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									Say Your Own Vows - Personalized Wedding Vows

Your wedding is yours. And in today's society, people have been constantly going
through all the books in some way to make your wedding as personal and as
unique as possible. One way is to stir your own wedding vows.

Traditionally, married couples do not have any say in what happens in many of
the words spoken during the wedding ceremony. Today, it is becoming
increasingly easy to personalize and influence what is said during the ceremony -
within reasonable limits, however.

If you want to make your vows unique and personal, are not alone. Many other
couples incorporate feelings, and intimate messages into their wedding vows. Has
an added effect of making your wedding more exciting, dramatic and memorable.

Talk to your officiant ahead of time
If you want to customize their wedding vows, first notify your Officiant to find out
the legal issues, guidelines and standards in developing their own wedding vows.
He or she will usually give advice and examples to help develop their own vows.
Furthermore, the Officiant will inform the parties of the votes that are expected
to be said.

It may include promises, such as "I swear on my life to do ..." or may be sincere
messages to each other, or even hopes for each other plans for the future and
such. You can also choose to create a mixture of each to spice up their marriage
vows. Although the rules vary from one culture to another, as a rule, the wedding
vow should not take much time to pray. Keep it brief but significant. Remember,
you have to recite this, and long recitations tend to make the memory suffer.

Make it official
After creating a draft that wish to exchange vows, you are well advised to meet
with the officiant again and show him a draft of their votes. Although in the end,
ultimately, the decision below, please disregard the advice of the officiant, as is
usually good and has been refined by experience.

Facebook Practice
It's a good idea to practice your vows before the wedding. Although there is no
rule against reading vows, a thoroughly practiced, reproduction of Vote will
definitely have a lasting impact on your partner and witness the ceremony. As
mentioned earlier, avoid too long vows as they tend to be less remembered and
are harder to memorize, not to mention uncomfortable for others. You can,
however, if you feel the need is justified.

When reciting your vows during the wedding, always keep calm. People who are
tense tend to speak quickly, and since the wedding vow is a very important part
of the wedding, you should take your time in the spotlight. Loosen, so that if you
miss one or two lines in the exchange of vows, at least be able to recover some of
your heart. If you wish so, you can also keep a written version of the score with
you. You may want to read it, but surreptitiously.

Good luck on your wedding, and the sweet words to utter during the exchange of
vows never lose their meaning for the rest of his life!

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