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					                  G                                                                                                                                        EV
                                                                                                                                                          MU ERYT

                           Live PublicBidding
             LO                                                                                                                                             ST HIN
       N   TC                                                                                                                                                  SE G
   A                                                                                                                                                             LL

                                With Online
                         COMMATECH (Leicester) LTD
                           Meynell Road, North Evington, Leicester LE5 3ND
                                           Tuesday, 31 March, 2009 at 10:30 A.M.
                                                                    March 26,                                                                                   2000
                                                                     27, 30, &
                                                                   Day of Sale,
                                                                    8:00 A.M.
                                                                   to 4:00 P.M.

                                                                  <                              DOOSAN HM45H 3 AxIS HOrIzONtAl MAcHININg ceNtre
                                                                  (1 OF 2) DOOSAN
                                                                  V850 VertIcAl
                                                                  turNINg lAtHe

                                                                                                 (1 OF 2) DAHlIH Dl-McV 4 AxIS MAcHININg ceNtre

  MOrI SeIKI Sl25B/1000 cNc turNINg ceNtre
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                               Asset Sales, Ltd.
                      European Headquarters
           Unit 6, Branxholme Industrial Estate, Bradford Road,
                                                                             Corporate Headquarters
                                                                               301 Post Office Drive, Suite C
                                                                                                                            Asset Sales (Canada) Inc.
                                                                                                                                4310 Prospect Road, Bayside
            Brighouse, West Yorkshire, HD6 4EA, England, UK                  Indian Trail, North Carolina 28079                 Nova Scotia, Canada B3Z 1L5
                    Tel 01484.401.906 Fax 01484.715.327           Toll Free 888.800.4442 704.821.4315 Fax 704.821.4325      Tel 902.852.5331 Fax 902.852.5330
                              VAT #757-2466-05                       

                       Another Auction by an
                       Industrial Auctioneers
                       Association Member
BrIDgePOrt 520V 3 AxIS MAcHININg ceNtre                                         BrIDgePOrt 1000/30 4 AxIS MAcHININg ceNtre


BrIDgePOrt 720F 3 AxIS MAcHININg ceNtre                                         (1 OF 2) DAHlIH Dl-McV 4 AxIS MAcHININg ceNtreS

                                                                   1998                                                                            EXCELLENT

(1 OF 2) DAHlIH Dl-McV 1500 4 AxIS MAcHININg ceNtreS                            MOrI SeIKI MV-40 3 AxIS MAcHININg ceNtre

               (10) VERTICAL MACHINING CENTRES                                        BRIDGEPORT 1000/30 4 Axis Vertical Machining Centre, 30 ATC, Spindle
                                                                                      Taper DIN 40, Table Size 1150mm x 490mm, Travels: X = 1000mm, Y =
(2) DAHLIH DL-MCV 1450 4 Axis Vertical Machining Centres, 32 ATC, Spindle Taper       500mm, Z = 480mm, Spindle to Table, Spindle Speed 40 to 4000 rpm, Spindle
NT50, table size 1600mm x 880mm, Travels: X = 1450mm, Y = 750mm, Z = 750mm,           Drive 9kw, Coolant, Swarf Conveyor, HEIDENHAIN TNC 407, Serial Number:
Distance spindle to table: Min 200mm to Max 900mm, Spindle speeds 35 to 3500 rpm,     94179 (1994).
Spindle drive 15 kw, Coolant, Chip Conveyor, FANUC Oi-Mc Control, Serial Number:
3001070178 (2005), 3001070213 (2006).                                                 BRIDGEPORT BPC – 520V 3 Axis Vertical Machining Centre, 20 ATC,
DAHLIH DL- MCV 1500 4 Axis Vertical Machining Centre, 24 ATC, Spindle Taper 50 int,   Spindle Taper ISO 40, Table Size 865mm x 380mm, Travels: X = 510mm, Y =
table size 1700mm x 680mm, Travels: X = 1500mm, Y = 630mm, Z = 700mm, Distance        400mm, Z = 450mm, Spindle to Table 150/600mm, Spindle Speed 40 to 4000
spindle to table: 200mm to 900mm, Spindle Speeds 35 to 3500 rpm, Spindle Drive: 20    rpm, Spindle Drive 5.5/7.5 kw, Coolant, Swarf Conveyor, FANUC Control,
kw, Coolant, Swarf Conveyor, FANUC O-M Control, Serial Number: 1350688 (1998).        Serial Number: 70140.
(2) DAHLIH DL-MCV 1020BA 4 Axis Vertical Machining Centres, 30 ATC, Spindle           BRIDGEPORT INTERACT 720F 3 Axis Vertical Machining Centre, 20 ATC,
Taper NT 40, Table Size 1250mm x 660mm, Travels: X = 1020mm, Y = 550mm Z =            Spindle Taper 40 INT, Table Size 925mm x 380mm, Travels: X = 760mm, Y =
560mm, Spindle to Taper 150mm to 710mm, Spindle Speeds 40 to 4000 rpm, Spindle        410mm, Z = 450mm, Spindle to Table 150mm, Spindle Speeds 40 to 4000
Drive 7.5 kw Coolant, Swarf Conveyor, FANUC Oi-M Control, Serial Numbers: 10201813    rpm, Spindle Speeds 5.5/7.5 kw Coolant, FANUC O-Mate Control, Serial
(2001), 10201821 (2001).                                                              Number: 71128.

                                                                 2000                                      2005                                   1996

                                                                                 (1 OF 2) DOOSAN V850 VertIcAl          (1 OF 2) DOOSAN V5P VertIcAl
                                                                                 turNINg lAtHeS                         turNINg lAtHeS


                                                                                 (1 OF 2) DAHlIH Dl-McV 1020BA 4 AxIS MAcHININg ceNtreS
(1 OF 2) DAHlIH Dl-McV 1020BA 4 AxIS MAcHININg ceNtreS
                                                                                                HORIZONTAL MACHINING CENTRE
                                                                                 DOOSAN HM45H 3 Axis Horizontal Machining Centre, 60 ATC, Spindle Taper 40
                                                                                 INT, Pallet Size 450mm x 450mm, Indexing 1 degree Spindle to Table Clearance
                                                                 EXCELLENT       60mm to 620mm, Spindle Speeds 0 to 1200 rpm, Spindle Drive 15 kw Travels X =
                                                                                 600mm, Y = 560mm, Z = 560mm, Coolant, Swarf Conveyor, FANUC 18M Control,
                                                                                 COOLJET Chiller Unit, Serial Number: MHC034 (2000).

                                                                                             (4) VERTICAL CNC TURNING CENTRES
                                                                                 DOOSAN Model V850 Vertical Turning Lathe, Chuck 880mm diameter, 3 Jaw
                                                                                 (foot operated), 12 Tool Turret, Swing Overbed 1000mm, Maximum Turning Diam-
                                                                                 eter 850mm, Maximum Length Turned 850mm, Spindle Centre Height 1200mm,
                                                                                 Spindle Nose ASA A2-11, Hole in Spindle 110mm, Spindle Speed 5 to 1800 rpm,
                                                                                 Travels: X = 470mm, Z = 850mm, FANUC 21-1B Control, Serial Number: LR4-1107
                                                                                 DOOSAN Model V850 Vertical Turning Lathe, Chuck 800mm Diameter, 3 Jaw
                                                                                 (foot operated), 12 Tool Turret, Swing Overbed 1000mm, Maximum Turning Diam-
                                                                                 eter 850mm, Maximum Length Turned 850mm, Spindle Centre Height 1200mm,
                                                                                 Spindle Nose ASA A2-11, Hole in Spindle 110mm, Spindle Speed 5 to 1800 rpm,
                                                                                 Travels: X = 470mm, Z = 850mm, FANUC 18-T Control, Serial Number: LRF – 1036
                                                                                 (2) DOOSAN Model DOOTURN-V5P Vertical Turning Lathes, Chuck 530mm
                                                                                 Diameter, 3 Jaw (foot operated), 12 Station Turret, 550mm Cutting Diameter,
                                                                                 Maximum Turning Diameter 550mm, Max Length Turned 610mm, Spindle Centre
                                                                                 Height 1060mm, Spindle Nose ASA A2-8, Hole in Spindle 110mm, Spindle Speeds
                                                                                 20 to 2500 rpm, Travels: X = Axis 310mm, Z = Axis 610mm, FANUC Korea O-T
                                                                                 Control, Serial Numbers: LPP-1007 (1997) LBB-1007 (1997).
MORI SEIKI MV40-B 4 Axis Vertical Machining Centre, 30 ATC, Spindle Taper BT
40, Table Size 1100mm x 450mm, Travels: X = 800mm, Y = 410mm, Z = 510mm,
Distance Spindle to Table 150mm – 660mm, Spindle Speeds 8000 rpm, Spindle
Drive 5.5/7.5 kw, Coolant, Swarf Conveyor, Powered 250mm x 3 Jaw Chuck, MORI
                                                                                              If you know of a plant closing
SIEKI MSC-516 Control, Serial Number: 4254.                                                       or downsizing, call us!
MORI SEIKI MV-40 3 Axis Vertical Machining Centre, 30 ATC, Spindle Taper
BT40, Table Size 900mm x 380mm, Travels: X = 600mm, Y = 410mm, Z = 510mm,                       We pay great finder’s fees!
Distance Spindle to Table: 150mm to 660mm, Spindle Speeds: 8000 rpm,
Spindle Drive: 7.5/5.5 kw, Coolant, Swarf Conveyor, FANUC Control, Serial                Call Peter at 01484.401906 for details!
Number: 1758.

OKuMA HOWA Act3 cNc turNINg ceNtre                                                OKuMA HOWA Act4 cNc turNINg ceNtre


MOrI SeIKI Sl25B/1000 cNc turNINg ceNtre                                          cHurcHIll Hc4/15 cNc turNINg ceNtre


                                                            JONeS & SHIPMAN cNc cylINDrIcAl grINDer
                                                            WItH uNIVerSAl SWINg DOWN INterNAl

                                                               Large Amount of Tooling & Accessories                       MItutOyO eurO c9106 cNc cMM

                                                            OKUMA HOWA Model ACT 4 CNC Turning Centre, 12 Station
                                                            Turret 315mm Diameter 3 Jaw Chuck, Swing Overbed 540mm,
                                                            Maximum distance between centres 750mm, Maximum turning
                                                            diameter 350mm, maximum turning length 730mm, Spindle
                                                            Speeds 35 to 3500 rpm, Hole in Spindle 77mm, Spindle Nose
                                                            JKIS A2-8, Tailstock, Coolant, Swarf Conveyor FANUC 15-T
                                                            Control, Serial Number: 01663.
                                                            OKUMA HOWA Model ACT 3 CNC Turning Centre, 12 Station
                                                            Turret 250mm Diameter Jaw Chuck, Swing Overbed 460mm,
DOOSAN V850 VertIcAl turNINg lAtHe                          Maximum Distance Between Centres 600mm, Max Turning Di-
                                                            ameter 210mm, Maximum Turning Length 580mm, Spindle
        (4) CNC TURNING CENTRES                             Speeds 40 to 4000 rpm, Hole in Spindle 58mm, Spindle Nose
                                                            J18-A2-6, Tailstock, Swarf Conveyor, Coolant FANUC Control,
MORI SIEKI SL25B/1000 CNC Turning Centre, 10 Station        Serial Number: 09389.
Turret, Swing Overbed 520mm Swing Over, Cross Slide
350mm, Maximum Turning Diameter 260mm, Maximum              CHURCHILL Model HC4/15 CNC Turning Centre, 12 Station
Turning Length 1030mm, Travels: X = 160mm, Z = 1090mm       Turret, 315 Diameter 3 Jaw Chuck, Maximum Swing Overbed
Spindle Speeds 35 to 3500 rpm, Hole in Spindle 80mm,        620mm, Maximum Length 400mm, Travels: X = 280mm, Z =
Spindle Nose JIS A2-6, Tailstock, Travel (powered) 991mm,   500mm, Maximum Turning Diameter 360mm, Maximum Bar,
260mm diameter x 3 jaw power chuck, Coolant, Swarf          Capacity 76mm, Tailstock, Swarf Conveyor, Fanuc 10T Control,
Conveyor Serial Number: 4919.                               Serial Number: 915187-20194.                                   MItutOyO FM905 cNc cMM

                                                                                                                                           SIP rOtAry tABle

                                                                                                                                             Get early notification
                                                                                                                                             of upcoming auctions
HurON Ku4 uNIVerSAl MIll
                                                                                                                                                   via email.
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                                                          HerBert 4 SPINDle DrIll                 SIP MODel 6 JIg BOrer

                                                                                                  CNC ROTARY TABLES

HerBert #4 turret lAtHe


                                                                    (9) CNC ROTARY TABLES                              HARRISON Model 15 Centre Lathe, Maximum
                                                                                                                       Swing Overbed 9", Maximum between Centres 48",
                                                          JONES & SHIPMAN CNC Rotary Table, 9-1/2" Diameter.           Hole in Spindle 2", Speeds 35 to 1500 rpm, Screw-
                                                          NIKKEN CNC Rotary Table, 8" Diameter.                        cutting Inches 12" x 4" Jaw Chuck, Quick Change
                                                                                                                       Toolpost, Tailstock, Coolant/Light, Serial Number:
                                                          NIKKEN CNC Rotary Table, 10" Diameter.
                                                          (4) KITAGAWA CNC Rotary Tables, 10" Diameter.
                                                          (2) KITAGAWA CNC Rotary Tables, 11" Diameter.                     CAPSTAN/TURNING LATHES
                                                                                                                       (2) HERBERT No 4 Senior Pre-Operative Turret
                                                                              JIG BORING                               Lathes, 63 to 1500 rpm, 6 Position Turret, 22"
                                                          SIP MODEL HYDROPTIC 6 HIGH PRECISION JIG BORER,              distance spindle flange to turret.
                                                          Table Size 43" x 33", Table Travel 40", Vertical Travel of   HERBERT 9B Combination Turret Lathe, Swing
cOlcHeSter lAtHe
                                                          Cross Rail 31", Spindle Head Travel 28", Maximum clear-      overbed 22.5", Swing over cross slide 12.5", Hole in
                                                          ance under cross rail 37", Maximum clearance between         spall 4.25", Distance spindle flange to turret 60",
      CNC CYLINDRICAL GRINDER                             uprights 43", Power Feeds, Speeds 40 to 2000 rpm, Bor-       Speeds 14–403 rpm.
JONES & SHIPMAN (ULTRAMAT) FORMAT 15-700                  ing, Milling and Tapping facility, ELESTA 3 Axis DRO.
Cylindrical Grinder, With Swing Down Internal, Maxi-      J2s CNC Rotary Tables Type 8415.                                     (5) MILLING MACHINES
mum Workpiece Diameter 250mm, Maximum Centre                                                                           HURON MODEL KU4 Universal Milling Machine,
Height 160mm, Maximum Swing 320mm, Maximum
Length Between centres 700mm, Workhead – Speed
                                                                                 DRILLS                                Table 1400mm x 400mm, Universal Swivel Head,
                                                          HERBERT 4 Spindle Drilling Machine, No 3 MT, Power           Traverse 1400mm x 400mm, Vertical Traverse
range 30 to 450 rpm, No 5 MT Centre, 1.1 kw motor,                                                                     400mm, Speeds 800 – 2000 rpm, 3 Axis DRO,
Swivel Angle 15 degrees, Table Swivel 16 to 18 degrees,   Feed (1 Tapping Spindle).
                                                                                                                       Thorn Multipack, Serial Number: 5709 (1984).
Wheel head – infeed 205mm, Swivel 198/33 degrees,         HERBERT 4 Spindle Drilling Machine, Table 46" x 16",
Wheel size 350mm x 25mm x 127mm bore, Wheel               MT No 3, Speeds 1455 rpm.                                    ARCHDALE Model Horizontal Milling Machine,
speeds 2395, 2068, 115 rpm, Motor 4kw, Marposs E5N                                                                     Table 40" x 10" Traverse 40" x 10" x 20", Speeds
Gauging, 3 Point Steady, Coolant and Clarifier, AB OSIA   HERBERT Single Spindle Drilling Machine, Table 12" x 16",    2000 rpm.
CNC Control Serial Number: M19811.                        MT No 2, Speeds 1455 rpm.
                                                                                                                       PROVOMAJSKA Turret Milling Machine (Beaver-
                                                          (2) POLLARD 4 Spindle Drilling Machine (80), Table 16"       mill Type), Table size 56" x 10", Table Traverse 46"
 (2) CNC CO-ORDINATE MEASURING                            x 48", MT No 3, Speeds 2 x 1220 rpm, 2 x 1920 rpm.           x 8", Vertical 16", Ram travel 24", Universal Swivel
MITUTOYO Model FM905 CNC Co-Ordinate Measuring            POLLARD Single Spindle Drill, MT 13" x 16" No 3,             Milling Head 40 degrees x 180 degrees swivels,
Machine, Granite table 1730mm x 1170mm, maxi-             Speeds 1210 rpm.                                             Speeds 70 to 2300 rpm.
mum height 400mm, cross travel 558mm, MITUTOYO                                                                         PROVOMAJSKA Turret Milling Machine (Beaver-
SMMT joystick, RENISHAW PH9 probe, DELL personal                        (2) CENTRE LATHES                              mill Type), Table size 43" x 10", Table Traverse 36"
computer system, Serial Number: 872581.                   COLCHESTER Mascot 1600 Centre Lathe, Maximum                 x 8", Vertical 16", Ram travel 24", Universal Swivel
MITUTOYO Model EURO C9106 CNC Co-Ordinate                 Swing Overbed 17"/ 28" Swing in Gap, Maximum between         Milling Head 40 degrees x 180 degrees swivels,
Measuring Machine, Granite Table 1000mm x                 centres 60" Hole in Spindle 3", Speeds 20 to 1600 rpm,       Speeds 70 to 2300 rpm.
775mm, width clearance 900mm, height 500mm,               Screwcutting Inches 320mm x 3 Jaw Chuck, Quick               ADCOCK & SHIPLEY Model 25 Horizontal Milling
RENISHAW PH-10 probe DELL personal computer               Change Toolpost, Tailstock, Coolant/Light, Taper Turning,    Machine, Table 54" x 12", Table Traverse 10" x 30" x
system, Serial Number: 0903712C.                          Serial Number: 7/00004/05443.                                18" Vertical.

          (13) GRINDING MACHINES                              THREAD GRINDING
CYLINDRICAL                                                   HERBERT LINDNER External Thread Grinder, 6" x 30"
JONES & SHIPMAN Model 1077 Cylindrical Grinding Ma-           Capacity.
chine, Capacity 14" x 27" between centres, Swing around int   HERBERT LINDNER Internal Thread Grinder, 6" Diameter
Spindle, 12" Diameter Mag Chuck, Coolant, Dust Collector,     x 10" Stroke.
Serial Number: BO 77771.
                                                              MATRIX Auto Plunge Cut Thread Grinder Model 37/47
UNIVERSAL                                                     Type 2, Capacity DIA BC, 14" Diameter x 42" Between
JONES & SHIPMAN Model 1300 Universal Grinding Ma-             Centres, Capacity (Imperial) 4 to 96 TPI, Capacity
chine, Capacity 10"x 27", Table adj 20 degree inc angle,      (Metric) 35 to 127 MPM.
Workhead Motor 0.55 kw, Speeds 1750 and 2300 rpm.
SURFACE                                                       HEALD Internal Grinding Machine Model 271, Capacity
JONES & SHIPMAN Model 1011, Capacity 12" x 27", Tra-          16" Swing Over Table, 12" Swing Inside Guard, 20" Stroke.
verse 12.5" vertical, Power Feeds 10" x 24", Mag Chuck,       HEALD Sizematic Internal Grinding Machine Model 271,
Serial Number 56920–1644b-22.
                                                              Capacity 16" Swing Over Table, 12" Swing Inside Guard,
(3) JONES & SHIPMAN Model 540P, With DRO and Dia-             20" Stroke.
form Grinding Unit, 2 x MODEL 540 Capacity 18" x 6" x 10"
Vertical, Mag Chuck 6" x 14", Serial Numbers 34003W183
(DRO) 35560W77.
                                                                   (6) BENCH GRINDERS/LINISHERS
                                                              (4) WOOLF 8" Twin Wheel Bench Grinder.
BSA Rotary Surface Lapper/Grinder, 28" Diameter Table,
Serial Number: 50H-4420-414.                                  SEALEY 6" Double Wheel Bench Grinder, EXCEL Model
HEALD Rotary Surface Grinder Model No 25A, 20" Diam-
eter Magnetic Table, 12" Wheel Cross Travel, 16" diameter     Bench Linisher, VANCO 1" Vertical Linisher, BROWN
x 2" wide grinding wheel.                                     pedestal mounted double wheel buffer.

SPArcAtrON SP18                   StrAtHclyDe t30-25                         StrAtHclyDe eDM MAcHINe                     SODIcK A32OD WIre cuttINg
SPArK erODer                      eDM MAcHINe                                                                            eDM MAcHINe

  2002                                                       LAPMASTER CARLAP 8000 Dual Faced Lapping and Polishing Machine, Capacity 22" Diameter x 6"
                                                             Vertical Stroke, C8 Auto Control Unit.

                                                             GALLENKAMP Oven, Capacity 12" X 12" X 8" Height; PACKER Benchtop Heat Sealer; 6ft Air Pressure
                                                             Control Unit; KERSTAR Industrial Vacuum Cleaner; Industrial Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner.

                                                                           INSPECTION CALIBRATION & MARKING EQUIPMENT
                                                             HILGER Shadowgraph Model TT750.301, 12" x 12" Screen, Serial Number: 61269; PEXIT Shadowgraph;
                                                             ROCKWELL Hardness Tester Model XR, Serial Number: 216; DRUMMOND Hardness Tester, Serial
                                                             Number: ABN12/180; SALTER Bench Scale, Capacity 50kg PS50 DRO; DATA MATRIX Parts Marking
                                                             Equipment, Complete with Screen, Scanner, Printer; (2) Granite Surface Tables, 36" x 18"; (2) Cast Iron
                                                             Tables, 60" x 60" and 60" x 30"; ALDRIDGE Inspection System, TESSA Microflite 24" Capacity, Serial
                                                             Number: 6K08111; ELBO Model E238r Test Unit, NIKON Clamping Column, PANAVISION, Serial Number:
                                                             6720 (2004); (2) SIP Universal Rotary Tables Model P15, 450MM Diameter Table, Rotary Swivel 360
SODIcK AQ325l WIre cuttINg eDM MAcHINe                       degrees, Vertical Swivel 90 degrees, Serial Number: 1202; Trimos Test Gauge; Tessa Micro Height
                                                             Gauge; Micrometers, Verniers, Plug and Ring Gauges, Straight Edges, Squares.

                                                                                        NDT (TREATMENT) DEPARTMENT
  2001                                                       EMCOL 25" x 19" Heated Aqueous De-Greasing Bath; EMCOL Wash Down Bath, With Hand Held Gun;
                                                             (2) EMCOL 9v Free Standing Penetrant Process Drying Ovens, (1984); EMCOL Liquid Penetrant
                                                             Inspection Cabinet; EMCOL 3 Section Liquid Penetrant Inspection Cabinet; EMCOL 4' Wash Down
                                                             Station (58), With Filtration Unit; ELY PD-3 Developer Powder Storm Cabinet, 36" x 36"; (2) Steel
                                                             Work Benches, With MAGNAFLUX UV Inspection Lamps; EMCOL E12 Bench Mounted De-Magnetising
                                                             Unit, Serial Number: GP318; EMCOL Twin Head Mag Flux and Current Flow Detection Unit; GP3 Bench
                                                             Type Magnetic Particle Inspection Unit, Serial Number: GP318; ELYSCAN Model 2, Combined UV and
                                                             White Light Radiometer; (2) RB ANNIS Magnetic Field Indicators; CAM Odourless Paraffin Wash Tank,
                                                             48" x 24".

                                                                                                  WORKS EQUIPMENT
                                                             OSAKI Mini Pressure Washer; Inspection Stations; SALTER Bench Stop Scales; Vises, Centres,
                                                             Chucks, Jaws, Dividing Heads, Rotary Tables, Etc.

KlAeger HB5-265 HOrIzONtAl BAND SAW                                                           EDM & WIRE MACHINES
                                                             SODICK Model A32OD Wire Cutting EDM Machine, 24" x 32" Capacity, Auto Wire Threader, Submerged
                         SAW                                 Cuttings, Fine SODICK Mark 25 Control, Serial Number: 7814; SODICK Model AQ325L Wire Cutting
KLAEGER Model HB5 265 Horizontal Bandsaw, Capacity           EDM Machine, Auto Wire Threader and Submerged Cutting, SODICK LNIW Linear Server Control and
250mm Serial Number: 130837 (2001).                          COMPAQ Personal Computer, Serial Number 1365 (2002); STRATHCLYDE Model A45 Wire Cutting
                                                             EDM Machine, Capacity 48" x 24", STRATHCLYDE Adtek Control, Serial Number: A4589166; STRATH-
                       HONING                                CLYDE Model T30-25 EDM Machine, Capacity 35" x 20" STRATHCLYDE 60A Control, Serial Number:
                                                             677; SPARCATRON Model SP18 Spark Eroder.
DELAPENA HHM1A Single Spindle Horizontal Hone, Serial
Number: 1635.                                                                           WORKS TRANSPORT & HANDLING
                        PRESS                                TOYOTA Model 2FB25 Electric Fork Truck, 5000 lbs Capacity, Serial Number: 10105; Pedestrian
                                                             Hydraulic Rise and Fall Forklift Truck; TUV Pallet Truck, 2500kg Capacity, Pedestrian Hydraulic
ELECTRAULIC ‘C’ Frame Hydraulic Press, 9" Throat, 12"        Forklift Truck, Works Trolleys; MOBILE 1 Ton Capacity A Frame; MOBILE Engine Hoist Model CTC508,
Ram Stroke, 12 Ton Capacity.                                 Capacity 508kg, Serial Number: 810119.
COMPRESSORS, DRYERS & RECEIVERS                                                   TOOLING/RACKING/STORAGE EQUIPMENT
HYDROVANE Model 14808-300 Air Compressor, Maximum            CNC 40 – 50 INT Toolholder; Drills, Taps, Reamers; Carbide Inserts; Spanners and Wrenches;
Pressure 8 Bar, Serial Number: 9507-7HB936001/7/6.           Benches, Vises and Cupboards.
HYDROVANE Model PUA508 Air Compressor, Maximum
Pressure 8 Bar, Serial Number: 715-000105-9403.                                                           STORES
                                                             Boltless Racking; DEXION Cupboard and Shelving; Various Sizes Multi Drawer Pro Store Cabinets.
COOL TECHNOLOGY Vertical Air Receiver.
DENCO MODEL SM4.5A Refrigerant Dryer, 16 Bar, Serial                                           OFFICES & RECEPTION
Number: 03CO243 (2003).                                      Desks, Cupboards, Tables; Filing Cabinets; Personal Computers, Printers; Workstations, Wall
                                                             Mounted Projector Chart; Reception Furniture; CCTV Security System; Wall Mounted Projector,
                    BEADBLAST                                Complete with SANYO TV, MITSUBISHI VCR; SENSOMATIC RV2209 Duplex Multiplexer, VCL Joystick
Beadblast Cabinet, GUYSON 22" x 22" x 12" Height Capacity.   Control, Cameras throughout.

                      TERMS & CONDITIONS
  Subject to amendments and modifications announced by the Auctioneer
  at the time of the auction, any person participating in the auction shall be
  bound by the following terms and conditions. The auctioneer does not
  warrant the accuracy, authenticity, description, weight, count or
  measure of any listings specified herein.
  All articles will be sold to the highest bidder conforming to the bid process
  in accordance to the AUCTIONEER’S TERMS & CONDITIONS –
  article shall be removed unless paid in full and all articles purchased shall
  be removed in the time allocated by the auctioneer. No item, no matter
  how small or how far the purchaser has to travel, may be removed
  until the close of the auction sale.
  All payments shall be by way of cash, certified cheque, wire transfer and/or
  a company checque accompanied by a bank letter of guarantee payable to
  Asset Sales, Ltd. All bidding and invoicing will be in Sterling Pounds.
  All bidders will be charged Value Added Tax, any lot exported out of the UK
  will receive a VAT refund following our receipt of clients shipping documents.
  Rigging/Removal of sold equipment is the sole responsibility of the
  buyer and must be completed by the posted date. Rigging/Removal
  may not begin until payment has been made in full and the auction sale is
  complete. All heavy rigging will require a certificate of insurance for
  £2,000,000.00 naming Asset Sales, Ltd. as the insured.
  Anyone outside of the United Kingdom will be required to wire
  transfer a minimum deposit of £5000.00 to be approved for all
  non-onsite bidding. All deposits must be received 24 hours before
  the sale.
  A 12.5% Buyer’s Premium will apply to all onsite purchases. 15.5%
  Buyer’s Premium for online purchases.

    If you plan to bid with, you must be pre-
    approved by Asset Sales, Ltd. The pre-approval process is easy
    but necessary. Asset Sales, Ltd. will verify telephone number and
    confirm agreement to the Terms & Conditions.

  Nearest Airport: East Midlands
  Nearest International Airport: Birmingham International

  Haynes Hotel: 185 Uppingham Road, Leicester LE5 4BQ
  Tel: 01162 768973                                                                         If you know of a plant closing
  Comfort Hotel: 23-25 Loughborough Road, Leicester LE4 5LJ
  Tel: 01162 682641                                                                             or downsizing, call us!
  Belmont House Hotel: De Montfort Street, Leicester LE1 7GR                                 We pay great finder’s fees!
  Tel: 01162 544773
                                                                                             Call Peter at 01484.401906
  Exit M1 at Junction 21. Follow A5460 to Leicester City Centre onto A594                            for details!
  following signs to railway station. At large roundabout take A47 to
  Peterborough, continuing on the A47 under the railway bridge, through
  the next set of pelican traffic lights, through another set of traffic lights,
  then a second set of pelican lights, through a set of traffic lights at the
  crossroads, then take the third road on the right, which is Meynell Road.

                                         BID FROM
                                         THE COMFORT
                                         OF YOUR OFFICE!!
                                         If you can’t personally attend the
                                         auction sale, you don’t have to miss
                                         out on the bidding. You can bid on
                                         the equipment in the following ways:
  • LIVE PHONE BID: Call us by 30 March to set up the details.*
  • PROXY BID: Call us at 01484.401906 and we’ll fax you a proxy bid form.
    Fill it out, fax it back to 01484.715327 and we’ll bid on your machine
    for you.*
  • ONLINE BIDDING: Go to to
    register for online bidding.
  *We must receive a 25% deposit of all proxy and phone
  bids before auction to secure your bid. No credit cards.

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