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Esperanza Rising Project by pptfiles


									Esperanza Rising Project due November 16

You may choose one of the following five options to complete for your final project. It is important that you read and
complete your project thoroughly. Make your choice and let your teacher know by Friday, November 5.

Option 1 – Journal
Although the author, Pam Munoz-Ryan, has created a very detailed account of what it must have been like living in the
migrant labor camps, we will never truly know what it was like until we spend a little time there ourselves. This purpose
of this activity is to make you think exactly what it must have been like to grow up in a labor camp during the early part
of the twentieth century (and maybe even today). Your task is to create a journal of at least 20 entries that detail the
experiences that Esperanza may have had in the camp. Be sure to use incidents from the book as guides for your journal,
and make sure that each of your entries is at least half of a page long. Additionally, feel free to create an artistic cover
page that may reflect Esperanza's love of her homeland. Example below:
                                                          Day 1
                                     We arrived in the San Joaquin Valley today,
                                   and Mama was very happy to have found work
                                   and a home in which to stay. From what I can
                                      gather, it is not so much work as it is slave-
                                  labor, and the home is nothing more than four
                                   flimsy pieces of wood held together by a rickety
                                      roof. I cannot understand why Mama is so
                                    happy with this place, it is not half as good as
                                   the quarters that we had for our servants back
                                     in Mexico. Although the weather is nice, the
                                    smell of filth fills the air. I miss the wonderful
                                     fields of my home, and most of all, I miss my
                                  Abuelita. I keep telling Mama that I want to go
                                       home, but her only response is that we are
                                    home. I miss my friends to because everybody
                                    here seems so unclean that I think that I will
                                    never fit in. I do not think that I am going to
                                                      like living here.

Option 2 – “Wanted” Poster
Many fliers with similar wording were distributed throughout Mexico in the late 1800's and early 1900's, enticing
Mexicans to move north and work for next-to-nothing in the produce industry. Your task is to create a poster of at least
ten inches by sixteen inches, in which you provide a similar message to the people of Mexico. Your goal is to entice them
to move from the friendly confines of Mexico into the San Joaquin Valley and work for you. Be sure to include many
reasons as to why a move to California would benefit a Mexican citizen and his or her family, and include either pictures
or artwork of something that would be visually pleasing to a Mexican worker thinking of relocating. Example below:

                 Hardworking, migrant workers from Mexico are invited to come to the
                prosperous San Joaquin Valley in California for good friends, good times,
               and most importantly, good jobs. Let the Arvin Camp provide you with the
                opportunity for you to support your family during these tough economic
               times. Escape the troubling political climate in Mexico and join us in North
               America's land of opportunity! Bring your whole family and we will provide
                  a fantastic home in which to live at a discounted rate. 1000's of jobs
                               available, work will be found for all comers!
Option 3 – CD
We have come across many symbols in Esperanza Rising, one of which is the rose that Alfonso and Miguel brought with
them from Mexico. It can be used to not only symbolize the love that Esperanza's father had for her, but can also be
used to symbolize the blooming of a relationship between Esperanza and Miguel, as well as many other things.

Although most of the symbols in Esperanza Rising are objects, a wonderful medium for symbolism is that of music. Often
times, songs are created as symbols for events in people's lives. For example, the singer-songwriter Seal composed a
song entitled Kiss From a Rose, and in that song, a rose symbolizes the beauty that is new love. If we were to take that
same song and apply it to Esperanza Rising, we could use it as a symbol for the growth of something beautiful amongst a
sea of gray.

Your assignment is to find other songs that could serve as symbolic to events or individuals in Esperanza Rising. Look at
musicians who sing songs of protest, like Rage Against The Machine, Bob Marley and P.O.D., but also look at everyday
music. We often listen to songs hundreds of times before recognizing the lyrics. You should find at least twelve songs,
but no more than twenty songs.

Once you have found all of the songs that you are going to use, you will create a CD jacket to go on the inside of the CD
jewel case. This jacket will contain all of the following information for each of the songs; song title, song performed by,
song written by, as well as the song lyrics and a brief explanation of how it relates to Esperanza Rising. It should look
something like this:

KISS FROM A ROSE - Written and Performed by Seal
Baby, I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the gray.
Ooh, the more I get of you
Stranger it feels, yeah
Now that your rose is in bloom.
A light hits the gloom on the gray,
I've been kissed by a rose on the gray,                           This song can be symbolic of many things such as the
I've been kissed by a rose on the gray,                           rose (Esperanza) blooming in spite of the gray
And if I should fall, at all                                      surroundings in which it has been forced to live.
I've been kissed by a rose on the gray.

The CD package will be graded on content and appearance. Artistic values are an important part of this assignment. The
package should be comparable to other CD packages that are currently on the market. The assignment will be based on
overall presentation, artistic value, contextual value, neatness, thoroughness and your contribution to the project.

Option 4 – Comic Strip
Draw an eight panel (or longer) comic strip to summarize the events of your book. Remember that a comic strip does
not have to be humorous; the tone of the strip should be appropriate to the tone of the book. Captions must be related
to the scenes and the book, and the connections must be easy to understand. The main characters should be clearly
identified, and their actions and dialogue should match their actions and dialogue in the book.

Option 5 – Create a Sequel- For this creative writing assignment, you are to think about how Esperanza Rising ended and
imagine either an alternate ending or a sequel to the book. This should be written as though you are writing the story.
You should use dialogue and description; do not tell what you think would happen—write about it as if it actually

You must: make it clear if you are writing an alternate ending or a sequel, give your chapter or book a name, use
characters and information from Esperanza Rising, explain what happens to each of the characters in the end or after
the story has ended, explain how any problems are solved, describe the characters and what happens, be creative in
thinking about what you would change or where you think the story would go after the point the author ended, use
proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

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