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					Acne treatment

Essentials what acne treatment

small prescription acne treatment

Sydney celery juice: 100 grams of celery, tomato one, Sydney, 150 grams, half
a lemon. Wash net after mixing with the juice in a blender, drink, daily 1.
efficacy heat, soothing. co-adjuvant treatment for acne.

(2) Red radish celery juice: red radish (Medium size) a, 150 grams of celery,
onion, washed and stirred into the mix juice machine juice, drink, daily 1.
heat addition to drugs, and remove fire. can assist prevention and treatment
of acne.

( 3) loquat leaf extract: The fresh loquat leaf (washed to the hair) 1000
grams, add water 8000 ml, poured boiling over 3 hours to the residue, and then
condensed into a paste, blended with honey and the number of suitable mixing,
storage stand. each eat 10 grams to 15 grams, 2 times daily. Efficacy clear
solution Hyperactivity, Huatanzhike. co for acne, rosacea and so on. Jishi
medication during the spicy food and alcohol are very irritating.Coix porridge

⑷ agar: agar, kelp, sweet almond 9 grams, 30 grams of Coix. the agar, kelp,
sweet almond appropriate amount of boiling water, debris juice, then cook with
Coix Seed porridge eaten daily 1, 3 weeks for a course of treatment. effects
blood circulation, anti-inflammatory soft-firm, the type used in acne.

⑸ hawthorn, peach kernel gruel: hawthorn, peach kernel 9 grams, half lotus
leaf sheets, rice 60 grams. Shamisen soup before the first to slag into Zhu
Chengyu japonica. day by day one, once every 30 days. co sputum sediment
consolidation are due for acne.

(6) kelp mung bean soup: kelp, 15 grams of green beans, sweet almond 9 grams,
6 grams of roses, brown sugar amount. the roses with a cloth, and after the
drug cook, to roses, add brown sugar consumption. daily 1 qd for 30 days.
together for the prevention and treatment of acne.

(7) vinegar, ginger papaya: 100 ml mature vinegar, papaya and 60 grams, 9
grams of ginger. will be a total of 3 flavor into the casserole in the
decoction, to be Cuzhu dry When pulled out papaya, ginger eat. daily one,
sooner or later, after eating 2. for 7 days. For the love hate acne caused by
phlegm and effective temperature.
(8) anti-inflammatory porridge wolfberry: Wolfberry sub-30 grams, pigeon meat,
100 grams of rice each, thin salt, MSG, the number of suitable nasal spray oil.
washed pigeon meat, chopped meat on them. Wash medlar and japonica rice, into
the casserole, add the pigeon 肉泥 and quantity suitable for water, simmer
slow fire congee porridge into Xi Yan added, MSG, nasal spray oil, mix well.
daily 1, 2 times for human consumption, 5 to 8 for a course of treatment. with
care drugs row of evil, Yin emollients, eliminate the effectiveness carbuncle
swollen back. together for skin infections, acne who face Health.

(9) double-Ren Coix seaweed soup: 15 grams of Coix seed, wolfberry, 15 grams
of walnuts , kelp, sweet almond 10 grams, 20 grams of green beans, 50 grams of
rice. the peach kernel, sweet almond with gauze wrap, decoction juice, adding
Coix seed, kelp at the end, wolfberry fruit, rice porridge to eat with. 2
times daily . with heat addition to drugs, clear fire anti-inflammatory, blood
circulation, nourishing yin and soothing effect. together for the prevention
and treatment of acne.

⑽ fruit and vegetable bean drink: Take cabbage, celery, balsam pear,
persimmon pepper, lemon, apples, green beans of the appropriate number. first
green beans and cook for 30 minutes, filter the juice; the cabbage, celery,
balsam pear, persimmon pepper, washed and cut apple or block leave, stir juice,
transferred to green bean juice, lemon drops , honey flavored drink. 1 or 2
times daily. there is heat addition to drugs, prevention and treatment of acne

(11) anti-acne fruit and vegetable juice: take bitter gourd, cucumber, celery,
pear, orange, pineapple all appropriate number. the bitter gourd seed,
pineapple, peeled, diced; the cucumber, celery, pear, orange and bitter melon,
pineapple juice, with stirring, transferred to honey Beverage Service. 1 or 2
times daily. with heat addition to drugs, to kill bacteria effect. together
for the prevention and treatment of acne.

⑿ anti-acne Yiyiren mung bean soup: bean, Coix seed 25 grams, 10 grams of
Hawthorn, wash, add 500 grams of water, soak 30 minutes after the boil,
Rolling a few minutes after the cease-fire should not throw cover, simmer 15
minutes, when the tea. 3 to 5 times daily, combined for oily skin, acne and
the prevention of youth pimple effect

treatment of acne The essentials:

essentials I: Vitamin A acid
oral vitamin A acid is a derivative of vitamin A, which can inhibit the
secretion of skin oils, so that shrinking the sebaceous glands, which can stop
the oil clogging the pores and the formation of acne. Full-like treatment is
completed later, the skin oil production back to normal, although the
sebaceous glands become larger again, but will not restore the level before

Essentials II: Topical medications

water-based cleanser with a gentle face. cleanser should not contain in the
blocked pores or very irritating ingredients that may cause skin irritation
and redness are, and have actually changed the situation even worse suffering.
eliminate the pores in the skin appearance and aging skin cells, promote
healthy cell renewal, so that process of shedding skin cells back to normal.

three essentials: non-thermal effects of photodynamic acne therapy system

non-thermal effects of photodynamic acne therapy system is a new acne
treatment device, with rapid elimination of acne, leaving no scars, no side
effect and many other features.

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