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					                                            Parallel panel sessions

New developments:
A) New platforms and content
delivery opportunities

Didier Huck
Vice President, Public Affairs and Regulation, Thomson

                                 Mission Statement



          Thomson is a technology company
            focused on image and video,
serving the Media, Entertainment and Communication
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                                                              Example 1: Digital Cinema
         Digital Services and Technologies                                              Rollout

                                                                                 Theatre Management
                               Network Operation Center
Digital Content                                                                    Systems/Server
                                                  Uplink    Content
 Preparation &                Transmission
Post-Production                                  Internet    Files               Broadband connection
                                          Monitoring                  DSL,…    Digital Distribution Network
                                           Support                              Multiple digital projectors
                                   Activity Management
   Digital Cinema
 System Maintenance       Content Files
Security/Key Management

        Business model is agreed : roll out starting in 2006
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                                           Example 2 : Video On Demand (VOD)
                  Multiple Forms                                          Uncertain Business Models
 Network VOD : Cable, Telcos, ISPs                     9 M cust.
                                                                             Sold in package
                                                        1 bn streams
       High quality, user-friendly experience
       Extensive catalog
                                                                             (Subscription VOD) or “a la
                                                     5 M cust.               carte”
                                                     15 str../Sub/mnth
   Push VOD : Satellite, Terrestrial                                       Churn cut
       High quality, user-friendly experience                             A « Teaser » to upsell premium
       Catalog limited to PVR storage capacity                            packages and increase ARPU
                                                                          Sold “a la carte”
   Pay Per View: Satellite, Cable, Telcos                                      Impulse purchase of
       High quality, not real time                                              blockbusters, adult content &
   Web streaming or download :                                              Sold “a la carte” or free
    Content owners, broadcasters                                              Only hit shows are monetized,
     Less user friendly : PC based, lower quality
                                                                              Attempt to desintermediate
                                                                              network operators
   Pod-casting
       Same as above for portable devices                    What role for VOD ?
                  Page 4                                     What Business Models ?
                                                  Example 3: Mobile Video
                                    Mobile Communications  80% of all Europeans have a mobile
                                                           Over 300 million people
   Two mass-market world join
                                    Television                  96% European Households
                                                                158 million households

   Technology           Network standards: DVB-H/ T, 3G / UMTS, WiFi / Wimax,
                         Security standards
                         Authentification, accounting, clearing
                         Interactivity

    Content            Different framing         Different advertising
                      Different length          Different interactivity and cross-selling

    Business models    Operators (ARPU increase, reduced churn,..)
                      Content owners (additional revenues,..)
                       Cross-selling (logos, ring-tones, merchandising linked to
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                              Example 4: Corporate Video Networks
   PRN is the pioneer in digital signage at retail
    with a comprehensive service offering:            Frost & Sullivan Market
                                                      Leadership Award in digital
        equipment installation and maintenance       signage (April 2005):
        play-list & media assets preparation and
          distribution                                « the sole tier 1 vendor
        content preparation
                                                      in the industry »
        ad sales

   Network combines the effectiveness of
    narrowacasting (34,000 different viewing areas
    within 6,000 stores) and the power of a mass
    medium (200 million monthly viewers)

   Historic 20%+ revenue growth level

      Business model is agreed and proven : roll-out underway
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                             Content Preparation (Post-Production)
                                                                    Original signal
   Digitization and HD
        Multiplicity of viewing devices formats and resolutions,
        Increased demand for consistent high quality
   From a single high-end Digital Master,
    hundreds of versions are prepared and
    packaged to fit the various electronic
    distribution needs:
          Format, Aspect ratio, Compression,
           Language versioning,..
   Digital asset management systems
    (and associated metadata) becomes
    strategic to ECD

    Content preparation is
     at the heart of ECD

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                                                  Content protection
   No content protection, no business

   Content protection will not come from a single technology solution
    but from a variety of solutions, which combined, can prevent piracy
       Encryption : protection
       Digital Right Management : manage content rights & access
       Fingerprinting and watermarking : tracking and authentification of
          pirated copies
       Camcorder-jamming : against in-theater bootlegging

   Multiplicity of ECD offers and requirement for seamless experience
    from consumers lead to DRM interoperability requirement

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                                                              Content Access
   Broadband network operators need to differentiate their service
    offers to the consumer

   Content Access Product (dual / triple / quadruple play) are a key
    differentiator for network operators
     Gateway/Set Top Box/… are « network equipment » products
     Cisco / Scientific Atlanta     Access Products and Home Network
                                                       Wireless Lyra
                                                  mp3 player      Media Centre   PDA
   Home Networking is key to        Laptop

    extend the reach of operators                                                       cable STB

    within the home
     A reduced set of standards
       must be agreed upon to       Web Tablet
                                        Bluetooth &
                                                                                       Mobile TV
       create mass market              Wi-Fi Phones
                                                    IP DECT Game
                                                    Gateway Console
                                                                      IP STB and PVR

       momentum and adoption
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