Calculus Calculus Section 3 7 Optimization Definition If by nikeborome


Section 3-7 Optimization
   If something is made as small as possible
   it is called minimized

   If something is made as large as possible
   It is called maximized
Sometimes you want it to be both maximized and
   minimized all at the same time
I. Maximized
1. A box is to be made from a 10 by 16 sheet of
   metal by cutting squares out of the corners
   and folding up the sides. Find the dimensions
   of the box if the volume is to be maximized.
 1. Identify quantity to be maximized or minimized
 2. Draw and label the figure

 3. Primary equation

 4. Represent all quantities with one variable
 5. Find the max or the min

 6. Check to see if answer is reasonable
II. Minimized
2.   Find the x-value of the point of minimization
     of  Q  x2  y2    where x  y  20
   Page 223 # 2, 4-9, 11, 20,
     21, 23, and 24

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