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God’s Pedagogy
            Divine Pedagogy
            Divine Pedagogy

• What do we mean by pedagogy in this sense?
     The way God treated his people
     Not until they were ready
     Spoke to them in ways which they could
     Used the kairos
             Divine Pedagogy
             Divine Pedagogy

We are going to look at 3 particular periods in
• The Old Testament
  The New T t
• Th N            t
• The Church
           The Old Testament
           The Old Testament

• demonstrates many different faces of God
                                            God s
• each different face throws a new light on God’s
  progressive pedagogy, first with his chosen
  people, Israel, and then with everyone in a
  universal and general way
     God in the Old Testament
     God in the Old Testament

• as a saviour and liberator of his people both
  from human bondages and oppressions and
  from the bonds of evil
• as a creator who created everything and keeps
  everything in existence
           if l father, teacher and wise person
• as a merciful f th t      h     d i
     God in the Old Testament
     God in the Old Testament

• as the helper of the human being – helps
  human being to grow and develop
  progressively; waits patiently for him/her to
  grow and mature as a free son/daughter who is
                           God s
  faithful and obedient to God’s word
• as a creative and insightful teacher who
  transforms normal daily events into lessons of
     God in the Old Testament
     God in the Old Testament

• as a God who adapts himself to the different
  ages of the human being and to different life
   g                        g
  situations in order to teach his people through
• entrusts his word to be transmitted by human
  beings from generation to generation
     God in the Old Testament
     God in the Old Testament

• God who admonishes with reward and
• God who uses trials and sufferings which then
  become a formative influence on his people
Christ  God s Definitive Pedagogy
Christ – God’s Definitive Pedagogy

At many moments in the past and by many means, God spoke to
   our ancestors through the prophets; but in our time, the final
 days, he has spoken to us in the person of his Son, whom he
appointed heir of all things and through whom he made the ages.

                                                       1, 1-2
                                                   Heb 1 1 2
Christ  God s Definitive Pedagogy
Christ – God’s Definitive Pedagogy
• God’s revelation took place through his only
  Sons Jesus Christ
• took place through both words and deed
• Thus, it is christocentric
• Christ is both the revealer and the same
  God s
• God’s pedagogy was continued through
  Christ’s redemptive mission
Christ  God s Definitive Pedagogy
Christ – God’s Definitive Pedagogy

• had a particular way of dealing with the people
  – inviting them to enter into communion with
• was a great teacher who proclaimed the Good
  N     f l ti
  News of salvation
• in Christ, the Word of God was revealed in
• his words, signs and deeds show the
           , g
  fundamental traits of his pedagogy
            Christ s Pedagogy
            Christ’s Pedagogy
                        poor,       ones,
• received others – the poor little ones sinners
  – as persons loved and sought by God
• proclaimed the kingdom of God as the Good
  News of the truth and of consolation
• kind, delicate and at the same time, strong love
  which frees human being from evil and
  promotes life
• pressing invitation to a life-style sustained by
  faith i G d h       i God’s kingdom and b
  f ith in God, hope in G d’ ki d            d by
  being charitable to others
            Christ s Pedagogy
            Christ’s Pedagogy
• used all resources of interpersonal
  communication – words, silence, metaphor,
  image, example, signs – as was the case with
                 f    O
  the prophets of the OT
• invites disciples to follow him without reserve
  and without regret
• carefully formed his disciples to continue his
  mission and sent them out on apprenticeships
• presented himself as the only teacher of his
  disciples and as a patient and faithful friend
            Christ s Pedagogy
            Christ’s Pedagogy
                                        g y
• exercised a real and effective teaching by his
  entire lifestyle
• stimulated people and disciples with opportune
• explained to disciples the profundity of what he
  proclaimed to the multitudes
  introduced di i l t ne f
• i t d    d disciples to        f
                          forms of prayer
• promised the Holy Spirit to all who believed in
  Him – would bring them to the full truth and
  sustain them in inevitable moments of difficulty
            Christ s Pedagogy
            Christ’s Pedagogy

Jesus        is
Jes s Christ is:
• the teacher who revealed God to the human
  being, and the human being to himself
• the teacher who saves, sanctifies and guides
• the teacher who lives, speaks, moves,
  redresses, judges, forgives and walks with us
  day by day
• the teacher who will come in glory at the end of
                The Church
                The Church

• lived her mission as a visible and actual
  continuation of the pedagogy of the Father and
  of the Son
• as a mother     educator of the faith of all the
• proclaims the Good News celebrates the
  Christian faith, works and remains a vital and
  indispensible place where God’s pedagogy
  unfolds and takes place today
                 The Church
                 The Church

throughout the ages has produced an
incomparable treasure of pedagogy on the faith:
1. the witness of the saints
2 a variety of ways of life and original forms of
   communication – catechisms,
   catechumenates itineraries of Christian life
3. patrimony of religious teaching, of institutions
   and services related to religious education
                g gy
        The Pedagogy of the Faith

• Promote a progressive and coherent synthesis
  between fides qua and fides quae – between
  living and putting one’s faith into practice and
  the content of the Christian faith
• Develop all the dimensions by which the faith is
  known, celebrated, lived and prayed
                g gy
        The Pedagogy of the Faith

• Move the person to abandon him/herself
  completely and freely to God: intelligence, heart,
  will, memory
• Help person to discern his/her vocation
        g gy
The Pedagogy of the Faith
              g gy
      The Pedagogy of the Faith
Faithfulness to God and faithfulness to the human
being is important because it:
• helps to perceive God’s action through the
                    God s
  journey of formation
• encourages a climate of listening of
  thanksgiving and of prayer
  looks to th free response of persons
• l k t the f                f
• promotes active participation among the faithful

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