WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Connectivity

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					WebSphere Application Server
and WebSphere Connectivity

Matija Krajnc
WebSphere Customer Technical

 WebSphere Application Server and open source
 WebSphere MQ
 WebSphere DataPower appliance
 IBM WebSphere enablements
 Choosing an Application Server...

Modern infrastructure to run your business - delivering business logic to
end users...
Things to consider...
QOS, Cost, Ease of Management, Right Fit, Co-Location with Data, Skills,
Deployment Ease, Scale Up / Down with Ease, Development / Test /
Production / Disaster Recovery, Standards, Support, Extensibility...
Why is it important?

    Cut costs /      Ensure application       Enable         Reduce
increase developer     reliability and    collaboration &   management &
    productivity          security             reuse        maintenance
      IBM WebSphere Application Server Family
 scalability &
performance;                                                                WebSphere Application
    functional                                                                 Server for zOS
      depth &
      breadth                                                 WebSphere                  Optimized for
                                                           Application Server            mainframes
                                                          Network Deployment
   Needs                             Application Server
                        WebSphere                                                   Ideal for business critical and
                      Application Server                                            key company wide apps
                         – Express         Tailored for
                                           smaller                                  requiring highest levels of
                                                                                    reliability, security, scalability &
    Reduced                                business
                 WebSphere Application
  acquisition     Server Community
       costs;          Edition              Ideal for lightweight,
       Small                                departmental apps where cost
   footprint..                              and simplicity are key

                     Fast deployment                  Capabilities              High Qualities of Service
                     Built on common WebSphere code                Built on open source technology
    WebSphere Application Server Feature Packs
 Delivering open standards and programming models for innovation & agility
      Adopt the latest technologies
      without disruptive upgrades
      No additional charge- included in
      WAS PPA subscription
      Synergy with IBM open source                         JSR 289

   Feature                                                           OSGi Apps/         Dynamic
                  SCA        Web 2.0        CEA           XML
    Packs                                                             JPA 2.0           Scripting

                            WebSphere Application Server V7
As new technology evolves, so does WebSphere – Get the technology you need now without waiting for a new
   10+ Years of IBM Involvement in Open Source
1999 / 2000             2001                   2002                  2003                       2004/2005
IBM forms Linux     Linux contributions   Linux contributions   IBM and SuSE          IBM and Novell/SuSE achieve
Technology Center   to networking,        to scalability (8-    achieve EAL2+         EAL4+ and Common Operating
                    serviceability,       way+), reliability    Common Criteria       Environment compliance
Leads Apache        performance           (stress testing,      security cert
projects Xerces                                                                       Eclipse becomes independent org –
                                          defect mgmt, doc)                           IBM contributes UML2, Web Tools,
(XML4J), Xalan,     Mods to Apache                              Leads Apache
SOAP                                                                                  Voice Tools
                    2.0 HTTP server       Leads Apache Web      projects Pluto
                                          Services projects     (Portlet API) and     Globus Toolkit 4 to be WS-I
IBM forms Open      Founder of            WSIF and WSIL         WSRP4J (Remote
Source Steering                                                                       compliant
           –                               Portal)
Committee           contributing          Leads Eclipse                               Contributed 500 Patents to Open
                    Platform              projects GEF          Leads Eclipse         Source
Creates OSI-                              (editing), EMF        projects Hyades
approved IBM        Common Public         (modeling), XSD       (testing), Visual     Partner with Zend PHP
Public License      License approved      (XML Schema)          Editor, AspectJ,      IBM enhances Apache partnership
                    – used by Eclipse                           Equinox rich client
Strategic                                 IBM contributes                              - Incubates project Derby
participation in    Creates internal      eServer support for   Globus Toolkit 3      (Cloudscape Java database)
Mozilla             bazaar using OSS      Globus Toolkit 2x     contributions for
                    methodology                                 OGSA, OGSI              - Contributes voice recognition
IBM becomes                                                                           technology
founding member
of OSDL                                                                                - Supports Geronimo J2EE project
                                                                                      – acquires Gluecode for skills
                                                                                      Firefox accessibility contribution

 More than 1000 developers                                                               IBM contributes to 150+
  involved in OSS projects                  IBM leads 80+ OSS projects                        OSS projects
     TCO Factors

Gartner research note G00165072, March 2009: “Products available for free (such as open source), or
those that are a "same cost" swap out, can cost more during thee- to five-year period than a first-time
commercial purchase costing thousands of dollars. To understand operation life cycle costs, a number of
key inputs are necessary to provide a more realistic assessment of the total costs of management
Note: Application development costs are industry average and were not measured in the evaluation
   WAS Community Edition:
   a Solid Application Server Platform
Download                    Approximately 75MB
JDK                         Both Sun and IBM’s JDK 5 & 6
Backward Compatibility      J2EE 1.4 and JEE 5
Load Balancing, and
                            Web-tier clustering included with Tomcat
Database Support            Apache Derby embedded
Messaging                   Built-in Messaging and MQ Adapter

                            Simplified Chinese, German, French, Italian, Spanish,
National Language Support
                            Portuguese, and more…

                            Expanded documentation, Redbooks, wikis, samples,
                            tutorials, and demos

Runtime Customization       Easily turn on/off services as required
Enterprise Support          Three fee based support options
Where are IT Budgets Being Spent?
                             I.T. Budget

                                           New IT projects
“76% of I.T                 76%
budgets are
spent on
leaving only                50%            Maintenance and
                                           management of
24% for NEW                                existing IT apps
   --- Forrester Research

5 Minute Demonstrations

                    MQ TV

Agility and Savings Begin with Integration
The Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

       Connects        Transforms between           Identifies and
      everything to       different data              distributes
       everything             formats              Business events

                                    ESB           Messaging

              Converts between         Matches & routes
              different transport   communications between
                   protocols               services
WebSphere DataPower Appliances…
  SECURE your SOA, Web 2.0,
  B2B, and Cloud environments

  SIMPLIFY your connectivity

  ACCELERATE your time to

  GOVERN your evolving IT

  WebSphere DataPower Appliances provide a low startup cost,
 helping companies increase their ROI and reduce their TCO with
         specialized, consumable, dedicated appliances that
       combine superior performance and hardened security
  Use appliances to simplify and centralize critical
 • Route, transform, and help secure multiple applications without code changes
 • Lower cost and complexity
 • Enable new business with unmatched performance

Before DataPower Appliances                       After DataPower Appliances





                                                      Secure, route, transform all
    Update application                                  applications instantly
    servers individually                              No changes to applications
 Deploy WebSphere DataPower Appliances in a variety
 of use cases
 Internet              DMZ                    Trusted Domain

                                       4 Internal Security
               1 Secure Gateway        5 Enterprise Service Bus
                  (Web Services,
                   Web Applications)   6 Runtime SOA Governance
                                                                   System z
               2 Intelligent Load      7 Web Service Management
Consumer                               8 Legacy Integration


               3 B2B Partner Gateway   9 Low Latency Gateway      Application
WebSphere DataPower Appliances…




Protect your data with cryptography and XML threat
Use DataPower to help resolve PCI compliance issues
Easily sign, verify, encrypt, decrypt any content
Configurable XML Encryption and Digital Signatures
                  XML Threat Protection
  Entity Expansion/Recursion    Message/Data Tampering
                                Message Snooping
  Public Key DoS
                                XPath or SQL Injection
  XML Flood
                                XML Encapsulation
  Resource Hijack
                                XML Virus
  Dictionary Attack
                                …many others
  Replay Attack
        Employ flexible AAA (Authenticate, Authorize, Audit)
           HTTP Headers            System/z NSS (RACF, SAF)
           WS-Security Tokens      Tivoli Access Manager                                                        AAA
           WS-SecureConversation   Kerberos
           WS-Trust                WS-Trust
           Kerberos                Netegrity SiteMinder
           X.509                   RADIUS
           SAML Assertion          SAML
           IP Address              LTPA                                  LDAP
           LTPA Token              Verify Signature                      ActiveDirectory         Add WS-Security
           Custom                  Custom                                System/z NSS            Generate z/OS ICRX Token
                                                                         Tivoli Access Manager   Generate Kerberos
                                                                         SAML                    Generate SAML
              Extract                                           Map      XACML                   Generate LTPA
                                   Authenticate               Identity   Custom                  Map Tivoli Federated Identity

input                                                                                               Audit &              output
                                                                           Authorize              Post-Process

              Extract                                           Map
             Resource                                         Resource

           SOAP Operation
           HTTP Operation

                                    External Access Control Server or Onboard Identity Management Store
WebSphere DataPower Appliances…




   Access heterogeneous systems with transport and
   payload transformations
Integrate disparate transport protocols with extreme ease
  No dependencies between inbound “front-side” and outbound “back-side”
  Examples: HTTP(s), WebSphere MQ, WebSphere JMS, Tibco EMS, SFTP,
    FTP(s), NFS, IMS, Database (DB2, Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server)
Transform the message format with ultimate flexibility
  Process XML and Non-XML
    formats in a single configuration   HTTP    MQ       JMS         FTP   IMS
  Leverage WebSphere
    Transformation Extender
    for data mapping
Support synchronous,                                                   COBOL
 asynchronous, publish-                                        XML
 subscribe and guaranteed-                       SOAP
 delivery message patterns
WebSphere Architecture Workshop (WAW)
       Matija Krajnc
    +386 40 456 672