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Construction & Asset Mangement


									Construction & Asset Management
Mapping Regional Initiatives
Top Level Map
                          1. Construction                                                1. Office / Estate
                            Frameworks                                                    Rationalisation
                    East of England, East Midlands,
                                                                                       Cap Ambition, E Midlands,
                     IESE, North East, Northwest,
                                                                                      IESE, Northwest, Southwest,
                                                                                        W Midlands, YoHrspace,
                       W Midlands, YoHrspace

                          Construction                                                        Asset
                                                         3. Community                      Management
                                                        Asset Transfers
                                                          Capital Ambition,
                                                        Northwest, Southwest
                                                                                                               2. Asset Mgt
  2. Construction                                                                                                 Support
      Costs &                              3. Sustainable
   Performance                                                                                                IESE, E Midlands,
                                           Construction                                                      Northwest, Southwest
                                         North East, Southwest
   Capital Ambition,
 North East, Southwest,
                                                                           See following pages for details of each workstrand
       Construction Workstrand 1 : Frameworks
                                                                                                                     East Midlands –
                                         East of England –                                                       Constructors’ Framework
                                      Constructors’ Framework                      East Midlands –
                                                                               Constructors’ Framework               EMPA repairs and
                                           in operation                                                            maintenance framework
                                                                                     in operation
                                                                                                                    under development
                                    SMARTE East : Regional for major
                                              projects                        SCAPE : National / Regional for
                                                                                     major projects
                                                                              EMPA medium and minor works
     IESE – Constructors’                                                                                              North West – Constructors’
         Framework                                                                                                            Framework
        in operation
                                                                                                                          Medium value framework
   Regional for major projects ;                                                                                        under evaluation. Low value
   Sub Regional for minor works                                        Construction                                     framework being considered
                                                                  East of England, East
                                                               Midlands, IESE, North East,
 North East – Constructors’                                    Southwest, West Midlands,                           West Midlands –
and Consultants’ Frameworks                                            YoHrspace                                Constructors’ Framework

   Assessing requirements for                                                                                   (WM – please supply details
 Framework Agreements to cover                                                                                   including scope and status /
 design, advice and construction                                                                                          timescale)

Note also Timebank of specialist
expertise (also covers Asset Mgt)
                                                                          South West – Constructors’              South West – Consultancy
                                              YoHrspace                          Framework                               Framework
                                         Construction Framework                  In operation                            in operation
  Under development                       goes live Autumn 2009
                                                                            Regional for major projects ;          Regional, covers design team
                                                                           Sub Regional (planned as next                   professions
                                                                              phase) for minor works
   Available for Use
  Construction Workstrand 2 : Construction Cost and Performance

                                                                                                         South West – Cost &
                     Capital Ambition                                                                  Performance Database /
                                                                                                        Improvement Network
             Consulting London authorities on
              collaboration opportunities for                                                                in operation
                construction procurement.
                                                           Construction Costs                        Subscription-based online facility
              Considering the potential for a                                                            to benchmark costs and
              peripatetic BSF/Procurement
                                                             & Performance                           performance - with Improvement
                  capacity for London.                                                               Network to identify opportunities /
                                                               Capital Ambition,                       good practice in construction
              Liaising with TfL on Highways                  North East, Southwest
                    Works construction.                           YoHrspace

                              North East

                 Assessment of FM service at Stockton                                                  YoHrspace
                                                                  North East               Efficiency North Housing Construction
               Establish a Regional Construction Service                                   Forum - Benchmarking, collaborative
                          Benchmarking Club                                                   procurement and sharing of best
                                                            “Intelligent Client” project
                                                                                             practice for social housing and the
               Define and promote “excellence” in design                                         Decent Homes programme
                                                           Challenge and redefine the
                                                             client’s role and identify
                                                           requisite areas of expertise
                                                             (also covers Asset Mgt)
Under development

 Available for Use
Construction Workstrand 3 : Sustainable Construction

                                                                                                                  South West – Whole Life
              North East : Carbon Trust                                                                           Costs / Whole Life Value
                                                                                                                   Pilot studies under way to
            Tailoring Carbon Reduction Plans                                                                       produce Whole Life Value
                 and action plans for local                                                                     assessment (linked to Whole Life
                                                                           Sustainable                            Costs and Client Outcomes).
                    authorities / FRSs
                                                                           Construction                           Reporting in stages 2009/10
                   Considering possible                                  North East, Southwest
              collaborative implementation of
               common aspects to maximise

                                        North East : Construction                                 North East : Site Waste
                                         Employment Integrator                                         Management

                                        To address skills shortages                          Working with Environment Agency,
                                            and worklessness.                                 NISP, WRAP and others to identify
                                           Identify and promote                                  and promote opportunities to
                                        opportunities to link clients,                       improve re-use and recovery of site
                                       constructors and job seekers                                        waste
Under development

 Available for Use
    Asset Management Workstrand 1 : Office / Estate Rationalisation

                           Capital Ambition :                               IESE
                          Workplace Wizard                     Civic Offices and Shared Offices
                                                                 programme (includes public            Supporting Flexible Working
                     AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD
                                                                service village and work style                  initiatives
                          Online toolkit available at                     integration)
                                   wizard/                       –   under way Summer 2009


  Asset review studies in individual
                                                                     Office / Estate
                                                                 Cap Ambition, E Midlands,
                                                                IESE, Northwest, Southwest,               West Midlands
                                                                  W Midlands, YoHrspace
                                                                                                   Developing asset management
                                       Southwest                                                   diagnostic toolkit reflecting 4Ps
                                                                                                       “The Estate We’re In”
                            Pilot Projects under way (Summer
                            2009) to develop models for:-                E Midlands                Developing regional approach to
                                1. shared accommodation
                                   (co-location between        Work delivered in Nottinghamshire
                                   authorities)                around asset charges and rentals
Under development               2. Touchdown Centres

 Available for Use
    Asset Management Workstrand 2 : Asset Management Practitioner Support
                                                                                                                                 North East
                                                                                                  North East               “Intelligent Client” project
                                                             North East
                                                    this work complete                                                    Challenge and redefine the
                                                                                            Identify opportunities for
                                                                                                                             client’s role and identify
                                                                                           collaboration in improving
                                                     Health check of LAs / FRSs                                           requisite areas of expertise
                                                                                               strategic asset mgt
                                                     against best practice service                                         (also covers Construction)
                                                   provision for Strategic Asset Mgt
             this work complete
                                                                                                                              North East
           Use of Resources Workshop (with
           Audit Commission input) April 09:                                                                             “Timebank” of specialist
                                                                         Asset Mgt                                         support (also covers
                                                                    Practitioner Support                                      Construction)

                                                                          IESE, E Midlands,
                                                                        North East, North West,                                            IESE
                                                                                                                             Practitioner Guide for Property
                                                                                                                             Asset Management (published
           Common standards and policies,
                                                                                                                                      Summer 09):
           shared approaches to information
           and performance management (to
                                                                                                                                 Health Checks for Asset
                     be developed)
                                                                                                                                  Management Groups

                                                                                             North West
                                               E Midlands
                                                                                 Researching good practice / support
Under development                       Developing shared services
                                       model / arrangements for Asset
                                         Management practitioners
 Available for Use
    Asset Management Workstrand 3 : Community Asset Transfers

                 Toolkit for Local Authorities
               processing bids for CATs under                                            Asset Transfer seminar planned
                        development;                                                               with DTA
                Networking with Community
              Services and Third Sector groups
                 to develop processes and
                                                        Asset Transfers
                                                        Northwest, Southwest

                                                          Capital Ambition

Under development                                Potential project pending the outcome
                                                  of the Lewisham Total Place pilot.

 Available for Use
This version includes Sep 09 updates from:-

Capital Ambition,
EERA (no changes),
E Midlands (no changes),
North East,
North West,
South West,

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