkson” shank
     SP 1003        ¼” x 40 tpi UK Manufactured Tap and Split Die (2 items)
     SP 1004        Jacobs 0 Chuck Ø5/32” Capacity on 0JT Mount
     SP 1005        Jacobs 2A Chuck Ø3/8” Capacity on 2JT Mount
     SP 1006        ½ Carat Diamond Wheel Dresser (Ø1/2” x 2” long shaft)
     SP 1007        Fine Pitch Diamond Pattern Knurls (Pair)
     SP 1008        Fine Pitch Straight Pattern Knurls (Pair)
     SP 1009        Ø6” Abrasive Discs (80 grit) for HK 1308 10 pcs.
     SP 1010        Ø5mm Bond-a-band polyurethane belting (per foot)
     SP 1011        Ø7mm Bond-a-band polyurethane belting (per foot)
     SP 1012        Replacement Al-Ox Taper Cup Wheel for Worden Mk 3 Grinder
     SP 1013        HSS Parting Blade 3/32” Wide x ½” Deep
     SP 1014        HSS Parting Blade 1/16” Wide x 5/16” Deep
     SP 1015        7/16” x 32 tpi Tap
     SP 1016        5/16” Whitworth (BSW) Tap - Left Hand Thread
     SP 1018        Rotary Reversing Switch - 6 amp. Suitable for reversing single phase
                    permanent capacitor induction motors of up to 6 amp load (around
                    1.5 hp @ 230 volts). Comes with easy to follow wiring diagram and
                    legend plate for Forward/Off/Reverse. The switch is designed to be
                    surface mounted on a panel or switch box and is wired between
                    your "No Volt Release Switch" and motor.

     Bond-a-Band Belting                                                                                SP 1010/1011

     Bond-a-Band is a polyurethane product having a high
     resistance to oils and chemicals generally. It affords a good
     grip, excellent wearing properties, low static pick up and
     maintains its flexibility at low temperatures. We include
     this belting in our Sensitive Drill kit and imagine that many
     other uses can be found in an experimental workshop.
     The belt is joined by welding. Cut off the belt to length,
     less 6% (e.g. if the belt run is 10" then cut 9.4"). Warm a
     thin, clean metal strip and touch the ends of the belt onto
     this (i.e. each end of the belt on either side of the metal
     strip). The correct temperature is 200 deg C.
     At this temperature the belt will soften to a 'tacky' consistency. Quickly push the two ends of the belt together and
     hold for a few moments until set. Too high a temperature will cause the belt to go into a liquid state, which will
     not produce a sound joint. Any flash around the joint should be trimmed away with a sharp knife. The joint will
     increase in strength over five days.
     We stock two sizes, which are priced per foot:-
       SP 1010 - 5mm (0.196") diameter                                   SP 1011 - 7mm (0.275") diameter.

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                                                                     Workshop Catalogue No. 130 - May 2006

Kit No.   Kit Description                                                   Price £     Weight    Page No.
                                                                          (Incl. VAT)    (kg)
HK1000    Angle Plate (2-3/8" x 3-1/4" x 1-3/4")                            10.10        0.5       17
HK1001    Angle Plate (3" x 3" x 2-1/2")                                    14.10        0.5       17
HK1002    Angle Plate (3" x 4" x 2-1/2")                                    19.10        0.5       17
HK1003    Long Angle Plate (12" x 4-1/2" x 2-1/2")                          45.70        2.0       17
HK1010    Small Hole Boring Tools                                           29.85        2.0        3
HK1020    Between Centre Boring Bars                                        52.35        5.1        3
HK1030    Small Precision Boring Head - MT2 Shank                           29.95        2.0        8
HK1031    Small Precision Boring Head - MT3 Shank                           31.95        2.0        8
HK1040    Small Boring Head (Piston Type)                                   22.45        1.0        8
HK1050    Large Boring Head (Piston Type)                                   54.25        5.0        8
HK1070    Rear Tool Post                                                    33.35        3.0        4
HK1071    Larger Rear Tool Post                                             44.10        4.0        4
HK1090    Gibraltar Tool Post                                               29.45        3.0        5
HK1100    Quick Change Tool Holder                                          47.75        5.0       10
HK1110    Knurling Tool - Full Kit (Without Knurls - See SP 1007 & 1008)    20.40        2.0        9
HK1120    Tailstock Die Holder - MT2 Shank                                  25.75        3.0        9
HK1121    Tailstock Die Holder - MT3 Shank                                  27.80        3.0        9
HK1140    Travelling Steady                                                 25.90        1.0       15
HK1150    Fixed Steady                                                      35.55        2.0       15
HK1160    Spherical Turning Tool                                            45.80        3.0        9
HK1170    Adjustable Back Plate (4")                                        12.35        2.0       15
HK1171    Adjustable Back Plate (5")                                        15.15        3.0       15
HK1180    Rotary Table                                                      40.95        4.0       16
HK1190    Geared Rotary Table                                               52.40        7.0       17
HK1200    6" Geared Rotary Table                                          115.10        17.0       17
HK1210    Graduating Tool                                                   25.60        3.0       11
HK1220    Spotting Tool                                                     38.15        2.0       11
HK1230    Keyway Slotting Attachment                                        74.25        5.0       11
HK1232    Keyway Slotting Attachment - Raising Block                        24.50        2.0       11
HK1240    Geared & Retracting Top Slide                                     98.35        2.5        6
HK1250    Retracting Tool Holder                                            26.95        2.0        5
HK1260    Universal Pillar Tool - Full Material Kit                         78.50       10.0       23
HK1261    Universal Pillar Tool - Iron Castings ONLY                        50.45        6.0       23
HK1266    Universal Pillar Tool - Rotary Stake Kit                          23.45        2.0       23
HK1268    Universal Pillar Tool - Alloy Foot                                30.40        1.0       24
HK1270    Universal Pillar Tool - Sensitive Drill Attachment                68.70        6.1       24
HK1275    Universal Pillar Tool - Clock Bushing Tool                        34.40        4.0       23
HK1276    UPT - Sensitive Drill, Alloy Foot & Rotatable Stake Castings      62.65        4.0       24
HK1300    Worden Mk3 Tool Grinder - Full Kit                              375.50        25.0       22
HK1304    Worden Mk3 Tool Grinder - Plans & Instructions ONLY               12.00        0.2       22
HK1306    Worden Mk3 Tool Grinder - Slitting Saw Attachment                 14.00        1.0       22
HK1307    Worden Mk3 Tool Grinder - Woodworker's Attachment                   8.80       1.0       22
HK1308    Worden Mk3 Tool Grinder - 6" Linisher Attachment (c/w 10 discs) 26.75          4.0       22
HK1309    Diamond Wheel Kit                                                 36.45        1.0       22
HK1310    Worden Mk3 Tool Grinder - Four Facet Drill Jig                    35.60        4.0       22
HK1315    Worden Mk3 Tool Grinder - Feed Screw Traverse Kit                 23.80        1.0       22
HK1320    Taper Turning Attachment                                        145.60         8.0       10
HK1330    Hand Turning Rest                                                 44.75        3.0        5
HK1340    Bending Rolls                                                     99.80       12.0       21
HK1350    Tube Bender                                                       22.60        4.0       21
HK1360    Sheet Metal Folder                                                28.70        1.0       21
HK1370    Swivelling Machine Vice                                           67.65        5.0       18
HK1380    2½" Capacity Vice                                                 12.50        2.0       18
HK1390    Finger Plate                                                      13.95        2.0       15
HK1400    Scribing Block                                                    10.20        2.0       12
HK1410    Cross Drilling Jig                                                23.15        2.0       16
HK1450    Slow Speed Drive Vertical Miller - Mini Mill/Drill                39.50        0.6       25
HK1451    Slow Speed Drive Vertical Miller - VMC Mill                       39.50        0.6       25
HK1460    Poly V Belt Conversion (Myford S7) - Drawings & Belt              23.50        0.2       28
HK1461    Poly V Belt Conversion (Myford S7) - Iron for Pulleys             39.00       10.5       28
HK1470    Leadscrew Thrust Bearing Kit                                      23.70        0.3       25

 PRICE LIST (cont)                                                     Workshop Catalogue No. 130 - May 2006

Kit No.   Kit Description                                                       Price £     Weight   Page No.
                                                                              (Incl. VAT)    (kg)
HK1490    Headstock Dividing Attachment - VDH Upgrade (S7 & ML7R)               53.90        4.0       14
HK1491    Headstock Dividing Attachment - Complete Kit (S7 & ML7R)            114.00         6.0       14
HK1495    Headstock Dividing Attachment - VDH Upgrade (ML7)                     54.25        4.0       14
HK1496    Headstock Dividing Attachment - Complete Kit (ML7)                  114.80         6.0       14
HK1500    Versatile Dividing Head - Full Kit                                  138.30        12.0       13
HK1501    Versatile Dividing Head - Basic Head                                  70.70        7.0       13
HK1502    Versatile Dividing Head - "Basic to Full" Upgrade Kit                 87.45        5.0       13
HK1505    Versatile Dividing Head - Essentials (Iron Castings & Gears ONLY)   126.80         5.0       13
HK1510    Versatile Dividing Head - Face Plate                                  10.55        0.5       13
HK1530    Versatile Dividing Head - Milling Kit                                 50.05        6.0       14
HK1540    Versatile Dividing Head - Swivel Base Kit                             38.55        4.0       14
HK1550    Series 7 Screw Cutting Gear Box - Drawings & Instructions             25.00        2.0       27
HK1551    Series 7 Screw Cutting Gear Box - Castings (2) for Gearbox          113.50         5.0       27
HK1552    Series 7 Screw Cutting Gear Box - Castings (4) for Jigs               46.15        4.0       27
HK1553    Series 7 Screw Cutting Gear Box - 18t x 20DP                          12.60        0.2       27
HK1554    Series 7 Screw Cutting Gear Box - 21 Sawn Gear Blanks                 35.60        5.2       27
HK1556    Series 7 Screw Cutting Gear Box - Super 7 Bearing Set                  POA         4.0       27
HK1557    Series 7 Screw Cutting Gear Box - ML 7 Bearing Set                     POA         4.0       27
HK1558    ML 10 Gear Box - Drawings & Instructions                              20.00        0.3       27
HK1560    Small Diameter Turning Tool                                           17.65        1.0       16
HK1610    Trent Pinion Mill - The Full Kit                                    154.40        10.5       26
HK1614    Trent Pinion Mill - Drawings & Instructions only                      15.00        0.3       26
HK1630    Swing & Retracting Tool Post                                          27.85        2.5        6
HK1650    2-Jaw Independent Chuck - Ø5”                                         32.15        6.0       18
HK1680    ER20 Collet Chuck - MT2 Shank                                         55.90        1.0        7
HK1681    ER20 Collet Chuck c/w 3 collets                                       96.95        1.5        7
HK1682    ER20 Collet Chuck c/w 12 Collets: Ø1-13mm                           219.00         3.0       57
HK1690    Speed Increaser                                                       81.50        4.2        3
HK 1710   Centering Microscope - MT2 Arbor                                      92.65        1.3       19
HK 1711   Centering Microscope - MT3 Arbor                                      93.20        1.3       19
HK 1712   Centering Microscope - ½” Parallel Arbor                              89.50        1.2       19
HK 1720   Machinist's Hammer                                                      6.95       0.8       19
HK 1730   Improved Topslide - Myford Super 7                                    71.00        6.5       12
HK 1750   Spindle Driving Handle - Myford                                       13.75        1.4       24
HK 1760   Set-Over Centre - MT2 Arbor                                           11.80        0.9       20
HK 1761   Set-Over Centre - MT3 Arbor                                           12.40        1.0       20
HK 1820   Centre-Height Gauge                                                   16.00        0.7        7
HK1900    Saddle Clamp Lever - Myford                                             8.85       0.2       25
HK1970    Universal Spring Winder                                               31.15        1.5       20

BK 1000   The Model Engineers Workshop Manual - GH Thomas                      23.95         0.7       29
BK 1001   Workshop Techniques - GH Thomas                                      26.95         0.7       29

Standard Items
SP 1000   Woodruffe Cutter No. 505                                              8.90         0.2       30
SP 1001   Dovetail Cutter - 60º x 1"                                           24.50         0.3       30
SP 1003   1/4" x 40 TPI - UK Manufactured Tap and Split Die                     7.80         0.3       30
SP 1004   Jacobs 0 Chuck - 5/32" Capacity 0JT Mount                            50.95         0.1       30
SP 1005   Jacobs 2A Chuck - 3/8" Capacity 2JT Mount                            38.95         0.4       30
SP 1006   1/2 Carat Diamond Wheel Dresser                                      16.25         0.2       30
SP 1007   Knurling Tool - Fine Pitch Diamond Pattern Knurls (pair)             15.60         0.2       30
SP 1008   Knurling Tool - Fine Pitch Straight Pattern Knurls (pair)            15.60         0.2       30
SP 1009   Worden Linisher Attachment -10 Abrasive Discs (80 grit AlOx)          6.15         0.1       30
SP 1010   Bond-a-Band Belting (5mm) - Per Foot                                  1.05         0.2       30
SP 1011   Bond-a-Band Belting (7mm) - Per Foot                                  2.00         0.2       30
SP 1012   Replacement Al-Ox Taper Cup Wheel for Worden Mk 3 Grinder            23.55         0.4       30
SP 1013   HSS Parting Blade - 3/32” Wide x ½” Deep                              9.45         0.1       30
SP 1014   HSS Parting Blade - 1/16” Wide x 5/16” Deep                           7.90         0.1       30
SP 1015   7/16” x 32 tpi Tap                                                    5.20         0.1       30
SP 1016   5/16” Whitworth (BSW) Tap - Left Hand Thread                          9.00         0.1       30
SP 1018   Rotary Reversing Switch - 6 amp                                      31.50         0.3       30
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