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									Many Market Research Professionals are "Unsocial" and Apply the "Wrong"

Less than half of all market research professionals measure the impact of social media -- with the
majority relying upon incomplete metrics to quantify the impact of internet marketing programs.

Stamford, CT, March 24, 2011 --( Despite being used by more than half a billion individuals
worldwide, the 2011 Annual Survey of Market Research Professionals reveals that only 46% of market
research professionals have been asked to measure any social networks in the past 12 months. The social
networks of greatest research focus include:

Facebook: 41%
Twitter: 28%
LinkedIn: 22%
MySpace: 7%
Friendster: 3%
Orkut: 3%
Other: 3%
Classmates: 2%
None: 54%

"Given the potential for social networks to influence and drive purchases, it is surprising more market
researchers and their clients have not attempted to quantify the impact of this large and growing channel,"
said Mike Carroll, Director of Sales and Marketing for MarketResearchCareers. "Beyond the obvious
revenue impact, social networks offer new approaches to garner consumer insights that can reduce the
reliance upon traditional research methods -- particularly online surveys given their declining cooperation
and completion rates," said Carroll.

These implications are reinforced in a recent Advertising Age article whereby Joan Lewis, Global
Consumer and Market Knowledge Officer of P&G, called for "methodology agnostic" research solutions
-- including the harnessing of insights gained from social media.

The report also reveals the majority of market research professionals use "traditional" online advertising
and server-based metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of internet marketing programs, including:

Click Through Rate: 53%
Web Server Statistics: 43%
Changes in Awareness: 41%
Changes in Purchase Intent: 33%
Return on Investment (ROI): 32%
Changes in Engagement Levels: 29%
Sales Conversion Rate: 28%
Inbound Inquiry Rate: 21%

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Other 12%

"Researchers need to shift from 'fact to impact'-based metrics to more effectively quantify the
performance of any online marketing initiative for their clients," said Lee Smith, President and CEO of
Persuasive Brands. "Measuring incremental sales, changes in brand equity, and heightened awareness
levels provides a more complete assessment of a campaign's performance. Researchers who do not go
beyond click through rates are providing a disservice to their brands and customers," said Smith.

The survey was conducted between January 5 and January 23, 2011 with 550 market research
professionals completing the survey -- providing a data tolerance of +/- 4.2%.

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