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File esperanza rising test study guide


									                  ESPERANZA RISING
                    STUDY GUIDE


2. How old is Esperanza in the beginning of the book?

3. Who teaches Esperaza how to crochet?

4. What do Esperanza and her father lay on the ground to hear?

5. What happens to Esperanza’s father?

6. What does Uncle Tio Luis want Mama to do?

7. Does Abuelita go to America with Esperanza? Why or why not?

8. How is Esperanza’s train ride to America different than the
   others she has been on?

9. How does Mama act towards the people on the train? How does
   Esperanza behave?
10.What kind of person does Esperanza think Marta is when they
   first meet?

11.What is Esperanza responsible for when the others go out into the
   field to work?

12.How does Mama wear her hair in the field?

13.What do Miguel and Alfonso bring from Mexico?

14.How does Mama become ill?

15.What work did Esperanza find after Mama got ill?

16.Why was she saving her money?

17.Did Esperanza visit Mama in the hospital on Christmas Day?

18.How long was Mama in the hospital?

19.How did Esperanza help Marta?
20.What did the strikers do and why?

21.Who did Miguel deliver to America?

22.Who is the author?

23.What are all of the chapters named after?

24.Where does Miguel get the money to bring Abuelita to the U.S.?

25.What did Esperanza and Miguel do a few days before her

26.What was her birthday like? Was it like her birthdays in Mexico?

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