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					                                                Units 2-6, The Paddocks, Totnes, Devon TQ9 5XT England
                                           Telephone (Int.44) (0) 1803 865665 Facsimile (Int.44) (0)1803 862744

     Amtek Precision Engineers is willing subject in global machine
               manufacturer’s CNC grinding research

August 2008

One of the UK’s premier high quality & multi-cavity, plastic injection mould toolmakers,
Amtek Precision Engineers recently hosted a visit from three key representatives from
Yamazaki Mazak, the World’s largest supplier of CNC Lathes, Machining Centres and
Manufacturing Systems. As part of its’ major plant and machinery investment programme,
Amtek Precision purchased a Mazak Integrex 200-IV S CNC multi-tasking machine tool 18
months ago and it was this machine that brought the two parties together.

As the first Japanese machine tool builder to establish a manufacturing facility in Europe
that handled all manufacturing operations from raw materials to finished product, the
Yamazaki Mazak UK plant is currently the most advanced of its type in Europe, providing
machine tools and sophisticated manufacturing systems to customers in more than 30
countries throughout Europe.

Visiting from the company’s HQ in Nagoya, Japan were Mr Keita Kawachi, Assistant Chief of
Product Development (Department 2), Mr Toshi Shimizu, Chief of Sales Group for Integrex-
e Products and Mr Sadik Atay, Sales Engineering Director, Mazak Europe and it was Mr
Shimizu’s doctorate degree that was the catalyst for the visit to Amtek. Based on
researching improvements in the process of CNC grinding, Mr Shimizu’s study consists of
two key elements. The first involves looking at existing grinding processes, including
efficient use of processes, direction of the correct pressure coolant to the most critical

areas of the process, in addition to the filtering of the coolant and processing of the fine
swarf in the most environmental way.

The second part involves looking at the application of this newly improved process within the
context of multi-tasking machines. To illustrate, Mazak's "DONE IN ONE” complete
machining of a part on a multi tasking machine is an ideal environment in which improvements
in grinding can be tested and challenged.

From Amtek’s experience in hard and soft metal machining, the key challenge is to
successfully combine several processes in one machine whilst identifying the machine
features that need to be adapted in order for the machine to respond to the demands of
the process. An optimum multi tasking machine will be the one which can achieve the most
efficient process integration of these different processes within itself. Increasing the
machine’s productivity by reducing set-up, non-cutting and down-time are the main areas of
interest for the machine manufacturer.

Of their interest in assisting Mazak with their research, Amtek Precision Engineer, Dan
Grant commented, “we are always looking for ways in which traditional processes such as
thread grinding can be integrated into a one hit machining cycle so with Mazak’s machine
tools and global knowledge bank, coupled with our programming skills and job applications, we
are more than happy to assist Mr Shimizu in his ongoing research.”

For more information please contact:
Anna Rawles - Sales & Marketing
(01803) 869937 -


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