Bosch Auction by nikeborome


									    PUBLIC AUCTION
                                         UPON INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS


                                                                                                       FEB 22ND / 07
                                                                                                         10:00 AM
                                                                                                             Preview & Inspection:
                                                                                                           Wed, Feb. 21 from 9am-4pm

                                                                                                       WOOSTER, OH
                                                                                                       1700 Old Mansfield Rd
CINCINNATI Milacron 350-20 Twin Grip Centerless Grinder


HARDINGE VMC600 Vertical Machining Center                                 MAZAK Mazatech FH-580-40 Horizontal Machining Center

                                                    21700 Northwestern Hwy.   In Conjunction With
                                                    Suite 1180
                                                    Southfield MI 48075
                                                                                                           UNABLE TO ATTEND? Bid from the comfort
 Industries (1991) Inc.                             Tel: (248) 569-9781
                                                                                                             of your office, in real time via the internet.
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HARDINGE VMC600 Vertical Machining Center           MAZAK Mazatech FH-580-40 Horiz Machining Center     STAMA MC320 Vertical Machining Center


WYSSBROD AGMC512 Machining Center                   STEINEL BZ24 Machining Center                       STAMA MC300 Vertical Machining Center

        CNC HORIZONTAL MACHINING CENTERS                                         • STAMA-FANUC Model MC-010 CNC Vertical Machining Center s/n KMM
 • MAZAK Model FH-580-40 CNC Horizontal Machining Center, s/n 136969, 1999,        0101245 (1988); Fanuc Series O-Mate CNC Control, 10 Position Automatic
   Travels x-28”, y-24”, z-26”, 30 ATC, 20”x20” Twin Pallets                       Tool Changer, 24”x16” Table, Fixture Head
 • STEINEL Model BZ24FFZ CNC Horizontal Machining Center s/n 68 (1990); • WYSSBROD Model AGMC512 CNC Vertical Machining Center s/n 251 (1995);
   Siemens Sinumerik CNC Control, Cat 40 Spindle, (9) 16”x16” Pallets, Automatic   Siemens Model Sinumerik CNC Control
   Tool Changer, Chip Conveyor
                                                                                                 CNC TURNING CENTERS
                                                                                • CINCINNATI Milacron Model AT CNC Turning Center s/n 5320C08-89-002
           CNC VERTICAL MACHINING CENTERS                                         (1989); Cincinnati Milacron Model Acramatic 850 CNC Control
 • HARDINGE Model VMC 600 CNC Vertical Machining Center s/n MM-330; Fanuc • TRAUB Model TNS42 CNC Turning Center s/n 377 (1983); Traub Mod. System
   Series 0-MD CNC Control, 14”x30” Table, 20 Position Automatic Tool Changer     TX-8 CNC Control, 12 Position Automatic Tool Changer with Bar Feeder
 • (2) STAMA Model MC-300 CNC Vertical Machining Centers s/n 300-1160
   (1988), 300-1126 (1986); 2-Station Fixture, Siemens Control, 12”x34” Pallet,                               CNC LATHE
   Fibro Indexing Head                                                          • BRIDGEPORT Romi Model EZ-PATH CNC Lathe s/n 002-078640-325 (1994);
 • STAMA Model MC-318 CNC Vertical Machining Center s/n 3180007 (1984);           Bridgeport CNC Control
   Fanuc CNC Control, Fibro Indexing Head
 • STAMA Model MC-320 CNC Vertical Machining Center s/n KMH-3201361                                         CNC CHUCKER
   (1989); Fanuc Model OM CNC Control; 12 Position Automatic Tool Changer, • CINCINNATI Milacron Model Cinturn 8C Series 1209 CNC Chucker s/n 5320008-
   Dual Pallets                                                                   89-035 (1989); Cincinnati Milacron Model Acramatic 850 CNC Control

STAMA-FANUC MC010 Drilling Machine BRIDGEPORT Romi EZ-PATH CNC Lathe                            TRAUB TNS42 CNC Turning Center

CINCINNATI 350-20 Centerless Grinder             CINCINNATI 340-20 Centerless Grinder             ELDORADO S18-1101 Gun Drill

                    AUTOMATIC CHUCKERS                                    • EXCELLO Tool And Cutter Grinder
 • WARNER AND SWASEY Model M-3900 Automatic Chucker s/n 1991037           • GIDDINGS AND LEWIS BICKFORD Model FR200 Tool And Cutter Grinder s/n
 • WARNER AND SWASEY Model 1AC Automatic Chucker s/n 2372037                946-0001775

                    OD CYLINDER GRINDER                                                               GRINDERS
 • WARNER AND SWASEY Model C-5 6”x18” OD Grinder s/n C-29096                  • BROWN AND SHARPE Model 618 Micromaster 6”x18” Surface Grinder s/n
 • LANDIS OD Grinder s/n 476-6 (1957)                                           1523-6181-5590
                                                                              • HEALD Model 22 Rotary Surface Grinder s/n 14637
                    CENTERLESS GRINDERS                                       • DOALL Model G1 6”x18” Surface Grinder s/n 61-51840
 • CINCINNATI Milacron Model 350-20 CNC Centerless Grinder s/n 9166A0/97- • BARBER COLEMAN Hobber Grinder s/n 6361
   0011 (1997); Cincinnati Milacron Model RK CNC Control, Grinding Wheel Size • CAWI SPIRAL Model KOD625E549 3 HP Disc Grinder
   20”Wx24” Diameter, Coolant, With Feedall Feeder                            • BELL BEARING Model 5473 ½hp Double End Grinder
 • CINCINNATI Milacron Model DE Twin Grip Centerless Grinder s/n 350520h78- • HYBCO Model 1100 Tap Grinder s/n 8087
   0086 (1978)                                                                • CINCINNATI Milacron 8” Double End Pedestal Grinder
 • CINCINNATI Milacron Model 340-20 Centerless Grinder                        • ASTRO II Tool & Cutter Grinder
                                                                              • G&L WINSLOMATIC HR Drill Sharpener
               TOOL AND CUTTER GRINDERS                                       • 10” Double End Grinder
 • CINCINNATI Model Monoset Tool And Cutter Grinder s/n 3152A0174-004         • 12” Double End Grinder
 • (2) DENVER Model Astro 2 Tool & Cutter Grinders s/n 796239, 796237
 • (3) CINCINNATI Model 2 Tool And Cutter Grinders s/n 1D2T15-126, 1D2T5L-                          UNIVERSAL GRINDER
   188, 1D2T15                                                                • NORTON 10”x20” Universal Grinder s/n P2592

ASTRO II Tool & Cutter   B&S 618 Surface         CINCINNATI Monoset       CINCINNATI Tool &       C&L FR200 Form           HYBCO 1100 Tap
Grinder                  Grinder                 Tool & Cutter Grinder    Cutter Sharpener        Grinder                  Grinder

NORTON 10X20 Universal Grinder                   WARNER & SWASEY C-5 OD Grinder                   HEALD Mod. 22 Rotary Knee Grinder
                               4                                        2
                          AVAILABLE                                AVAILABLE

RED RING GCU Gear Shavers                 LEES BRADNER Vertical Hobbers             STAR Vertical Hob Sharpener

                              GUN DRILLS                                                                  LAPPERS
 • ELDORADO TOOL Model F18-1101 Gun Drill s/n 1042                          • SPEED FAM Model 64 4- Ring Lapper s/n F-64baw-493
                                                                            • SPEED FAM Model 24 Lapper s/n F-24 BTAV-600
                          GEAR SHAVERS
 • (4) NATIONAL BROACH RED RING Model GCU Gear Shaver s/n GCU-3290,                           BROACHES
   1587, 2977, 2978 etc                                             • (2) ASTRO Model ABV-24-7-70 Vertical Hydraulic Broaches s/n 32363-165,
                                                                      25135-35, 24” Stroke
                         GEAR HOBBERS
 • (2) LEES BRADNER Model 4-1 4 Station Gear Hobbers s/n 7HD-904/907,                               SCREW MACHINE
   7HD-807/810 (1965); 117-252 RPM                                          • ACME GRIDLEY Model RB-8 8-Spindle 1¼” Screw Machine s/n AM-40472

                              GEAR SHAPER                                                         INDEXING MACHINE
 • FELLOWS Model 7A High Speed Gear Shaper s/n 28828                        • KINGSBURY 6-Station Dual Index Machine s/n BT-1277 (1977) With Toolsetter

               GEAR SHARPENERS/CUTTERS                                                            BORING MACHINES
 • (2) STAR CUTTER 16 Pitch Vertical Hob Sharpeners s/n 644543              • (2) EXCELLO Model Borematic Dual Head Boring Machines s/n 7420077,
 • BUEHLER Gear Cutter                                                        7420176


HYDROFLOW HSF-1500-3N Central Coolant System      Impregnation System                                 SURFTRAN Thermal Deburring and Washing System

STAR Vertical Hob Sharpener           FELLOWS 7A Gear Shaper                SPEED FAM 64 Lapping Machine           G&L WinsloMatic HR Drill Sharpener
BUEHLER Gear Cutter          INDEX 745 Vertical Mill        MARVEL 15A4 Horizontal Bandsaw                      WELLS Mod H Horizontal Band Saw


K&T 10HP-3CH Vertical Mill      SCOTCHMAN Chop Saw                 SOUTHBEND Deka Drills            DOALL Bandsaw                  DELTA Table Saw

                                   MILLS                                            • ALLEN 12” 4-Spindle Drill Press
 • INDEX Model 745 1 hp Variable Speed Vertical Milling Machine s/n 14829;          • AVEY 3-Spindle Drill Press s/n 19442
   9”x46” Table                                                                     • (3) ROCKWELL Single Spindle Drill Presses
 • KEARNEY AND TRECKER Model 10HP-3CH Vertical Milling Machine; 13”x60”             • (2) DELTA Series 17-600 Single Spindle Drill Presses s/n 1637089, 1710367
   Table                                                                            • (2) DELTA Model HRG-1228-18 8-Spindle Drill Presses s/n HRGC-2803-10-l-
 • CINCINNATI Model 2MI Horizontal Milling Machine s/n 2J2P1Z75; 10”x52” Table        74, HRGC-2536-10169
 • CINCINNATI Model 100RF Powermatic Keyway Mill s/n 11B11PIAHE-19                  • (2) CLEERMAN Model 1 Heavy Duty Drill Presses, 10” Throat
                                                                                    • LELAND GIFFORD 12” Drill Press
                                   SAWS                                             • (2) POWERMATIC Model 1200 Twin Spindle Drill Presses s/n 67-4487, 67-
 • MARVEL Model Series 15A4/M1/S1/S2 Horizontal Band Saw s/n F-151036                 4486 (1967)
 • WELLS Model 1000 Horizontal Band Saw                                             • DECKO Single Spindle Drill Press
 • DOALL Vertical Band Saw, 18” Throat                                              • EXCELLO Model 742 Twin Spindle Drill
 • WELLS Model H 9” Horizontal Band Saw s/n 6814
 • DELTA Table Saw                                                                                      CLEANING EQUIPMENT
 • EVERETT 10” Cut-off Saw                                                          • CUSTOM MANUFACTURE Electric Hot Water Tray Washer, s/n FW3072 (1994);
 • DELTA Vertical Band Saw s/n 60-4894                                                45” Wide Opening, 190 Degrees Maximum Temperature
 • SCOTCHMAN Chop Saw                                                               • SURFTRAN 7 Station Electric Acid Cleaning Station; 24”x12”x9” Baskets
 • BUEHLER Model Abrasimet 2 Abrasive Cutter                                        • (5) MAGNUS Parts Washers
                                                                                    • GREY MILLS Parts Washer
                                  DRILLS                                            • SURFTRAN Thermal Deburring and Washing System
 • (5) SOUTHBEND Deka Model HRG-1222-18 5- Spindle Drill Presses s/n HRGC-
   27610J-78,HRGC-260010J-70, HRGC-272210J-73, HRGC-262610E-71,                                        HONE
   HRGC302810E-79                                                          • SUNNEN Model MBB-1600 MS Hone s/n 41066

BUEHLER Abrasimet 2             EXCELLO 742 Twin Spindle           RIDGID 535 Pipe Threader
Abrasive Cutter                 Drill

                                      UNABLE TO ATTEND?
                              Bid from the comfort of your office, in real time via the internet.
                                         To register visit:                      WELLS 1000 Horizontal          RAMPE Tumbler

                                                             B&S Validator CMM              WILSON 2000 Hardness Tester      ST-30 Optical Comparator

G&L Cordax RS-5 CMM

                                                                                                                             SOCIETE Centering Machine


MILLER Dialarc 250 Welder     LARSON Strength Test Machine   MITUTOYO TM Microscope         BRINELL KOR-10 Hardness Tester   SWECO Vibratory Bowls

         IMPREGNATION LINE                         • (3) ST Model 30 Optical Comparators              • HYSTER Model 30A Electric 3000 lb. Forklift Truck
 • CUSTOM MANUFACTURE 6 Station Impregnation       • BRINELL Model KOR-10 Hardness Tester               s/n A108D01504U, 3 Stage Mask, 192” Lift Height
   Line; 30”x54” Maximum Tray, PLC Control         • LARSON Strength Test Machine                     • YALE 3700 lb. Electric Forklift Truck
 • CUSTOM MANUFACTURE 5 Station Impregnation       • MICRO- VU Table Type Comparator
                                                                                                      • YALE Model NR045AANL36SE095 4500 lb.
   Line, 100 PSIG Maximum Vacuum, -20 to 250°F
                                                                                                        Electric Standup Forklift Truck, s/n N498384
                                                                TURRET DRILL
           INDUCTION HEAT                          • BURGMASTER Model 25AH 6-Station Turret Drill     • GNB Model SCR 100 Battery Charger
 • CINCINNATI Milacron Induction Heat System s/n     s/n 250480                                       • YALE Model ERP030TFN36SE078 3000 lb.
   58-300F210-2 (1958)                                                                                  Electric Forklift Truck, s/n B807N0208U, 177” Lift
                                                                   WELDERS                              Height
             CURING BOOTH                      • LINCOLN Model DC 250 250 Amp Arc Welder s/n          • YALE Model ERP040TGN36TE078 3700 Lb
 • JRC CUSTOM MANUFACTURE Infrared Curing        A-381225                                               Electric Forklift Truck
   Oven Booth                                  • HOBART Model Microwave 200 Amp Arc Welder            • POWER BOSS Electric Floor Scrubber
                                                 s/n AW-10254
                                                                                                      • CATERPILLAR Model T80C LP Gas 8000 lb.
      INSPECTION EQUIPMENT                     • MILLER Model Dialarc 250 Amp Arc Welder s/n
                                                                                                        Forklift Truck s/n 412731
 • BROWN AND SHARPE Modal Validator Coordinate   LC021895
   Measuring Machine s/n 00-8-00-4134 (2000)                                                          • LIFT A LOFT Model SPN20-715 500 lb. Scissor
   24”x36” Granite                                      MOBILE EQUIPMENT                                Lift s/n SPN2277
 • G&L CORDAX Model RS-5 CMM                   • CLARKE Model ENC Electric Floor Scrubber             • MULTITON Electric Pallet Jack
 • WILSON Model 2000 Hardness Tester           • CLARKE Model 6200 Electric Riding Floor Scrubber     • GENIE Portable Man Lift

OTC Roll-Bend Shop Press    SUNNEN MBB-1600-MS Hone PECK SNOW & WILCOX Mod 3002 Leaf Brake               NIAGARA Mod IR6 Shear
HANEL Retreival System       GRIEVE Oven                   GENIE Manlift                MULTITON Pallet Jack         RAPISTON DEMAG Storage Retrievel System

CAT T80C Forktruck                      YALE Forktrucks                         (2) GNB Battery Chargers                POWERBOSS Floor Scrubber

   MISCELLANEOUS EQUIPMENT                             • BESLY Model 205 Belt And Disc Sander With Dust    • Manual Dip Tank Leak Tester
 • SUFTRAN Gas Thermo Deburring Unit s/n 8-087           Collector                                         • TESTEK Model 11417 Piston Pump Test Stand s/n
 • HYDROFLOW Model HSF-1500-3N Central Coolant         • DAKE Model 1 Arbor Press                            2236 (1994)
   System, 18,500 Gallon Tank Capacity, 5,000 Gallon   • RIGID Model 535 Pipe Threader s/n 359451          • CUSTOM MANUFACTURE Gear Pump Test Stand
   Clean Reserve Tank                                  • Misc. Jib Cranes And Hoist
 • OTC 200 Ton Roll-Bend Shop Press                    • FAIRBANK 6250 lb. In Ground Digital Scale s/n                       ROBOTS
 • NIAGARA Model IR6 Shear, 6’ Capacity                  G808016                                           • (4) SANKYO Model SR8437-F90 5 Axis Robot s/n
 • PECK SNOW & WILCOX Model 3002 Finger Brake          • (2) IDEAL Box Stitchers                             A00020807, A00020808, B00020506, N/A
 • ZAGAR Custom Built Horizontal Dual Spindle          • SEALIST Skin Package Machine
   Machine                                             • GRIEVE Oven                                             PALLET STORAGE UNIT
 • STANDARD Model T-S2CG Speed Lathe s/n 51516         • Coolant and Sump Pump                             • RAPISTAN Demag 528 Maximum Pallet Pick And
 • SUPFINA Model Type SM680J Polisher s/n D43          • ROBBIN & MYERS Overhead Bridge Crane, 5 Ton         Place Storage Units; 200 Lb Capacity
 • BALDOR ½hp Buffing Station                            Capacity                                          • HANEL Storage Retrieval System
 • G&L Model Winslomatic HR Drill Point Sharpener
   s/n 947-00298-91                                               TEST EQUIPMENT                                          MATERIALS
 • BUEHLER Model Abrasimet 2 Abrasive Cutter           • CUSTOM MANUFACTURE Computerized Valve Test • QTY. OF MATERIALS INCL: (30+) VIDMAR
 • ATLAS Model 3 Arbor Press                             Stand                                        Cabinets, Plastic Totes, Steel, Inspection Items Incl.
 • RAMPE 23” Wide x 28” Deep Deburring/Tumbler         • CUSTOM MANUFACTURE Manual Valve Test Stand   Calipers, Micrometers, Gauge Sets, Pin Blocks,
 • (2) SWECO 48” Vibratory/Deburring Bowls             • (2) MAGNUS Air Leak Testers                  Spare Mechanical, Electrical & Hydraulic Parts, etc.


Coolant & Sump Unit                     MAGNUS Cleaning Unit                    Plastic Totes

                                                                30                                                      SANKYO Robots

Stock Steel                             VIDMAR Cabinets                         Quantity of Parts                       ROBBIN & MYERS Overhead Crane
                                          UPON INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS

 THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 22ND 2007 @ 10:00 AM
                                                                           Maynards Industries (1991) Inc.
                                                                            250 H Street
                                                                            PMB 207
                                                                            Blaine WA 98230

    1700 Old Mansfield Rd
         Wooster OH
     Preview & Inspection: Wed, Feb. 21 from 9am-4pm

       Auctioneer: Taso Sofikitis, License #200100885

    1999                                             1997

MAZAK FH-580-40 Horizontal Machining Center     CINCINNATI Milacron 350-20 Twin Grip Centerless Grinder          HARDINGE VMC600 Vertical Machining Center

   • 10% ON-SITE •                             204 (OH-83, Wooster, Lodi) on right;
                                                                                        YOUR BANK GUARANTEEING AMOUNT OF CHECK FOR DEPOSIT AND/OR PAYMENT IN FULL. NO PERSONAL
                                                                                        CHECKS. FULL PAYMENT MUST BE MADE BEFORE REMOVAL OF PURCHASE. REMOVAL: LAST DAY OF
   • 13% ON-LINE •                             Turn left onto OH-83 (Avon Lake Rd);     REMOVAL IS FRIDAY, MARCH 9, 2007 BY 5:00 PM, AND AS FURTHER DEFINED IN THE SALE CATALOGUE.
                                               Turn sharply right onto W Milltown       EVERYTHING IS SOLD “AS IS, WHERE IS”. ALL SALES FINAL. COST AND RESPONSIBILITY FOR REMOVAL OF
                                                                                        PURCHASE REMAINS WITH THE PURCHASER. EVERY EFFORT WILL BE MADE TO FACILITATE REMOVAL.
                                               Rd; Turn left onto Oak Hill Rd; Turn     WHILE QUANTITIES AND DESCRIPTIONS ARE BELIEVED TO BE ACCURATE, THE AUCTIONEER, OWNERS OR
                                               right onto W Bowman St; Continue         COUNSEL MAKE NO WARRANTIES OR GUARANTEES EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED AS TO AUTHENTICITY,
                                               onto Old Mansfield Rd (Township          GENUINENESS OF, OR DEFECTS IN ANY LOT AND WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ADVERTISING
                                                                                        DISCREPANCIES OR INACCURACIES. NO WARRANTIES WHATSOEVER ARE MADE AS TO CONDITION,
                                               Highway 46); Arrive at sale site.        MERCHANTIBILITY OR FITNESS FOR USE OF ANY ITEM. MAY WE SUGGEST YOU TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF
                                               Approx. 1 hr/60 miles                    THE PREVIEW AND INSPECTION PERIOD. SALE SUBJECT TO ADDITIONS, DELETIONS AND PRIOR SALE.

                                                  21700 Northwestern Hwy.             In Conjunction With
                                                  Suite 1180
                                                  Southfield MI 48075
                                                                                                                              UNABLE TO ATTEND? Bid from the comfort
 Industries (1991) Inc.                           Tel: (248) 569-9781       
                                                                                                                                of your office, in real time via the internet.
 Auctions • Liquidations • Appraisals             Fax: (248) 569-9793                                To register visit:

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