Chapter 14 - The Rise of Jacksonian Democracy by hcj


									                                           Guiding Questions: Chapters 14
                                       Forging the National Economy, 1790-1860
Western Migration
1. Why was frontier life especially hard on women?

2. What were some of the environmental consequences of westward expansion?

The Impact of Immigration
3. What were some of the negative effects of urban expansion?

4. Why did many “Nativists” oppose the arrival of large numbers of immigrants from Europe?

5. What were some of the contributions of these two early immigrant populations, the Irish and the Germans, to
   American life?

Industrializing America
6. Why was American industry slow to develop at first?

7. Why did New England become the first center of American manufacturing?

8. What role did Samuel Slater play in the US industry?

9. How did Eli Whitney’s innovations influence the Civil War?

10. How did business practices change in this period?

Labor: Human Cost and Benefit
11. How did workers benefit and suffer in the factory system? (consider different groups)

12. What was the status of labor unions in the first half of the 19th century?

13. To what extent did opportunities improve for women in this period, inside and outside the home?

Agricultural Advances
14. What was the first widespread American food crop, and why was it so popular?

15. What were the two major agricultural inventions of this period? Explain their significance.

Transportation Revolutionized
16. How did the steamboat revolutionize transportation and trade?
                                         Guiding Questions: Chapters 14
                                     Forging the National Economy, 1790-1860
17. What was the long-term impact of the opening of the Erie Canal?

18. How did the opening of the railroad shift the balance of economic ties between regions prior to the Civil War?

Advances in Communication
19. What were some mid-19th century advances in communication? Analyze their impact.

A National Economy
20. Why did the southern states assume a binding connection with the West on the eve of the Civil War?

21. What was the social impact of the growing market economy?

I.      Identify and state the historical significance of the following:
1.      Samuel Slater

2.      Cyrus McCormick

3.      Eli Whitney

4.      Carl Schurz

5.      Robert Fulton

6.      Samuel F. B. Morse

7.      DeWitt Clinton

8.      Catharine Beecher

II.     Define and state the historical significance of the following:
9.      industrial revolution

10.     limited liability

11.     transportation revolution

12.     nativism

13.     cult of domesticity

III.    Describe and state the historical significance of the following:
14.     cotton gin

15.     Clermont

16.     Boston Associates
17.   clipper ships

18.   Ancient Order of Hibernians

19.   “Molly Maguires”

20.   General Incorporation Law

21.   Pony Express

22.   Commonwealth v. Hunt

23.   Tammany Hall

24.   Order of the Star Spangled Banner

25.   Sewing Machine

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